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Dressage Chit Chat Thread! Volume 15!!

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Per Boocoo's request, a new thread - here are the last two posts just to remind you of where we left off in the last thread:



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posted 03-26-2007 04:30 AM


I appologize in Advance if I miss anyone, I'm EXREAMLY tired and just killing time till my Podcast is done.

Holly - She doesn't look mean, she lookst adorable! And very sad. I can't wait for the Capone baby, because that means I sell that one, and wait a year, and then get her pregnant with Windfall! EEE! I don't plan in advance at all... -shifty eyes- of course not... Sorry to her about your show! Everyone has off days, the pic looks cute though! And Fleck DOES look very handsome with you in the "formal" attire!

McKenzie - Good to hear that you like the barn! It's so nice to have the horses so close to home! Stall toys are ALWAYS nice! Stef LOVES her Likit, Inky doesn't quite understand it. I got him one of the twisty ball things that you put hte likits in, in hopes that he'll use that more... What movie did you go see? OHH! What theater?! That sound so fun!

Megan - I love dressing up, I just never have an occasion to! The Northwest Horse Expo thingie? I wanted to look at one of the Friesians that's going to be there... I found out a day or so ago that they posted part of his Vet Check results from his LAST purchase on the website, and would've only passed a little better than Lipton! For a horse 4 years younger, I wouldn't've paid the extra $15k to buy him, even if he WAS my dream horse. CARROT CAKE! Horses love carrot cake! And even if they don't, it's hilarious to watch them try to eat it! It doesn't hurt them, either... I don't mean a cake made of carrots, I mean Carrot Cake!

Lisa - Hehe.. Matt... ('nuff said)

I just spent the last 3 hours filling out Entry forms. Is it just me, or does it seem like Entries have gone up?! This sucks. I'm showing FOUR horses at Beaujolais... THAT'LL be fun. I'm a glutten for Punishment. Gah.

My family went to go see TMNT, thanks to my brother they were actually a pretty big part of my childhood. Not as much as Power Rangers, but they were still there. There was a line about Girl Scouts being pushy, and it's funny, cause it's true. At least my troop is.

Also, the podcast I'm listening to is currently playing the Pokemon Team Rocket theme... which makes me facepalm. On that note, I'm going to bed, and trying to not having nightmares thanks to this song.


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posted 03-26-2007 05:42 AM


Emily - If you yell you have to be scary REALLY scary, and unlazy. We need Gabe pictures!! Rare Attraction is a nice name for him. Aww a foal halter, but still no pictures.

Holly - Jenny Clover, looks like a teddy bear, so sweet (and I am not a fan of those types of dogs). Perhaps we should have a royal HC beating session, anyone that needs a good beating can attend and we can all walk away (or be carried) changed people.

At least you got out there and farted around, most people wouldn't even get that far. Always look on the bright side of life missy! I know you can because you are ALWAYS smiling in your pics.

McKenzie - sounds great! except the 3 hours turnout , although that is coming from someone whose horse is outside 24/7. Although he will get enough exercise with you riding him.

Megan - Vegas! Make a cake

3Day - you have pictures!! I don't see them, tsk tsk.

Lisa - hmm, tell them its your imaginary friend, Planky Pete, and without him you become mentally unstable. (Showing my weird side there ) Yay for a great ride, and teaching lessons, and the clinic. That is really nice of your trainer to host everyone!

CrazyJumper - I'm sorry to hear that your horse has a new home, it sounds like a good place for him to be though. (Second best only to you) And feel comforted knowing he can be a trustworthy mount for a young girl.

It was pouring rain and windy last time I rode, so much so that the wind was pushing the rain under the arena roof. Yuck. Then a tree branch rolled in and was chasing us around the arena. Lightning didn't think it was that funny, but he'll survive the horse eating branch experience. Winter is coming and the ponies have their thick, winter rugs on, so Mr Prissy is a happy, dry and toasty pony.

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Emily – Have you considered just having Lipton sent via long distance cross country hauler?? He probably would have been to you by now if you had gone that route, and I bet it would be cheaper than flying. ??? Just a thought. Hopefully you won’t have to wait too much longer for him to arrive. Too bad you didn’t have the video camera with you when Gabe tried to snag the grab strap on the halter!!! Love when they do silly stuff like that, too cute. YES, entries go up every year. It is awful. Almost makes showing impossible. Four horses?? You are a glutton for punishment!! Good luck with that!!

Lisa/Kyalii – Start charging for your tack cleaning services!!! You would like doing clinics in our arena – no 20 degree arena here – we have a heated indoor arena. We never heat it too hot, only about 40-45, just enough to take the “nip” out of the air so that you can ride/teach comfortably. Sooooo nice. It was really nice this weekend for the clinic, as it started off very chilly Saturday morning, so we actually had to turn the heat on for the first couple of rides until the day warmed up a little bit. Good job teaching the D-1 lesson!!! Glad to hear you managed to sneak in a good ride as well. Sounds like you had fun at the rater’s clinic as well.

Boocoo – Good for you!! Forward is a hard one to really get a firm hold of. I still rather waffle between just behind the leg and rushing. Hard to find that “perfect” forward rhythm. Raz felt a little behind my leg to me in the clinic, so I kept pushing him on, and Barend kept scolding me telling me not to rush him. Arrggghh!!! What a great opportunity it ride in front of the L candidates. You will all benefit from that. Have a blast!!! Oh, and speaking of white gloves, you are going to go and buy yourself a nice pair of white gloves to show in now that you are moving up to 1st this year, RIGHT???? Yeah, Julie is always telling me the same thing that Raz has to do the work not me, but Barend took it to a whole new level. He really didn’t let me do ANYTHING at all. He really wanted me to let Raz go. Didn’t care if he was round or on the bit, just wanted the hindleg stretching and working up under him. I know what he was after and why, and we achieved it. He just didn’t care about the front end at all, and wouldn’t let me do anything about the front end. I created the energy in the back, but he wouldn’t let me “catch it” in the front, if you know what I mean. He just wanted me to “let it go”, rather than recycle it. A very weird sensation, but he just didn’t want me to take back at all and disturb or mess up the hindend finally coming through the way it needed too. Once that muscle starts to build up to the point that Raz can really carry himself equally on it, then straighten out of the haunches in, collect in the front, and begin to recycle the flow of energy. Make sense?? We were purely muscle and strength building as opposed to collecting and putting in a frame. Only if he really started to run or fall on his forehand did he allow me a half halt, then right back to letting him go on his own again. If I continue this for a couple of weeks, Raz’s left hind weakness should vanish. AND, the bit grabbing, pulling and leaning should vanish as well as those are all secondary to losses of balance stemming from the left hindleg weakness. This all boils down to how patient and dedicated I can be to building up the strength in that left hindleg.

Holly – Sorry to hear Jenny is sick with parvo. Nasty disease. Hope she pulls through okay. Poor sick little dog – she’s really cute though!!! I’ve briefly perused your other show post with all the pictures in it, and I have several comments for you as I think I can see what happened. Don’t thrown in the towel just yet. It isn’t as bad as you are thinking it is. I will give you a detailed rundown of what I see on the your other post, I just need to gather my thoughts so that I can do the response justice. So have a little patience!!!

