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Found 6 results

  1. It's been a while since I've been on here but I need some help figuring out what my colts coat pattern is to register him. I thought he would be a tovero due to excessive white on his head, but was told by a few he's a tobaino. Whats your consensus?? Sire: PRR Zippos Heathen - Sorrel Sabino Dam: Cudas Scootin DJ - Bay Tobaino In the image below you can see in the relection that the underside of his jaws are completely white.
  2. Well, howdy there! Thanks for taking the time to open up this thread. I'm hoping you'll stick with me throughout this journey as I wade into the unknown (to me) depths of Artificial Insemination. As you've probably already gathered, this is a work in progress. I will be updating this post as I go through the process of AI for the very first time. The mare I'm breeding is named Spot Ya Dealing Dirty (aka Oakley) and will be bred to the stallion Gentlemen Send Roses (aka Gus) (Click the links to see their pedigrees.) They are both Paint horses. Both are tobianos according to the APHA, but are actually toveros genetically. Gus is tested negative for HERDA, OLWS, GBED, and EVA. My mare has not been tested for any of those things, but I am not worried, since Gus is negative. Gus is also homozygous for tobiano, so we are guaranteed a tobiano foal, and could possibly have a homozygous tobiano foal. We are hoping for a filly to keep and show. If we have a colt, it will be for sale, but we are still planning on training and showing it until it sells. I don't have too many photos of my mare Oakley uploaded right now. This will have to do for now: If you want to see Gus, you'll have to visit his website: Gentlemen Send Roses Thanks for stopping by!
  3. 3Yr Old Apha Gelding

    He's overweight and could be more muscular(hasn't been used much) and he's a little long backed but I'm curious to see what you guys think and see what his body type seems to fit best?(barrel racing, pleasure etc) Also how his head looks. Thank-you!! p.s. The pictures of his front profile aren't very good, sorry!
  4. New! And Just Purchased A Horse!

    Hello! I'm Bugatti! Or Just BP. I recently( as in yesterday) just purchased a wonderful Paint horse and can't wait to bring him home. This is my first Paint horse :) He's 11 and the biggest sweetheart. He's extremely lazy though, and at least 300lbs overweight! I was wondering if I could have some advice to bring his weight down safely and effectively. This is my fifth horse I've owned ( Sold the last one and had to put the old gelding down last year) so I only have one boy to take care of ( thank goodness! ) I'm open to any advice and hope to have a wonderful time here meeting new people!
  5. i have a horse i just got and noticed his dad is actually double registered and his moms dad is actually double registered as well and really would liek to know if he can be double registered he is registered apha right now his dad is both and his mom is just apha so what does he have to have to be regitered both???
  6. Apha Pedgree Look Up Help1?!?

    I have a APHA overo mare, she was bron in 1996. I am trying to look up her pedigree and stuff, i have sad her sicne she was 8, and since i moved out my mother either threw out or miss placed her registration papers, i just wanna look at her pedigree and im also goign to try to get a copy of her papers again. Her full name is Lilgirl faucet Flit.......... or it could be lilgirl faucet Flick..... the last word in her name i always mix up. She is 15'2 hands dark bay, large blaze, two front socks, and two back stalkings, with a few spots under her belly. I am not an APHA member(or active one) online, anything will help. I attached many pictures. (when she was a baby she was not the cutest thing btw, i remeber seeing her picture on the registration pictures.)