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Found 1 result

  1. I'll try and make this a very long story short... some background info: I purchased a 5 year old Clydesdale stallion (unbroke, but leads, ties, picks feet up, etc) from a couple of states away and had him delivered to me in December. I knew he needed weight (vet estimated 250lbs) and some TLC by what he described when he went to get a health certificate and coggins for me but I expected that since he was cheap. When I got him, it appeared that it had been several months (if not more than a year) since his feet were last trimmed, and his hind left hoof had been allowed to grow very clubby (I know it wasn't clubby when he was born since I was able to speak to his original owner as a weanling and he was shown - has a docked tail - and she re-affirmed that he didn't have a club hoof then). The stifle on the same leg with the club hoof always made a loud popping sound, moreso when walking then trotting, and he never appeared to walk totally right from the start. Vet came out and diagnosed him with upward fixation of the patella and said with exercise and proper nutrition that it would go away. He also had his teeth floated and had 1 wolf tooth pulled. I decided to wait to geld him until he was more settled in and put more weight on as to not stress him even more than he needed to be. He's put on more than 150lbs since I got him (vet came back out and weighed him) but still needs more weight and muscling though. I have contacted Dr. Beth Valentine about his nutirtion and he's on a plan that's OK'd by her and she said it would probably take until the summer until he gains all the weight he needs. My farrier has trimmed him 3 times since I've gotten him - but 4-5 weeks ago he came up very lame, and the club hoof "points" and he physically can't put his entire hoof on the ground. He's always walking on his toe. Vet recommened the farrier put egg bar shoes on both back feet for support, they have been on for about 2 weeks but he has gotten even worse in the last 2 days. After watching some farrier videos online I'm thinking that my farrier has taken too much heel off too fast and that he just can't support his leg. Combined with the sticky stifle - he hops, limps, he's a mess. I'm not sure what else to do? I'm thinking that maybe the farrier needs to put a wedge on the hoof to "fill in the gap" where you can see daylight when he does put all of his weight on that leg until he's sound and then slowly make the wedge smaller until he's finally without it? After seeing the youtube videos I'm almost certain that this is why he's this lame but I don't see any remedies to fix what's already been done (too much heel taken off), only recommendations that you not take too much heel off too quickly. So here are some photos (and no, he's not resting his leg, this is a picture of his hoof when he is bearing weight on that leg). And a video that I've uploaded showing him walking (sorry for my dog bothering him, he gets WAY too excited about horses). You can see he's not real willing to make a turn to the inside and then you can see how he hops from the sticky stifle, but on top of that he's also lame... Any suggestions? Picture of him when he first arrived: *I should also note that in these pictures his feet had just been trimmed by my farrier. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of his feet before they were trimmed, but in the second picture you can clearly see that his heel still touches the ground so he is bearing weight on the whole hoof whereas now his heel is shorter and he's no longer able to bear weight on it. Picture of him taken yesterday: Video link fixed and I got a new video of him on pavement and without my annoying dog: