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Dressage Chit Chat Thread! Volume 15!!

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whooo hooo! so vista is good for one thing atleast! the dvd uploading stuff is great! i can watch it as it uploads and stop it, and cool! then i can burn it to dvds. NICE!!! and it doesn't take forever. just as long as my video is.

but.... youtube on the other hand... not so much. to upload one dressage test, it's taking forever! anyone know of a quicker way to get video to upload. or a way to link it so that others can see without spending 8 years on youtube??? thanks!

oh and shelly: I just reread all your help and it totally reminded me of a few things i had forgotten about. so sweet... gonna work some more tomorrow on the counter canter and try those exercises. might haul out to practice it in better footing. probably better to set fleck up for success than to expect him to counter canter over hills and bumps! anyways.... eventually i'll get videos up [Wink]

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Sorry ya'll....I'll post to everyone after I claim my nerves and quelch my worry

Blah. I broke my pony....and we have a show this weekend:(

I felt horrible yesterday he was so lame. Ugh. I was at my wits end. And i still haven't gotten him on Adequan yet...which hopefully will make a difference. *breathes* So I have him some bute, linament his legs, and wrapped him.

Ok i'm done w/ my vent.

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Okay, too much going on to reply to everyone, but it sounds like everyone is doing well.

Had the chiro out for Vegas today...he is not actually an equine chiro, he is an equine performance therapist, which basically means that he does indirect manipulation rather than direct manipulation. I have had him work on Vegas before and she is always happier afterward. Today He worked on her for about an hour and a half, she was so out of whack! But she feels better now.

Took Zeemee to a dressage lesson today and we had some big breakthroughs in that arab mind of hers. She is a good horse, but a handful.

No babies yet in breeding class,but we should have two on the ground by the end of the week.

Off to bed, I have to wake up early to ride...very early to ride...and Idid foalwatch last night, so I am tired...anyway, good night all!

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Still no time to reply to everyone, sorry! But I figured I'd drop in and do a quick Gabe update

OHMIGOSH!!! He grew SO much while I was gone! He looks, litterlly, about 4-6 inches taller than when I saw him last! HE'S SO GINORMOUS! He's deffinately going to be 17hh+ at the rate he's going... I'm not complaining. [Razz]

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Emily – Glad to hear you made it home safe and sound.

Dobby – Sorry to hear your parents aren’t being supportive. Give them a few days to chill out, then try to talk to them calmly and see if you can work something out so that you don’t have to stop riding Spectrum. Since your grades haven’t dropped, and you are shirking any of your other responsibilities, I can’t see what the harm is in riding both Gayla and Spectrum.

Holly – You think 5ml is a lot to give in one spot?? When Raz was colicking, the vet have me give 10ml of Banamine in one spot. That was a HUGE shot!!! [Eek!] My hand was shaking. I couldn’t believe he didn’t get a lump from that one. I think he was just feeling too darn miserable to tense up his neck muscles when I gave the shot. Try to give the shot literally just after you get off, so that Fleck is all loose and supple and relaxed and WAY TOO TIRED to tense up his neck muscles. That should reduce the chances of getting a neck lump. I usually prepare the needle when I am tacking up, then right after I pull off the tack while I still have him on cross ties with the cooler on, I stick him with the shot. He is too wiped out from the lesson to even bat an eyelash at the poke. HA!! HA!! HA!! I was pondering the thought of trying to ride with a donut the other day!!! Heh!!! I wish I had pretty flower gardens to steal from. Flowers are soooo incredibly expensive to buy. I am DYING for a bed of blackeyed susans, but the flower bed that I have to fill with them is HUGE, and it would cost me a small fortune to fill it with them. Ah well, maybe some year. Don’t try to ride right up until you go in. You will wear him out. Start early, do you warm up, then rest him. Watch some rides, then when you are about two rides away from going in, return to warm up. Re-warm up through the last 1 or 2 rides just before your ride and ride all the way through those 1 or 2 rides right up until you enter the ring. That way you have just enough time to get him back on the aids without KILLING him before you go into the ring. You have to play around with that second warm up period to figure out just how much re-warm up time is perfect. Some horses do better with 1 ride re-warm up time, some need 2 ride re-warm up time, some need 3 ride, etc. Razzle generally needs the time it takes for 1 rider to do a 2nd level test to re-warm up, so that’s what I do. More than that is too much. When riding the lateral work, think about “rocking” them through it with your aids the way you would “rock” your truck out of mud/snow/ice. It doesn’t take a lot of force or effort, but rather a squeeze, release, squeeze, release method works best. If you constantly hold (either with leg or hand), your horse just learns to lean on you for support rather than to carry himself, and you become the fifth leg. I hear you on the house/land issue. Land is so tremendously expensive, and no matter how hard you try to save, you are always having to sink more and more money into the home you already own just to maintain it to keep the value from sinking.

Lauren – OH NO!!!! Fingers crossed it isn’t anything serious, and he is okay for this weekend’s show.

Megan – Glad to hear the chiro went well for Vegas.

Rode Raz last night. Prep for 2-1 is getting a little better. The left lead canter is still a little funky. He still isn’t back to 100% full strength from all that time off so his left side is his weak side, and it REALLY shows up in his collected canter to the left which means simple changes from l to r are not clean and left lead counter canter is not balanced and through. I can get nice left lead canters when I have the time to really balance him and set him up well, but that DOES NOT happen in a 2nd level test. *sigh* Just have to go with it though. I ran him through 2-2 for the first time, and he was DEEPLY offended that I was messing the test up very badly and turning him in all the wrong places. HA!!! He was so sure I was wrong that he totally lost confidence in my ability to navigate the test and just started throwing in simple changes EVERYWHERE. Heh!! That test needs a lot more work, but I think it will actually ride smoother than 2-1 once Raz realizes he is learning a whole NEW test. He was soooo confused last night. Silly boy.


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lauren: oh no... hope he's just sore and not something bad! Relax! you'll be fine! let us know how it goes and how he's feeling

vegas: whoo hoo for chiropracter. i've got to get one back out for fleck soon.

emily: hee hee. fleck measured 16.1 yesterday. i thought he had grown a smidge since i bought him. but sounds like gabe is gonna be a beasty! just watch him cause when they grow too quick, they can have some issues...which i'm sure you know!

shelly: thanks! i guess the 5 mls seems like a lot compared to the small animal shots i'm used to giving. but i'll try to do it after my lesson tomorrow and see if it's better. makes sense. although i don't think he tenses up necessarily, but it makes sense that he's not all soft and warm from riding. and you'll be great at your show! just think about really setting him up for success and you'll be fine. hee hee. that's so funny that he was like...nope, you're doing it wrong mom! we go left...not right. jeez. he ehee. what a smart boy! when is your show again?

so..... photobucket apparently doesn't want to upload my video's so i'm still working on it. might try youtube instead. but maybe eventaully you'll get videos'!

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The show is next weekend – 5/6. Yeah, definitely have to set Raz up for success. That’s why I’m teaching him the tests. He HATES not knowing the tests. He gets so tense and upheaded when he doesn’t know what’s coming next. Once he REALLY KNOWS the test, he chills out and just lets me guide him through it nice and relaxed. These 2nd level tests are just hard enough for him right now because he is still not 100% up to strength that he worries about where the simple changes are. Once knows where they are, he settles and lets me prepare him for them so he can do them. Then we have FUN with the test. He loves, loves, loves the mediums in the test since he can now really carry himself and float through them so nicely and evenly. He gets all excited when we turn onto a diagonal for a trot medium, or he knows that a canter medium is approaching. And his collected trot is looking so nice. Now to just worry about strengthening up that left hind the rest of the way.


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Sorry guys.. Im so out of the loop.. But reading Shellys last post.. Question for ya Shelly!

Im working on prepping for my show this Sunday. Layla is slightly better when I do practice the test, however, ONLY to the left, between C and H, where I have to pick up the left lead canter in both tests, shes counter bending, bringing her shoulder in, and taking off like a barrel racer, almost totally sideways. Ive practiced not even cantering there just to get through the movements and she still tries it. To the right, transitions are perfect. I practiced left lead outside the ring and all but she was still antisipating it. I made her do lots of trot-walk-halt transitions but she was still waiting for that left lead canter. HELP. We wont be in lessons for another few weeks (trainer was in Vegas and then in Venice for shows) so I need some opinions!

