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Found 3 results

  1. Well, howdy there! Thanks for taking the time to open up this thread. I'm hoping you'll stick with me throughout this journey as I wade into the unknown (to me) depths of Artificial Insemination. As you've probably already gathered, this is a work in progress. I will be updating this post as I go through the process of AI for the very first time. The mare I'm breeding is named Spot Ya Dealing Dirty (aka Oakley) and will be bred to the stallion Gentlemen Send Roses (aka Gus) (Click the links to see their pedigrees.) They are both Paint horses. Both are tobianos according to the APHA, but are actually toveros genetically. Gus is tested negative for HERDA, OLWS, GBED, and EVA. My mare has not been tested for any of those things, but I am not worried, since Gus is negative. Gus is also homozygous for tobiano, so we are guaranteed a tobiano foal, and could possibly have a homozygous tobiano foal. We are hoping for a filly to keep and show. If we have a colt, it will be for sale, but we are still planning on training and showing it until it sells. I don't have too many photos of my mare Oakley uploaded right now. This will have to do for now: If you want to see Gus, you'll have to visit his website: Gentlemen Send Roses Thanks for stopping by!
  2. Mare has been a career broodmare for the past 7 years, so with Baby at 4+ months old, she cares but, she doesn't freak out when you take her out of the field and out of sight of Baby. She will go off on her own and leave Baby with the other horses on a regular basis. So, I'm not really worried about how she will react because she's been at this point before and she's about over it ;-) Filly obviously has not :) And, filly runs the fence when mama OR one of her buddies is out of sight for too long. She is eating grain well and eating out of her own bucket at feeding time. Current pasture situation is mare and foal, old retired mare, young 2 year old and yearling on roughly 8 acres of pasture and trees for windbreak. Neighbors about a mile away have a mare with a slightly older mule colt who will be weaning around the end of the month. They have offered to house both babies in a small, safe lot. I feel like it would be better to leave filly where she is familiar with everything else, and remove mama to our bigger farm. The problem is the wide open 8 acres of pasture where filly is at. I could move some panels from the other farm and build a small pen to keep her in for a day or 2, where she could still see her buddies but not run the fence. I'm not in a hurry to wean, mare is holding her weight fine and I really wonder if she will just wean the filly completely in another couple of months, where it will be more emotional weaning than wanting to nurse. Mare is going to be started back under saddle after weaning, so weather would be the only factor in doing it sooner than later. I'm having vet out to pull mare's Coggins and booster filly's shots and plan to talk with him, but he's not really a repro guy so.... How do you folks who are experienced breeders keep weaning as stress-free as possible, and which of the above options do you think is better?
  3. I have a 6 Yr. old dunskin mare and I'm looking to breed her. She's a very stocky built mare and she's beautiful. I was wondering some of the different colors I'd get if I mixed her with a blue roan?