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Dressage Chit Chat Thread! Volume 16!!

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Finally time for a little catch up!!

Luv, when is school out and have you moved back to Patty's yet?

Krazy, how is the breeding going and the farrier situation? Cool on the big water troughs. I have a 150 gallon rubber made one and they are expensive brand new.

Flecken and Krazy, ya'll can have all this rain. I have not been able to ride since last Wed!!!!

Lightning, temps dropping never do seem to help with the joints any, do they? How is your boy?

Kyalii, can't ride Beau in the rain right now. His feet are way to soft, not to mention, if the ground is slipping out from under him, he freaks out anyway!! [big Grin] He is a great big scardy cat!!! And don't ask how tough college can be! Just tell yourself, I can do it, I can do it!!

Vegas hope you are feeling better and happy birthday!

Spot, Pirates was very good. I actually liked it better than the first one and who can resist Orlando Bloom, even if I am old enough to be his mother!! Shhh!!! Glad to hear you had such an awesome weekend!!

Lightning, I think we could just put the Kayaks out in the yard and they would float!!!

Beckham, hope your dog is doing better. Wish I had horse property already, I would take Poet!!

Smithereens, I have no intentions of practicing rolling and if I ever roll out of that thing, it will probably be the last time I get in it!! [big Grin] Hope you are surviving your brutal lesson. I have had some of those myself, but certainly not lately! [Frown]

Took my truck in this a.m. Needed the rotors re-surfaced, ball joints and the steering box adjusted. Can you say ouch?!!! At least it's done and much safer to drive now. The arena only had a little water on it and today was gorgeous. Supposed to stay this way for a few days, so hope to be able to ride tomorrow or Thurs. I need to try him out and see if the Keratex is going to work, or do I need the shoer back out to pack his back feet before the show on the 9th.

That's it for me for now. Hope I have caught up with everyone!! [big Grin]

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Okay, so we really, Really, REALLY talk a lot...

Emily: Awww, Colby is such a cutie! I saw Xander's ad and it was really good...If I was more into driving and I had the facilities and I wasn't moving, blah, blah, blah,...I would buy him! The pictures of the show are great too - nothing's better than the feeling of doing so well at a ahow!

McKenzie: Yeah, everyone was sick, and my niece is still sick. I am still waiting for the presents in the mail, hopefully they come tomorrow! I love the book I got, it is sooo great! Woo hoo for such great rides on all the ponies, Ellie sounds like such a cutie. Ahhh, nothing like a new saddle that fits you and your horse...

LST: Thanks...we are going to start Vegas on Adeqaun, more on that below. Congrats! Two on one page...soon you'll be chatting away just like the rest of us!

Shelly: Please be undead, I need your advice! How will I ever make it to GP if I don't get your pearls of wisdom on leg yields and sports bras???? (oh gosh, I can't believe I drug that post into this one [Duh] ) Hee hee, thanks. Being sick on my birthday was definitely not fun, but it was still nice. I LOVE that book! I can't wait for the other stuff to come though! GAAA!!!! I am sooo not a gardener. I have a bit of a...shall we say - black thumb. I always hated it when Mom would make me work in her garden, but that's great that you love it! Ha ha, Razz was prolly like 'come on, give me some more, she works my butt all the time (that's why it's so pretty, but I'll never tell HER that!), it's time she gets a taste of her own medicine!!!' least that's what Vegas says when she's in shape [big Grin] OMG THAT"S A FLIPPING HUGE PARTY!!!! I had like ten at my party...good luck, I hope you have fun!

Tracy: Well, at least he feels better, even if he is confusing. Ha ha, forget pride, just do what you can to make a buck! I'm right there with you, except I lack the motivation to actually go LOOK for a job, I just wait until I am so broke I have to panhandle...

Beckham: Size 3? That's big... Good luck at the show and I hope Ozzy feels better!

Okay, so I am pretty much 100% again, which is nice, and the rest of the family is getting there. We are doing a belated party and going up to the restaurant for real this weekend.

