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Found 9 results

  1. Hi I run a sanctuary in England called Trallwm Farm Sanctuary. Im beginning to think social media has had its day so thought I would find some proper websites like in the old days. Our latest campaign is to raise the funds needed to concrete the front yard. Anyone that has been here can attest to our need for a levelled yard!! Please give as much as you can, even one block at £1.50 is one less that we have to find funding for. This will make a HUGE difference to us and the horses when it's complete.
  2. 3Yr Old Apha Gelding

    He's overweight and could be more muscular(hasn't been used much) and he's a little long backed but I'm curious to see what you guys think and see what his body type seems to fit best?(barrel racing, pleasure etc) Also how his head looks. Thank-you!! p.s. The pictures of his front profile aren't very good, sorry!
  3. A Few Pictures To Share

    We went to a terrier fun day and took a few pictures of my JRT Midge racing She's the one on the right side, not a very strong starter, but man she can fly, she won all of her races. Then we went down to by the river to watch all the drunk tubers LOL jk, they were there but I was taking advantage of photo ops. More to come...
  4. Ok so i have a paint horse named Hank and he is over in the knee and he has a clubfoot. Can he make it as a jumping horse?
  5. HELP! I'm moving back to my home state of Washington, I'm Currently living in New Mexico (for the last year). I have 2 registered horses that I brought down from Washington, and that I want to take back with me, coming down here I only needed the health tests, and their papers and proof of transferring owners. Nether of my horses are branded, and I am second owner on one of the horses, and the 3 or 4th on the older horse. Both were foaled and raised in WA, Both have original papers contracts, certificates of transfer ship. Ect. I tried going to the USDA sites and they just confused me... Can some one explain? Other info is that I don't brand/ don't have a branding thing.( I own goats.. but they all came with me from WA and a registered and tattooed. )
  6. So I've wanted a horse for some time, and I've settled on purchasing a mini horse at some point, so that I can have a horse without the need for exponential amounts of land, and stables, and the other special ameneties (<- I hope that is spelled right) that a full size horse would need to survive and be happy, I do not intend to take it to any shows or do any type of competitions. I am simply looking for a companion animal (Because as an aspiring game designer, I won't have the time that is required to be dedicated to my horse if it were a full size breed) The catch howerver, is that I know hardly anything about horses aside from what I read in the off-hand during a random google search regarding the topic sparked by a random spike of interest. I would appreciate someone directing me to the things minis need to be happy healthy animals in a household-type environment, also what sort of medical care they need. I have read that they require as much if not more medical care than a full size horse, and that their metabolism is very very fast which could lead to weight problems (on that note, how would I know if a horse is having a dietary problem?) There is no real rush on this, as I do not intend on buying for quite awhile, I want to have a sufficient amount of education on the topic of equine care before I make any sort of decision. ADDENDUM: please understand that when I say household-type environment, I do NOT mean keeping the poor thing in the house all day. Maybe some sort of netted-in back porch connected to a dog-run type deal in a large yard. Keeping any sort of horse in the house would be dumb.
  7. hi i was wandering since i have no neibors and live in the country and im by myself what are some fun games that i could play with my horse i have lots of games but all of them include 1 or more players, here are the games that i already have: pepsi game find a boot play ride a buck fill the bucket breakin out keep it in the cup hide the hoof pick potato race simon says catolog race froggy,froggy any questions you have i will answer, thank you here is my horse: he is 14.1, white dappled quarter horse, enjoy
  8. This happened earlier this year at Devon. Disturbing to realize that the USEF is virtually powerless to enforce rules and protect horses and ponys at competitions. Hopefully the NY Times article will help educate unsuspecting horse owners and also bring new pressure for real changes within the horse industry.