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Found 6 results

  1. Hatch Chile (New Pics)

    Another hot hot weekend, but at least NM is in monsoon season now! Yeah to afternoon rains! Worked on a lot of ground desensitizing with Hatch over the weekend. The terrifying tarp became less so. No balking, just one easy step at a time. Yay! Also walked over logs and poles--- he doesn't really pick his feet up to step over them... guess he'll learn that?? Then did some work under saddle. He's a growing boy! Have a rodeo the Sheriff's Posse is hosting next month, hoping to take him along for the exposure, though I'll likely saddle old Toulouse to work parking, maybe carry the flag and such.
  2. Happy 4Th With Young Hatch

    Happy Independence Day everyone! I took the opportunity to go play with the ponies! Planned on just washing tails, grooming, etc, but decided to throw the saddle on Hatch and ride some after and ID10T error two weeks ago and couldn't walk barely for 3 days. Ouch. Hatch's summer coat has turned blueish! I <3 this horse! After a soapless bath/water curry. Hatch really wanted the stray hay in the garage, but wasn't quite brave enough to step a foot or two on the concrete. (do i see the ;'trail of tears' act in his future? ) working on serpentines. sandia mountain in the back. America! not quite well balanced at lope, we need a bigger arena. time to start trailering.
  3. Yesterday the riding group went out to support young Hatch and I in his first trail ride! He did so well, I am so proud of him! The occassional startles and spooks at boogie objects, trash cans, bright signs flapping, the bald dead tree, but over all a great ride! We started at a public arena, warmed up, made sure steering was working, then headed out. 7 of us all together, experienced horses and riders to shoulder courage for Hatch when he needed. He willingly followed my sister's horse, Loki, and buddy horse Utah, and readily accepted meeting 4 new friends and horses. From the arena we took some dirt lanes back to the village's irrgation ditches. Unfortunately, the government closed down the Bosque (forest along banks of Rio Grande river) due to extreme fire danger. Hatch passed cars and bicycles, dogs barking, other horses in yards and paddocks. we waited patiently for the guys to catch up after a tack malfunction that sent them back to the trailers for a bit. The ditches: A crowning achviement! Hatch crossed two small wooden bridges! The first time he skittered so quick across me rear ended Loki. After a few passes he was much calmer walking! We even climbed down into the "clear ditch", which is kinda a small creek to water. Hatch was hesitant at first, then stepped in plastered to Loki. Thankfully Loki is quite tolerant (he just had his 14th birthday too!) They got to splash, drink and nibble some green grass! Ended ride back at arena, where all 7 horses enjoyed rolls in the sand, then a hosing off. Hatch was a little tired! Totaled up, we rode about 4.8 miles (including stopping for lunch at a pizza buffet that gives you a discount for riding in!) (edited to put in bridge pic doh)
  4. Hatch Chile (New Pics)

    Yesterday wanted to open the box of new tack stuff! Hatch got his new turqouise leg wraps and bellboots! Of course, when he noticed the bright thing on his leg it startled him. He got over it quickly, of course, but still remindful of how naive he is! brand new wraps and significant shed out of winter coat. Hatch is starting to look sharp if I may boast a little!
  5. Tsf Hatch Chile (New Kid)

    It's been about 4 weeks with Hatch and he's coming along well. He does have a bit of a stand- offish personality with me still, but I have discovered he really like horse treats. So I kept a pocketful today and gave him one when he deserved it. We've done a lot of ground work each week. This week I pressed forward to just about full tack. I hope to have first ride by end of March! Part of the herd. Young Hatch, Toulouse and our rescue Poe. (left to right) ground work Dug out my first horse's tack, now faded and stiff. But since I got a new snaffle (laughably opulent of engraved and rhinestones, copper inlay bit), I needed a headstall to try it on him. So for now, Hatch can wear turqouise. We work up to full tack today!
  6. First Ride!

    Well, it was more like a first sitting, but we walked a quarter of our groundwork panel. It was a very impromptu after some basic ground work and sacking out. Bareback and with a halter!