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Found 5 results

  1. This Is About My Back

    my trimmer had a riding accident three weeks ago and is out of commission (bad back bruising) for an indefinite period of time. so today i and the daughter of a friend did my two horses ourselves. well, not exactly, because we did my husband's horse first who is somewhat long in the tooth, and when i hauled his front right up on the tree i felt my lower right back give out. dumb mistake, i used my back instead of my stomach muscles (mea culpa) but does anybody have any *miracle* remedies? i'm supposed to help out in a "working cow horse for beginners" course this weekend and don't feel all that *elastic*. (OUCH!! only hurts when i stand up and after walking it out a few steps it gets better. i'm also wondering if riding tomorrow will help or aggravate it...) thanks in advance for any feedback!
  2. playing the daily IHT jumble word game and am stumped again so i'm calling in my joker(s). what word do you see when you see the following letters? v a t c a n thanks in advance for the help!
  3. HELP! I'm moving back to my home state of Washington, I'm Currently living in New Mexico (for the last year). I have 2 registered horses that I brought down from Washington, and that I want to take back with me, coming down here I only needed the health tests, and their papers and proof of transferring owners. Nether of my horses are branded, and I am second owner on one of the horses, and the 3 or 4th on the older horse. Both were foaled and raised in WA, Both have original papers contracts, certificates of transfer ship. Ect. I tried going to the USDA sites and they just confused me... Can some one explain? Other info is that I don't brand/ don't have a branding thing.( I own goats.. but they all came with me from WA and a registered and tattooed. )
  4. So my brother is getting married in two weeks and I'm their MC. They don't want the usual corny jokes, long drawn out speeches, silly games, etc so my job is mostly just to keep the party moving as far as letting the guests know what will be happening. However, the one fun part they wanted to do was to have a silly one-liner for each one of the members of the wedding party when I introduce them. For example, something like "he once fought a tiger with his bare hands and lived to tell the tale, he's Joe Shmoe!" (Ok that was a bit lame, I've been out in the sun all day, my brain is mush!) I tried Googling but I have no idea what to Google so I'm not coming up with much. Any ideas or anyone have some funny little lines we could work with? I'm meeting with them this week and wanted to have something prepared. Obviously some we might come up on our own because they'll be funny if they actually relate to each person's personality, but it'd be nice to have a starting point. Help?
  5. Hello All, I've been around horses along long timebut just recently got the opportunity to get one. Now, i have a trainer and technicly it's a shared "pony". I have full acess to her, and her yearling, but don't have to pay anything!!!! (Sweet deal!) When i come up with the money for my own horse, full sized, i can buy it and house it with Daisy and her baby (yet to be named.) Here is what i need help with, 1) Where is the best place to buy cheap grooming supplies? Online sources would be best but any stores are good too! I found a site called and it seems REALLY cheap but i'm unsure of quality. 2) Cheap tack/halter and lead rope places. Same deal as above. 3) Name suggestions for the filly, flower names are best, Lily has been used at this barn ( just my neighbors, a little private place) and so that's off limits. 4)Any other tips for me. Rember guys, i'm not completely new to this. I work with horses frequently and have seen all aspects of horse-y life.! Thanks to everybody! Also, I'm doing an report (extra credit) for home- school, i'm covering costs, scedule, and need more topics. Any topic ideas?