Lisa/LST – HA!!! You need Julie!!! You should hear some of my lessons with her. OMG!! I’ll be riding along happy as can be, and all of a sudden she is yelling at me, “Would you do SOMETHING, ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!” Oh, ooppss!!! Forgot I was supposed to be DOING something up here!!!! She keeps me on track. She’s great when you need one of “stick beating” sessions. VERY motivating. Trust me, Julie’s yelling would motivate you. Even Razzle’s eyes get all big and scared when Julie starts to yell. He KNOWS we are in trouble. Being on opposite sides of the world, your winter is coming just as our spring/summer is coming.

McKenzie – I looked up your potential new trainer on line. I like the looks of her a lot. Very solid looking. I think you will do great with her even if you can’t continue on with Patty. I think you have made a very wise decision in your new barn selection. I hope it all works out for you. As far as stall toys go, HANG the Likit, don’t mount it on the wall. If you mount it on the wall, Teddy will be done with it in a matter of days. If you hang it, it will take him MUCH longer to finish it!!! I’m not sure when/if Barend is returning. Hopefully in a few weeks. Give me a chance to work with Julie and get Raz’s fitness up to par. Not sure though, the trainer that left for Florida is due back on April 15th, so we need him to come back before she returns otherwise there is no point as he is really coming in mostly to help out her students while she is away. We may get one more clinic in with him before the other trainer returns, at least that is what I am hoping for at this point. I’ll have to talk to the woman who organized the clinic.

Tag – Glad to hear CK is doing so well!!! That is great news. Fingers crossed the saddle fits so you can really step up the training program with CK.

Megan – Glad to hear Vegas is healing well. Great grade results!! Have fun working on the barn. Happy Birthday to Vegas!!!! Sorry to hear the clinician wasn’t great. That’s a shame. At least you were only there as jump crew and not paying to watch/ride.

Lauren – Oh no, a blurry nights are no good!!! But a little black dress and spikey heels sounds good. So where are the pics???? [big Grin]

Crazy – Sorry to hear that your horse is being leased out so you can go to school, but at least you found a really good home, and it sounds like you did a really great job making a nice, trustworthy mount out of him.

I think I owe all of you a great big thank you!! During the walk breaks in the clinic, Barend did not let me just meander about and chill. Instead, he used the time to quiz my knowledge of dressage theory to make sure I understood WHY we were working on the exercises we were working on. OH MY!!!! It was an actual test. He would ask some really tough questions and wait for my answers. Glad I had them for him, mostly from all the reading I do, but also because of all the discussions we have here as well. Barend was very pleased and told me I had to be careful because I know more than Raz is capable of doing, and I didn’t want to push him to fast too soon. PHEW!! Passed the test!!! By the end of the clinic, Barend would start to explain a concept to me, and I would finish his sentence for him which would please him quite a bit because he knew I was on the same page with him and comprehending what he was trying to do with Raz and me and why. Barend also really liked that he could be explaining a concept to me, and mid-way through his explanation, I would just pick up my reins and execute exactly what it was he was trying to get me to do. He would just look at me and say, “Ok, yeah, that was exactly what I wanted, very good.” He said it was great the way I could listen to him and immediately translate what he was saying into my riding and just go with it. I’m very stiff today!!! Razzie got yesterday off. I’m not sure if Gabrielle will ride him today or not, so he may get TWO glorious days in a row off if Gabrielle is not back up to riding yet. I’ll head back out tomorrow night to work the boy. We should both be in excellent shape to work again by tomorrow night. Raz gets full day turnout every day, so even if Gabrielle doesn’t ride, he gets out and plays and stretches his muscles out. So no worries on that front.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday (or as good a Monday as you can have!!!).


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alright....try 3! arghhhh .stupid computers.

so i had replies to everyone since my last post...all long and happy and lengthy. and then i accidentally closed the page. i typed another semi-quick reply in general and it wouldn't load. this is try 3, which unfortunately means i'm too tired to type up everything again. sorry guys!

congrats to everyone who had fun stuff, good rides, etc.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VEGAS!!!! hope she has a great birthday. maybe you can make her a cake! when roany turned 21 she had a birthday party and got beer. hee hee. she didn't really like it. it was apple cider beer, but oh well. here's a fun pic just cause i'm cool like that!


anyways, i'm cleaning madly today. cleaned stalls, cleaned the litterbox, picked up dog poo in the yard....lots of poo involved with my house cleaning spring cleaning. kinda scary huh!? but the grandparents are coming thursday so eeeeeekkk. so much for riding. oh well. fleck deserves two days off i suppose. dressage lesson tomorrow -which will be a happy ride and back to fleck and holly working together and having fun, not pissed off backwards holly! yay. and then jump lesson wed and then hopefully ride thursday and chiro, then prob fri through sun off, then one week to get ready for our 3-phase! eeeek. hopefully trail riding at some point to give us a break, cross country lesson to practice the ditches, another dressage lesson, and maybe another day of i have any days left?

so jenny's looking worse today. her white count is dropping. stupid parvo. stupid animal control. i should have just taken her home instead of sending her back there. oh well. hindsight is 20/20. but she's holding in there. gonna go visit her again tonight and tomorrow then work wed. maybe, MAYBE she'll be ready to come home on thursday morning but ..... we'll see. thanks for everyone's prayers and happy thoughts and crossed fingers.

off to clean again!

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Emily- whew 4 horses! I've maxed out on 3 at events and have done 4 at dressage shows That's all I can really ride w/out overdoing myself. And ouch entries are very expensive this year...and I always have to tack on trailer fees onto everything since I don't have my own. Hope Lipton gets there soon for you! sounds like your newest addition is a very cute handful!

Oooo haha I remember the TMNT! Dude they totally rocked when I was growing up. I was disappointed that everything is animated in this new movie...the old time ones were in actual people..BOO!

LTS- I'll post them in this thread! haha! Scarey branches....I would be scared too! It rained hardcore here too. No fun when everything comes underneath the doors. Here's hoping for sunny skies on your behalf

Vegas- Happy Bday!!! Hope you had a great one!

Shelly- haha indeed...It was a pretty interesting night!! i'll have pics in this thread! It sounds like that was a very productive clinic! Lucky you! What a great idea on his behalf to quiz you. I did a couple of clinics w/ Lendon Gray and she would do the same thing. Good thing you keep up on everything [Wink]

Holly- SPRING CLEANING! oooo noooo! That is such a funny pic of your mare. Way to cute!! Awh poor puppy! [Frown] Sad I hope she's able to come home soon! OOOO when is your Event? Again I'm jealous!

Well I was supposed to have a lesson today, but man i was still erm...a bit..not all there today. And I was like Audrey I don't think I'm up to riding today. She is the type of trainer to work our booties off through the entire lesson. But she got on Scotch instead just for 20mins or so. He's had a long vaca b/c I've just been incrediably busy w/ college and then the Fashion show. She rode him inside for a bit and then went out on the outdoor. He was a bit fresh in the beginning indoors but ended on a great note. She had him going so well. She worked on a bit of shoulder in and some lengthings steps. He looked like a mini warmblood with being very free in the shoulders and just floating along. Hopefully I can have him going that well by show season.

Still not sure where our first show of the season will be. Maybe in April at a schooling show. So tomorrow I'm having a lesson w/ we shall see how it will go!

