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Found 1 result

  1. Transitioning From Dry Lot To Pasture

    Hey all, I am hoping to get some sound advise to make for a smoother transition for my horses. Presently they are boarded in a facility where they are turned out in a dry lot with access to a round bale. We are moving in a week to a new facility where my boys will be turned out more than they will be in. In my opinion they are transitioning to a more natural environment. A litttle history here: 17 y/o paint gelding with a history of lamenitis 2 years ago. He did have a slight bit of sinking but no rotation. He has been barefoot for the past 7 years with the exception of the 6 months following his episode. The episode was brought on by a reaction to a medication. Since then he has not shown any problems with hay or grain. Right now he is on Pro Source Fuel by Nutrena. He is used for trails, light jumping, schooling in low (and I mean low) level dressage and occassional play days. 11 y/o TB type, never raced. I've only had him 8 months, so right now he presents as healthy, but has been a hard keeper. I think he will do better on pasture. This horse can jump anything but lives for the trails. Also schools in low level dressage and jumps low level fences (mostly because I am not ready/capable of jumping higher without regular lessons). Right now we have snow and in the places where it has melted, it isn't new spring grass. My barn has one older mare who has a history of founder, she wears a grazing muzzle from April-August. I am hoping my paint can be on the same kind of schedule. Initially the boys will spend the first 72 hours in their stalls until they settle. Then they will get turned out for a few hours daily, eventually they will be integrated into the herd, which at this time is just two other mares. The horses will be in their stalls for an hour at breakfast and dinner. The paint will be on Nutrena Safe Choice Special Care and the TB will be on Safe Choice Perform. Both feeds offer controlled startches which I feel is important since I cannot control the startch in the grass or hay. I feel like the paint would probably be fine on the SC Perform, but again I am being conservative. In addition to grain, they will get two-three flakes of timothy mix hay thats grown on site. The goal is that the herd gets to spend as much time outdoors as possible, obviously, in the summer I prefer turnout at night and stall time during the hot hours of the day. And then the reverse in the winter. There is ample shelter and the horses are given hay at lunch too, during the months where grass doesn't exist. Any recommendations? I think we have a good plan, but I am a nervous nelly. These boys mean the world to me and I don't want to rush and cause founder/colic... THANK YOU!!