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  1. Value Of A Saddle With Torn Seat?

    Somebody I know was quoted around $600 to fix a torn seat on her saddle (an upper-end saddle she's had for years which was otherwise in good shape). She took that opportunity to buy a brand new saddle instead. It cost more, but she figured she'd also want to restuff the panels on the torn one while she was at it, replace the billets, etc. as it was obviously well used, and after all was said and done, it just plain wasn't worth it to her. Point being, you'd have to factor in more than just the repair cost. Include time, the unknown of having the saddle messed with, etc. Ultimately, I think you're looking at taking off $700 or so from the value otherwise. The Olympik is a nice saddle though, so you may find somebody who would still be willing to pay a fair amount for it.
  2. Small Dressage Bridles

    I use a Stubben on my Arab, standard horse size, and it fits her beautifully. You have to be careful about some "Arab" sized bridles, because they don't seem to actually fit Arab horses well! I found mine new on ebay for a steal. I also second KrazyTB's tack of the Day suggestion. If you don't need something right away, you can end up with some AMAZING deals just by checking their site in the mornings.
  3. Test Questions

    Oh, you're showing at the Desert Springs show! Have you shown there before? Their schooling shows are generally super low-key, so you don't need to be stressed. I first read and was thinking, hmmm, there aren't any shows in Tucson for quite awhile! It's too flippin HOT! Are you still taking lessons with Anna? She can help you out, although you can always count on the board to help too, as they already have :) BTW - Hello everybody!!! I've been off the Horse City radar for awhile? pregnant and out of the saddle until after the baby's born!
  4. Daughter Needs A New Shadbelly

    Does she have a riding instructor you could ask to help you select the coat? I think it would be lovely to surprise her with it if possible.
  5. T-boots, Eskadron, Lami-cell, Etc

    Thanks for all of the responses! I saw a set of the T-boots that somebody at the barn has and she doesn't like them, so I ended up going with Eskadron ankle boots for the rear and the Lami-Cell Pro Gels for the front. I'm looking forward to trying them out when they arrive!
  6. T-boots, Eskadron, Lami-cell, Etc

    It's less about the wood chips getting up in there (although a few do through the bottom of her Classic Equines) than them getting all over them, especially with the fleece lining of her dressage boots, which collect the chips in the fleece around the edges and then I have to pick the pieces out. I love the Eskadrons, and also especially the T-Boots which really seem to conform to the leg with their t-foam liners. With the hard shell I won't have little chips on there stuck like velcro! I'm glad they're used for dressage schooling by other people (especially people like Anky, who I know wants her horses' legs well protected). I just want to be sure I'm not investing in something that would be wrong for what I'm doing, and at my barn people mostly use polos and school mostly in the arena? out on the x-c field I generally have the place to myself, and polos I'm sure would also collect chips out there!
  7. T-boots, Eskadron, Lami-cell, Etc

    How do you guys feel about open front boots? I am looking for some new boots that I can use with Echo when I work her out in the x-c field (not doing more than a jump here or there for fun, really just flat schooling out there), which has wood chips in the footing. Her Classic Equines collect the chips, as do her dressage boots with fleece lining, so I'm looking at some of the hard shell open fronts with polyurethene outer shell and gel or foam liners, with ankle hinds. I don't see too many dressage riders using them, but I really like them and don't see why not. Thoughts?
  8. Joint Supplements

    Echo's on Cosequin with MSM and she's doing great. She's 15 and I had noticed some stiffness, but after a little while on the Cosequin she is clearly more comfortable and moving out great!!! I had done research on joint supplements before deciding on Cosequin, because if I'm going to spend the money I want it to be effective, and I found a lot of great information on Cosequin, including what Beckham said about it actually being absorbed better into the joint. I did consider budgets and the less expensive supplements, but then I decided that if I'm spending money on something that isn't going to work well, that really is just throwing my money away, but if I'm spending it on something that works, even if it costs more, then the bottom line is I am actually getting my money's worth out of it. However, I will certainly check back in on this thread, because if there are less expensive options that will also work, I'd love to read about them! Good luck finding the right one for Lucy!!!
  9. Moorlands Totilas

    Lol, I am impressed with him, and Ravel, and Brentina? I can appreciate a lot of different horses, whether or not they have precisely my favorite qualities.
  10. Dressage Chit Chat #27

    KTS - Echo used to trip a bit when she was being lazy, and since she's become fitter and more balanced in her work she doesn't do it anymore. A two week trial if you really like him might not be a bad idea, so you can get him using himself better and see if that helps? Shantel - Good luck on the job front! It sounds like you have some good opportunities cooking. Smithereens - I like the braid. That's how I'll probably do Echo's at shows since it's a long Arab mane. I don't do the long bridle path on her, so it would probably look a lot like yours! The one thing I wonder about is that the french braid seems constrictive to them (i.e. if they stretch down it seems to get tight)? how do you avoid that? 3Day - Ciao!!! Hope things relax a bit and you'll be back when you have more time! Boocoo - I'm right there with you waiting for the temps to cool down. I was dripping sweat after my ride today! Sylves - Long and thick (mane, that is, I realize that sounded weird!). I used to like to pull them short - just long enough to braid - and neat, but with an Arab that just looks odd. I'm often tempted to pull Echo's, but I can't bring myself to do that to my poor Arabian! c.s.a. - Sorry to hear your lesson wasn't great, but I'm glad Cheese was! Beckham - Have a great lesson! :) So X was really, really good today. It was just a fun ride, aside from the terrible heat! Poor X was dripping sweat, and my hair was soaked when I took off my helmet! Yuck. Ooh, we have a lesson next Tuesday with the new trainer again. I can't wait! I hope everybody has fun plans for the three day weekend! I'm looking forward to it - riding, BBQing, maybe some pool time? [smiley Wavey]
  11. Video From Schooling Show On Sunday

    I just finally got to watch these. You look great! You already have so much good feedback from everybody on here. I am incredibly impressed with the complete trust Fessor obviously has in you. That speaks volumes. I went ahead and rated both tests "Awesome" on YouTube
  12. To Sell Or Not To Sell

    I agree as well. It's more about your goals in horse ownership than your horse's coming "value" as he ages. Your goal is to have a horse who is your partner for years to come, not to look at it in financial terms. My mare is 15 and I've had her since she was seven. I realize that she's certainly not getting more valuable as the years go on despite her continued training. However, I don't intend to ever sell her, so I don't really care. I'd have a sit-down with your instructor and lay it out for her, and ask that she supports your personal goals, which are to take your horse as far as he can go, and enjoy building a lifetime partnership with him. That said, you can also ask for her help and suggestions, along with your vet, to keep him sound, comfortable and happy as you continue to develop him. Enjoy your horse! It sounds like you are doing a great job with him.
  13. Dressage Chit Chat #27

    Sylves, the part I haven't understood about Two Socks is what caused his deterioration, and I haven't been able to read the whole threads. Do you know what caused him to get to that condition? at a RESCUE? when he looked great when he arrived there? It makes me sick to my stomach to see that. Also, regarding Jag's hocks, I did a quick google about fusion in hocks because I'm not very familiar with it, and found this article which might be helpful for you to read? Overall, it sounds very optimistic. I've been absolutely swamped since I got back from my trip so I haven't been able to read everybody's posts. I hope to get caught up later this week. In the meantime, I hope everybody has a fabulous week!!!
  14. Dressage Chit Chat #27

    That is horrifying.
  15. Moorlands Totilas

    What a phenomenal ride! Truly inspirational!!! [Not Worthy]