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McKenzie- I hope everything works out for you and Teddy. The barn looks really nice and it seems like that trainer has great accomplishments to back her up. Have you thought about sitting in on a lesson first and then if you like her enough try a lesson? Ooo nice trailer....Hope that works out too! I'm going to have to bum rides off of people at the new place. Usually I would just go w/ my trainer at my other farm. But now that I'm so far away it won't work. And yes I agree. It is always fun to watch your trainer get on your horse. I should of taken pictures of him but I forgot the camera in my car haha.

Oh and here's pics from this weekend of our night out...



My sister and myself


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Smithereens, you sound like you had an awesome clinic and glad you were able to pass the verbal tests. Don't think I would have been able to pull that off so well. I should read more, but there just never seems to be enough time. Ok, that's no excuse!! Yes, I have some really nice white gloves that I bought with some Cmas $$. My trainer also has a tack shop at her property and sells everything you could ever need. It's dangerous to go over there for a lesson. [big Grin]

Fleck, we cleaned over the weekend. The entire house!! [shocked] My house was in dire need. It tends to get neglected badly during the week.

Luv, hope the trailer works out.

3day, cute pictures. Looks like you had a good time.

Well we had to cancel the test rides for the L judges today. It is pouring down rain and thundering and lightning. Our trainer has an indoor, but we would have to warm up outside. NO thanks, and she has a low water crossing that we probably couldn't cross on her farm. So maybe tomorrow.

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Emily - haha, yes. Thats all that really needs to be said isn't it? Will Gabe be making his debut at Beaujolais?

LST - Haha, THAT'LL go over well! Or not... When I'm escorted off the plane in handcuffs, I'll blame you

Shelly - I do get paid in lessons every once and while for doing his tack, feeding or doing stalls for him, grooming and tacking. Its like an irregular unofficial working student position, which is okay, because I like work.

Holly - awww, poor puppy. More happy thoughts for you and her [Huggy][Angel]

McKenzie - Looks like a nice place you've got there! Keep us posted!

I didn't ride today because I wouldn't have had time to cool Hattan out, since, with this weather and Hattan's partial winter coat, it would have taken forever. Rawer. I shall have to be content to jump tommorrow instead.

So I decided I'm going to our PC region's regional camp as a rider. Last year I went as an assistant instructor, but this year one of the National Examiners who will be teaching is from Georgia (where I'm going for college), and she takes short and long term working students. Its another foot in the door down there if I impress her, so that will be helpful. Now for raising money, as its not cheap...

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Wehey! Thank god lol. I had given up with the last thread!

Smithereens - Sounds like an awesome clinic! Well done on passing 'ze test' lol. Im sure Razz will be thrilled about his new found holiday [Razz] hehe

Flecken - Cute picture! Keep up the good work on the cleaning front! Sorry to hear about Jenny, Ill keep my fingers crossed that she'll be ok and Ill send some good vibes out too [smile]

3day - Sounds like Scotch had a good work out! Hope you have a good lesson tomorrow! Nice photos!

Luv - Oooo, a trailer search eh?! Fun fun! Snazzy trailer btw, hope it works out for you. Good luck with the new stables!

Boo - Ack! That sucks about the rain! Oh well, tomorrow is another day [big Grin] I hope it all goes to plan for ya! Dont forget the bling!

Kyalii - Thats awesome about PC camp. Good luck with the impressing! Thats always a nerve wracking job lol. Have a good ride tomorrow!

As for me lol... Where to start?!

Lots of stuff has happened recently; the good, the bad, the ugly and even the crazy (yay for cliches!).

Well, its come to the time where universities must be looked at, open days must be attended, courses to chosen and applications to be filled out soonish. There are so many uni's and courses out there its unreal, and yet, we're only allowed 5 choices... yikes! Its quite scary to be honest... my future is gonna be decided quite literally this year and next. I *think* Ive narrowed it down to 5 (although this could change at any given moment lol)... they are: Falmouth - Marine and Natural History Photography, Bournemouth - Commercial Photography, Bournemouth - Graphic Design, Nottingham Trent - Photography in Europe/ as art practice/ as documentary/ for fashion, and Norwich school of Art and Design - Games Art and Design. Although Roehampton offers a nice photography course, so Im still about errrrr about that. We shall have to see!

I passed my driving theory test (first time baby!) and I have my driving test coming up on the 18th of April... so pretty excited about that.

I cant decide whether I prefer being single or not. Dont get me wrong, if the right guy came along, I would probably jump at the chance to date him, but right now Im still pretty hurt over the whole ex shenannigans. Im pretty nervous about getting hurt again too, so I dunno... that whole sector of my life is still pretty much a mess, but I think the only thing thats gonna help is time... another horrible sickly cliche, sorry guys! I've heard the whole 'you're better off without him'... 'he did you a favour'... 'you can do better' ... but its still pretty bizzare. Meh.

In other news, Ive swapped rooms with my mother which is great. Its bigger, and Ive painted it so now its all schnazzy . I moved the snakes back in with me too... hurrah!

College is going better these days... still not enjoying it like I perhaps should, but the chemistry lessons with my partner in crime make up for it hehe.

I am looking forward to a long summer of fun times, road trips, drunkeness, parties, bbq's, concerts, gigs and lying on the beach.

Rock on!

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lauren: thanks! i went and visited her tonight and she seemed better, so...hopefully soon. my event is easter weekend. april 7-8th. it's rec. but it's at a place i just went double clean on, so hopefully my show nerves won't get the best of me. i'm hoping to qualify for the area 3 championships here, so...we'll see. novice! although i wanted to try training there, but...we still have some kinks to work out and i definately am not ready to move up to training everywhere yet. hopefully by the end of the year, but we'll see. hope you are feeling back to normal soon! drink lots of water [smile] and glad to hear scotch was going so nice. i bet you'll have him looking like that soon. ooooh very cute pics! you guys look great! i love the dresses too. black is always great!

luvs: she seemed a bit brighter tonight, so hopefully. parvo always has the ups and downs unfortunately. i was just lucky that the clinic is being so nice cause there is noooo way i could have afforded to treat her if i wasn't getting special treatment. ooooh, the goosenecks are nice. i'm sleeping in mine next weekend for the horse show. it's really comfy and fun! especially when you don't have early rides, so you can get up dump feed and go right back to bed. and i always feel better about being there with my horse since he likes to escape.'s fun listening to horsey people talk about things when they don't realize your asleep in your trailer! ehee hee. i'll peek at your new barns' website soon!

boocoo: kudos on cleaning. i'm getting there...very slowly, but by thursday the whole house should be done. it's probably better that i have a deadline now otherwise i would keep putting it off. hope the clinic works out tomorrow. we need rain! none here in awhile and for march it's usually wetter! but hopefully you guys will not get anymore rain.

kyali: ooooh, where in georgia are you going to college? I'm in georgia! that sounds like a good opportunity! good luck! jenny's a bit brighter even if her bloodwork is a bit worse. she's soooo good. she doesnt' want to pee in her little cage so i set her down on the floor and she peeed and peeed and peeeeed. poor baby. but she was wagging her tail so hard it was hitting her in the face. but she does still feel puny. so....onward we go. bought her two cute collars today. her embedded collar wounds are almost healed. too bad her gut and bone marrow are still so bad. argh.. she also got a cute little pink skull and cross bones tag for her collar since she's a tough girl! now if i can just get her home....

gonna get a lesson tomorrow. hopefully i'll get pics or video, but we'll see. not that video will do any good since my slacker hubby won't help me out. maybe we'll do it tonight. well, off to eat my mac and cheese. i'm so healthy [Wink]

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Wenchling - Oh yeah, I know, so I figure I'm just going to be who I normally am. Its what she'd get if I went as a working student anyway. I don't get it, honestly, I'm not exactly some stellar rider, But National Examiners seem to like me. *shrugs* Good luck with choosing a school!