BTW, to the left is also the way she doesnt want to bend, hangs on the left rein, doesnt want my right rein, and even when I get her even in the reins, she wants to counter bend. It takes every ounce of me and every body part to get her to come through correctly to the left, but at any second shes there to get out of it. So while I want to have more outside rein in the corner to prep for the canter, she wont let me.

And dentist was coming.. still havent heard from him.. and hes in Tampa. [Frown] I really wanted her teeth done before the show. UGH. I think the whole left rein thing has to do something with her teeth.. but I cant see them.

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Shantel, it sounds like you are both tense and anticipating the left lead. You have it in your head it is going to go wrong, and you are both tight. I am right there with you. When you get in that head set, it is super hard to turn it around. Trust me, I fight with this issue all the time. Sooooo, DEEP BREATH. You have to allow the soft relaxed left canter transition to happen. You have to allow your arms to be soft and loose to the left the way they are to the right. I’m sure you THINK they are, because I am always dead positive my arms are soft and elastic, and Julie walks into the ring, takes one look, and says I am pulling for all I am worth. *sigh* I generally have no idea I am doing it.

Since this is a show situation, and you are not going to have endless circles to fix her, what I would try to think about instead is, come into that M-C corner and think about a half pass type feeling where you use seat and leg, NOT rein to push her as deep into the corner as you can. Think like you are going to use your left leg to shove her left hind right up into her right ear. Bend her left that way, but GIVE with your reins. Allow her to step up into your hands and think almost a long and low feeling with her head and neck. Pretend that instead of a canter transition, you have a stretchy trot circle coming up. Try to get her a little deeper and rounder, but each time you use the rein, GIVE it back ASAP. Use, release, use, release. As you cross the short side, think shoulder fore feeling, but again, primarily with just your legs and seat. Keep your arms nice and soft and giving. Just push her through that short side with your left leg asking her left hind to be more up and under and reaching. When you get into the C-H corner, same thing. Nice and long and low and relaxed. Half pass feeling. Push her deep into the corner. WAIT for that canter transition. You have all that time for it. Let her get really into that corner and use the natural bend of the corner to bend her. When you feel her relax a little, then BREATH OUT, GIVE with both reins, and THINK canter. Don’t ask, don’t yell your aids. Just think about cantering softly off, and allow her to go into her canter. If she rushes off, don’t grab the reins to fix her. Sit and use your seat to fix the canter. Don’t grab her mouth. You know how to do this, so don’t panic and grab at her. That is what is throwing both of you off and making this a tense situation right now. Relax, and let it happen. Even if she is a little strung out, better that she is a little low, and strung out than all out of whack and racing off on you.

If you are still having problems getting her to settle by the C-H corner, in your schooling sessions, DO a stretchy circle or two at C to get her to reach and relax, then pick her up and canter, or do a stretchy canter circle right there from the stretchy trot. Think Hunter Pleasure rather than Dressage for a few transitions. Give your arms forward for a few transitions until you both relax down a couple of notches, then take it back up, but don’t try to put her in a “frame” for the canter transition. You are both too locked up right at the moment. If you start getting really nice easy transitions, THEN start playing around with it, but if it goes south, back to the long and low, stretchy type feeling. And I don’t mean that you should have her nose by her knees (although a few warm up trot/canter transitions in true long and low probably would be good for both of you to just get back to the feeling of a nice relaxed canter transition). Just think like that is where you are going to put her nose. Relax your contact and allow her to relax her jaw and stretch the tiniest bit down – even if it is only an inch or two down. That’s enough. She needs to release her poll and withers. That’s where she is locked and braced.

Hope that helps. I know show nerves and not having your trainer there for a last minute lesson to sort you out really makes things tough. Just try to take a deep breath and relax. You have this. You are more than ready for this. I think you are just getting a little tight without realizing it. Think soft, relaxed, ride from your seat. Good luck!!!


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Ok this is going to be my quick attempt at catching up.. going back to the middle of Page 14!

luv, How exciting for the show! Our first show this year is this Sunday, the 29th. Just a school show but whatever. Im showing T2 and T4 and Sarah is debuting at Intro B. She TOTALLY can do training, but wants to take it easy the first show. And have fun with the clinic!

Boo, sounds like Beau can be like little Miss Layla. Gets all worked up by the other ponys and always finds a way to damage herself! Hope hes ok!

3Day, ahh. Scheduling for college classes.. what fun. NOT. I think its a good thing you are taking less credits. Set yourself up for success so youre not stretched too thin.

Spots, Very cool that you have Inky and Lipton to show now. And I agree, having someone else bathe the grey or white horses is always nice. I could never have a horse with a lot of chrome.. Id go crazy! And $1200 for Konigs! WoW. Very true if they are going to last a while, its worth it. Kinda how I justified my Amerigo! LOL

Vegas, hope Vegas keeps getting better! I know how the boo boo legs are!

luv, good luck with the driving. I know how it is in DE. Trying to make sure you do every. single. thing. right b/c the teachers right there scoring you. But you can do it!

Spots, Taiwan? Whats the details with that?

Boo, crazy arse horse next door eh? I hate that! Makes our normally sane horses act like fools.

3Day, glad to hear your having good lessons! Keep it up! and I saw your pics. You guys look GREAT!

Kya, Please do tell. Howd you lose 20 lbs!?! glad to hear you dont have mono. That stuff SUCKS.

Fleck, too funny about your mom. My moms an animal lover but horses used to really scare her. Now shes a total horse lover and has no issues handling Ben and Layla.

Kya, so sorry to hear about Cinn. Hope you feel better soon.

Vegas, great pics! Thats awesome you got to ride her. Hope it keeps improving.

Fleck, sounds like you are going to be busy with dinner and hay and lessons and what not. Ive had many of those days!

Spots, crazyness with all the flying and time change. Whats the city like? Really crazy with bunches of people? And LOST was crazyyyy. I have it still on TiVo if you need a tape mailed to ya! But it takes so long to get over there.. youd probably be home.

Fleck, thats awesome you had a great lesson. And I LOVE the canter serpentine to work on counter canter. Really makes Layla come over her back and relax and moveeee.

Spots, ahh a wedding in Taiwan! Whos was it? How beautiful I bet that was. Cant wait to see the pics!

Tracy, thats so great! You and Fess are just doing wonderfully! WTG!

Shelly, OMG. What crazy behavior by Raz! Glad to hear you are ok and so is Raz.. but after a 2 hour exam, youd at least hope shed find SOMETHING to explain his behavior! WOW. And glad to hear the clinic went so well! You guys are totally ready for 2nd! I cant wait to see pics!

Fleck, ew. Surgery. Bloat. Doesnt sound like my cup of tea! Of course, not many people would like working in others mouths like I do! LOL

Shelly and luv, yes I totally love this thing. Having a hard time parting with my truck and knowing I have to share it with the Hubby, but man, its nice. And with gas prices right at $3.. Im not missing the truck too much. Randy just filled it up.. $73!! *dies*

dobby, wow that really stinks. Did you ask them, in a nonconfrontational way why they decided now to change it, when its been like this since Feb with no problems? Try to talk to them without getting defensive and see if you can get more from them. That really stinks though.

Fleck, I am going to school for dental assisting, however, I am working part time at the bank as a teller as well. So from 11:30-approx 2:30 (3:30 on Mondays and 6 on Fridays) I am at the bank. And then Monday-Thurs I go to school from 5-11pm (usually get out before 11 though). So there are courses and what not you have to keep updated on at the bank so I had to go to one yesterday.

Shelly, good advice. I will try it. Its so hard when shes antisipating everything I do. Which in a way, its good, b/c she knows where the transitions are, so our downwards are GREAT, but only this left lead canter.. which go figure our right lead used to be ****! Im giving her today off and will ride Thursday and Friday and give her Sat off and then we show on Sunday.. I just have to remember shes ALWAYS better at the show.. so smile and have fun, right?


OK. So heres my update.

I have pics from the wedding reception and the new car. Pulled Laylas mane today. Saturday is beauty day. We are going to bathe Ben and Layla, shave, cut, primp, etc. And then clean all our tack and pack the trailer. Will find out Friday when our show times are.

