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Found 1 result

  1. Problem..

    Indy has had issues with his right lead canter since an old coach decided we should take a break from canter to perfect our trot. Now, I have a great trot but our right lead got lost somewhere, our left is leaving too. What's happening: When I go to pick up my right lead, I first ask nicely..nope...then i ask firmly...nope...then comes a boot or a whip(depending on if i feel like riding a bronc or not)...nope. It's not even so much that he has to show me his disapproval about the canter, after his bucks he still will not get the stupid lead. Left lead is generally good unless he has one of those days where he wants to fight with mom. Lately we've gotten to the point where he'll threaten to buck but i can manage to get him to at least canter off my leg, it's just the wrong lead. So when this happens he canters a few steps and i ask him nicely to come back to trot and we try again. and again, and again, and again. On a bad day I get one or two correct leads on a good day, i only fight with him for maybe 10mins. What I've tried to do to fix the problem: I got him adjusted by the chiropractor, it made a dramatic difference but still not enough to put this problem behind us. He's pain free now so that is not an issue. His saddle is custom fit to him and has been checked and double checked for pinching or rubbing. Nothing. Saddle fits, check. Trainer hopped on him...he pulled the same stunts and she wound up in the dirt. Whoops.. Lunging. Side reins and all and prior to the chiro he couldn't pick his lead up even on his own but now that he's been adjusted, he still pulls his stunt but will pick up his lead. Far, far less fighting on the lunge than when i'm on his back Trainer has stood on the ground with a lunge whip for encouragement into the canter to save my energy, it spooks him but it does help a little to get a canter, whether it's our right one or wrong one. I've carried a whip and wore spurs, that just makes the temper tantrums worse I've given him a break from canter, no difference I've focused solely on canter, no difference. .... What do I do??? My trainer has ruled out rider error, so what do I do about this grumpy creature? i'm so sick of him bucking. They're powerful bucks too not just a kick of the heels. I'm going out to lunge him today and possibly ride as well if I can get some tips and tricks on how to fix this problem.