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  1. How you say he had a dazed look on his face kind of sends warning bells to me. That doesn't sound right. Totally out of character behavior and "dazed"? I think I'd be calling a vet. You moving him to a new place may have stressed him enough that something is now showing up that has been brewing for a long time. I remember a horse at a barn I worked at that was moved and stressed and started having all sorts of odd "episodes" He had EPM. He'd had it for years, but it had never shown itself until he was really stressed. I'm really not a horse health expert, but this just sounds...odd.
  2. You Get What You Pay For

    How are you liking your Lasik? I so want it, but insurance says no. Maybe in a few years when I have a job and hopefully better insurance. On a side note, a coworker of my mom's retired and moved to Florida, where he had Lasik that made him permanently blind. Wonder if it's the same Dr.?
  3. Has Anyone Adopted A Soldier? is another good one. I adopted about 6 in the past few years. It was fun and rewarding to do at the time, but I never heard a thing from any of the 6. Not a teeny thank you, not an acknowledgment that they even received anything. I know they aren't in exactly the greatest place for corresponding and are quite busy, but after 6? It got to be too much, without knowing that it was even appreciated in the least.
  4. A Pictorial Recount Of My Trip To The Usa

    It looks like you had a wonderful trip! I'm sorry I couldn't meet up with you and Audrey, that was the one busy week of the summer it seemed like. Thanks for sharing the pics
  5. Why Can't I Study!

    One of my teachers, who actually taught A&P, said a student had made a big poster on the back of their bathroom door with terms and definitions, and then looked at it every time they went to the bathroom!! I'm not proud...I'm keeping this in mind for A&P, although my husband will never let me live it down!
  6. Dahlia Festival 2010

    I went last Friday. You should have said something, I live maybe 15 minutes away :) You took some lovely pictures! My camera died about halfway through the fields...bah. And is it sad that I can name some of those dahlias just by looking at the picture?? [Crazy]
  7. Why Can't I Study!

    With stuff like that, I usually study for short periods, several times a day. Flash cards really help me too. If I try to buckle down and do it for long periods of time, it just doesn't stick and goes in one ear and out the other! Good luck. I have to take Anatomy and Psyiology this year too and they have me quite intimidated from all the horror stories I hear!
  8. Cat Food

    We have one exactly like that, he's very food obsessed and was a stray living on garbage. When we took the dry food away, he panicked, but he got over it. They get fed twice a day now, and he's not as bad as he used to be. He's a lot older than your guy too though, maybe yours will mellow a bit too as he gets older? It makes you feel bad though, I know
  9. Would Anyone Like Some Gratuitious Kitten Pictures?

    What cuties! I love the different patterns. I wish my cats wouldn't eat a kitten, I've never had a kitten! Just adult cats. I'm horrible with dog breeds, but I can see mastiff in his head. His head looks a lot like a bull mastiff I knew.
  10. Cat Food

    I went all out, and mine get a all meat raw diet. No grains, no carbs. It's been actually miraculous with mine, and helping out health problems. All have lost weight and are now healthy and glossy. It is expensive to buy, or a pain in the behind to make (what we do now) But our cats have certainly benefited from it. The recipe we make consists of chicken (bones and all), eggs, water, and various vitamins as supplements.
  11. Monster Cake *finished Pictures!*

    See I've never encountered it out here! Just back there! It's horrific!! Looking forward to seeing the finished cake!
  12. Monster Cake *finished Pictures!*

    I will say that back east, in CT at least, the frosting was weird. Hubby, who was from back there, always hated frosting, but whatever kind it is, you don't find it out here! He always called it "Flavored Lard Frosting" and that's what it tasted like. I was shocked the first time I had it. Never tasted anything like it
  13. Horse Tattoo Lookup?

    I don't believe AQHA tattoos...unless they do the ones who've raced? I've never heard of any honestly. I've never known an off the track QH though either. Are you sure it's not a TB?
  14. There's No Denying It

    Awww...Jordan has a snuggle buddy!