Yesterday I had my lab test. We were tested on knowing the parts of the dental chair and room and also on mouth rinsing and placing the suction in the correct quadrants of the mouth for sucking the water and saliva out. Then we were tested on passing instruments to the "dentist" (my teacher). My teacher was like WOW you did exceptional. She really likes me and is very impressed with me. Makes me feel good that Im really good at something. Im good at things but in a career since, have never really excelled in my job. Just did what I needed to do ya know. But I realy enjoy this dental thing and finally feel like Ive made the right choice when it comes to school and a career.

I also spoke to my head teller about seeing if the bank would work with me and allow me to take a month off while I have to do my externship so I can graduate, b/c Id like to stay at the Bank for at least a year. She said she cant be positive, but she was pretty sure the Bank would work with me. So thats nice to know the company would do that for me, unlike Citi.

Anyways... heres the pics.

The wedding



My mom (Nana) and my nephew.. he was playing peek-a-boo with the table cloth!



The car!





Sorry if that really lags anyone down. If so, lemme know, and Ill take em down.

Thats it for now. WHEW.

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Here's my shot at catching up... pardon me if it's in two parts, I may have to leave in the middle of doing this.

Tracy - Congrats on your show!

Megan - YAY Shopping! You got some pretty awesome stuff! I might have to drive down and steal the new leather boots. [Razz] Good to hear your kids did well at the show!

Shelly - Yay! Good to hear the clinic went well! And that's really cool that he said you're showing at the level you should be! Haha, I forgot about my friends birthday party because I thought it was "next month"... it was wehn I got the invitation... that phone call from my mom was awkward asking me if I was going. I felt so terrible... Just don't forget about your show!

Holly - HEE! Fleck Ribbons! The surgery thingie sounds cool/fun! Scary, but still!

Shantel - Sounds like you had fun at the wedding YOU went to! [Razz] It was just a wedding kind of week, I guess.

McKenzie - Drives are so weird! I was so nervous... it doesn't help that my teacher was good looking, and the teacher for my drive (Because the hott one moved to Arizona before we finished) could hardly speak english! I hope you're getting a little more lucky with your teachers. Haha. How many times a week are your classes?

LST - The 12 course lunch is what really got me. I was so stuffed! We had the 12 course lunch, and then they fed us at Taipei 101, and then we went to dinner! TOO MUCH FOOD!

I'll finsh updating later, I have to go design Liptons new browband!

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Okay, now I have time to finish up. Hmm... where was I?

Shelly - Yeah, the stall plates haven't arrived yet, but I'm waiting impaitently! I want everyone to have them, and I think everyone will eventually get one... eventually... I haven't grown in a while, hence the reason why I got custom boots. [Razz] I love my Ariat field boots, they're amazing and actually fit really well, which it why it was so weird for me that the Dress boots didn't fit!

Holly - I wound up not having any naps at all! But I did go see the ponies... Hmm... Sounds like selling the house in athens and building all your stuff on the property your living on might work well. How many horses do you have there? We keep 16 horses on 4.87 acres. I think you can keep a few on 10, even if you build everything. Our paddocks aren't that big but they're sufficient for our horses. It would just take some adjusting time. Also: It's Veruca Salt, not Petunia. Petunia is Dudley's mother in Harry Potter, and he's kinda that way too. [Razz] "Twenty-three?! But last year, last year I had 24!" "But these are much BIGGER than last years!" "I DON'T CARE HOW BIG THEY ARE!" ..Okay, not quite the same, but close! [Razz] YouTube has been pretty fast for me... faster than any other uploader! I'd say wait it out, because it's also by far the best quality of online video viewing out there.

ARG! Have to leave AGAIN! I'll finish catching up later... again...

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I have been very busy at work, inservices for the last 3 days. Can you say, boring??????

I have glanced through all the posts real quick, so forgive me if I leave anyone out.

3day, I sure hope Scotch is ok for your show this weekend.

Krazy, your right, Layla and Beau are to much alike. Not only in getting hurt, but not wanting to pick up the canter either. My trainer always has me put Beau in shoulder fore, soften my inside hand, make sure my seat bones are connected, leave my outside hand alone, outside leg back, inside leg at the girth and scoop him into the canter gently with my inside seat bone. She says to just gently put my leg on and off. Don't kick him and don't squeeze him and don't leave my legs on. We have improved with it a whole lot. You'll be fine in the show. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Flecken, your job is wearing me out!! he he. Can't wait to see videos.

Who else? I did not do another window, so can't remember. I think luv said she had a driving test? Yeah! It's coming along.

Shelly, your show is going to be just fine also.

Ok, so have not ridden since Sunday! [Eek!] It has been raining and storming a lot. We were under tornado watch all night last night. Man did it thunder and lightning. I had to go to the dentist today after work, could have rode, but by the time I got there it was to late. So I longed him in the arena and all the horses next door, including Loco, that is what I named the crazy one, who was running up and down the fence. I just had beau keep working. He was totally not bothered by Loco. Finally! He has been a tad tight and sore in his neck, so I think these last few days off have been good for him. I have been massaging him and stretching him every day and putting Surpass creme on the knot in his neck. I need to take him back down to my Vet./chiro, but that is just not going to happen till June, when school is out. So I am going to take it easy riding him this next week and hope he does ok at my show next weekend, the 5th & 6th.

I am so looking forward to summer vacation. I will be off till Aug. 16th and this school district pays year round!! [Yay][Jump] So I won't have to get a summer job. Although I will probably work one day a week at my trainers in exchange for my lessons.

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Oh ho hum....

Emily- Glad to hear you arrived home safely and had a great time at the wedding. I bet your baby grew. That's what they do in the early stages. It's pretty neat how much they can grow in a short period of time. What are you designing Lipton's browband with?

Shelly- Ooooo Raz!!!! I'm happy to hear that you are okay though and didn't get hurt besides the tailbone! That's super you had such an awesome clinic!! Yay and that you are prepared and ready to rock and roll at 2nd level. You'll do great! If I can show,score decent, and win at 2nd w/ only a mere 2months schooling it... You'll be kicking my booty and racking up some great scores...especialy since you are NOW prepped and will do fantastic! And Yes 2nd-2 rides much smoother than 2-1. I do not like 2nd-1 at all...I'm always like good lord at the end of that test. That's funny that Raz gets all worried and upset if you haven't ridden the test a few times through. Jade was such a stinkin smart mare that If i schooled the test through just once she would start doing things on her own...a bit like anticipation, but not to that extreme. So I would literally have to be sneaky and had a random circle here or there. Or just school part of the test. Normally I would run through it the day before the show.

Scotch is just going Training 1 and 2! LOL I have to start back on the bottom rung again. Oh well, hopefully by winter he'll be schooling 2nd if everything goes according to plan and he can stay sound.

Holly- Awh cute pics of Fleck!! heheheh. Sounds like things are falling into place for you! And omg I was dying laughing...The Princess! My step dad calls me the Princess...every morning..Good morning princess. They even went as far as personalizing my IPOD w/ "Princess" on the side! LoL Awh boo that videos won't download! I can't wait to see them!

Vegas Sky- Sounds like you had a productive lesson!!

Shantel- WOOHOO Hott momma and look at your cutie pie hubby! You two look stunning together. And that car makes me go MMMMMM!! Nice nice!! Good luck at the show, you and Sarah will do great! lol I'll keep my fingers crossed for you...and I have a show on Sunday too! lol how funny would it be if your Tr 2 tests where schedule at the same time. Even though we are in different states lol And yes scheduling for classes is definately NOT fun. It's a bit stressful! Yeh success...ugh. I hate school. this semester is almost over..thankfully. ooo how is school going for you???

Oh and thanks about the pics! He is a ton of fun...and it is neat to see his progression from pictures to pictures. And OMG your nephew is toooooooo cute!!!

McKenzie- LoL Ok I don't even know what were were chatting about...but thought I would say HI!! Hope Teddy and Nugget are doing

Dobby- Awh cupcake. *snuggles* Parents can be a major PITA Sounds like your rents lost their memory or something of the sorts...hang in there kiddo. At least you had 2 super fabulous rides right?? And the possibilities are endless in the future. PS are you near Bucks County?

OnceWasTag- OOO no! Sorry to hear about CK! what a bummer!!

Boocoo- I was wondering where you disappeared too! Inservice ick!! And you two will do super at your show!!! I definately had an anxiety attack late last night. Never ever have I felt that way before! I can't even explain what was going on...that's what you get for straining yourself to the limit and thinking/worrying about lots of things all at once!

But I went out to see how Scotch was last night and he seemed happy as a I was like ok...I'll tack you up and just see how you are. So I got on him walked around for a bit and trotted him to see how he was. And he was Sound. So this is good...but the question is will he stay sound for the show. So I didn't work him at all. We went for a hack around the farm and schooled in the creek that runs through one of the pastures. He was fine going through and on the way back he was like ooooooo and all the sudden he was cantering through the water. I was like [Question] b/c it was the smoothest transistion from a leisure walk on a loose rein to a lovely canter stride. Pony boy!! Bah I just hope he will stay sound. Ordering Adequan on Friday...and will work him tomorrow night to see how he is. Sending in my form for the eventing clinic on 5/6 and 5/7....And I also applied for ANOTHER job...b/c I definately need some more income to supplement everything this summer. So when I was at the tack store the other day I saw they were looking for P/T help. So I was like what the heck why not...and after buying some things I filled out the application and gave it to the lady. And later that night I got home and listened to my answering machine and they want me to come in for an interview. soo woohoo!

My sster was are you going to do everything.

I work as a manager, go to school full time, have a horse that is going into competition season, lessons, and now maybe another job. And 2 different ladies want me to "barn" sit for them whenever they go I'm like oh great how the heck am I going to manage all this! AHHH [Eek!]


For those who didn't see the new Scotch pics...I have some on a different post w/ Schooling pics w/ you want to check them out! [big Grin]

Ok enough of my rambling...I hope that everyone is safe and sound!!

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Okay! Now I won't have to leave till Lost is on, so I should be able to finish catching up!

Lauren - oh no! Hope it's not too bad! We have a lady who comes and does beaded browbands for us (You can see Inkys in the headshot of him on my MySpace! [Razz] ). She makes really good browbands and matching whips, too. I think she sends all over the US? She used to have a website but I can't seem to find it anymore... oh well... Sounds like you're as busy as I am! I think we both need to just sit back and chill.. [Razz]

Shelly - Learning a new test is always odd... Espicially for the poor ponies!

Holly - Yeah, he's being weaned early because of his size and because her milk is so rich!

Shantel - Chrome is so annoying. Inky has a lot (obviously) Plus he's Blue Roan, and Lipton is by no means light on the chrome! Haha, it's the best excuse ever: "...but...but they'll last a long time!" Haha, Taiwan was for a wedding. My dad met the groom 28 years ago (The groom was 6 at the time), and he was born/grew up in Taiwan. Taipei is intresting... Traffic is TERRIBLE! Overall it's a pretty cool city though... We could see Taipei 101 from our hotel, spiffin! Omigosh! I watched Lost last night on! AMAZING! I can't wait for tonights episode! Intresting test, Haha. I would fail something like that! You look so pretty at the wedding! OoOoOOooOh! Lovin the car!

Tag - Sorry about CK. [Frown] Hope he gets better soon!

Officially caught up! Christie (The Browband Lady) Gave me Stef's browband today... It's amazing! I'll take some pictures of it later. I haven't uploaded my pics from Taiwan yet, sorry everyone. =( Okay, I think I'm going to go finish up DWTS from this week, and then off to watch Lost! Take Care everyone, sorry if I missed anyone!

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Okay here is my attempt to catch up...

Shelly: oooh good luck with second level stuff...I am still hoping to make it to first level this summer.

Shantel: Boo boo legs are the worst [Frown] Hot new car...and you look so prettiful, looks like a great wedding!

OnceWasTag: Oh no! Best wishes for CK and a quick recovery! [Huggy]

Emily: Sorry babe, I hid the boots! THEY SHALL NEVER BE YOURS!!! MUA HA HA HA!!!! Ooooh pretty browband - pics?

Boocoo: I hate it when you are too busy to ride! Oh scary tornado watch! Good luck at the show, you will do well!

Lauren: Yuck! I have had similar things to anxiety attacks, but from my autism - normally the brain can filter out sensory information when it gets bombared, like reading a book on an airplane, you filter out the other sounds and focus on the book, but my brain can't do that very efficiently, so my life is kind of like walking into a very cold and bright room with the stereo blasting and the TV turned up. So when it gets really bad I kind of just freak out and shut down. It's the worst feeling in the world when you are no longer in control of your faculties, so I totally sympathize...Hee hee sounds like you had a good trail ride, Vegas was just getting over her water issues before the accident. Wow that is a lot on your plate, no wonder you had an attack...and I feel stressed with 8 credits and 5 work hours a week + horses and show season...but in my defense I am moving across the country in August!

Emily: I bet Mr Gabe is growing like a weed! I still want some of his growth hormone for my gelding...what's 16.3 vs 17.2 if it means Logan might break 15????

Okay, so new farrier came today, and I am totally stoked about him! He did such good work, and he actually hot shod!! Hee hee it was the first time Vegas had ever been hot shod, and she was like "whoa! a little toasty down there...what's that smell? Is that the barn on fire? I think the roof is on fire! OMG IS IT GOING TO FALL ON MY HEAD?!?!?!" that's pretty much how it went, but she was still a good girl, and now she has pretty new shoes on all four feet. Rick (new farrier) took the time to really get it right. I guess one of the shoes on her front slid a little and broke the hoof wall and collapsed the heel, but Rick will fix her up!

I rode the Vegas this morning, and she felt REALLY good after the chiro I really have my pony back! Hahaha I am doing western eq classes at the show on Saturday, so I am borrowing some western tack and I figured I should probably ride in the western bit a couple times before then, since the last time we rode western was July! I put the bridle on her and she remembered everything instantly...a low headset, a nice little jog, and a collected was so cute!!

Well, I have the day off tomorrow, so I am going to get everything read for the show, since I have to leave pretty much right after school to haul-in to the Fairgrounds Friday. The only bad part is that I am bathing a pinto the day before we leave and then putting her back out to muddy pasture! [Frown] Oh well, I will just do some touch-ups before we go...still debating whether to polish hooves or not just for a schooling show, but she looks sooo pretty when they are done!

Okay, enough from me, off to bed now for a busy day tomorrow!

[ 04-26-2007, 01:58 AM: Message edited by: Vegas Sky ]

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Wow, I'm only behind TWO pages [Wink] lol.

Shelly - I would like to go to a schooling show before my rated one, and since Teddy's owner has a trailer, it's definitely a possibility. I'd definitely like to do a clinic before the rated show, they are just SO beneficial. Nugget is so dang cute...that video didn't show much, but man, he is SMART. He is chewing the bit really nicely, reaching for the bit and maintaining a really nice frame. And his personality is great, too, which is so important. Glad you got the vets approval to ride, that makes things a bit easier when you know physically it's OK. 2-2 was a hard test for Teddy and I...well probably just me, which showed up in him haha.

Emily - Glad you are home safe and sound [smile] . Sometimes I just hate electronics...sounds like there were some issues, to say the least, lol! Gabe sounds like he will be a big boy!! My Driver's Ed classes are twice a week, on Mon. and Wed. from 6:15pm to 8:15...ick!!!

dobby - Oh man, I am so sorry to hear that. That is rough. And sort of odd, in a way, if your school load has not changed and this has been the routine. Maybe you could ride both once or twice per week, and the other days just one? Though I know it's hard to get much done by riding 1x per week. Hang in there! [Huggy]

Holly - Knowing the horse that's in the lesson really does help! Since I know Ted's little tricks and evasions, I can help her through them too with the tactics I know work on the little bugger, hehe. I am so sorry to hear about the surgery, but I gues sometimes we just can't control those things [Frown] . You and Fleck will get to Second Level, it's just timetimetime, lots of muscle and strenght. You guys are capable, I'm sure!

Megan - Glad Vegas is feeling better now. Chiro/massage work has been GREAT for my horses. Those Arabs, I can TOTALLY relate owning a purebred Mare myself, lol...they are sometimes too smart for their own good!

Shantel - You are having the worst of luck with those dang dentits...crossing my fingers you get into contact with one soon. And yes, I am excited for the show!! They are so much fun, love the overnighters. I am sure you and Sarah will do great at the show [big Grin] . LOVE the new car!! The interior looks super comfy. And very nice pictures of you both, you're very pretty (your necklace is gorgeous BTW).

CK - Bad luck, I am very sorry to hear that. Do you know how much stall rest he will need?

Boocoo - I did have a test! It was a written one in class, and I passed so all is well. I will be nervous for my DOL test to get my license in November, but I have plenty of time to practice. My mom is a 2nd/3rd grade teacher, so she gets summers off too, and paid...she LOVES it!! Sounds like you guys are having some scary weather, yikes....!

