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  1. Pictures Of The Kids

    I think I have a lot of you on Facebook, so these are probably not even close to necessary, but I had a photo "shoot" with 2/3 of my herd today and wanted to share, as well as general updates on all three. We had a small herd reduction at the farm when my previous employer retired and sold her school ponies, so Benny gained another half lease; a pair of sisters, aged five and nine, in addition to the nine year-old he already has. They are sweet girls and he is such a good boy for them. I don't really ride him anymore except to pop up bareback sometimes, but that is fine by both of us at this point. I forget that he isn't a young man anymore when I'm on him, and even though he is in great shape, I think I'll save him for the kids and just let him be a lazy schoolie. "Lazy" lol I don't know if you all remember my wedding photos from last April, but he got a little thin last spring. I am so, SO relieved to see him looking so healthy and fit this year. Under the new management, we have changed our feeding program a little bit and everyone is doing well on it. Next month, I will have had this guy for eleven years (!!!!) and it still never ceases to amaze me that he is mine. What a horse. Now, Tuesday. You may notice she is "a little" fat. (Be gentle, she is sensitive...LOL) She had an injury to her right hind last year that compromised a tendon, so she spent many, many months off, and then had a slow start back to work, and an easy show early spring doing a couple of Intro dressage tests, and did very well. I then gave her a couple of weeks off to work with Marco (preparing him for a show), and the next time I sat on her, it was like someone had flipped a switch on her. She remained sound on the old injury, so I didn't feel that it was the problem, but went ahead and let her have more time off, except for "tester" rides every once in a while...I think five total since May. Each ride was worse than the last, and two weeks ago she tried to murder me, and I considered my options. Based on the way she was behaving, I contacted a chiropractor, who came out to adjust her last Wednesday. Her entire neck was locked to the right and she had a pelvic imbalance. She was very defensive about having her neck adjusted, but the chiro was patient and got it done eventually. I rode her bareback walk/trot on Friday, and I have my mare back!!!! I am so grateful; that chiro deserves an award. I don't know if Tues fell in the pasture, or what, but hopefully everything stays where it is supposed to be, and if not, I'll have her out again as needed. Fingers crossed! Because this trot and I need to get back in the ring! All that fat has at least made her coat *incredible* this summer. Wow. Since we haven't been showing, I've let her mane grow out and I rather like it. lol. I am pretending she is an Andalusian or Lusitano. Ha! Marco is doing great, as well. No new photos of him, really. But ... yeah. haha. He's doing well. I'm happy.
  2. I've Been Keeping A Ssecret ....

    Beautiful! Congrats, Heidi!
  3. Update On Marco

    Thanks!! If we can get the pacing right for cross country, I think we will try beginner novice next time. We have schooled some fences at that height this week...wish we had some more BN size XC fences here at home, though! He's a game little pony, but the increased width makes me nervous.
  4. Lol

    Hey guh
  5. Update On Marco

    Heading out for cross country This was the biggest tadpole fence. I think it gave him bad dreams. We schooled it Friday afternoon, and then when we were warming up for show jumping Saturday, I think he remembered this fence because he jumped the little crosspole about this big. lol Chasing my student around cross country on Sunday All smiles and fluffy hairdos!
  6. Update On Marco

    I took Marco to our first 3 phase this weekend, and he was a superstar. After dressage, we were tied for first with a 33, and went clear in stadium and were still tied for first going into cross country, but I'm a dork and held him back way too much, and made a mistake with my stopwatch so I didn't pace correctly. We ended up second, but this was such a huge personal victory for me, and considering what a mess he was when I got him back six short months ago, I couldn't be more thrilled. He was a super boy and did everything I asked, and was very quiet. Oh, also, my student brought her Appaloosa for her first "big" show ever, and won her Amoeba combined test! I am even more proud of them than of Marco! She is 11. A little wide-eyed before dressage. lol My student and me heading out to warm up before dressage. We got an 8 on this change of rein! It felt lovely. I have got to sit up lol Stadium was fun. He felt a little fast, but watching the video, he really wasn't.
  7. Free Goat In The Ocala Fl. Area

  8. Thinking Of Opening A Restaurant

    Beans, beans, the magical fruit (See what I did there?)
  9. I Got A "new" Horse...sort Of.

    You're on HC!
  10. I Got A "new" Horse...sort Of.

