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  1. Hey everyone, It's been a while since I've been on here. I ride any chance I get but not nearly as much as I would like. I have started taking lessons again just as "me time" and a place to get away and relax. I only go every other Sunday and on the off Sunday I try to get to my friends to ride. So i'm lucky if I get to ride once a week. (Husband and I are trying to buy a farm but until then this is where I'm at). So my problem that I need help with is leaning when in 2 point..... and of course I have no pictures (I wish I did so I could see me but haven't been able to successfully convice hubby to come watch and take pics). I am taking lessons at a hunter barn and my instructor knows that I just want to be an effective rider. I stopped taking lessons when I got my 1st horse at 15 since I couldn't afford a horse and lessons so really it's been 10 years since I've been in lessons and I'm sure I taught myself some bad habits when i had my horse and just me learning by ourselves. The issue I am struggling with every lesson is my 2 point. I trot and canter in 2 point and am up to the horses ears. lol I lean soooo far forward and it's like I can't get my body to stay over the center while holding myself up. Then my hands move all the way up the horses neck and I'm just a hot mess (laughing as I canter around the arena). My instructor will tell me to push off my leg, use the stirrup and keep a tight thigh and upper calf and let that support me and to bring my shoulders back. Once I do that I'm sitting in the saddle. Could it be that I just do not have the muscle to hold it there? I've found riding is harder than it was when I was 16 or so. I always thought adults were joking or over-reacting when they were whooped after and hour ride. I think I'm going to die after 2 canter laps. I know I do lack muscle in my legs and I was in better shape 10 years ago but would you think that is the reason or anyone have any other tips or tricks to try. We have played with stirrup length and got it right. I can hold the position once I find it though for maybe 3 strides and just lean right back up the neck again. It's actually very frustrating but I try to keep it positive. Thanks for any help and I still enjoy coming around every now and then and look at pics. Just don't have much contribution here anymore.
  2. Western Saddle Repair/brand?

    This is the 972 stamp ^^ That's all the pics. Thanks
  3. Western Saddle Repair/brand?

    i know the usual question here is "what brand is my saddle" lol It's my turn this time. I got this saddle at the flea market this weekend. I'm curious to know if anyone is able to recognize who would make it. I can't find a name on it, the only thing I have to go off of is under the cantle there is a patch of leather stamped "972". That mean nothing to me though. I'm promarily english so please excuse some of my ignorance. Next question is by looking at it, there are some obvious repairs that need done. One being the horn cap. The stitching is undone and i read a post on here from searching saddle reapir and there was some info on repairing horn caps. JB explained it and I was trying to picture it but its hard. The other thing is that the bottom half of the horn cap is ripped where the stitching holes were so how do i replace that leather on the bottom to attach the top to it. I though i'd take this on as a project. I don't have a horse so i have all the time to do it. I got pictures. Is there anything from the pictures that anybody else can see that needs replaced? I am working on cleaning it now. Thanks for the help!!
  4. Whiskey Is Broke..

    No advice here except with a pretty coat like that i'd be tempted to buy him without trying to!lol He's gorgeous. I think it's odd that I see where you're working him and it looks like it'd be in the middle of no where yet there's an intersection with a stoplight in the background. haha The stoplights look way out of place
  5. Update And Hello (With Pictures)

    Tempo looks amazing for a 22 year old! Congrats on the 1st at the show.
  6. Farah's Injury - 4 1/2 Weeks Ago

    Ouch, poor girl. That looks painful
  7. Won't Back Between Poles Or Cones...?

    I'm not sure if anhone mentioned this or if it would work but... maybe to get him used to the cones and factoring in he prefers something taller than him, could you put vertical poles through the cones so that they are taller than him and gradually shorten the vertical poles eventually leaving only the cone?
  8. Lessons - How Does Your Trainer/coach...

    IMO-i don't know if the type of structure used in ice skating would work for riding. To a degree possibly, but your ice skates don't have a brain with 4 independent legs. When I would ride at lessons(I ahven't had a lesson in a while) I didn't use my horse. But say the horse I was on that day was being difficult or bratty, I may learn more "control" even if the insructor originally had planned say "no stirrup" work... You know? Now homework would be beneficial for someone that had a horse but if your student didn't have a horse the only homework that might be possible is to read or possibly do stretches for ankles etc. Just my 2cents
  9. Do You Wear A Helmet?

    Always for me! I grew up riding(at 13) at a friends barn and her mom didn't want to see us on a horse without one. That was ingrained in me since and I love my helmet actually. I'm now 23. I put it on even working around horses and end up leaving it on untacking and such. The only thing that I have an issue with is now everytime I wear it, even if it's for one ride now and then(I don't ride but once or twice a year due to lack of a horse) my forehead breaks out. It's the oddest break out though. It's almost like hives all accross my forehead and they last for about 4 days after. It just came to me as I was typing this, I should probably wash the padding.
  10. Who Supports Their Horse Habit?

    When I was in highschool my parents gave me 1500 to buy a horse after i free-leased a pony to prove i could care for one. That's all they helped with. The costs associated with the horse were on me(vetting, Shoeing, feed, supplies, etc). I had free pasture board. I had the horse for 4 years. AFter graduating HS I was working 25-30hrs a week and going to school full time I had to sell her, I didnt have time to work her. It wasn't fair to my mare. I sold her and bought a house 2 years later. I am just now(3years later) looking at finally getting another horse and back into casual riding. I found another free-lease arrangement already and I am now just looking at budgeting vet, farrier, boarding and the horse expenses with monhly household expenses. My parents haven't been responsible since my initial purchase(which they took the money that they initially paid when I sold her). I'm happy that they did what they did. It helped me work for what I love and I had to be responsible.
  11. Marly Jumping Pictures!

    Great pics. You'd never know you were sick! I love the dressage picture at H
  12. Pictures

    Woops [Duh] Goat not Sheep....I knew that I was just testing you LOL j/k
  13. Pictures

    I love that sheep. I wanna snuggle Looks so soooft. Poor Chey she sure looks like a trooper in that picture though.
  14. Fun Toddy Pictures

    You two look like such a great team! He's gorgeous ETA: I don't know how you jump in jeans..ouch!
  15. Feit Inspection Results-pro Photos Now!

    I'm so glad it went well. I know you were excited about it. You both look great in your pics!