Lauren - lol me neither! Both the ponies are doing fine. Sorry to hear about the anxiety attack, that's no have a lot on your plate, and with worrying about Scotch too. Hope he stays sound, I'm sure the Adequan will help.

Gotta go ride, hope everyone had a good day!

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Thanks everyone, for your wise words, sympathy and patience.

Fleck--Thank you for all your support. I know, I have an issue where I immeadiately get grumpy, defensive and emotional if someone tries to take away MY ponies. [Razz] On a different note, I hope you can figure out the land issue! Is it possible to sell this land and house and move somewhere else (w/o horse property), and board the horses until you find a place?

Vegas Sky--You have to promise us pictures of the foals, Vegas and of course, this neat sounding Zeemee! Good luck at the show!

Shelly- [Razz] I can't believe Raz thought you were the silly one! That is so cute! Thanks for the advice I will try my hardest to stick to it!

Shantel--You got it on the spot. I get majorly defensive, and I really went on the super emotional-defensive route partially because I felt so ganged up on. I will try. We shall see. This week has been... [Roll Eyes] Terrible since Tuesday. Nice car, its really shiny! [big Grin] I like shiny objects. Btw, have I ever told how amazing your eyes are? They are the perfect green. Mind trading with me?

Tag--WHAT?! Oh geez, how? Fooling around in the pastures? That is such a killer. And here I was thinking that my horse-y things were all wrong. [Huggy] I know you guys were progressing so well. Remember that when he gets back to work---now you KNOW he can do it, and have a clear goal to reach.

Boocoo-That is very nice that the school district pays year round! Nice for those summer months. Do you teach at a certain grade?

3Day--I'm gonna send a PM your way! [big Grin] Yeah, two absolutely, hands down amazing rides. If only we could each have that every day!

By the way, what is the Studly Pony's exact injury? Are we talking soft tissue or spinal issues here? I hope either way he stays sound for you! Also remember that you are just human--you can't do everything. If you have to say "No" to those ladies because you would explode otherwise, do so. The money isn't worth your sanity. If you have to miss a show or two, do it. I can promise you that there are ALWAYS other shows.

Spots--ANOTHER Lost fan? And you love Harry Potter as much as I do? Whoa. *shifty eyes* Copy Cat!

*Le Sigh* Now for My Update...

The issue hasn't been resolved. All I know is that I can't ride two horses on weekdays, which means I can only ride Spectrum on Saturdays. I knew that eventually it would come down between Spectrum and Gayla, and I am choosing Gayla, but I am just getting better over jumps. I still want to go to my first event--heck! first show!--on Spectrum. Heck, I am not asking for Prelim. I am just wanting Elementary. It is selfish, I know, but sometimes it feels so good to get on him even just bareback after a demanding Gayla ride.

As for today's Gayla-ness? It went horribly. I should have kept my mouth closed about Tuesday I guess! Now that I have had a chance to cool my head, I can see where I think we might have gone wrong. We are each equally to blame, not just me, not just her. She was totally, absolutely uncooperative, refused to stretch down, or straigten, or to go into any corner or anything. And I made that deadly, deadly, rider sin of losing both my patience and anger with her. It was bad. Unfortunately it was affront of two of my friends too. Geez. I managed to scrap up a few remains of a semi-good trot and then gave up and dismount. My usual lesson tomorrow is canceled to a prediction of 100% chance of rain, and has been re-scheduled for 2:30. Thank God! I know what I did wrong for the most part, and would rather not anyone beat me with a stick, but I really need my trainer to come in and go like this: "Okay, so, this is what we are going to do...".

Things will get better. It was only our fourth wreck of ride in over 4 months. In the end, I still love her, no matter what I growled at her today. [Wink]

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wow! this board got busy all of a sudden!!

shelly: hee hee. it still makes me giggle about raz just furious that you are messing up his test! dangit woman, learn how to memorize a test...oh wait.... is this a new test...ooops. hee hee. it just makes me laugh! they are so funny how the act sometimes. their little personalities!

shantel: hee hee. i think we are in agreement on that! yucko!!! teeth are just soooo gross! have you ever had anyone have a big chunk of spinach or something stuck? ewwwww. give me dog vomit anyday! ahhh, got it. bank and dental assistant! you go girl! that's awesome that you did so well. and even cooler that you LOVE it. it makes it not so much like work. awesome. and...cute cute pics from the wedding. you guys are sooo cute together! and dang girl! that car is SEXY!!! very purty! course i'm partial to blue, but that's nice....

tag: OH NO!!! hope CK feels better soon. but don't worry. he's a smart boy and he'll remember it i bet! bummer though. what a shame. silly pony.

emily: welcome home. bet it's good to be back here. and....can you post a link to the website for the browbands? they sound awesome and i love inky's. haeven't seen the others yet. HOLYCRUD! 16 hours on less than 5 acres! do you have grass??? cause i've got 10.77 acres and only three horse and am having a hard time keeping grass. course my property is really hilly and has quite a few trees, so the pasture pasture isn't so big. and...mine stay out 24/7. only in stalls to eat. i'm just still trying to decide. argh... thanks! i'll try youtube again. photobucket has officially decided to not work for me. it is..actually maybe i'll work on that now too. doubletime it! yeah... how do you make a video less than 100 mb??? even my teeny tiny video's are too big? help me!!!

boocoo: we missed you! oooh, i bet summer vacation is going to be awesome. how neat! that's gonna be so much fun. and working for your trainer isn't exactly work.. not like picking up a second job would be [smile] and..hopefully beau will feel well for your show. sounds like he's better already with rest and massages. do you just massage him in general or do you have specific exercises/ been trained in equine massage? just curious. my saddle fitter guy said i needed a massager in addition to the chiro! jeepers! mr fleck is getting expensive. but he's soo worth it.

lauren: hee hee. i think there are alot of princesses in the horsey world [smile] and the ipod thing sounds cool. my cell phone lets you make a banner. for a while it said "holly rules" then my sis changed it to "holly drools"... which took me a week or so to realize. so now it says "holly is the bomb! go holly, go holly" hee hee. it cheers me up. but then it died...literally flipped it open and it went flying into two pieces. so my new phone just has fleck's pic. i bet scotch will be moving up quick! RELAX!!!!! calm down! and chill out missy. You're one super girl.... is adding a second job after the anxiety attack a good idea??? [Wink] hee hee. you really should slow down some though. that's alot of stuff going on. although working at a tack store could be fun. course... i'd probably spend all of my paycheck on stuff, so... not sure it would work out.. hee hee. and that's great that scotch is feeling better. and cantering in creeks is supa fun!

vegas; hee hee. i love watching their eyeballs get all big the first time they are hotshod! yay for vegas feeling good. have a blast at your show. hope it goes well. i bet she looks purty in western gear too. hope she stays clean..or gets sooo dirty you can just show her as a bay!

luvs: oooh, somehow i missed the nugget videos. can you pm them to me too?! which tests are you doing in your rated show? and when is it? but hopefully you can get into a clinic or schooling show before then. thanks for the support! we'll get there. i think we're out of our rut. whether it was a hollly bad brain thoughts rut or more of a real rut, who know's! but he and i are both improving again, so yay!

dobby; hee hee. i know what you mean. are you an aquarius? apparently we have a bit of a jealousy/MINE MINE MINE streak. heck, i wouldn't even let people walk my first dog, cause she was MINE! course she was the best dog in the whole world ever! but still. are your parents still not budging? silly parents...what do they know!? hee hee. and yes... that was a thought. sell the horse farm, buy the new horse farm without stuff, and live in the athens house and board ponies while building. but that's alot of ifs! oh gosh! i forgot about the harry potter! i love those books. movies...eeeh, okay. but the books are way better. think a new one comes out soon! don't feel too bad about losing your patience. it's sooo hard not to do. and they're such big beasties it's easy to get ugly with them. i know i've done it more than i should have and poor fleck probably never deserved it. but... it's so easy to do. so... just remember next time.. breathe...relax, go back to something easy and then go back to it. and hopefully your trainer will help you fix whatever is causing the issue. sometimes it's so simple, but alas...we just can see it at the time. so... good luck at your lesson. and mr spectrum will probably still be fine with you jumping him once a week? Right?!

