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Found 6 results

  1. Bitless Bridle Help!

    Hey Everyone! I would like some advice and opinion on transferring my horse from a western d-ring snaffle bit to bitless. He is a 14 year old quarter horse and when we ride bareback and with just a halter and clip on reins, he does pretty darn well, on the trail and in the arena. He just seems happier and more responsive. I wouldn't say he fights the bit or drives through it, he does have a tendency to want to turn at points when I don't want him to, but I can usually correct that with my leg and seat. He does fine with a simple bit, but I have been taught to use the reins as my last option/aid, so I ride a lot from my seat and leg, which makes bareback riding and no bit, just about a good ride every time. I am considering going with a bosal or sidepull, any advice on these?? He doesn't run on me ever, he does spook occassionally, but it is only for a few seconds that he either does big leaps or small leaps to the side. So I feel like control with him is not an issue. And then with the reins, is it better to go from the side or under the chin? I have been told he is a neck reined horse, but I think he does fine either way. Last question? . . . can I go back and forth here and there between a bit and bitless? Just if I wanted to take him somewhere new and would think about having that control if I needed it. Thanks so much for any feedback!! Would really appreciate it!
  2. Horse Tack Makers Mark Book

    Hi everyone, my name is Roger and although I am I am not very knowledgable on makers of horse bits etc. I have purchased a large collection of old bits and spurs from an estate and I was hoping I could find a book that can help me identify some makers marks etc... Any help will be appreciated.. I am hoping to sell everything and ebay has helped to identify ones like the Garcias and the Ricardo's and Crocket's and others but I am having trouble with the plain intials like one with a star syle stamp then initials J C Thank you.. in advance if anyone knows of a book that I can buy with makers marks etc... Or maybe just one very knowledgable man or woman who might be able to help.. Sincerely, Roger
  3. Benefits Of Hackamore Vs Snaffle?

    My horse was usually ridden with either a simple snaffle or a snaffle with shanks ( not sure which exact bit ) but I was wondering if I could just switch him over to a hackamore for the simplicity. He responds well to halter and lead shank while riding. I'm just thinking of him, I could ride in either or and it wouldn't matter to me. What are the pros and cons of switching between the snaffle and the hackamore? Should I just keep him in the snaffle? I'm just looking for opinions.
  4. So I Got A Peruvian:)

    Hi All, After tons of you guys help I finally bought a horse! She is a Peruvian Paso and her gait agrees wonderfully with my neck and back. So excited:) We went on our first trail ride at home and she was great. Didn't spook at anything, tore right through the thick spots in the trail, she picks out the best places for her and her rider, she would gait really fast and smooth out in front of my sisters QH mare but when they wanted to go slow I would put her behind and she would drop down to a slow comfortable walk. We do have a few issues. One of which she isn't used to the mounting block so she wants to walk off or step to the side, another thing she does is once I am on she wants to bolt forward. Kinda crazy but she flexes so I just pull her around and she stops. I think these will be easy fixes with a little work. I have been following Warwick Schiller on Youtube and just love his methods. Another problem is she was a rescue and had apparently been abused. She is not too keen on new people but warms up nicely, she REALLY doesn't like men and absolutely hates the farrier who last trimmed her. Apparently they had a bad time of it and the lady just stopped picking up her feet for fear she would freak out on her like she did with the farrier. We've been working with her and I think she will get better. Just a few minutes of working with her before her vet check and the vet was able to do full flexion and hoof sensitivity tests on her with out too much of a fuss. Luckily the vet was a lady:) One thing is she is never aggressive about anything. If she does anything its away from you and not in a threatening way... you can tell she is just scared sometimes. Now on the trail was a whole other she was scared of nothing! I have enclosed a few pics. As you can tell she is a bit chunky! She was out on 35 acres of grass. The vet says Puruvians are prone to metabolic syndrome? I think. So she says the best thing is no grass or limited amounts... which is great considering thats exactly what we have... no I am going to post a few questions in other topics but if your here and not there here they are. Gaited Saddles? Opinions? I ride in an Aussie and I think she definitely gaited better in it than she did in a western saddle they were riding her with. Peruvian Bits? Opinions? They were riding her in a shanked snaffle with copper rollers. I have her in a shanked dog bone type bit that is thick. The chomps on it the whole ride but seems to respond well to it. I am wondering if getting an actual bit made for peruvians will help with her gait or be easier on her mouth? I am really not sure beside the gag bit.... what denotes making a bit harsh or soft.... i want to use the mildest thing on her I can. Grain and Hay? Right now she is on freshly baled Rye Grass Hay with a bit of hairy vetch in it and a tiny bit of 12% sweet feed at night. They get hay twice a day not free choice. I am thinking maybe she should have less sugar in her diet but not sure which direction to go in. We won't have bermuda hay for a few months now. Peruvians? Any experience with the breed? Thoughts? She isn't papered and I don't know how the registries work... if I breed her to a periuvian down the road can i register the baby? what about breeding her to a TWH and registering the baby Tennuvian? possible if she is not papered? What I really want to do is one day breed her to a shuffling appaloosa:) They seem to have similar gates and I love the spots! (If you can tell in one of the pics she actually has quite a bit of roaning on one of her hind quarters.) The first two pics are from the first day I rode her.... the last pic is after we got her home.
  5. I just bought my first horse about 6 weeks ago. She is a 9 year old TWH. I am new to horses and gaited horses. I just started lessons last week and am trying to do all the right things and learn as much as possible. After the first lesson, my riding instructor told me that she has been well trained, has lots of sound qualities, etc. She is easy to saddle, bridle, load in a trailer and ride. So far, the only problem area is her reaction to the bit she has; it is driving her crazy!! It's supposed to be a walking horse bit and is the one that the owners used with her. After looking online at pictures, it looks like a Weymoth bit with a 5 in shank and low port. She noses out constantly, jerks at it and just seems to be going nuts with the bit in her mouth. It is the bit that came with her. We had her teeth floated right after we got her, so that's not the issue. I will admit that I am such a novice, I may be too rough with the bits and totally not mean to be at all. I love the horse and am trying to do everything correctly, that's why I am in lessons right now. There are so many opinions out there about correct bits to use. I know it's not about the bit, it's the training. This horse is just not comfortable in the bit and there are thousands of bits out there. How in the world will I know which ones to try? I just can't start buying bits. I did find a site that will rent them, and I am going to go that route, but which ones should I try?? There seems to be a lot of people who use a Mylar or Brenda Imus bit. Any advice would be so appreciated.!!
  6. Bits

    So I am riding my new Peruvian in a dog bone type bit with a copper roller. She direct reins or neck reins. I prefer to direct rein for the most part as I have a bulging disk in my neck that prefers equal balance in my shoulders. Should I be riding her with just a plain o ring snaffle? I am a little worried about not having a curb chain, should i be? What about bits specifically for Peruvian horses? I want to ride her in the best thing for her and her mouth. She flexs really well and is pretty light in the mouth but out of practice... I don't want to do anything to harden her up.