Holly - Wesleyan College, in Macon. And mac and cheese is healthy! It has... calcium! And... protein? Yeah

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Ha...Haha... Ditzy moment! I posted on the other one not noticing this one, so... ignore that! No WONDER nobody else had posted!

Shelly - We thought about doing a cross country hauler, but he was already 100lbs underweight from his LAST ground-venture from Maryland to Florida, so it would've been two rather long hauls in a matter of a couple months which we just didn't find fair for him, we did look into both, and it was about the same price. At this point we're just going to call AirEquine and say that we want him here now and we don't care how it gets done. Showing 4 horses isn't as bad as it sounds, seeing as 2 of them are going home friday after the Sport-Horse portion of the show... But I did voulenteer to run everyone elses horses... I'm going to die. [Duh] Good to hear you had a good clinic! I'm sure Raz is enjoying his days off. =p

Lauren - Yeah, like I said to Shelly, 2 of them are going home after the Sporthorse portion of the show! [Razz] The animation was actually REALLY good! It wasn't the "Ohmygoshthislookssoreal" animation, but it was high quality, and the people were done kind of like in The Incredibles where they're hippy and they have big eyes. I think it looks awesome.

McKenzie - I always remember Patty because of her spiffin stall plaques at the shows! [Duh] Hope the trailer works out for you!

Lisa - Gabe MIGHT make his debut at Ft. Vancouver SH show, which is where Stef made hers... But if he doesn't there, then yes, his debut will be at Beaujolais.

Gabe made his debut into the outside world. He was REALLY facinated! I'll try to put pics later, but no promises... I'm terrible, I know! I get to ride tomorow! I'll probably only have about 5 minutes in me and then I'll be dead tired... Ah, well, we'll try.

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wenchling: sounds exciting! i had a snake in my bedroom too. just a cornsnake though..esmerelda. she was pretty. how many snakes do you have? and are we talking real snakes or is that another cliche? and...what kind of chemistry lessons are we talking here? I'm imagining either chem lab with a good friend, or.... a sexy guy who you are practicing "chemistry" with [Wink][Wink] hee hee. good luck with deciding the rest of your life!

kyali: you're right! calcium and ....maybe that's all. also had some chinese food too but frozen dinner chinese is not so tasty. did i mention i don't cook? or clean apparently as i have yet to do much more today than laundry and take the recylables in. guess i better get back to it. uh huh...yep, any minute now..

emily: hee hee. i was wondering which one of us was gonna do that! hee hee. i want baby pony pics! hee hee. hope you have a great ride. and get some rest girl!

okay....back to cleaning i suppose. i think i'm gonna turn my bed to the other wall. which means if i don't write again later i got eaten by giant moster dust bunnies or the spare crud under the bed. probably a pair of underwear, socks, and dog toys...hee hee. sorry if that's TMI! the underwear thing isn't as dirty as it sounds...just that the dogs and cat pull strange things under there....okay, i'll just shut up now.

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Wenchling, me luv, I say go with Nottingham-Trent, since that's where me Mum's from and I've spent a wee bit of time there, I ave!! [big Grin] Hope you are able to make a choice soon.

Now Congrats on getting your driving test done and don't drink and drive once you've got it, or everything's down the toilet you know!! Take er easy now, eh? What beach might you be going to lie on this summer I ask? Might it be near Cornwall? Sounds lovely!!!

Good to see you on the board. You must check in often in order to be able to keep up! We are a very chatty bunch of ladies, I say!!

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Boocoo- Hehe why thank you. Suckiness about the rain...are they going to have a rain date?

Kyalii- I just joined PC oh last year! What is your rating? do you do dressage PC or eventing or both? I'm still not its been an ongoing process. I've heard different things from various PC'er...about getting myself rated as I'm a farily experienced then a newbie pc'er. Did you start at the D level when you started out? My club isn't the greatest but I'm thinking about switching since I'm not near enough to them anymore.

Wenchling- haha it was a good time...w/ the wonders of the drunkeness! hah! I wouldn't worry too much about the boys. Just go out there and rock and roll! Live life to its fullest. I too am looking forward to summer...though dreading finals week!! AHH!! Ouu chem...yuck! I had to take that when i was in Vet Tech school. boo.

Holly- Ouuu you lucky girl! You and fleck will do super. It's best to really work the kinks out before moving up. I bet you'll be ready at your next event or whenever you feel like Novice is getting boring/easy for you and Fleck! How fun! Awh poor girl. Animals have such personalities! You are such a good momma! hehe and thanks..this is the first black dress i've owned. It always washes me out, but oh well! It's so odd looking at the pics and seeing how much i've changed within the last 2 years. I used to be soooo tiny (as in delicate and just way skinny) haha reality sure hit me when I hit the age of 20. I like to think most of its muscle [Wink] hehe are you rearranging your house too???

Emily-haha! i saw some of the previews and it did look funny! Awh I love when babies have their first day outside! sooo funny to watch. Have fun w/ those horses! I want a baby now!! hehe

You know you are a slacker when you are still trying to finish a course (or 2 on my behalf) from last semester.....

I think I should go on strike for college. They beat us.... [Wink]

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Holly - Posted pics! They're on the other thread... And Yeah, I tend to be queen of the "Blonde Moments". My friends dad drives a Prius Hybrid, and on the screen it said 99.9mpg (It was on electric at the time), and I was like "WOAH! You car gets 100MPG?!" and my friend was like "...It's on Electric right now...". Can we say facepalm moment? The Dead tired would come from not having ridden in almost a month! [Razz] I do need to rest more though... The joys of being a teenager... Have fun cleaning! When you're done you can come clean my room! [Wink]

Lauren - TMNT=Love, so do babies! Don't feel so bad, I have yet to turn in my final paper for last years German class... Hey, it's not my fault the teacher assigned us a paper and then left forever! (He got accepted into Law School in another state and they wanted/needed him to go RIGHT then) Go finish your courses! Oh, and, you're welcome to come play with Gabe ANY time! [Wink]

I'll toss in a picture from Snoqualmie Falls, I went Sunday with Ally. She'd never been, I hadn't been in FOREVER! It was SO wet, we were getting soaked basicially from the time we got out of the car! But it was really pretty, so all's good!


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Wow, the chat really picked up once I left it for a day or so...I hope that is not a sign...Well, here's my best go, sorry if I leave anyone out!

Emily - TMNT for sure rocks! I was born in 88, so it was a little before my time, but my brothers loved it! Getting dressed up can for sure be fun, in moderation....yeah, it wa the NW expo that I went to. The friesians are always big down there, and there are some pretty nice ones, but there are also some that I wouldn't want to pay the big bucks for too. Sounds like Gabe is doing well, I'm jealous of you for having a little baby to play with, but hopefully I can get Vegas pregnant one of these seasons when I have time, and in the meanwhile I get to play with the school's babies and mares in foal! [big Grin]

LST - Ha it's so weird that it's going to be winter down there in June, but that is just my un-traveled Oregonish mind for you...I hope you make it through okay, winter sucks!