We took Vegas to the vet today because she has been kinda lame...more of gimpy, and just not herself. We did a billion and a half flexion tests and longed for a while, and Dr Gerros (the world's best vet!!!) thought she was kinda off at one spot of the circle, so we went ahead and did xrays, and that revealed a little bit of periostic (sp?) reaction on that knee and fetlock that skidded on the ground during the accident. The joint itself is fine, but the cannon bone and the third meta tarsal or whatever is the one above the cannon baone has some calcium build up on it. There is also still a lot of soft tissue swelling. So right now it is a painful lameness, and we are trying to prevent that from becoming a functional lameness. So to do that Dr Gerros said to do LOTS of physical therapy with stretches on that whole leg and keeping the reange of motion good. He also said that we should start her on IM Adequan to help repair any cartilage damage that might be there. We are also going to do furacin sweats to try to bring down the soft tissue swelling. And lastly, we are going to use bute to help manage the pain. He also said to give a gram or two before heavy exercise - enough to provide pain relief, but not to hide real lameness. So all in all, it's just a hard injury to treat, and we're not really sure what will happen long term, though the prognosis does look good......Boy, I thought I had already buried these bones, but I guess I knew all along this could happen. It sure could be worse though.

Okay, can I just say I love my vet? Even when he really didn't see anything during flexion tests and longeing, he still listened to me when I said that she just wasn't herself. He explained everything to me without going over my head and without treating me like I am a total idiot. He did what was necessary and found a solution to a really hard problem...all while makinf jokes and telling good stories and treating me like another human being and a friend. He is amazing.

So Vegas has through Thursday off, then a dressage lesson Friday (my first with my H/J trainer), and if she handles that well, MAYBE we go to the jumper derby Saturday, but we'll pull out early after dressage if she is unsound....the show doesn't give refunds anyway.

On Thursday we are going to see the Lipizzaner show. We have really good seats, I am so excited!!

Okay, off to fix the AC in my car, it is supposed to be 90 tomorrow!

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acckkk! i'm like four pages behind... but i have a good excuse. work kicked my hiney!! i worked only 8 hours on friday, which was a relief, but 15 on saturday, 17.5 on sunday and 17.5 on monday. ugh.. didn't get home until 9:30 this am and slept til about 8 pm. totally wasted the day, and i've got to work tomorrow. and i've got the big show coming up, but... oh well. i wasn't going to be able to manage anything today other than sleep and veg out. so... i'll try this now [Wink]

lightning: good luck on your speech. hee hee. i used to get in trouble when i had dinner at my friend's cause we'd get the giggles. her mom would make her go eat in the bathroom. it sucked! and then her older sister would still try to get me to giggle. hee hee. oh man!!!! that would be an awesome clinic!!! wish money would come out of my horses butt!!! that's be worth shoveling up [Wink] congrats to your trainer. that was a good choice! and awesome about the great lesson, but bummer that he's lame. hopefully it's just his hocks and he'll feel better with injections. and hee hee. i also am a member of the "hasn't seen any of the POTC movies yet" club. i just am not as enthralled with johnny depp as everyone else, but i did hear they were good movies.

shantel: awesome!!! Hope layla takes. how exciting. and...yeah...farrier's are always tricky. i don't know what to tell yah. but...definately make sure you're happy. cause bad jobs can sure mess up a horse!! i'm so lucky. my guy is nice and cheap and does a great job and comes out quick... yay! that's awesome about being so close to the pro's at that show! makes you feel really good doesn't it! whoo hoo. and yep, i LOVE poplar place. it's gonna be fun next week. i'm hopefully going to get to ride more than just the show stuff and use the arena's while i can! man..i would love to board there! oooh, i love sketchers!! my downfall. there is a sketchers outlet somewhere that always has buy one pair, get one half off, so i always come home with atleast two pairs!

tracy: how's fess? silly roany is still the same. only this morning i thought i felt pulses. but after working all weekend i couldn't tell if it was my pulses or hers!!! so i gave her bute and she felt better. tomorrow i'm gonna hooftest and do some more searching. i really hope i didn't miss a mild founder. i'm gonna feel soooo bad. she just... we'll see. but i hope fess feels better. and i hear you on the baby envy. man... i keep getting on and looking at appy babies! and thank goodness the one was sold already cause i would have gone to drastic measures to get this one. but.. next year.. that's what i keep telling myself. glad fess is feeling better. although.. if it's a bruise and not an abscess, soaking might make it worse... soften up the feet and make that bruise more ouchy. maybe.. my brain is fried right now... but check with your vet! the good news is that he's better! oooh, good luck at your show! you guys will do great. and i bet you'll be ready sooner than you think!!! well, nevermind...sounds like he's happy as a clam now. yay! who know's!? but as long as he's better. argh.. what a mess. good luck sorting it all out and finding a job or a loan or whatnot!

shelly: thanks. yep, we'll just keep at it. i do think alot of it is habit, as does my trainer, so hopefully we'll transform that habit into the habit of having nice transitions [Wink] and yep, the prizes were fun! whoo hoo. i'm gonna get spoiled though and start to expect them from now on if she's not careful. and yeah.. i bet your' right about the saddle reconstruction. but you know what?! it was totally worth it. fleck seems to feel better. hope nothing else gets cancelled!! i'm sure you'll do great at the show. get video if you can! great pics! raz does look awesome in red!! and sweet. that's so cool about that pic. fleck likes to slide his i'll have to work on that. but i like how it didn't change anything else... just your leg moved! i'll try to keep it that nice and even and steady. okay... so when is the right time to half halt at the canter? when there head comes up? Or is there more to it than that?? )(isn't there another thread on this...i'll go look!). and wow.... lovely drawing. that's amazing! one of the girls at work might draw fleck for me, but she's sooo busy. but what a great picture!! oh no.....hard lesson and then planting.. no wonder your back is killing you. too bad we can't teach our horses to use the massagers on us... we could do them, then they could do us... [ROTFL] i wish!! oh my gosh and a party too! slow down woman!! hope all that crazyness doesn't lead to a migraine!! good luck with getting it all done.

boocoo: still raining? send it our way!! we got nothing.. and it doesn't look like there will be any anytime soon. on the other hand, the humidity is better! hopefully it'll stop for you so you can get some riding in. and...hmmm. i didn't mean to say don't put it on the sole... but someone told me not to put it on the frog or the coronary band. so i usually do the sole (minus frog) and walls. it's great stuff though. just don't spill the bottle! it's pricey stuff. but yeah.. hmmm maybe it's fine on the frog then? they should know what they are talking about huh?!

mckenzie; oh yeah... we'll all three be showing on the 9th. i'll be doing cross country that day, dressage on the 8th, and stadium on the 10th! we'll have to think happy thoughts for each other and hopefully we'll all come home with blues!! (although that's gonna be pushing it drastically for me. i'll be lucky if i come home with a ribbon, but secretly i'm telling myself... yes, it's championships, and yes these people are good, but... you're ready to move up and fleck is awesome, so just ride him and prove it!!! and i think in my mind... which is full of unicorns and puppies as we've discovered, that... i might just come home with a ribbon, despite there being about 40 people... i'm sure they'll split classes though). anyways, that was a really long ramble... good luck at your show!! what are you going to be riding again? 2-1 and 2-2?? oh duh! you just said it. cool!!! good luck! and whoo hoo. showing nugget too. man... he is just a hunka!! hope you feel better! and oooh, the mare sounds fun too. hee hee. boobies! awww, poor vegas. but wow, you do have an awesome vet. that's great that you guys found something to treat. hopefully it'll heal up and not be a problem. especially since you guys spotted it early and are treating it early, oooh the lipizanners! fun.

megan: good girl! way to go out there and do it. if there weren't any problems, i'd be worried! awww, megan...what a poopy way to spend your birthday. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!! hopefully you can still celebrate again. without the vomiting [Wink] oooh, stay back contagious one!! that's some pretty potent stuff you guys got going on. he ehee. glad to hear everyone is on the mend though.

emily: good gracious!! i can't keep your show schedule straight! that's a lot of horses and alot of shows! awww, xander's sooo cute. but why do they stand him like that? i know that's how it's done, but why? but he's a sexy beast!!oh wow!! congrats on those show scores. those are awesome! you should be proud. go inky and go ponies!!! and wow! great pics! inky looks sooo good. i love his neck! and awww, stef's baby is gorgeous. i love those dark grays! how neato.

lisa; congrats on graduating!! mmmm donuts and cupcakes!!! ugh... silly teachers! but...i think my college professors did the same things too on occasion. but...that was quite awhile ago.. well, not too long, but...well, sorta. jeepers, i must be getting old if i can't remember how long ago it was. wooo. fun riding the biggy horse! roany always felt tiny after riding fleck, but now fleck doesn't feel that big. and poor roany looks tiny on the ground now. course it doesn't help that she's starting to get a dip in her back..sigh. my poor ol' girl!

beckham: You stalker!! hee hee. just kidding. i did the same thing too. WELCOME! and yep, donuts are my weakness....well, anything sugary. i went and bought rock candy the other day. can you believe it?! at the feed store.. it brings back memories from stone mountain trips. anyways..sorry. yeah... yummy sugar!! awww, hope your doggy feels better. i'm a small animal vet so feel free to ask me any questions. hopefully you can get him feeling better. awww, sounds like poet is enjoying retirement. good luck at your show with winston. can i have pics please? oooh, glad you had a good holiday weekend! i hear you on the working holidays... but unfortunately... that's how it goes. ooh, i like planting too. haven't done much this year though. i steal flowers from my mom! cause she's got gorgeous gardens. oooh, good luck at your show.

wow! i'm caught up! whoo hoo.

so....not much news for me.... just worked all weekend. did have two fun surgeries. repaired a broken cat jaw, which was wayyyyy easy, and then did a GDV surgery. it started pretty wretched and i ALMOST threw the spleen across the room. it was my nemesis, but i defeated it and doggy did great! was actually up and walking only 4 hours after surgery, which was how long he was under anesthesia...stupid spleen. but so yeah.. it was a fun weekend. had a little kitten that pulled through and the owners were soooo nice and kept telling me how awesome i was, which was nice [Wink]

so.... i'm getting a little freaked about the horse show. and then... i'm sorta irritated! argh.. so i had a friend who was supposed to go school XC with me at the place where i'm showing. i know, i know.. i shouldn't have to, but.. it's championships, and... so yeah. well, she sorta talks me out of it cause she doesn't want to go cause they might go out of town and it's expensive with gas, etc. so... i didn't have anyone to go with, cause i'm not gonna go jump cross country by myself. duh! so... i end up having lunch with trainer and friends which was fun and had a lesson. well, today...she tells me that they didn't go out of town, and she did go schooling XC just to a different place?! what!?!?! she didn't even call me to see if i wanted to come. i'm sorta pissed. especially because now i'm freaking out again about not doing XC there. but...maybe it's better. i've got a XC lesson down the street on thursday.'s just it kinda pissed me off. oh well. but yeah.. i'm still freakin out.. about dressage too. oh well.

and then miss roany... she's breaking my heart. i just don't know. i'm gonna go try to figure out what's sore tomorrow am when i'm not mentally and phsyically exhausted, so cross your fingers.

anyways, guess that's it for me.


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(Insert little music note here and set following jingle to any tune that fits) Holly, Holly!! Defender of the innocent, Protector of the weak, Mender of the cat jaws, Defeater of the Evil Spleens!!!!! (Insert little music note here) Hahaha I was laughing when I read that, I'm glad you did not throw it across the room, it's always nice to have a spleen INSIDE you!!! Ha, yeah, so the party has for sure been rescheduled (minus the vomit), depending on whether I show Saturday and how hot it is...we Oregonians melt above 85 [big Grin] OMG I got tired just reading how much you worked, that is crazy! Kudos to you, and you deserve chocolate cake for that! Aw thanks, even though I want my pony to be healthy and happy, it is nice to know that I'm not crazy and that there is in fact something we need to fix, and that Dr Gerros actually has a plan for it. Oh poor Roany, hopefully you get it figured out whatever it is and she feels better soon!

AAAAHHHHHHH.....the AC in my car is fixed. I shall not roast tomorrow....Okay off to bed, I have to go to school tomorrow for the first time since Friday [Me Cry]

[ 05-30-2007, 02:01 AM: Message edited by: Vegas Sky ]

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LST - Keeping my fingers crossed the laminitis horse comes out okay! I like Stubbens too, it's impossible to wrong with them (assuming it correctly fits horse and rider [Razz] ).

