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Found 1 result

  1. So I've wanted a horse for some time, and I've settled on purchasing a mini horse at some point, so that I can have a horse without the need for exponential amounts of land, and stables, and the other special ameneties (<- I hope that is spelled right) that a full size horse would need to survive and be happy, I do not intend to take it to any shows or do any type of competitions. I am simply looking for a companion animal (Because as an aspiring game designer, I won't have the time that is required to be dedicated to my horse if it were a full size breed) The catch howerver, is that I know hardly anything about horses aside from what I read in the off-hand during a random google search regarding the topic sparked by a random spike of interest. I would appreciate someone directing me to the things minis need to be happy healthy animals in a household-type environment, also what sort of medical care they need. I have read that they require as much if not more medical care than a full size horse, and that their metabolism is very very fast which could lead to weight problems (on that note, how would I know if a horse is having a dietary problem?) There is no real rush on this, as I do not intend on buying for quite awhile, I want to have a sufficient amount of education on the topic of equine care before I make any sort of decision. ADDENDUM: please understand that when I say household-type environment, I do NOT mean keeping the poor thing in the house all day. Maybe some sort of netted-in back porch connected to a dog-run type deal in a large yard. Keeping any sort of horse in the house would be dumb.