Shelly - Thanks, it sounds like you had a really good clinic! I'm a lot like you in the fact that I know more theory than me or my horse are capable of, so sometimes I get excited and want to try things we aren't ready for, but we will get there one day, I'm still hoping to do first level this summer when I can get back on her!

Holly - Vegas had a pretty good bday, except that I turned her out in the paddock with no shelter while I was in town, and then it started pouring down rain before I could get home and get her in the barn, and then she had to spend the rest of the day in her stall, but she for sure got some extra love and treats for my 11 year old baby!! Pooey to cleaning, maybe I can take a lesson from you and get started on my cleaning. Glad to hear Miss tough girl Jenny Clover is feeling a little better, here's to hoping she can come home soon. Have fun at your lessons and let Fleck enjoy his days off or his lessons or whatever you have planned... [Wink] PS ypu have a PM!

Lauren - Yeah my trainer works our buns off through the whole thing too, and I had a lesson today. I'm glad you can decide when you can and cannot ride, my school is a little more strict than that.

McKenzie - Wow that is a really nice barn, I beet you are going to love it there! Good luck trailer shopping, we had a **** of a time doing that when we were looking! Ah, I remember the days of driver's ed, it pretty much sucked. Yours sounds like mine: four hours of class a week, plus five drives that are the same as yours. Have fun and know that I will be pitying you.

Boocoo - [Frown] rain [Frown]

Wenchling - I don't believe we've talked before, so nice to meet you! I own a paint/saddlebred mare named Vegas who is currently recovering from a tragic accident involving an escape, and SUV, and a lot of road rash. Hopefully I can ride her again in the next couple months, but in the meantime I am riding a little arab reiner named Zeemee and trying to make her a dressage horse and maybe a jumper out of her! [big Grin] Oh and pooey to college! I am in my first year of it and next year I start a triple major, one of them being pre-vet!

Okay so today was a pretty good day, it started a little late, around 7 am (I usually get up before 6, even on my days off) but then I fed, watched Dad stack hay (hey they are the 120 lb bales, too big for poor Megan), then ate breakfast, then worked on the barn and did some running araound before my lesson at 5 pm. My lesson went really well with Tracy, my H/J trainer. I obviously rode one of her school horse. I have ridden Brumby several times before, and he is a good horse and pretty much the opposite of Vegas in almost every way possible, so I learn a lot on him no matter what we do! Anyway, the barn is coming along nicely, albeit slower than anticipated. I swear I will get pics of it and happy pics of Vegas one of these days! Not much else going on in the Land of Rain, except that we leave to visit Wilson Thursday, and I am way excited!! I will take lots of pics so you can see what I will be doing next year! [big Grin] Vegas had a very good birthday, despite being left out in the rain for a few minutes and then being in her stall the rest of the day, but she got lots of extra love and goodies. I didn't make a cake, we will have a belated party tomorrow with all the trimmings! [Razz]

Okay I think I'm done!

Edited because I am inattentive.

Edited again because it's spring break and my brain is on strike.

[ 03-27-2007, 12:27 AM: Message edited by: Vegas Sky ]

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Yikes, I feel like a second ago there were 5 replies, and now there's 16!! lol.

Lauren - I am planning on watching a lesson or two when she returns from CA, however, from what I have already seen, I think her methods will mesh well with what Teddy and I know. I am also going to watch a lesson by the other instructor...her bio is on the link I listed as well, she is schooling GP and has done Young Riders, she's just a really nice and accomplished rider as well. It is required that you take a lesson or week with either instructor, so before deciding I want to ride with both. Very nice pictures, you guys are both very pretty [smile] .

Boocoo- Me too! What brand of white gloves do you have? I tried on a pair of Rockel (sp??) ones, they were like $70, but OMG they are sooooo comfortable it was unbelievable! Sorry to hear about the cancelled L judges plans, that sounded really neat. Hope you can reschedule when the weather gets better. It POURED alllll day on Saturday, and since I feed that day I was soaked in both water and mud.

Holly - Glad to hear Jenny seems a bit more perky...hope things continue moving along in a positive direction! Haha yeah, I think sleeping in the trailer will be fun. I normally tent with my two friends, or if the weather is bad (depends on when the first show is) we will get a hotel. We did that at Regionals in Sept., and our first show in March '06. Otherwise we would've freezed our butts off!!

Emily - lol, Patty does have the cool stall logo thingy. Okay that wasn't the best sentence in a long time, but whatever...I'm tired lol. We want more Gabe pictures!!! Love the name BTW. Is a show/reg. name decided yet??

Well I had my first session of Drivers Ed tonight - nothing special, it was rather boring. And since I couldn't find my Birth Cert. when I wanted to get my permit, lol, I am getting it tomorrow now that I found it. Along with my SS card and stuff. So I am excited to drive, but nervous for the drives we take with the instructors. We have to fit in 5 drives, each last 50 minutes. There are two downtown drives, a rural drive, a neighborhood drive and a freeway drive (not the correct order there). I will be driving a lot with the parents so hopefully they will go well.

Off to do lots of HW and then watch TV!!

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Woo new thread, I have officially survived one whole chit chat thread! [Crazy]

Shelly - I'm coming to visit, lol. That's a boit weird to come and visit in the hopes of being yelled at. [Razz] I'm sure Raz is not complaining about having time off. I'm glad the clinic went well, and you passes "the Test".

Holly - hehehe how cute! Have a great ride and happy cleaning. Have to impress the grandparents! Poor Jenny [Angel] Haha you eavesdropper, you. What?! Mac and cheese isn't good and nutritious, but it has the 2 main food groups, Mac and Cheese.... Have I been living a lie?!?! [ROTFL] Oh the joys of cleaning and the lost things you find along the way.

McKenzie - That looks like a lovely place! and the instructor looks good!

Lauren - looks like a great time was had! And the puppy has a little coat on, aww [smile]

Boocoo - It's a shame you had to cancel.

Lisa - mm, yeah alright not the best plan [Razz] I'm sure you'll knock that National Examiner's socks off and she will beg you to be a working student [big Grin]

Emily - I was wondering why the other one was moved back up the page..Twas YOU [Eek!] just kidding, I'm just messing with you! Aww Gabe had his first grand adventure, into the big, wide world.

Megan - yay for spring break!

Hmm yes, nothing much to add. I have exams all this week and next, yuck. But I only have 1 a day, 4 days this week, 2 days next week, meaning I have a LOT of free time on my hands, yuck yuck. LOL

Edited because my head moves faster than I can type and I leave letters out of words.....

