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Found 23 results

  1. Horse Brand

    I got my gorgeous 15.2 hand, bay gelding, AQH last year in May. I got him off a working ranch from Tucucari New Mexico. He has papers and he’s been with a few different people in the past. He has two brands, two on his left hip and the other on his two “butt cheeks” (haha). I am so curious about locating his brands but I’m having the hardest time. One of them on his hip is a W and a heart next to it, the one under neath is a L with an arch above it and two dots besides it. The ones on his butt are number which I don’t remember on the top of my head. Can someone help? Thanks
  2. Finding A Draft

    My fiancé is a 6' 8" guy. Currently he has an OTTB he rides for short burst and she's been fantastic for him. Although we're getting into trail riding and traveling. We're looking for a draft that will hold up on 2-5 day rides. Any ideas of good places to adopt or purchase? I have heard of the PMU farms in Canada. Would adopting a baby from there be a good idea?
  3. The Love For Horses

    Hi everybody! I love horses for as long as I know. Getting a little bit older made me wanna' know more about this beautiful creatures. This is why I made myself a blog. Writing on my blog, helps me want to search for more and more information. Recently I did some changes on it. I hope you enjoy it. New post will come. Please I really need feedback, so if you like some posts or do not like some things please comment or share or write here. Thank you! Hope you enjoy it!
  4. Hi all. What is everyones favorite horse name? I came across this article which shows what are meant to be be the most popular names and thought it would be interesting to see if anybody else's horse is called one of these names, as my horse's names is on there. My mare is called Molly.
  5. Hey! I just got my first horse yesterday! I was wondering what types of cool braids I could do on her without the needle and thread. I have bands, and a mane and tail comb. She's grey. So any ideas? and could you put a how to do it please?
  6. Trailer leaving 10/31/14 from Richmond, IN to Ft Worth, TX Open for 2 slots in slant load trailer Well-mannered, easy hauls only. No Stallions, weanlings, or yearlings. Must have current coggins & health papers. Return Trip from Ft Worth to Richmond, IN 11/2/14 or 11/3/14 1 slot Open 765-730-6204
  7. I Just Love Working With Horses

    I just love working with horses, whether my own, someone else's, or the ones we have where I work. We just got a new horse in this afternoon. She is a small (14-2/14-3 hand) black and white Pinto QH/x/Racking Horse mare, between 15 and 18 years old (we're assuming she's 18). Her name is Ms. B. Her owner's fiance led her eight miles down the main highway here in my hometown to get her to us. The reason they had to get rid of her is because my friend just found out she is pregnant (completely unexpected) and her fiance doesn't want her riding through the pregnancy, so is making her get rid of the mare (they already have trouble making ends meet, so really getting rid of the mare is the best choice, for them and the mare). My friend decided to lease her to us, for our Camp program, for the next year or two, as she hopes to one day be able to get the mare back. Ms. B is now at Camp and is settled in with the two geldings on the right-side pasture, Doc and Logan. She has yet to meet the mare and gelding on the left-side pasture, Minnie and Drama. I also did manage to work with two of the Camp horses today. My friend and fellow horse-woman came with me and we took Doc (18 y/o QH/x/Standardbred/x/Gaited Horse of Uknown Breeds) and Minnie (22 y/o reg. Paint) out for about an hour and a half. Minnie learned over Summer that if she could scare her rider enough, they'd get off and leave her be. She did it with the campers and with the Equine Program Director (spinning and pitching a fit) and they got scared of her and left her alone. I rode her today and she tried it with me several times, but whereas our Equine Program Director this summer didn't know how to handle her attitude, I did, because I've grown up on horses who acted like that. (Our Equine Program Director this summer was a girl who has grown up in hunter/jumper barns and always had her horse already groom, tacked up, warmed up and waiting for her in the arena when she went to ride... before this summer, she had never ridden outside of an arena, had never ridden western and had never even sat on a horse who wasn't absolutely on its best behavior the entire ride). Minnie tried her antics with me and I recognized what was wrong with her immediately. She's herd-sour. She tried to back up and spin around, I would make her keep backing up until she listened. She finally decided I wasn't worth fighting with and we had and very nice trail-ride up to the Ropes Course, where my friend and I found a Teeter-Totter and had some fun teaching the horses to walk over it! Minnie did excellently once she realized she wasn't going to get her way with me and by the time we got back to the barn she was a lot lighter in the mouth and much more responsive to my cues. We're going again tomorrow afternoon to work with them again. Had so much fun!
  8. I am currently looking at adopting a rescue horse. She is a 5 year old TWH mare. She come from a situation where the farm went under and she was malnurist. She and about 30 other horses ran wild. When she was rescued, she was given a 2 on the body index and had no human contact. Fast forward 9 months, she has gain some weight, but still needs another 200 lbs. She is 15,2 hh, and currently at a trainer getting 30 days under her. She has decided to that people are good but still a little shy. Her is the itch.... my wife wants her badly and is laying down guilt on me. She is hoping that I wont like the ride and that I will bow out. Mean while, she is being very... neutral. Any thoughts? Baron Phoenix
  9. Horse Stories