Shelly - I really like them! I'm a sucker for plaid breeches, I've got a pair of plaid FS's (I LOVE FS's too) by Harry Hall, very nice. Yeah, I can hardly draw a decent CIRCLE. Not exaggerating either, unfortunately. Alibi is loving the jumping, however I have not done much of it myself so Carolyn, Nugget's owner, has been giving me advice/tips as she used to event. So that's been nice. Holy cow, AN HOUR AND A HALF!! I would've melted by the end of that with the heat we're currently having..what's the weather like in Mass. right now?? And wow, 150 flowers plus veggies, dang! You must be falling over exhausted right now!

Emily - Cute pictures!! It's so awesome when things like that happen, it seems like a small world sometimes, huh?!

Tracy - I am glad Fess is feeling better, but that is odd...I too am guessing it wasn't an abcess?! (Is Fess unsound at the canter on the lunge? You just mentioned walk/trot for lunging). Good luck finding a job, I am sure you will have no problems.

Beckham - So glad Ozzy is feeling better, that is wonderful!

Boocoo - School is out for me on June 22nd, however I won't be there the last day as I leave on the 22nd for first rec. show of the season. I haven't moved back to Patty's yet, but am planning on doing so within a week. Its of course good you got the truck in, but I am sure the bill won't be so fun. Keep us updated on Beau and his feet!

Megan - lol no kidding!! Ellie is a sweety, it's a good experience for me to ride her which I always appreciate. Riding other horses is fun, even the harder ones. Glad you are feeling back to normal, that's super. Sorry to hear about Vegas, I am sorry to hear that. It sounds like with more time and patience she'll be better. And having such a great vet can make the world of difference!!

Holly - Hehe, that makes 3 of us showing on the, me Shelly, and I want to say Boo too?! LOL we'll see about ribbons.... [big Grin] . I will be riding 2-1 and 2-3, I haven't done 2-3 before and am doing it at the recognized show in June later on, so I figured I better try it once at a schooling show. No better place! Hehe Nugget sure is handsome, he is just such a great pony, I don't think I will ever get over it. Hah that **** post was a HOOT. Congrats on the successfull surgery, that's great!!

Whew. I think I am caught's like in the mid 80's and I was like sweating going from the school to the parking lot...not even kidding. So I am riding in the indoor today (Carolyn is taking Nuggy and Ellie to Patty's, as she only has an outdoor). I am going to be super hot and sweaty after this.

I have to go get changed and eat in 10 minutes, so I will check back tonight.

Take care all! (And please excuse the numerous spelling errors I am sure are in this post due to my rather rushed typing...).

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Flecken, yeah, the bottle says right on it to put it on the soles and frogs, just not the coronary band.

Luv, are you in a year round school then?

Rode Beau today. He was better than last time, but still very resistant in the transitions. He does this little crow hop thing and he has never done that before. But it was better than the last time, if a crow hop can be better. I just worked on a huge circle and did walk/trot/walk/trot transitions, then trot/canter/trot/canter transitions. He does better the more I do, but still not like he is normal. However, the last few times I rode him, I only got to ride him once, then we had rain for a week, then ride him once, then rain again for a week, so I am hoping to be able to ride him for a few days in a row now and see if there is any improvement. I decided to change my tests for the schooling show from First one & two to Training 3 & 4, that way I can stay in rising trot and not be sitting on his back right now, since I have not been able to ride him and today he was worse when I attempted to sit the trot. So we will just do some training level, then work on getting his feet back the rest of this summer and do first level this fall. I should still be able to get 3 or 4 shows in this fall at first level before the season is over for winter. Plus this new shoer will have shod him 3 times by Sept. and the ground should dry out, which will help a lot.

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Eh, too lazy to update on everyone but, lets see what I can remember:

Megan - How hot did it get in Oregon today?! It was NINETY SEVEN when I got in my car after school! I thought I was going to die!