[ 03-27-2007, 02:12 AM: Message edited by: O- -O Lightning Strikes Twice O- -O ]

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lauren: Yep, i'm sooo excited. we're almost there for that jump up. Novice isn't quite boring yet, but the training jumps are looking mighty fun! instead of terrifying! so we'll see. i can't wait! of course this weekend was already 85 degrees (minus the humidity it's awesome!!!) so i'm not sure how the weather is going to be. but oh well. it'll be fun! fleck's fit. just need to get me in shape! and whatever girl! you look sexy in the black, not washed out. and you're super skinny! i bet it is muscle! i need some less muscle on my thighs! hee hee. but have i started working! and i'm about to go eat me some powdered sugar donuts! but that's to refuel me after cleaning and reorganizing and rearranging my entire bedroom. no underwear under the bed. just about 7 killed stuffed animals! and i got rid of some clothes...even changed the doorknob on the door to my porch. the only thing i didn't do was wash the curtains. mike went to sleep so that'll wait til tomorrow. whew! it's exhausting.

so i am in the process of being on my old computer and uploading pics 20 at a photobucket so i can then get on my new computer and upload them to it. stupid computer must have a virus or something cause it won't read the disks i burn. so... i'm doing it the hard way. jeepers!

anyways, must get to bed soon so i can make it to my lesson and get pics for you guys and redeem myself!

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Holly – Good luck with all that cleaning!! Have fun in your lesson – no redeeming necessary. Sounds like you have a busy couple of weeks ahead of you. Glad to hear Jenny is looking a little brighter. Hopefully she will be home soon.

Lauren – Sounds like Scotch had a productive schooling session with Audrey. Hope your lesson goes well. LOVE the little black dress!!!! VERY NICE!!!!! You look gorgeous!!!

McKenzie – Yeah, that was the website I found for the barn you are planning on moving to. I have no idea how long the Likits last when hung correctly, but even when the run out, they still have a cool toy on a string to bat around until you refill it. I imagine it would take them a while to eat it all unless you hang it too close to a corner where they can pin it up against the walls and lick it to death!!!! HA!!! I like the trailer. Sounds like you have found some good deals. Hopefully it will work out. I’m hoping to convince Jack to buy a trailer as well. We just bought the new truck, so now we just need the trailer. Halfway there!!!

Boocoo – YEAH for the white gloves!!! You are going to look so spiffy at your show!!!!

Lisa/Kyalii – Good luck raising money for the PC regional camp. Sounds like a good reason to go as a rider though. Definitely a person you want to impress and get on her good side as soon as possible. Good luck!!

Wenchling – Hate that application process. Such hard choices to make. Good luck and keep us posted on your decision. Sounds like you are on the road to recovery from the break up which is good. Sounds like your spirits have improved quite a bit. A room change is a good thing. Nothing like new surroundings to refresh the mood!!!

Emily – You really tried everything to get Lipton there, and nothing was getting him home to you. What a drag!!!! Perhaps you could just ride him from Fla to Wa!!! HA!! HA!! HA!!! Have a blast riding today. Try not to overdo and kill yourself. You are going to be so sore tomorrow.

Lisa/LST – Good luck on exams!!

Okay, I am off to ride Razzle.


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3Day-- [big Grin] Glad the Ponyman is working out!

Holly: I found the Novice to Training jump wasn't so bad--I didn't do it but I hear the Training to Prelim jump is the killer. The only difference I found when I did my Training event was the approaches and landings weren't always cut and dry. The dressage test is hardly a step up.

Lunged CK today lightly and groomed him thoroughly seeing as he hadn't been groomed in 10 days. He thoroughly appreciated it and was a very good boy. Totally quiet. I played with his face and was able to rub and brush both ears--he closed his eyes and lowered his head! Normally, it's a struggle to even get mud off the base of his ear. He's starting to shed, probably because it's been warm here, but that'll end again--getting cold next week.

Not to mention, he was so quiet and easy going today...while a thunderstorm was raging overhead and the barn was echoing with the rumbles. It was amazing. I was shocked and very pleased. He lunged well with another horse in the ring and did not play up. He even cantered to the left on the lunge and held his balance well, didn't swap off, and seemed rather please with himself. Nor did he fall apart when he down-transitioned. Lack of ill-fitting saddle means he's finally filling out right past his withers where he's always had an indent. He looks fantastic.

[big Grin] Hopefully, barring thunderstorms, pictures on Thursday for critique.

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LST - Thanks! Ick, that reminds me, I have an exam tomorrow in English.....

Shelly - I think Teddy will like the Likit. He likes pretty much whatever is edible and that he can get his mouth on!! Tht would be awesome if you could get a trailer. What kind of truck do you have? Hope your ride on Raz goes well!

Tag - Wow, sounds like CK was quite good! That's awesome. Especially with a thunderstorm, jeez!!

I am planning on riding today...may even get to drive part way to the barn [big Grin]

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Luv, I can't remember what brand my gloves are and they are in my horse trailer in my helmet box. They are soft, buttery white leather with good grip and little breathe holes all in them! [big Grin] Good luck with the driving thing!! [big Grin] Oh and the new stables looks to be pretty nice.

Flecken, one can not survive without mac n cheese. Do you ever make it homemade? I do and boy is it good!!

3day, how many more years do you have of college. I say, don't give it up. You will truly regret it!! Hang in there, it is soooo worth it to get that degree.

Vegas, glad you had a good lesson.

O lightning, good luck on your exams.

Kyalli, PC camp sounds fun.

Smithereens, hope you had a good ride. Yeah on the white gloves. My trainer said I needed to where white ones. I already have a new white horsemans dream saddle pad also. Hope you had a good ride on Razz.

Tag, glad to hear CK is settling down so well. Progress, progress.

Yes it rained. Rained so much I could not ride today and it was a glorious day. Should be able to ride tomorrow and then they are trying to re-schedule the L judge ride thing for Thurs. which is my normal lesson day anyway, but I think we are getting more rain!! I seem to bring it with me wherever I go. Drought or not, I am not a big fan of rain. I did clip Beau and trim his mane and clean him up. He looked quite sharp.

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Emily- Haha for sure!! Awh thanks I would love to come and play w/ baby Gabe. I like his name btw. Reminds me of the Harold Angel Gabriel. Haha love when teachers and/or professors leave! Great pic of the falls! beautifulll

Vegas- How did your lesson go? I'm not riding on a school team...not sure if I would want to. Are you planning on riding for Wilson's team?

McKenzie- Sounds like a great plan! I always like watching other people teach, gives you a sense of what other techniques are out there. There are some trainer that i just can't stand to watch or listen to...there are some very idealistic things out there. And thank you! hehe. It was a fun time. Keep us updated on how things go for you. yay for drivers ed! You'll get more comfortable the more and more you do it...i have some crazy stories about drivers ed! haha. such as the one time where i was going on the ramp to get onto a highway and my driver's ed teacher was like FLOOR IT!! Go go need to be hitting 65 now! and i was like wlkjaljsld!! haha

LTS- hee thanks! oo yeh that dog is my grandma' she likes to put clothes on them...... [Razz] sounds like you had a crazy week at school!

Holly- [ROTFL] I LOVE donuts..they are my weakness. Especially chocolate ones. hahah omg have you ever ready any of Janet Evanovich's books? Before you know it you'll make the move up to training. And as CK said the jump from Training to Prelim is much much larger. It's like making the jump to First level to 2nd level. I'm dying to run around training this year...and might if I'm able to find a horse to do it on. Scotch isn't quite there...he's more of my up and coming dressage pony. And thanks...there's some times where i'm like ugh....i hate my body. but bahh!! Eat more donuts! lol. Sounds like you are really doing some wicked spring cleaning!! I'm thinking of doing some spring cleaning in my tack trunk and other tack storage. my room is a disater...should clean that up. 85! wow!! It was 70+ today.

Shelly- Thanks!! My first lil black dress. wheee. Hope that Raz was a good boy for you tonight!!

