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Found 1 result

  1. Part 2 Of The Snot Nosed Beast

    So last night I got a phone call that my boy was not interested in grain and had minimal gut noises. Its a 40 minute drive unfortunately but I got there as quickly as I could. Last night: He ate some hay but was very picky about his grain, he had no fever, he had good gut noises and I got him to poop so I was not overly concerned. This morning: He would not touch his grain, he had no fever, he had good gut sounds and he had pooped over night and drank some water but he just did not seem himself. He was in cross ties and gave a good cough, snot with grain and hay in it came up. I called the vet because I suspected choke. The vet came and tubed him and of course we got the choke resolved. This is the root of the problem, I think. My theory is that he was dehydrated (drinking less water in the winter), he could not produce enough saliva to swallow properly, hence he choked. It is beyond strange that he was so asymptomatic. My theory continues with the choke preventing him from eating and drinking hence not enough water and food to help move his gut causing the impaction colicky symptoms. So like I said, we tubed him, and she also did a rectal and resolved the impaction. The final step was giving him water, electrolytes and mineral oil through the tube. He took most of the fluids no problem, he was still pretty sedated and was hanging his head when about a cup or two of the fluid came dripping out of his nose. He gave us a big cough and some of the fluids came back up! We know the choke was resolved so the theory continues that the problem is localized to his distal esophagus and the opening of his stomach. When we scoped him this past December, EVERYTHING looked normal, down to his stomach. Furthermore if things run back down his neck and out his nose, this explains all the **** sinus infections. However I have known this horse 3 years and owned him half the time, what caused this to start happening now? Why now the dysfunction? The plan moving forward is obviously a limited diet and moving him back to his normal diet. I do plan on switching grains to see if that helps. We are also going to put his hay in a nibble net, so he has to eat with his head up, we're also going to put his grain in an elevated bucket to help him eat with his head up too. I also started him on electrolytes to help keep up the water intake. My other horse has never had a problem drinking and last winter this horse was just fine so it did not strike me as something I had to do. Daily life: He is a slow eater in general, he has hay and grain 2x a day in his stall, then he has turn out with a herd of five where he is #2 in the herd and has access to free choice hay. He is only ridden 1-3 times a week and functions mostly as a trail horse. He is a capable jumper and mover (low level dressage) but the demands of grad school prevent me from riding more. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions...he was scoped in December and structurally everything looked text book, his larynx is asymmetrical but he has good closure when he swallows. We could not find evidence of scar tissue or strictures. We took dental and sinus x-rays and there were no signs of an abscess or anything abnormal.