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Found 3 results

  1. So I've wanted a horse for some time, and I've settled on purchasing a mini horse at some point, so that I can have a horse without the need for exponential amounts of land, and stables, and the other special ameneties (<- I hope that is spelled right) that a full size horse would need to survive and be happy, I do not intend to take it to any shows or do any type of competitions. I am simply looking for a companion animal (Because as an aspiring game designer, I won't have the time that is required to be dedicated to my horse if it were a full size breed) The catch howerver, is that I know hardly anything about horses aside from what I read in the off-hand during a random google search regarding the topic sparked by a random spike of interest. I would appreciate someone directing me to the things minis need to be happy healthy animals in a household-type environment, also what sort of medical care they need. I have read that they require as much if not more medical care than a full size horse, and that their metabolism is very very fast which could lead to weight problems (on that note, how would I know if a horse is having a dietary problem?) There is no real rush on this, as I do not intend on buying for quite awhile, I want to have a sufficient amount of education on the topic of equine care before I make any sort of decision. ADDENDUM: please understand that when I say household-type environment, I do NOT mean keeping the poor thing in the house all day. Maybe some sort of netted-in back porch connected to a dog-run type deal in a large yard. Keeping any sort of horse in the house would be dumb.
  2. Hello All, I've been around horses along long timebut just recently got the opportunity to get one. Now, i have a trainer and technicly it's a shared "pony". I have full acess to her, and her yearling, but don't have to pay anything!!!! (Sweet deal!) When i come up with the money for my own horse, full sized, i can buy it and house it with Daisy and her baby (yet to be named.) Here is what i need help with, 1) Where is the best place to buy cheap grooming supplies? Online sources would be best but any stores are good too! I found a site called and it seems REALLY cheap but i'm unsure of quality. 2) Cheap tack/halter and lead rope places. Same deal as above. 3) Name suggestions for the filly, flower names are best, Lily has been used at this barn ( just my neighbors, a little private place) and so that's off limits. 4)Any other tips for me. Rember guys, i'm not completely new to this. I work with horses frequently and have seen all aspects of horse-y life.! Thanks to everybody! Also, I'm doing an report (extra credit) for home- school, i'm covering costs, scedule, and need more topics. Any topic ideas?
  3. Hello Everybody

    I am newbie here.I am so gald after the part of this forum.I have found so latest information here that's why i have joined this community.