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Found 5 results

  1. Saddle/stirrup/girth Question

    Hi, I'm new here and have been riding most of my life. I just started leasing a new gelding from my manager at work and I love him. Though he's a button pusher. Anyways here's my scenario. We went on quite a long trail ride the other day and I noticed that my ankles and knees were killing me by the end. Not to mention that my weird foot had went half numb and stayed that way much longer than normal. (I've shown cattle all my life and had quiet a few stomp on my foot, combined with a few long nights in heels there's minor nerve damage that makes it go numb sometimes). The woman I was riding with said my stirrups were too long and that was my problem. But they seemed just right? Yes I am not used to 3 hours of riding but I've never hurt like that. I ride in a Circle Y barrel saddle, impact gel pad, and wider barrel stirrups. I have never loved the stirrups but I've never had any real problems with them. So I'm looking for suggestions on what to do here. I'm not wanting a new saddle, but new stirrups are an option. My second question is what kind of girth should I get? My last horse was an extremely round, and fat guy. So my 36 inch girth is way to big for poor Simon. He's the fella in the picture below. What size, brand, and style would you recommend? I'm mainly trail riding and learning him right now but I think he's going to be used for trails and some rodeo events. Thank you in advance for any advice. I really appreciate it.
  2. How can I identify what year my saddle was made ? I bought it from a man that had it in his barn for 10 yrs and said give me 400 and it's yours . The fenders have a horse head engraved if that helps any . Thanks for any links or help in advance
  3. What Do You Ride In?

    What do you ride in? What kind of saddle and why do you like it? Pictures would be awesome :). Let me see your set up! I'm a barrel racer and would like to get into some long distance riding but my barrel saddle isn't the most comfortable on long rides for me or my mare. Thanks!!
  4. I know there is a mirrored saddle somewhere in Las Vegas hanging over a bar, but has anyone ever seen a mirrored saddle on an actual horse in or a parade or Rodeo? I work at an Auction house and am looking for comperable sale prices( if any).
  5. Unknown Saddle? Can't Find Out Brand? Help?

    Okay everyone, I purchased this saddle because I love the older, heavy duty saddles. It appears to be very well made, but no brand. The keeper is missing, and there is screws and discoloration in the back like there may have been a maker mark/stamp there previously. It has a Ralide tree, it says Ralide and has a series of numbers, could that be any help??? (My pictures were to big to attach so I have posted the link to them) Any Help is GREATLY appreciated