so... my update! what a fun day! course i only got about 5 hours of sleep...which is normal for some of you it seems, but not me! but that's okay. work was tough last night. parvo pup that we treated outpatient. and the cute puppy that i wanted to adopt but decided not too since jenny had contaminated my house... and i didn't want to give it parvo... got parvo. poor little bugger. i found out tonight that he was put down, or didn't make it. its' just sooooo sad. i feel partly responsible too cause they were going to take him but if it didn't work out, give him to me after his parvo risk was gone. and now they had to deal with it and of course it was after having him home for a week and totally falling in love. it's just sooo sad. i've seen atleast one parvo case every shift. crazyness! vaccinate those pups! but anyways, on to the fun stuff!

so i got up this am and was going to go ride earlier, but hubby wanted to go for lunch. so i was a good wife and we went out for lunch. yummy. then i came home and got hooked up to go to my lesson. got to the other barn later than i wanted. i was going to ride kota, the other cute cute appy owned by appaloosa1224 cause she hurt her neck. so.. i didn't quite have enough time to ride him before my lesson, but had too much time to just sit there. and then i realized the barn was one was around.. and their ring is HUGE! seriously, it's like 4 -6 small dressage arena's laid side by side. it's huge! so i was going to have a jump lesson, and thought...well, heck.. he's fit. i'll ride dressage first! so i did some dressage. sorta rushing through my trot work, but got some good leg yields and the trot was very nice.. just a smidge quicker than usual. but i was really wanting to try the counter canter since i finally had room. so... shame on me. So i did the counter canter exercises and it was pretty good. so then i got a nice slow trot and went to untack and let him rest for a minute. he was a good boy. then i got my jump tack on. and it was perfect timing. So my jump lesson was AWESOME!!! i swear... i knew my trainer was incredible at dressage, but it was great jumping too. we did some gymnastics work. which is great for both of us. she wanted me to not do an auto or crest release.. .but to release but actually keep a feel of him. not just throw him away. cause i tend to do that and then he sorta falls apart. She explained it perfectly by saying... a horse that has can't not keep him on the aids all the time or he starts looking around for interesting things. hee hee. that's so fleck.. I was going to embroider a saddle pad that says "my friends tell me i have ADD, but i don't...hey a chicken!" hee hee. my friend had it on a shirt. but anyways...maybe i'm a bit ADD myself. So... i worked on staying with him without catching him in the mouth. We started with a bounce crossrail and it was bad at first. i was either throwing him away or not really doing it. So we finally figured it out. Then she added an oxer and the first time over, fleck through a hissy fit! he said WHAT! i have to use myself now and you aren't going to just throw the reins away and let me fall apart afterwards...but that's work?! did a bucking rearing fit. So then we came again with a big oxer after that. well butt head said NOPE this is too much work and refused the first oxer. So then we came back to just the oxer and somehow.. don't really know what happened, but he jumped the first one.. don't know if i turned him out of the second cause our approach was bad or if he refused or what, but... i went flying up in the air, but my left foot was still in my stirrup, only now i was facing his butt! i had enough time in the air to, i'm gonna brake my ankle if i fall, so i actually STOOD in that stirrup for about three seconds and then somehow jumped out. landed pretty much on my feet. It was impressive! i seriously don't know how i did it. I was laughing. it was just ridiculous! so anyways, then i think fleck realized...ooops, maybe i shouldn't be quite so naughty! and trainer moved first oxer down. So then we did the bounce, small oxer, big oxer and it was great! i followed but didn't throw him away and he behaved. and WOW! he was jumping great! really picking his knees up instead of rolling them. So then she raised it up to training level - 3'3" inches max. And he was jumping awesome. Then we came around to a second line..which was a brush box to a barrel. Well... apparently i don't ride straight! so we had to deal with that but eventaully we jumped a single upright barrel straight on!!!! i was soooo proud! so we quit with that! it was awesome. he's sooooo ready for training. now i just have to make sure i am [smile] then i rode kota. he's sooo fun. i jumped him and he was a good boy. got a little quick and was taking off for those jumps! that pony likes to jump. Then.... my trainer had told me that she just got 100 bales of rye for $4.75/bale!!!!!! WOWZA! so she sold me 14 of them..what i could fit in the trailer next to fleck. and she's gonna see about getting me more. And... to boot.. it's raining!!! yay! we desperately needed it. not a huge downpour, but an actual rain. perfect! so all in all, a great day!

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Sounds like we are all getting ready for shows. I had an awesome lesson tonight. Really lined out my canter across diagnol to X, then trot to K, then left lead canter problem. Guess what I was doing? I was turning from the short side down the diagnol like a flippin barrel racer! Can you believe that! Ha ha! No wonder it always felt like Beau was diggin in and pushing off. Then I was trying to bend him left while he was still in right lead canter and expect the poor guy to transition like that and start trotting then left lead canter. Good grief. So she lined us out on that and leg yield. We cooked poor Beau as my trainer put it. But he has had a couple of days off so he will be fine. To answer your question Fleck, I do massage and stretches. He has to do head/poll stretches, nost to ankle stretch, nose to hip and nose between front legs. All for a treat of course. Then I scratch him under his belly and make him lift and also scratch him down the back of both sides of his rear. That really makes him lift. He got totally freaked out on some lady walking her big grey horse down the barn aisle while I was riding in the indoor today. Only thing I can think of, is it's dark inside and that horse being grey, he couldn't really see him??? He gets huge and decides he is going to bolt. I talked him out of bolting though. All in all we had a great lesson. Not that our movements were so great, but the way she helped me fix them and I know what to do now. I can't wait to ride tomorrow.

3day, glad to hear Scotch is settling down and my perscription for you is to drink some of your horse's name sake! Just kidding. I hope you are doing all right and quit worrying. "Be anxious for nothing" and there is so much truth to that verse. Remind yourself of that, cause worrying will not help you. Everything will come together. Don't put to much on your plate this summer, or you will end up overloaded and overwhelmed. All the money in the world is not worth that.

Luv, I knew you could pass your test. Do a lot of driving this summer and you will be fine by the time fall gets here.

Vegas, I can totally relate to being stoked about a new farrier. Long story here, but just glad you were happy with him! Beaus' back feet kept chipping and would not hold shoes. New shoer here started hot shoeing back feet only. He says it helps seal the moisture in and he put back clips on. No more cracks and chips!! They look great and have some heel now.

dobby, I don't teach. I am usually front office/health office or computer lab, but just started with this district in Jan and am an instructional aide. I am hoping to transfer into an office position for next school year, but nothing much is open yet. Yes, you are right, things will get better with Gayla.

Flecken, 5 hours is no way enough sleep for this old lady. I need at least 8 and 9 0r 10 is even better, but that never happens. Sounds like you had a great day!

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Emily- ooooo very cool!! I do need to sit back and relax...but I'll be able to do that in 2 weeks! What color scheme did you use for Lipton's browband?

VegasSky- Oh wow I didn't know you have a type of autism. I bet it is scarey at times and the shutting down is freaky.. I've never experienced an anxiety attack before! It was such a bizarre feeling. And that's right you're coming to my neck of the! Awh new pretty shoes for her! Good luck at your show and can't wait to hear how it goes!

McKenzie- thank you m'dear. Tomorrow is the job interview. And of course that is the same time that the farrier is coming out!! I was hoping to be there to discuss Scotch's lameness issue...

And am thinking about calling and rescheduling is that unprofessional? Hope you have a good ride

Dobby- no idea what his injury's a bit odd. As he'll be sound sound sound for a week plus and then one day he'll be off half way through the ride. Never has heat or swelling in leg or hoof. It's very frusterating on my behalf..b/c sometimes i'm like ok that's bridle lameness but then days like I had on Monday and ugh even tonight I was like where are you hurting and how can I alleviate it! I'm thinking after this weekend, I'll call the vet and have them come and check him out again. *sighs* And thanks...yes there is always shows....but sometimes I think that money is worth my sanity! lol It's the only way I can survive. It is not fun bein a college student that is independent financially. All I have to say is that this stinkin degree better get me a decent job!

And hang in there kiddo! You'll be able to go Elementary easily! And we all have those OMG days w/ our horses/ponies.