CK- hehe yup ponyman is doing well! Sounds like CK is behaving himself! What are you plans for him this summer?

Boocoo- Ahh i have forever and day!! like 2 yrs...i believe. Maybe I'll send my weather wishing your way for a clear day on Thursday! can't wait to hear how it went for you

Was supposed to have a lesson today, but audrey had to cancel it. Scotch was pretty good. A bit distracted but I got what I wanted to accomplish on him. So many things going on today at the farm. It's good for him. It was very toasty out today, that Scotch broke out in a sweat! So after our ride I gave him a soapy bath. Nothing else new to report....but I must ask did anyone just see the Sanjahi kid on American idol....

[ROTFL] oh mannn. crazy!!

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Spring break was a fun, relaxing, almost completely non-productive time. [smile] It's hard to believe there are only five more weeks left in the semester. I guess it's time to figure out what I have learned so far and try to put that information into a context that I can use and remember for finals.

I'm a bit concerned about Fessor. He's been a bit tired, a bit lethargic, for the past several days. I first noticed it on Saturday, but attibuted it to fairly demanding rides on both Wednesday and Thursday. So I gave him Sunday off and enjoyed watchin him soak up the sun in the round pen. Just for kicks, I took his vitals since he seemed tired on Sunday too. He still seems tired, with just a hint of a glazed look in his eyes. The "I don't feel quite right" glazed look. Monday I noticed a little clear mucus from the nose, but not too bad. Maybe a cold? Today, he's still not quite right. If Fessor's not himself by Thursday, I'm calling out the vet. He is eating and drinking fine, eliminating ok, nothing screams out that something is wrong. But I can tell the difference. Walking outside he's lazy on the lead instead of walking right next to me or wanting to get a bit ahead. So, yeah. I'm trying to figure out what would make him tired without affecting the appetite or causing a fever. Anemia, perhaps? I'm almost ready to spring for an exam and a blood panel. We'll see.

On a more fun note, this weekend is the Iowa Horse Fair. Our barn is doing the jumping demonstration, so that should be fun to watch. And of course there are clinicians and vendors and organizations and breed demos... [smile] Even if it is predominantly western, the horse fair will still be fun. [smile] Maybe if I'm lucky I'll win a western saddle for Fessor.

Think good thoughts for Fessor, please. I don't think anything is SERIOUSLY wrong, but I want my pony to be his bright happy self again.


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Megan - Yeah, my brother was born in 88, I was born in 90, so a bit before our time too, but they still played a role. I have a guy friend who had a TMNT birthday party for his 4th birthday. I think my fourth birthday was Barney... Hmm... [Question] What type of Stallion would you want to breed Vegas to? Wow... I'd NEVER be able to get up at 6 every morning! I'm such a night person!

McKenzie - We think we're gonna name him Rare Attraction. Ooh! Drivers Ed is the most boring thing ever... At least for me I had a hott guy to stare at! (The TEACHER!) Where are you taking your Drivers ed?! My frist drive was to the barn as well! Just don't even slack with your practice, or you'll backtrack a lot! I learned that one the hard way. [Razz]

LST - Haha, yes, twas ME! [Eek!] I'm so scary, I scared it back to the top of the page! (BTW, Mac and Cheese are SO the only two food groups! Well... Okay, and Peanut Butter)

Shelly - Oh trust me, I've thought about flying down there and riding him back! Riding was good, But I was dead after 5 minutes! I made myself go both directions though.

Lauren - It made me sad when this teacher left... He looked like Matthew McChonochay (Okay, so I can't spell), But hotter. I promise. [Jump] And I had a one on one class with him! It was so hard not to just sit there and drool! Pfft, American Idol.

I got to ride! Inky was really good, but way different since his body work! And FORWARD! Once I got him on the bit, Emma said that if all she gets from us this weekend is on the bit, she'll be happy. I was dead after about 5 minutes, but made myself go the other direction after about a 5-10 minute walk break.

Gabe was adorable today, as usual! He's learning how to buck, haha. There was a few hours today that everytime I went to check on him he was napping.. in a different place... But always in Stef's hay! There was one point where he was pressed up against the front of the stall with his legs sticking out and partially hidden by the hay... I almost couldn't find him! I got really worried a few times that she was going to step on him and ot notice... She stepped on him this morning on accident, but he was okay.

Ah, well, I'm off to sit around the house... and maybe do some homework... MAYBE. And probably watch Dancing With the Stars.

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emily: i'll come clean your tackroom, but not your house room. I HATE cleaning unless it's the trailer or something horsey. is nice to have a clean house. well parts. today i did the bathroom and should go get the den. pretty waterfall! speaking of blondes....what's TMNT or whatever initials it was? awww, cute stories of baby ponies! love it!

vegas: glad she had a good birthday. i'll pm you back in a minute... bad news about jenny. see below [Me Cry]

luvs: seems like it always rains when you feed. that used to happen to me too! get yourself a good pair of muck boots! bad news about jenny. see below... yeah, hotels are nice when it's cold, but when it's nice out and the place has a shower and bathroom, i prefer "roughing" it. good luck driving.

lightning: good luck with exams!

shelly: well, i needed to redeem myself. and i did! see below about our awesome lesson, but horrible sadness about jenny. good luck getting a trailer. just keep looking and a great deal will fall into your lap. have you tried i think that's it. it's awesome!

tag: yeah..i'm thinking it'll be okay. i think we're already there in dressage and we just need to make sure we can answer a bit more technical questions. but i think we'll manage. now up to prelim...definately a big jump! so we'll see if that time ever comes. yay for clean ponies! fleck LOVES getting his ears scratched, brushed and cleaned. he's like a dog. sounds like CK is doing awesome! yay! can't wait for those pics.

boocoo; i have eaten homemade mac and cheese and it is scrumptious! but i have never made it. i don't cook. i can't even make french toast! although i was the queen of mac and cheese growing up. i used to cook it for all my friends. like putting the noodles in boiling water is soo hard!

lauren: nope, never read her stuff. i'll look into it. and yeah....regular donuts with the chocolate fudge on top.....yummm, now my goldfishes aren't tasting quite as yuummy suddenly.

tracy: awww, hope poor fessor gets back to feeling his usual perky self soon. maybe it's just the heat?? is it hot there? fingers crossed for you guys. the fair thingy sounds like a blast! they always hold ones here when i'm working... silly horse park. they should work around my schedule! duh!

alright, so now that i'm caught up.....

it's been a wierd day. totally crappy crappy crappy this morning (pardon my french). visited jenny last night and she was better. standing up! didn't pee in her cage so when i set her down outside of it, she let loose and flooded the place. so she felt well enough to do that. so then i stayed up til 4:30 am cleaning and doing pictures on the computer. well at 10ish the clinic called me and told me i needed to come in. poor jenny. she had started vomiting again, her white count plummetted even further and she was miserable looking. they had taken an x-ray and she looked like she had an intuscusception. which is when the gut telescopes in on itself. it's correctable with surgery, but to do surgery on gut that's already been through the ringer with parvo, and on a sick puppy...she'd be a nightmare to get to heal and prevent sepsis. so.... i just couldn't do that to her. i cried the whole way there, cried the whole time i was, and crying again now... it's just not fair. she's a good dog. first the embedded collar, then parvo, now this.... so i had to put her to sleep. i did take her outside for a bit first (covered the ground with drapes since parvo is soooo contagious) and let her enjoy some sunshine. but she was pretty miserable. perked up a bit outside, but was painful in her belly and miserable overall. it was soooooo sad. i can't believe how much i love her even after such a short time. so we're gonna cremate her and spread her ashes on the farm. so she gets to be a real farm dog afterall. but...atleast she had a good home even if it was only a day or two, she knew she was loved, and she got to die in my arms instead of at animal control. it's just still soooo sad.