    Just stories worth telling about your horse. (Or horses)
  10. I know there is a mirrored saddle somewhere in Las Vegas hanging over a bar, but has anyone ever seen a mirrored saddle on an actual horse in or a parade or Rodeo? I work at an Auction house and am looking for comperable sale prices( if any).
  11. Hi Friends, I am looking for equine rehabilitation services near College Station, TX. Is anyone knows a good center ? Thanks
  12. This is Wyatt, my new project barrel horse. He is just over 2 years old, 13.2 hh Quarter horse (not registered). Picked him up 7/28 from a muddy lot, where he had been picked on by an older mare. Was terrified, wouldn't let us touch him, ran in the opposite direction. It is now day 5 of having him home, and he is the sweetest gelding. Even let me put a blanket on with a "girth". Just want some conformation critique. The only issue I have with him is that he refuses to let me pick up his right hind foot. He is fine with the other three, and I'm guessing he is either sore in that hip area, or it's his hoof (which is missing a good chuck out of it). I will be adding photos to this album as the days come. I appreciate any and all comments! *I will try to get him set up right when I go see him today*
  13. Stubborn Horse

    I'm trying to train my horse to nod, but she wont listen! I've tried the pressure points, having her head follow the treats, and waving a crop to he face. She doesn't respond to any of them! Any tips?
  14. Ok so i have a paint horse named Hank and he is over in the knee and he has a clubfoot. Can he make it as a jumping horse?
  15. Pictures

    Buddie Munchkin And the new member of my little family. Chu-Cho a 10 week old Doxie Scot (fancy name for a mutt that is a Dachshund and Scottish Terrier) The first days where touch and go as we thought he had parvo. But turns out he was just littermate sick. In no time he was running around and playing after a bath in dawn soap to get rid of his fleas. \ And of course I couldnt forget Baby Girl....whom by the way is trying to talk now. Nothing but gibberish but i swear sometimes i hear Mama.
  16. My Rebellious Horse!

    I have a 5year old Standardbred (Boomer) who has barley any trainning. I rode him just yestreday and he took off in full gallop, I fell off and got a concusion! I was trying to talk to a couple trainers I know and of course im only 14 so not many take me very seriously...I dont really know why but, they all laugh and say good luck kid...Yeah, so I was wondering I anyone had any good tips on how to control him and ways of bomb proofing. I plan on Evneting with him in the future but am starting with dressage to get some basic trainning. Im afraid I will be injured even worse so we plan on sending him to a trainer in like 5 months for 1month. I need to work him as we are waiting to send him, Boomer is the sweetest horse ever I would never consider getting rid of himn or anything. We believe the reason he took off was because my mom and some friends were walking back into our barn and went out of sight and him being the people lover he is decided to say a last goodbye to everyone. Just want some advice:) I would appreciate it:)!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN RIDING SINCE I WAS SIX!!!!!!!!
  17. Free live video feed of this three day event.
  18. This is an Oscar winning documentary that Disney produced in 1960. I remember watching it as a kid and so I just bought a copy. Wish i had known about this earlier in the week so I could have had it to watch over the weekend. http://www.disneysto...Flying Tail DVD "Walt Disney's Oscar®-winning 1960 documentary tells the riveting story of a beautiful palomino horse and his journey from New Mexico's wide open ranges to Germany's Royal International Horse Show. After being trained to round up cattle, he's sold and resold. Sometimes mistreated but many times loved, the horse's talent for jumping comes to the attention of the U.S. Equestrian team. Retrained for competition, the horse's love for his new found sport shows in his tail that flies high with every leap. A delightful film that will enthrall any viewer, The Horse with the Flying Tail is a true champion."
  19. This happened earlier this year at Devon. Disturbing to realize that the USEF is virtually powerless to enforce rules and protect horses and ponys at competitions. Hopefully the NY Times article will help educate unsuspecting horse owners and also bring new pressure for real changes within the horse industry.
  20. Suggestion For Rescue Horse Diet

    I was given a 4yr old quarter mare in very poor health. You can see her ribs and spine and the hip bones are very prominent. She has been eating about 1Lb of 10% sweet feed twice a day for a week and all the grass hay she can stand and what little grass is out in the pasture this time of year. I am not Increasing the amount of grain I am giving her because I have jus started to give her about 2oz of Amplify and Calf Manna. How long should i feed the Amplify and Calf Manna before increasing it? And should I increase her grain as well.I dont want to overload her with protien. I want the fat in her diet but she needs muscle as well. Im trying to get an idea for a good feed ratio.
  21. All heads are turning to the six finalist in anticipation of which tow horses will be named the nation.s winners! Your votes are an integral part of deciding which of the nations leading horses will be named the USEF Horse of the Year. If you are a member of USEF you can also vote for Equestrian of the Year.
  22. Makeup And Horses

    I also posted this under saddleseat, but then thought it might fit better here! Hello all, I'm new here and had a question I would like to ask all of you! Here's a little background, I am a makeup artist, with a major passion for horses. I've ridden all my life and worked at an American Saddlebred farm here and Georgia when I was 15 up until about a year ago. I am wanting to branch out and do "equestrian makeup" which really just means that I will go to horse shows, set up a "makeup" booth and apply makeup for people before their classes begin. I tried doing a little research on it, and saw very little on whether or not this would be a good business to do. My main questions is, what are your thoughts? Those of you who "live and breathe" showing let me know if this is a service that you believe would be beneficial to the showground. Would this be a service you would be interested in? Show much would you pay for this service? Any other helpful tid bits as well!! I am just wanting to see what others think of this, before I go out and do it to see what the general population at the showground may like or dislike about this! Thanks for any opinions, helpful hints, etc!!