Holly- Oh no there's only us two princess. hehe. Now I just need a knight in shining armor riding in on a super yummy steed! Oh yeh I have the whole banner thing...but now i just have Background of me kissin Scotch. and LOL to your sister...haha. i've done that to someone but it was like more like Lauren loves you. OMG your phone shattered into 2 pieces! Holy cow!! I would of cried if that happened to me this week. Hehe yes if I can keep him sound he'll move up! And i can a 2nd job do anything...well i'm not sure but I thought I would figure it out later. lol. Tomorrow is my job interview...idk even if things will work out b/c of my work hours now. I have a feeling the hours they want me to work will clash with my priority job. Wow it sounds like you had a super super jump lesson!! Sweet that the fences went up higher!! how fun!!! It sounds like you 2 will be a rockin when you make the move up!! Very very exciting...i'm excited for you! It's pouring here so maybe the rain will head your way!

Boocoo- Yay for great lessons! Sounds like you are prepped and ready for your show! [big Grin] Super that your trainer helped fix the problem. You've gotta have some straight steps before you can do the next transistion. And omy i've considered it...but it was more like Vodka...maybe I should change his name to its like my all time fave drink in the world...and yes I do drink it straight up and ppl just qawk at me. And you are right I do need to follow that saying...I really need to step back an re-analyze my life.

So today was usual. My ride on scotch was interesting to say the least! He was great for ooo 15-20mins. And sound!! But then there was a turning point and it wasn't for the best. First there is a lunge whip in the arena w/ a plastic bag on the end.....and the wind is blowing. and i parked Scotch near where the whips were as I was pulling off my sweatshirt...and the next thing I know we're takin off across the arena! And not mention that lunge whip (w/ the plastic bag attached to it!!!) is now chasing us b/c scotch must of touched it or nudge it and it got hooked on some random piece of leather!!! So my pony is freaking out..and I mean just shaking scared and gallopin and plunging and here I am w/ my helemt OFF and which is now on the floor and my sweatshirt half way off and my reins were on his neck and me going *** ! I have no idea how the heck I stayed on! B/C he did some wicked spins on his haunches with that stupid whip still attached. He was a complete panic wreck not that I can blame him so I finally got the reins got him stopped and went to lean forward, well he moved his head just a little bit and that whip freaked him out again. So crazy spin fast and unexpected..still I managed to stay on??!!

This time he goes up and leaps to the side and just about comes crashing into the wall. I felt like this [Eek!] So I kept saying whoa, whoa, in a nice and even tone him to stop again and just as I was dismounting to rid him of that stupid lunge whip it came unattached. Poor guy was shaking and blowing up a storm. I felt horrible, so i just was patting him and crooning to him. Poor lil man very very very scarey ordeal. So after I calmed him down we went back to work where he was tense but not bad...and kept not wanting to go near that scarey corner. He was just a bit spooky for the rest of the ride and not to mention he went a bit unsound. Not a horrible unsound but ouchy...ugh. Again I still feel horrible.

So I just ended on a nice stretchy trot circle to the far side of the ring where he just let out a great sigh and trotted around...a bit unsound...and I quit on that. Gave him lots of treats, linament his legs, wrapped them and put him away. To say the least I didn't leave the barn till about home after 10pm Farrier is coming out tomorrow so i left him a long note asking about navicular problems etc etc. So hopefully he'll be able to figure out what's going on.

Hope everyone else had a better day than me lol!

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This is going to be a rather half-hearted update due to the fact that it's 3AM and I have to get up at 8ish...

Megan - I'm good at hide-and-seek. ;-D Actually, that's a lie, I really suck at it.. =p Pictuers of browband at bottom of page. Pfft! I need the 17.2! 16.3 is bearable, but not optimal. Haha! There must be something about Rick's and being good farriers... wait... are you SURE you live in Oregon?! Cause our weeks seem to be planned out rather similarly, plus, our farriers are both Rick. Creepy!

McKenzie - Ahh, that's why yours lasts so long... Mine was 2 hours a day 3 days a week, so mine only lasted a little over a month.

Dobby - Lost=The Best thing on the face of the earth. Along with Harry Potter, and Bubble Tea... and Horses, of course! My homepage on Safari (I have a mac! WOOT!) is Mugglenet. Hee! Plus, I'm a weekly subscriber to Not ONLY MuggleCast, but also The Lost Podcast With Jay and Jack. You should check 'em both out... wow.. I'm such an advertiser... -facepalm- Also, might I mention... Harry is a Horcrux. Period, End of Story =D My mom is making me Hufflepuff robes! Wow, I'm such a nerd. Ahh, I know how those rides go... Mine usually happen at shows though, at least you and Gayla have the decency to pick on each other at HOME! Sucks about only being able to ride Spectrum once a week though. =( I'm sure everything'll work out in the end!

Holly - It's nice to eat food that I don't have to ask everyone what it is before they tell me in english. I still can't find the link, I wonder if she took her website down... hmm... I'll talk to her next time I see her and see if she can give me the URL (If it's still up). We don't have grass... like... at all... and we can't use our lower paddocks because they're full of Tanzy Ragwort. So, here's what Google Maps has as the ariel of Shur'tugal (It was taken a while ago, it looks a bit different now):


It's not terrible, but it's deffinately only a starter property. One way to help keep grass, is to let it grow to over 3 inches and THEN let them eat on it. Also, once it reaches 3 inches, it starts gaining nutrients again. When it starts growing the spring, you shouldn't let your horses eat it for the first 6 inches, then mow, then let it grow to the 3, THEN let them graze. I know, it's hard, but the first 6 inches of grass in the spring is pure sugar, which is why horses tend to founder more in the spring. Oh the things you learn in 4-H... Also, remember where I live... My barn is built on a hill... and surrounded in trees, I know what you mean by hilly and treeie. =p I haven't made a video since January and I can't remember how I made it smaller... maybe check out WMM and see if there's any way that if you save it in a different format it'll be smaller? Even if your video isn't that long, if it's super high quality it may take up more "space" than you want it to, so try that and see if it works, it'll diminish the quality of your video, but it'll make it uploadable. Yay for good lessons! (I read the whole thing, I promise, but I read it before I opened up the reply and I don't really want to read it again for details. =p )

Lauren - Christie's making some swatches for us that's diagional stripes with Silver, Black, Blue, and Off-white/cremeish. We'll see how it looks (If the creme gets too washed out) and then make our final decision, or have some more swatches made. Eep! At least you have good glue! I'm not sure I would've been able to stay on something like that! I applaud you. =)

Inky was good today, I actually rode him! I need to go pick up some last minute stuff for our show this weekend, but the western saddle that my friend is selling me fits him really well and he goes really well in it, so we're all good for showing this weekend! Okay, now for some pictures. First off, Link to all my taiwan pics is here. Enjoy those. Some of them are a bit.. odd... Okay, here we go, there shouldn't be too many... OH! And the stall plates came! They turned out GREAT! So there's pics of them as well!


You know it has to be there... I love that dress. The belly pudge needs to go away though... although it's considerably smaller than a year ago.


Stef's browband! Oh god, I love how it turned out!


Eee! I just need screws to put them up, and then we're all good!

Also, watching Brad Pitt die on my TV at 3:30AM is not really my idea of fun... but hey, I love this movie! I'm just not looking forward to all the homework I have this weekend... I have to finish my book and write a paper about it, and I'm not even half way done! If course it's the LONGEST book I've chosen all year, expecting to have read more on the plane! GAH!

Oh well, I'm off to bed... Enjoy the pictures everyone! Hope everyone has a safe weekend, I probably won't be back on till Sunday Night or Monday morning.