McKenzie - Yeah, there are going to be days when I miss my outdoor when we finally get it covered... [Frown] Ah, well, more days than not I won't be. And it's totally a small world, I mean, just think of what happened with us! We were in the same ROW at Championships and met HERE! Creepy, no?

...Okay... that's about all I got... OH!

Holly - No throwing spleens!

Going to ride the ponies in an hour or so... I really just want it to be cooler when I go ride. Riding in 97 degree heat is not fun. [Frown] I'll update more compleatly later.

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McKenzie: I love to ride all the horses I can!!! It's so good for you as a rider too, to take the theoretical principles and learn how to adapt them to each horse! Heehee, I love my circuit saddles, I ride in the close contact one a lot since it is my only good one, but I have a pretty nice and well fitting dressage saddle that I use for schooling, and my circuit dressage saddle stays in its case in the garage! Though I think I will use it for my dressage lesson Friday since I have to ride in it for the show Saturday....Yeah it's kinda pooey that Vegas is hurting, but I'm glad that we took care of it now, only 11 weeks after the accident, instead of a year or two later, when there would be nothing we could do about it. But it's encouraging that we are already planning what to do for her when she is in heavy exercise - at least we will be able to do heavy exercise again!....completely random question: is it as hot in your area as it is here? We hit 90 in the Willamette Valley today!

Boocoo: Yay for the weather break! Sounds like you need the heat wave we're having! Seems like you have a good plan all made out for Beau. His hooves will get there, it just takes time. But at least he is feeling better! Oh, and there are most definitely varying degrees of crow hops and bucks! I could give you a 30 min presentation complete with pictures (maybe even a power point) from all the experience I have with those suckers!!!

Okay, so even though it sucks having a gimpy horse, it's a bit of a relief that I don't have to ride her, because it is sooo hot!!! And since I have to wash off the furacin from last night anyway, I think I will just make a complete bath out of it!

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Just popping in to say hi!

Have lots of news...the good and bad. But more good than bad. Will update later on what occured over the week! Though I have to tell this story. I was up north (where my hometown is and my original dressage/event trainer) barn managing while she went up to Mass to take lessons w/ her trainer (Kathy C.). So I had to foal watch as well. We have a mare that was overdue a day so far. Well she wasn't waxed up and was very comfortable. So outside she went...she gets a bit upset if she is coped up inside (plus trainer said to put her out). So anyways I went inside to just close my eyes for just a lil bit. Well went back out and went AHHH as I walked out the door to see a that she already foaled! So she had a healthy, dark bay colt! He was already standing, nursing, and even starting to explore! I was like good grief I shut my eyes for ooo an hour and find a foal! Momma was doing great and very coopertive w/ me dipping the umbical cord w/ iodine. And it was a slow trip up to the he still was getting the feel of his earth bound legs. LoL. He has a gorgeous face w/ expressive ears. Will have to get pics up! But that was just one part of my adventure...

On another note:

Scotch is off to the vet clinic tomorrow AM. Bright and early...we are doing the long lameness exam. So its flexing, me riding, blocking, riding, blocking, riding, etc etc. (until we see where the problem is) And possibly more things pending on what vet sees.

So keep your fingers crossed that the unsolved issues will be resolved!

Hope everyone had a great weekend

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I did read all the posts since my last one, but it's late and as usual I should be doing HW and in bed before too long....buuuttttt I just wanted to wish Lauren good luck at the vets tomorrow, and that I am so happy the foal was born safely and is healthy! That is wonderful news.

G'night everyone!

[smiley Wavey]

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Tracy - I'm glad Fess is feeling better, what a mystery! What a bummer, I don't know how the whole credits thing works, but it stinks that you have to scrap the Summer classes. Money is money wherever it comes from.

Beckham - Yep we send him to the vet (the clinic is all of 5 minutes down the road) They get a guy from Sydney University to come and do the more specialised things like joint injections and give a second opinion on tougher cases. He comes every 2 weeks, since it's a bit of a hike for him. We drop Lightning off in the morning, pick him up in the afternoon.

