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Found 1 result

  1. What do y'all do when you have a horse you have to work with, but you really just do not like the horse? Where I work, it's my job to work with the horses (we have 5). I love it. I love my job as 'Barn Manager' and love the horses... I love working with them and riding them/exercising them, etc... but there is one that I just do not like or enjoy being around. His name is Drama and he's 16-1 hand Appendix Quarterhorse, though he looks like a purebred Thoroughbred... and he's just so flaky! his entire personality turns me off. He's the sweetest boy and just loves people, but no matter how much I work with him, get after him, etc... he still pushes my buttons. No matter how much trouble he gets into for doing things he knows he shouldn't, he does so anyway. He just annoys the daylights out of me and I really dislike even catching him to work with him because, even though he's generally good, I just cannot make myself like working with him. Undersaddle he trips up pretty regularly (doesn't watch where he puts his feet/is more concerned over the other horses, even though they are right with him) or just doesn't pay attention... and zones out so badly at times with the farrier that he's fallen to his knees... On the other side of the spectrum, last week with the farrier he was so badly behaved that I was certain the farrier was going to just up and leave. Either he's zoning out and falling down or he's acting like a horse whose never seen a farrier in his life, there's no middle ground. (and yes, I do work with him concerning this, but he stands very well for me). He had surgery to his legs when he was a foal and has had metal plates placed in his knees to straighten some severe 'knock-kneed' issues, according to the lady who leased him to us, but he is perfectly riding sound... I just cannot make myself like his personality... Any advice, here?