    Thanks, dondie! It is easier to feel now, I just have to remember to keep my right seat bone back and DOWN. Butt goes IN the saddle; who knew?! Video from Tuesday: Has super cool slow motion effect. Makes his trot look gigantic! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10200290054131125&l=7776154921466824497
  11. I Got A "new" Horse...sort Of.

    We actually had an impromptu ride with Jim Graham today - we brought him in for a clinic this weekend, and with all of his issues I didn't plan on riding Marco in this one - figured we had some work to do before we rode with anyone, but my boss put us in anyway, and it was so worth it! He evaluated us w/t/c, agreed with my assessment of what the pony needed to work on, and gave us some exercises to work on to get the pony to move his hindquarters around and soften the neck and stretch (for instance, Marco falls really hard against my right leg at this point, and when he would start, I would flex him out of the circle and leg yield inward, then change diagonals and flex him in and leg yield out, soften inside rein, refresh leg, rinse, repeat) and by the end of it... Thinking SO hard! Jim was incredulous with what we got, considering the initial evaluation of us! "Can you believe I get PAID for this?!" Good boy! He is a quick study. We will confirm and reconfirm and reconfirm again at the trot, both directions, through transitions and changes of rein before we start working at the canter - in the meantime, canter will just be me in half seat, no contact, letting him stretch and asking him to hold himself up by himself.
  12. I Got A "new" Horse...sort Of.

    Thanks, all!! dondie, you are probably spot on! And it doesn't help that when the pony gets tight, the gait becomes incredibly difficult to ride (mostly the canter), which just made everything snowball, I'm sure. And he really just expects me to try to crank his head down, but if Tuesday and Venus taught me anything, it was leg on and hands forward gets that stretch better than anything, and he is already responding to that at the walk and 50% at the trot. He is a quick study...definitely tighter going to the right. I was thinking about having the chiro come for him, actually. She comes down once a month (she is out of state and we don't have any local equine chiropractors). When I had him before, over time we noticed his tail twists to the right, even at a stand still. We thought maybe he had had a tail injection before I got him (to deaden it so he wouldn't swish, for western pleasure?) buuuut I noticed last year that Tuesday's tail was starting to go to the right a little bit, too, so guess who caused it with her own rotated pelvis?! I am duly ashamed, but thankfully have had some chiropractic work myself, and a very tall, loud, scary dressage coach screaming at me to straighten myself up and I ride so much straighter now, so I am excited to remedy the damage...Tues is already straight again. I had this same chiro out for him once when I owned him before. When I lead him to turn out/bring in, I notice his axis tilts a little bit as well. So I think a chiropractor is definitely in the books for him. I have been massaging his lower back frequently, and he's already much less tight. I've put in a few more rides since my last post, just working on bending the rib cage ( so so so difficult to the right) and stretching forward into a light or non-existant contact. He is a quick study when he understands. Just have to let the body catch up in its suppleness. I've got nothing but time. I'm itching to jump, but I'd like him to be 100% comfortable first! A winter of dressage can only do him good.
  13. Reina Crossed The Bridge On New Years Eve

    Oh Heidi! My heart is with you! I'm so sorry you had to let your beautiful girl go. This horse was amazing, and her story, and the way the people from this forum banded together to get her to you, were amazing to behold, as well.
  14. I Got A "new" Horse...sort Of.

    Thank you! It suits him; he is awful mighty! GH, he needs a *lot* of re-doing; I'm not sure what happened, because I know they weren't abusive to him, but he is a much different pony than he was when I sold him. He is quite head shy and jumpy, has a very sore lower back, gets very tight and inverted like he's expecting bad things when I mount up (saddle fits fine) - I thought I was about to get bucked off the first time I went to get on him last week! They told me they had "a hard time getting his head down," so I wonder if they tried to hard to get a "head set", because now he doesn't even want me to touch the bit and regardless, he isn't nearly as soft as I expected him to be. They were a very tall family, and he never has liked tall people much, so I wonder if that accounts for a lot. The girl outgrew him a year ago but has still been riding and jumping him, so I assume that's where some of the back soreness and tension comes from, as well. We will be doing a LOT of dressage work, focusing on stretching and relaxing, in all three gaits, before we do anything else, but eventually I do want him to be my eventing pony :)
  15. I Got A "new" Horse...sort Of.

    haha! Happy to comply! Poor Ben (Kina, nope, not Ben; he has never left and never will! [And neither will this fellow now that I have him back...three years after selling him!]) "NOT COOL, MOM." Hint: He is small but "Mighty" Actually, I don't know if I ever shared his show name here. Mighty Mighty Marco is HOME!