Boocoo - Lightning is feeling painfree lol, thankyou for asking. He's happy as long as he gets his drugs [Wink] I love kayaking,Reminds me of those people you always see on the news that have been flooded and are in their boats floating up the main street [Crazy] Looks like fun..except for all the water where it's not supposed to be. Then again I live on a mountain/hill so if it floods up here we have a BIG problem. Ouch alright that's alot of work for one little truck. Hope the weather satys good for you!

Megan - Poor Vegas. Although, considering the nature of the accident it could probably be expected that something would pop up. I'm sure she will recover. She's pretty, but she's a toughie. Ooh how exciting! I'm sure you'll have a ball at the show, and good seats too!

Holly - [Eek!] I don't know how you do it girl. Those are some long hours. You'll be happy to know I made it through the speech safely, and got 23 out of 30, which is pretty good, second in the class. We had to make a presentation to go along with it. I spiced the presentation up a little with little caterpillars in army gear, pointing out various things (couldn't find a moth so it had to be a caterpillar). They were a hit [Crazy] and I owe it to you and your wonderful imagination [Not Worthy] Good job with wrangling that wild spleen! You'll be great at the show! Just relax (coming from she who doesn't show [Razz] )Hopefully Roany feels better soon.

McKenzie - Hope you had fun in the indoor!

Emily - Riding in the heat is no fun. That's the only thing I like about winter, it's cool so everyone is more active.

Lauren - Wow, lol, yay! Babies! Pictures, we need pictures. Sounds like you had a lot going on, hope the good is really good and the bad is not so bad. My fingers are crossed for the vets. In fact I'll cross everything else too. You and Scotch deserve to have this resolved.

[ 05-31-2007, 05:31 AM: Message edited by: O- -O Lightning Strikes Twice O- -O ]

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Lauren: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Isn't it great to see the new babies?!?! It's too bad that you didn't get to see him born, but it sounds like Mama had it all under control!! Good luck at the vet today, hopefully you can figure out what the heck is going on with him! Geez, sounds like it is going to be a looonnng exam too - I thought Vegas's was bad at two hours, and that included xrays! Seriously though, I hope that it's nothing serious and that you can find a good treatment plan for it. [Huggy]

LST: Thanks, it was an incredibly complicated injury. Not only did the joint suffer a lot of blunt trauma, but the soft tissue was taken off (and left on the road) effectively making it an open joint injury, and those are nasty. Fortunately though, she has recovered very well thus far, and aside from the calcification of the bones and the need for adequan, she should go on to lead a perfectly happy and comfortable life doing dressage and eventing! Like I said though, she is pretty lucky to even be alive, so I'm happy with that fact too.

Okay, it's going to be hot again today, so I am going to longe my pony now before it reaches Broil...if she is sound on the longe then we can go to our lesson tomorrow! Oh and Lippizaners tonight! Lippizaners tonight! Lippizaners tonight! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!

[ 05-31-2007, 10:59 AM: Message edited by: Vegas Sky ]

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megan: I LOVE IT!!! hee hee. it's awesome. i was dancing in my seat. hee hee. and actually, the dog did lose it's spleen, but i didn't throw it... i placed it nicely in a container. but they don't really need their spleens anyways. it's all good. have fun at your re-party!

mckenzie: hee hee. no plaid breeches for me. spots and plaid clash!! holycrud! you don't get out of school til june 22nd? when do you go back? whoo hoo. we'll all have to have a big ribbon fest when we get back!

boocoo: cool! i'll have to start putting it on the frog. actaully i think i had been, but a friend told me not too....but suppose she doesn't know all! poor beau... and poor you. how frustrating. but... you are being a good mommy and you guys will do great at T3 and T4 and be super ready mentally and phsyically as well as capability wise for first level when he's all fixed up.

emily: ugh... it's only getting up to high 80's today, but its' starting to get muggy finally. ugh... i don't like it. and today was smoky too. stay cool!

lauren: whoo hoo. i love babies!! mares do it on purpose, you know that! ooooh, thinking happy thoughts for scotch pony right now!!!! happy happy happy thoughts. let us know. good luck!

