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Found 7 results

  1. Show Your Costume

    Well this was my green nija. I am very happy with how it turned out. Shortman already said next year he want to be the golden nija & I could use the same pattern.
  2. Off to Canada

    The weather was beautiful. So got in the truck & hit the road for Thunder Bay Ontario. First stop was a senic over look of the ore dock & facility in Silver Bay MN. Then we eventually made it to the boarder. Wasn't to harden to find the park where the celebration was. The park was right on Lake Superior & was beautiful. The CP celebration Train pulled in. They had Funits for power. Also the had a car to attach your personal birthday wish for Canada. The were traveling with a 17 car train across the country. Most of the cars were private business but they had a special box car the could be turned into a stage. They also had a really cool mini train for the kids. However they were not giving rides at this stop. So with a long ride to home it was time to leave but not without a stop for cookies. Yup stopped & got 5 boxes of Wagon Wheels. Boarder patrol on the way home just laughed when asked if we were taking anything back.
  3. Mare Magic- Update And Pics Added!

    I have a 17yo Arab/Saddlebred mare that's very high strung, and extremely buddy sour with my QH. Whenever I separate the two, the Arab wont focus on anything, I can lunge her for up to an hour and saddle her, and she still only cares about trying to get back to the QH. They're on about 5 acres with three other horses, I just moved them to this barn a month ago, but they were like this prior as they've been together for seven years. It's at the point where I'm considering buying another horse just to be able to do arena work, since the Arab is at this point only good for trail (the QH is 27 and semi-retired). Anyway, my point is, a friend of mine has her mare on Mare Magic and she's 5, the most mellow, responsive mare I've ridden. I just started my mare on it on Monday, says it takes about two weeks to see results. I was wondering if anyone else has used it and what they thought of it. Or if anyone had suggestions on what to do to try and get the Arab out of this obsession. Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. So there's a 4 show series of cattle sorting about an hour and a half away from me that I've been going to. The first show was in May, I got 12th out of 25, which I thought was pretty good considering I had never worked a cow in any way prior to the show. I'm using an experienced mare I borrowed from a friend since my Arab would probably jump out of the pens instead of after the cows. This show, was the second and I got 7th place out of 30, so I'm very proud of that one. I had a blast doing it and am grateful for the experience. I'd honestly never even heard of sorting until a friend invited me to go, and never watched it til I got there and waited for my turn. But it's pretty easy, and so much fun, everyone should try it :) Anyway, here's some pics of me and Funny Oh and just to throw it out there for those that are on the Weightloss post, I'm down 26 pounds in these pics (the last sorting I was down 19). Oh and we're officially in escrow on a place as of 5pm tonight Things are good!
  5. New Saddle

    So the hubby gave me an "allowance" to get a new (used) saddle for my birthday yesterday. We ended up at a consignment saddle shop that had about 500 western saddles to choose from. We spent about two hours wandering around and finally picked my favorite. Well they let us know we could pick three and try them out for a few days. So I picked two other favorites to take home. First choice was a Blue Ribbon barrel saddle for $375 Second was a Circle Y Equitation saddle for $325 And third was my first choice, a wide Hereford trail saddle for $395 So I take them to the barn and try them on my mare. The Circle Y saddle was removed off the list immediately as it didn't fit her back at all, and I wasn't really a fan the more I looked at it. So the second I tried on was the Blue Ribbon and it fit her well, was comfortable, but didn't like the horn so much, especially when dismounting and snagging my shirt on it. Well, as you can see, my mare's rather pudgy, so it kind of dwarfed the saddle as well. I did like it, but I'm not a barrel racer and don't need a saddle specifically for something I rarely do. So next up is the Hereford. And it's extremely comfortable, fits her back perfect, again, it's a wide, and so is she lol I'm glad the one I initially chose ended up fitting her perfect. And I'm glad the saddle shop let me take several home to try out with no charge. Had both mares teeth done today and since it was also Easter, I'll be returning the saddles tomorrow and offering $325 (listed for $395 but hoping to get for $350) on this one. Even if they wont budge, I'm taking it. So I'm stoked! Yay!
  6. Our Rescue Horse

    Well, we have had Rodayo a little over a month now. His training is coming along great! Over the weekend, my husband rode him for the first time so of course I took a few pictures. He is still a stud (crypt) and once the weather warms up a bit, he will be going in for his gelding surgery. Until then, he is getting some good saddle time so he has a nice foundation going.
  7. I have loved my Paso Fino Jaquima as a bitless bridle. I have hated my Paso Fino Jaquima as a bitless bridle because it is so ... heavy and clunky-looking. I bought an English Double Bridle because I like the refined look of the black leather. My PF Jaquima looked awful paired with the light leather of the bridle. So, I searched online and found Sharp's Saddlery and sent him my clunky PF Jaquima's noseband and barbada (curb piece) to use as a pattern to match my refined headstall that I also sent so he would know what he was building it to pair with. He exceeded my expectations and created a piece that looks as if I bought it *with* the double bridle! I tried it on Reina tonight when I tucked her in (it fits!) and I'll get pics in daylight as soon as I can. I need to find something round to strap it around to pre-curve the lower piece but it is strong, flexible, soft and he smoothed the back edge that will come in contact with her jaw so it won't create sores. If weather cooperates, I want to ride Tuesday and see how she likes it. Side-by-side comparison, both on the refined headstalls. See how the original is so much thicker/heavier than the new piece? I should add that I don't use 2 bits on my double bridle. One headstall is for the bit and the other is for the jaquima pieces. I bought the double bridle just to get 2 headstalls and 2 sets of matching reins ... and I actually got THREE headstalls because I was able to turn the noseband into another headstall - that is what the jaquima-barbada is attached to.