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Found 6 results

  1. Picture Gallery

    So what has happened to the Horse City photo gallery, and how do we access our old photos on this site? Will the gallery be up and working again soon? ~ Mestengo
  2. Happy Critters

    Managed to get pictures of the children. Was lucky to get the one I did of the cats. Fuzzy the very hairy one found a need to climb up my leg more than once. Magoo & Zip were happy clams to get grass.
  3. Alright ya'll

    I always come here for name ideas. We can not settle on a name for the GSD pup. My husband likes Duke. I have come up with this list and he hates them all. Mason, Dutch, major, zephyr, jack, boomer and a couple of others I can't remember right now. We already have ruger, lita, Baxter, willow, pumpkin, tuna and panda. And yes, my house is a mess. A never ending mess.
  4. New Pony Zip

    Here is our new girl Zip. She is a or was a registered mini until she exceeded the size requirements. Zip is 5yrs old and never left the farm she was born on. The gal I bought her from did a wonderful job. Zip was good about going in the trailer for the first time & didn't do to bad for my farrier. I'll have to work with her with at standing good & not pulling her feet. No biggie. Sorry I have no new pictures of Mr. Magoo.
  5. Hello Fellow HC'ers! Just updating on Baby Girl. She turned One years old on Friday. Man I can't believe it's already been a year since she was first born. I remember it like it was yesterday. I still haven't fully healed from the C-Section. Alot of ya'll have also gone through her first year with me. GREAT NEWS!! I took her back to the Dr. on October 2cnd and xrays were done. She is 100% better and no longer needs to wear a brace at night anymore. Which for us was just a horrible two months that couldnt have come faster. We don't have another checkup for 6 months and by then we are hoping that she is at least crawling and hopefully walking. Our pediatrician is giving her till she is 15-16 months but the Orthopedic said he would give her till 18-19 months considering all the stress her hip was given. She walks in the walker and can Almost sit down by herself but still has a little problem with it. She is having her first birthday party this coming weekend. Well onto pictures.. When she went to the Drs. She's grown so big her feeties are hanging off the Hippo now. Shes also able to face forward now that shes over 24 lbs and Is One. Makes it easier because i can finally drive again. I also have a Chauffeur lol (Daddy has taken over our car as it is a 2 door cobalt and the only vehicle we have. He works in a rock mine hence all the dirt on the seat lol) Enjoying her toys...she liked the number book. MORE PICTURES COMING
  6. Went on a ride today, it was kind of wet and rainy, but nice and warm for this time of year. Anyways, Luna has always LOVED water. At our first barn we had a very big creek and a pond, and she'd spend hours playing in them. Then we moved to a barn for 4 months that had no water except in the water trough(of course lol). Well we went out to the pond on the trails at our new barn for the first time, and she went nuts! It was like you let a kid loose in a candy shop! We got to the edge of the pond, her eyes lit up, and she dove in! She totally forgot I was there, and started splashing so hard I literally couldn't see. And her tail was moving with her as she pawed. It was hilarious! She kept going for about 20 minutes, and I had to force her out. Here's a couple pictures. She'd calmed down a little in these though. At first the splashing was so violent you could only see water everywhere. I was pulling on her face a lot, because she kept going straight for the middle of the pond, but i didn't actually want to swim!! She never fails to make me laugh.