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tag: cute pic. poor CK... hope he feels better soon.

boocoo: glad you got that figured out. Sounds like you guys are ready to go kick some butt! ooh, stretches and massage is good. fleck is starting stretches now too but i don't know about massage. i'm just worried i'm gonna make him sore, but i imagine it'll feel good??? hee hee. i know what you mean about a great lesson with a not so great part! good for you for not letting the bolt screw up the whole ride. good luck. can't wait to hear how it goes!!!

lauren: howdy fellow princess! ooooh, knights on sexy beasties!!! yummy! good luck at your interview and with the farrier! and thanks! i'm so excited about the lesson. i can't wait to get out there and do more. i'm really looking forward to the show on the 20th and then it's on to championships! then i'll probably school some more over the some and find some schooling shows to make the move up to training. but we'll see. ooooh, poor scotch. scary bags attached to you are frightening. poor baby! and that sucks that he's sore again??? maybe it's something that will resolve with a bit of time off? instead of being something bad... i hope it's nothing major! maybe it's more of the bridle lameness stuff too. good luck with him. he's sooo nice, it's a shame that he isn't feeling well. and glad you are okay too. what a perfect timing to be silly!

emily: oooh, your farm is pretty. yeah.. i guess i'm pretty much stuck here til we sell our athens property, then we'll put this place up for sale and start looking again. i'll try the WMM again. looked at it briefly last night but was getting a migraine and just gave up. great pics! that dress is gorgeous! you look sexy! and....pshaw, belly pudge.... it's sexy! guys like a little bit [smile] but i do really like that dress and you look great! and ooooh, such a pretty browband! i definately need to get fleck one!

oooh, so yeah.. migraine last night. ugh... one of these days soon i'll get around to calling for an appointment to see about drugs. cause last night sucked. but i slept from like midnight to 9, then went back to bed til 11. heehee. but i've got to work this weekend and only had 5 hours the night before. is taking it easy. i forgot to give fleck his stuff while he was still warm after his work out and of course his neck is sore today. argh... bad mommy! oh well. it's the left side again. i swear, his right side is fine. oh well. i also feel bad since i rode him so hard yesterday and didn't really do any support or anything like limament afterwards, cause i just didn't think about it. and wanted to ride kota. so i can't tell if he's generally sore today cause of that or the shot, or both. but...he gets today and the weekend off anyways. which oh.... my friend is selling me some stuff - event watch! ice boots! and... a stud kit. But i've never used studs before. not sure i need them, but when i move up to training i'm thinking i might. although it terrifies me to think of fleck with them. he's so clutzy as it is... what is ya'lls' opinion? if you've used them. i know most of us are dressage, but i know some of us do some eventing or did [smile]

thanks guys! have a great weekend. might or might not get back on here before monday!


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acckkkk. so i got home from work and thought...well, i just hop on the computer for a bit...yeah...bad idea. but good news!!! i figured out my videos'! i now officially have two of them posted on youtube! So i'll be posting a few more and then letting you guys know so you can go watch me and fleckers! some of them are funny. There is one from my first week of owning him at the horse show. It was training 1 and we were dead last...out of like 8!!! he was such a butt! but then our T4 test was better. so yeah.. and then some cross country. But... mostly what i'm hoping for is some of the recent dressage ones, so i can get some help [smile]

anyways, off to bed now! gonna regret this in the morning and during my 12 hour tomorrow!


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Well, I think Fessor is officially completely blind. The vet was out today for spring shots. Since she was vaccinating 30+ horses, I reminded her that Fessor is blind. I've been sure the right eye is completely blind since the winter. He didn't react to the single ray of sunlight on the ground or a flash photograph with flash reduction from the right side. And lately, I've noticed the right eye is starting to atrophy. Today, the vet mentioned that Fessor has a detached retina in the left eye. Oh, so THAT is what the round cloudy area is. I was wondering if he was developing a cateract. Since he didn't show any signs of being uncomfortable, I wasn't worried. With the uveitis, he can't really see anyway... I'm guessing that the detached retina means that he cannot see even light and dark out of the left eye either. It has been a few months since Fess has spooked at a flash of shadow, so I was wondering if he had any light/dark distinction remaining in the left eye.

I cannot decide if today is a "milestone" type of day or not. In a real sense, it's not. It doesn't change anything for us if Fess can sense light from dark or not. Except that he'll probably be less spooky if he no longer sees shadows. More than anything, it answers a question I've been curious about.

Otherwise, the rivers and creeks are flooded but the apartment and barn are dry. And the last couple days have been BEAUTIFUL after all the rain last week. Mom and Dad are in town until tomorrow morning, so we've been having an extended birthday celebration. My *actual* birthday is tomorrow, but we've been using it as an excuse to have fun the last couple of days. I have not been studying for finals as much as perhaps I should, but I'll have most of the day tomorrow for studying before my first final on Monday. Have a good weekend, all!


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dobby - Everything will eventually work out...easy for me to say, I know, but they will. Gayla has, and will continue to, make you a better and even more patient rider. Alibi has taught me those things too. There are rough days, and great ones, and when you have the great ones, they are SO rewarding.

Holly - Sure, I'll send you the link [big Grin] ! I am going to do 2nd-1 and 2nd-4 the Saturday, and on Sunday I will be doing 2nd-3, 2nd-4 and the Dressage Equitation class! I'm uber excited. Glad to hear you guys are improving, we ALL have those ruts and "bad spells". Sorry to hear about the pup, that's really hard [Frown] .

Tag - CK is so handsome. His weight looks good! So sorry to hear about the inury though, that's a bummer.

Boocoo - Thanks! I like driving now and cannot wait to get my licsense, but my assured me by the time I'm his age, it won't be!! Yay for good lessons, that's excellent.

Lauren - You're quite welcome. Thats a toughie with the job/farrier thing...maybe you could have a friend/trainer be there while the farrier is, and then give the farrier a call and talk things over. I'd want to be at the appointment too, lol, I guess it could go either way (can you tell I'm bad at decisions? haha). WOW, quite the ride! Funny how the timing works out, huh?? I swear, our horses plan these things half the time, lol. Glad you are okay!

Emily - Cool ariel view! And LOVE the browband, it's gorgeous! Nice stall plates too - who do you have make them?

Tracy - Happy Birthday! Even if/though Fess is completely blind, it's good he is not in any pain. You have done such a great job adjusting yourselves to his blindness.

I will check back later, but have to go to the barn and get things cleaned and organized for the big barn move tomorrow. Yikes!! Time goes crazy fast sometimes.

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Shelly - [ROTFL] poor Raz can't find the doorway properly.

Emily - glad to hear you made it home safe and sound. I'd be over stuffed at 7 courses but 12 [Eek!] LOVE that dress on you! That browband is gorgeous, along with some spiffy looking stall plates.

Holly/Petunia/Veruca - Aww poor pups. I'm sure everyone did their best. I gave up on youtube and just uploaded my videos to my photobucket account. Youtube freezes my Internet browser when I use it too, so I try to avoid it. But YAY videos!

Dobby - Hopefully the parents will come to their senses and realise they were being unfair. [Huggy]

Megan - Yay Babies! and Yay Vegas is feeling better after the chiro. Hehe hot shodding is an interesting experience, when their eyes get all big and panicky (is that even how you spell it, oh well).

Tag - Oh no! What a shame for you and CK, I hope he heals up quickly.

Boocoo - Eek tornado watch. Glad to hear things have finally settled down there with the crazy one.

Lauren - You busy busy girl! I'm sure you'll get the job at the tack store and you'll be great. Do they give employee discounts?? [Razz] Hope Scotch is feeling better. I'm glad you weren't hurt in Scotch's "moment", you did a good job staying on though!

Tracy - Happy Birthday! and I'm positive that you and Fess can deal with anything that comes your way! You've already proved that much.

Anyway an update, Lightning is learning to cruise hehe. In his unbalancedness he has trouble cruising, but now it *seems* I can hold the reins at the buckle and canter along with his nose on the ground and it's FUN just to sit and go [big Grin] Rode bareback again tee hee (seems like we do a lot of "serious" work ay?, but we do our fair share. it just makes me more confident knowing that I can still ride him like he's supposed to and not rely on a saddle). He's getting so much better and we can even cruise on the buckle, bareback [Yay] (Small minor accomplishment but what the heck). Then I rode Natski barbeack, a TB with a typical TB spine and withers and yep that one hurt [surrender] . THEN I rode Gus, he's been sitting in a paddock for 2 years and is FAT. He has no spine, it's disappeared so it's easy to just slide on off. Lightning is somewhere in between the two and I'm glad [big Grin]

Hope everyone that is showing does well, and everyone has a good weekend!

Edited because I can't spell..and there was another mistake but now I can't find it....

[ 04-28-2007, 08:54 PM: Message edited by: O- -O Lightning Strikes Twice O- -O ]

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Well Loco seems to have left the ranch next door. Or they have him in a barn stall. Either way, he has not been in the pasture.

Here are some pics my hubby took today out at the barn. I rode Beau out in the field behind the pastures after I longed him and he sure seemed to enjoy it out there. Need to do that more often. Hopefully it will quit raining, so it won't be muddy, so we can go out there.


In his pasture munching when we first got there.


Oh, there's Mom, I know she'll have a treat for me. Here I come!!


And longing before we went out to the field.

Didn't get any good riding ones.

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