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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Gaited Forum Folks - For showing Gaited in Western classes, what tack colors are allowed? preferred/popular? Any Silver limits? Last time I showed 4-5 years ago I saw everything from light & med oil (most popular just like QH rings) to beautifully tooled dark oil show saddles & a few all black saddles- whatever looked good on the horse. I remember that Bling/crystals were banned but dripping Silver was good. Tips of rail jacket fashions also appreciated. Thank you,
  2. I know there is a mirrored saddle somewhere in Las Vegas hanging over a bar, but has anyone ever seen a mirrored saddle on an actual horse in or a parade or Rodeo? I work at an Auction house and am looking for comperable sale prices( if any).
  3. Saddle Identity?

    My sister has a western Saddle at her house, it is the one that was kinda popular many years ago, we can't find a brand on it, because a metal plate was taken of pryer to her getting it, but it is the one with the horse head and a horse shoe on the fender.... is anyone familier with it? I can't take a picture because she lives so far away, i was just wondering if anyone knows witch one i am talking about? thanks!
  4. Wedding Ideas Please?

    Hey all! I was hoping all the collective minds on Horsecity would be able to help me out! I am currently engaged and we are planning on an April 2014 wedding. We both want an outdoor wedding, preferably close to water (I think we're going to "borrow" a friend's pasture with pond lol), that I want it to be as western/country themed as we can get away with without being tacky. Other than that I'm really not sure what I want (though I do know alot about what I don't want!!) Keeping it classy is very important to me. I want to stay traditional in some ways (white cake, white dress, walk down the aisle with my father) but spice it up in other ways (I REALLY want to ride in on Prince :) and my fiancee wants to wear black jeans and his cowboy hat during the ceremony) I know that's not as radical as some would have it but like I said I want to keep it classy. If ya'll have any ideas for favors, decoration, cool stuff for the reception or just saw something cool at someone else's wedding I would LOVE IT if you would share!!
  5. We're stationed in Germany, we live in Weiden, right near Grafenwoehr. I'm wanting to start our almost 3 year old in lead line lessons, preferably on a pony with Western discipline. I would need the instructor to be English speaking, for my daughter and my's sake. Is there any chance anybody has lived in this area and knows of a good stable for this?