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Found 1 result

  1. At A Loss....

    So... I haven't been on here in ages... been caught up in life, and I'm finally stuck. I need help. I can't figure this one out for the life of me, and have finally opted to asking others for some help and ideas! I’m just plum out of them. Everything I’ve ever done to help this issue just isn't working. I'm willing to take consideration on any and all ideas... I’m officially stuck with this mare. About the mare: She's coming 5 She is green broke She's extremely light, and responsive. Does excellent in the arena no issues.. Practically bombproof on the ground and in the arena Has been desensitized to a ton of stuff.. And doesn't spook at anything around the barn/farm/arena/anything as long as she's not under saddle. My problem: She has developed a nasty spooky habit ONLY on the trail.... History: About a year ago, we were trail riding down a familiar trail, just new direction. We've gone down it before, just never as far as we had gone.. So I guess to her it was a pretty new trail. We had another, experienced trail horse with us.. One who's not spooky at all. And Up until this day this filly didn't spook at ANYTHING on the trail. It didn't matter if it was birds in the brush, dogs, ducks.. She didn't bat an eye. Well I was riding on a confidence high and stopped paying attention (I know my mistake) and was taking pictures playing on my camera, and didn't realize a small flock of ducks off to the side of the trail in a creek. By the time I realized them they had started to take off out of the water, and this mare LOST it. She flipped a lid. Normally I would have had no issue handling the spook but I wasn't paying attention. She did a 180 and bolted and tried to save my seat but it came to bailing or landing on a fence and busting ribs and possible other painful things.. So I bailed. (This is not the first time this mare has had a rider come off) The other mare spooked when we spooked (we made quiet the ruckus). After I came off... and we got her caught.. I did get back on. We didn't particularly finish our trail ride (which makes me think this is part of the problem) but we did keep riding. Since this day... her spooks are awful out on the trail.. They are 90*- 180* litterly in one- two steps and she tries to bolt. Now I haven't come off since, because I’m aware of the issue and pay attention the entire ride. I am able to get her under control before she bolts but she's litterly terrified and it takes a good 10-15 minutes to get her to where we can go on and then she's hyped up and nervous the rest of the ride. ANYTHING will trigger this and I haven't noticed any warning signs. She doesn't get ancy, any more alert than she already is or isn't. It’s just a sudden thing as far as I am aware. Now I have taken her back to the area she spooked at, on the ground. We have done a ton of trail desensitization on the ground. I've ponied her out on the trail. AT first she spooked a bit but now she doesn't bat an eye. But it’s anytime someone is in the saddle it’s like she's a completely different mare out on the trail. I don't allow ANYONE else to ride her on the trail because if you’re not experienced you will be dumped if she does this, and I don't want anyone to get hurt. At first I didn't keep her busy on the trail hoping the more we did it she'd get over it.. Didn’t work.. I tried keeping her feet busy on the trail and her mind on something other than her surroundings.. That didn't work. I just don't know what to do anymore. She was an amazing trail horse and now I’m afraid she'll never be trail worthy again because of the danger she could be to herself and the rider. I feel like she has lost her trust in me as a rider, and in riders in general.. And I don't know how to get it back.