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x-post, here...XC school...VIDEO! YAYS!

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Hi everyone! I had the most awesome-est school with Appy Saturday, and we did a lot of Novice and Training level stuff! Woot, woot!!! I was thinking about doing a trekkhener (sp?), but I figured I might want to try that another day... [Roll Eyes] lol

In the video, There was a fishy training level drop, and Appy was looking at it on the approach...hence, jumping the jump like it was going to stand up and bite him as he was in midair! lol...

And, he jumped a green jump out of the water funny, but he's just fine.

Anyway, ENJOY!!!

[big Grin] Appy XC School [big Grin]

p.s. Turn up your volume--there's good music!!

[ 09-24-2006, 10:51 AM: Message edited by: wiseacre ]

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