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Beautiful pictures :) what a differnce!

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Seriously, i do NOT want to fight! im just saying the way you represented your post was very rude.

thanks everyone.

lets keep this civil, other wise i am going to delet this. if any one has any input on these pictures, PM me ,

thank you

-Red [smiley Wavey]

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Sarah's right, she can just be a tad harsh sometimes without explaining why (CM, lol go ahead and flame me on FOG...). Tsk, tsk!

EventingRed: It's true, you do have a habit of riding your horse from front to back but I don't think you're worse than before. Before, Red gave the impression of being disunited (a word?)...he just wasn't together or using his back. He's improved a great deal, but now you need to match him on that improvement. I'd work a ton on a loose rein asking him to do long and low or ride him deep. You want him to reach for the bit and flex his neck because of his forward momentum is being channeled through an uplifted back and down into his mouth.

In Training Tests 3 & 4 they ask for stretchy circles. I would practice those a lot, and I'd do my first couple of times around at the trot with no contact at all.

First forward, then togetherness.

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