that of course made me have a migraine which has finally gone away with migraine excedrin and 400 mg ibuprofen. i know shelly, i still haven't called but soon!! so i think that has messed with my brain a bit and let me forget short term.

so anyways, then the day got a bit brighter. i had a lesson at 5 and my trainer said she would make it awesome to cheer me up and work me too. and... I did REDEEM myself! to me and to fleck. most important to fleck. i didn't treat him very nicely at the show, so this was important for me. however, he was probably miffed anyways, cause we made him WORK! but atleast i was being soft and giving. but it was a great great ride. we started off and my trainer told me we're stepping it up to second level stuff (slowly, but working up to getting it) since i'm officially now showing 1st level instead of just dabbling with it. So we worked on more collection but still letting him be in his happy zone where he's borderline deep but soft throughout his back and topline. and then work on picking it up from there. he was great! i was great! it was back to the great team we are. and we worked on some "almost piaffes"...which were probably not anywhere close, but... got him real slow and almost in place for a few strides and then before he lost it went forward again! always forward! it was cool. he needed a few tries to figure it out. and then...i had this awesome horse underneath me cause he was waiting to see what i wanted. well then we did some canter work. not so good at the collection there, but i did a canter down the long side and he was thinking we would lengthen so when i didn't ask for it, we got this great canter! a medium i guess, but it was very nice. and then we did some spiral ins at the trot in a circle. she then had us sidepass. which at first i confused. i was trying to leg yield, but then we did it. going to the left was hard for us. he kept just turning left. so then we went right, which we though at first would be his hard side, but now makes sense that it isn't his hard side and it was awesome! for being his first time ever (trainer had never done it with him before either) and for me barely knowing how to ask for it, it was really really good! way cool! and i asked how to ride it first, which might have helped too. it's hard to sink weight in that inside seat bone. trainer told to think of it almost as a canter aid. i think.... now i hope i'm not confusing myself. but then we quit with that but we let him trot off a bit first and wow! what a nice flowy free in the shoulder trot we had. it was way cool. definately a much free-er happier horse than on sat. so yay! i feel better again! unfortunately no pics. my camera hadn't recharged, so...and no one was around to take stills.'re just gonna have to believe me on it [smile]

poor fleck...he was like What the FLeck is going on???? i want to go back to being a pasture pal. hee hee. he actually seemed to enjoy himself which was nice. he was tired, but he wasn't grumpy or anything. good work ethic!

so....tomorrow a jump lesson, thursday the chiro (poor fleck's gonna need it!) and then hopefully a ride friday if chiro says it's okay, cause then the weekend he gets off while i work. then next weekend is our three phase. and there is 17 people in the novice division!!! acck. and i have to get in the top 5 with no XC faults to qualify. but... if we can ride like i can we should be okay in dressage. just can't make any stupid mistakes stadium or XC. like the ditches!! so we're gonna try to school those the week off at another farm to remind him that they aren't scary.

thanks for listening to my saga. my brain is a little fried and i know i don't sound upset about jenny in the remainder of my post, but i handle my grief oddly. i am very sad though... and it's gonna hit me again. but...she's in a better place now.


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Holly- [Huggy] I'm so sorry you had to put her down [Huggy] Hang in there lady. You were such a good momma and i know it sucks. Jenny is sitting in puppy haven and sending her best thoughts and thanks down to you Though I'm so glad that you had a great ride on Fleck to help rise your spirits some. And that's right you just go out there and ride for the **** of it! Don't put pressure on yourself...I'm sure you'll do superfabuloussss and kick some booty!

Emily- procrastination is a killer. Yay for good pony rides! Haha mmmm Matthew McConaughey is very hott. A teacher that's better looking that's nuts!! It's probably bad for student learning...especially w/ HS horemones! [Crazy] I should be doing homework...but nahhhh. Actually I should be going to bed as its almost midnight.

TracyA- Awh! Hope that Fess starts feeling more perky!

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LST - Good luck on exams, and maybe you could use some of that free time to study...or maybe not... [big Grin]

OnceWasTag - Glad to hear that CK did so well, it's nice when you get days like that...hopefully they will all be that way in the future!

Lauren - my lesson was great, as always! I love my lessons with Tracy, we always work on something different. Yes, I am planning on riding for Wilson, dressage, huntseat, and the extracurricular event team...I'll be busy! Oh and I am so mad at America for keeping Sanjaya on Idol, what a freak! He can't even sing! GO MELINDA!!!

TracyA: Awww, hope Fessor feels better soon. Vegas does not have a very good immune system, so she gets little colds a couple times a year, and we just have to push her through them...but maybe Fessor would enjoy a nice break, hope it's nothing big...We just had the NW horse expo here in Oregon, which sounds a lot like the Iowa horse fair: clinicians, breeds, shows, vendors...and lots of good shopping! My barn did the demo rding for the jumping clinic too, so I got to go watch, and it was nice.

Emily - My fifth birthday was Barney! [ROTFL] Yeah, I heard TMNT movie was good, I will probably go see it. Lol, I am such a morning person really, but I stay up late all the time - I run on like four hours of sleep a night! But during school it's the only time I have to ride, so I do what I have to. I have to work tomorrow so I have to wake up early again...pooey. But hey, at least I make money.

Holly - [Huggy] I'm so sorry honey [Huggy] At least she had love for a little while in the end. I rescued a little kitten this summer that was about three weeks old. His name was Calvin and he didn't make it through the weekend before we had to put him down. We never found out was was wrong with him, but he didn't eat well and was lethargic the whole time I had him...probably distemper or leukemia. It took me a long time to get over it (I am still crying now as I think about it) and to convince myself that I was not responsible for his death. It's amazing how quickly we bond with the ones who need us the most. I know that my little boy Calvin and miss Jenny Clover are sitting together wishing you the best. I know that sometimes our own thoughts and wishes want the lost ones here with us, and it's hard to accept that they are in a better place...but who are we to know what is better for them? Only the eternities will tell...Hold on missy, and think of the good things, like your ride with Fleck, and be grateful for the good things that you still have, like your pasture buddy. PS, I know this is not exactly the best time, but you actually do have a pm now...

Well, not much to report...some more work on the barn and I rode a horse at Zeemee's barn that I may lease this summer for my lesson program...he is nothing special and I don't think I want good for little kids to learn on. Oh well, the quest continues. We also had Vegas's belated birthday party, she loved the carrot cake I made for her, and she is such a good girl to put up with everything I do to her...I had to take this one myself, noone else would come to the party... [Frown]


Sorry it is sideways, I don't know how to fix it...

[ 03-28-2007, 02:32 AM: Message edited by: Vegas Sky ]

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Awww, Holly, I'm so sorry! [Frown] At least Miss Jenny had a few good, loved days. I'm glad to hear you had a good lesson with Fleck. Hang in there! [Huggy][Angel]


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