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Found 3 results

  1. Interesting.....

    Opinions? Definitely watch the video for full understanding.
  2. This is Wyatt, my new project barrel horse. He is just over 2 years old, 13.2 hh Quarter horse (not registered). Picked him up 7/28 from a muddy lot, where he had been picked on by an older mare. Was terrified, wouldn't let us touch him, ran in the opposite direction. It is now day 5 of having him home, and he is the sweetest gelding. Even let me put a blanket on with a "girth". Just want some conformation critique. The only issue I have with him is that he refuses to let me pick up his right hind foot. He is fine with the other three, and I'm guessing he is either sore in that hip area, or it's his hoof (which is missing a good chuck out of it). I will be adding photos to this album as the days come. I appreciate any and all comments! *I will try to get him set up right when I go see him today*
  3. HI Everyone, I am new to the forum and introduced myself in the "new" section. We brought our first horse home a week ago last Friday. I've never owned a horse before, my husband did growing up. I did ride a lot as a teenager, my grandparents owned horses and so did most of my friends, so I am not without any experience. I am just curious what those of you with more experience would consider "normal" behavior for a horse when they are first seperated from their herd, and what to expect during the first few days. I guess I am trying to figure out, if we got in over our heads or if what we are experiencing is normal. Here is a little of what is going on. We bought a 6 year old QH Mare, she is supposed to be broke and ready to ride. We did ride her and spend time with her before bringing her home and felt like she would be a good fit for us. We have two teenagers left at home and they want to be able to go and ride her whenever possible, as do I. She behaved wonderfully until we got about a mile from her home and then she got really upset, it took us about two hours to get her to calm down after we got home. She has warmed up to us and will let you do anything to her that we want, she doesn't bite, she's gentle, she likes to follow us around the coral, she likes our chickens, and other animals don't seem to bother her at all. The previous owner taught us how to run her out before saddleing which we have done everytime. She saddles wonderfully, we don't have to tie her up, she will just stand there like a docile angel the entire time. But, as soon as you get in the saddle and get nice and comfy and pick up the reigns she takes off at a dead run and will not be controlled by the reigns. She runs for a few minutes, gets it out of her system and is fine after that. Has anyone else experienced this kind of behavior? Is it fixable or just something that she's doing because she doesn't know us? And if so, how do we teach her she can't do that? Because, by the time you can get control and get her to follow commands punishing her isn't going to do any good cause she's forgotten what she's done? We can still return her, but I don't think the previous owner is to happy about it. We did call him, hoping that he would give us some advice or tips or something. What I'm worried about, is will we have issues with any horse we bring home at first? I guess i'm just trying to figure out what is considered normal and what is considered unacceptable. Thank you so much for any help or advice. Lana I should add, that we have a lot of horses next to us, as in we share a fence with them. There are several male horses in that coral, and I know at least one is a stallion used for breeding. Is it possible she's in heat?