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Found 1 result

  1. Tied The Dang Knot!

    I got married last saturday! It was fricken awesome. The day went by SO fast! Rehearsal went fine on Friday, then I got insanely lost on my way to the rehearsal dinner. I was a good 20 minutes late. Kevin's mom later told me that Kevin was getting seriously concerned I was running away LOL. Poor guy. Friday night, my kid and I had a nice little sleepover at the last night before the chaos. Before I knew it, it was Saturday morning and guess what? I had a nice big papa pimple on my nose. I quick ran to my moms and did a mini facial before heading to my bridesmaids house for some champagne before heading to the salon. I think I had a good buzz going when I showed up there LOL. We had our app set at 10am, for 1 bride, 4 bridesmaids and one mom to get hair and makeup. They said they'd have PLENTY of time to get us done up so we could be at the church at noon. Well, 11:10 rolls around..I didn't have makeup (BIG pimple!!!) and 2 bridesmaids hadn't even been started. Mini meltdown #1. They get me out of the door so atleast I could get to the church on time to get dressed and do the "first look" while the rest of the girls catch up. By this time, it's already raining...good luck they say! I parked as close to the church doors as I could so as to minimize rain-to-hair contact and I succeeded! I'm getting geared up to begin dressing and BAM!!! The modesty panel to my dress is missing. It's in the shoebox... in my sister's car... at the salon. Mini meltdown #2. We tried calling my sister who didn't answer. We tried calling the salon who didn't answer. Finally my wedding planner sent her assistant to the salon to look for her and grab the panel from her. Sister was NOT at the salon. Where is she?? Where is the panel?? WHERE IS EVERYBODY? Nobody was following the "timeline." This is the part where my wedding planner pulled me aside, told me that nobody likes bridezillas and that it doesn't photograph well, and she made me sit down and eat a salami sandwich and strawberries. In the meantime, the photographer took a few other pictures. Finally, sister arrived. I got dressed. Had to check the GIRLS! First look happened.. this was amazing. I can't describe the feelings I had. It was just my groom and I in the sanctuary.. and the photographer but I didn't notice her. He was facing the altar, and I walked from behind. It was so quiet in there. I think I panted the whole way down. To touch his shoulder for him to turn was absolutely amazing. Then other pre-ceremony pictures! ******another post coming!