lightning: whoo hoo. way to go on your speech. hee hee. that's awesome!!! army caterpillars! sweet!!! i had plastic ants crawling all over my bug collection box. thanks! roany does seem to be feeling better. i'm thinking again it's an abscess that is just taking it's dear sweet time to get up to and out of the coronary band. poor baby girl. glad lightning is feeling better!!

so speaking of hot!!, it's been the first muggy hot day. and it's not even that hot yet. i had a cross country lesson which was great. didn't do much big stuff, but lots of terrain and trappy stuff. and fleck was awesome. he even saved my butt at one of the ditches, so it's soooo not even an issue anymore. i'm so excited. and the banks are fine now too. so whoo hoo. if i can just not psyche myself out we'll be fine. i just gotta tell myself that it looks FUN not terrifying and i just paid all that money just to go play! but afterwards, he got a rinse off and some liniment, and then i came home and jumped in my pool! apparently i had a little froggy friend by my head on the raft the entire time [smile] hee hee. so now i'm off to grocery shop. going to get a dressage lesson tomorrow am, then it's work fri pm, sat, and sun all over again. i'm soooo sick of that place! i snapped at one of the techs last night cause i was just so grumpy.'s so sad. that little tiny kitten i worked all weekend on... finally got it looking great, and we sent it home monday afternoon. well it did great til wed am when it stopped eating. but their vet was closed, so they waited til we opened and the poor thing died! i'm sooo bummed. poor little kitty poo.

but i did save a jackie russel who's tail tip got bit off by a rottie. we fixed her up, and i had another happy ending, so... it wasn't too bad. i'm just not looking forward to working again so soon. i need my recover time. so... gonna grocery shop and then relax tonight. get to bed early. maybe even take a nap tomorrow before work, but instead i might ride kota again after my lesson. we'll see. he's just fun.

anwyays, have a great day. hope it cools off for some, warms up for others, dries up for others, and rains for others!

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Hey everyone. I will update first, then come back later this evening and reply to many, many people. This is going to be a mind-blowing update, for me at least. Smithereens particularly should read it! [Wink]

First off, thank you everyone. My confirmation at my synagogue went really, really went. My speech went smoothly although I was shaking like crazy. My confirmation and the Secret Service the night before were very touching, very moving, and unforgettable. I was even awarded this very special award I have never heard of before. It is named after a previous rabbi, and was created 7 years ago if I am not mistaken, and yet to be awarded to anyone. [Eek!] And here I was, recieving it. I was totally shell-shocked beyond belief.

In terms of riding, I was away from Friday through Monday evening so I didn't ride Gayla in what felt like FOREVER, although it wasn't. Just 11 days *gasps for breath* Gayla withdrawal! Now for the news that Smithereens will loovvveee [Wink] . This past Tuesday, a Spectrum day, I went down to the covered ring to get a crop. Gayla was being ridden by the Other Rider, who I really respect, and it was the first time I've seen them together. They looked REALLY good together. But guess what they were riding in? A Dressage Saddle! My trainer suggested that we do this to help my leg and also because,I think but don't have confirmation, she thinks its time to put Gayla in a dressage saddle! It was SUCH a coincidence because I was going to ask her that exact day whether we could try a dressage saddle. *magical music*.

Back to Spectrum, well, Tuesday didn't go so well. He was SUPER speedy in the outdoor ring (all along, no cellphone [Duh] ) no matter what I did and it was very frustrating. Finally I am getting him to trot around somewhat nicely but evenly at least. We are heading into a corner, and my eyes are up (for once) and off looking around to the longside already. WHA-BAM! Shoves off to left into a crazy, crow-hopping, spinning canter (literally, barrel racers should have gotten a handle on this pony. Those circles were nuts). I'm totally fine until he starts to go nuts on a half-inch meter circle. That is when I somehow ended up with no stirrups, twisted reins, oh and both legs were on one side of the saddle. Picture it. It was funny. It all happened so fast, but I did manage to think that maybe I should let go, but all the sudden I was able to bring him to a halt. The poor baby! He was huffing, puffing, and spooking at that corner. I'm sure he was stung by a bee. I got him down to a walk, dismounted and went and had a good ride up in the covered arena. On Thursday, today I had permission to ride both ponies! Riding Gayla in a dressage saddle was amazing. Crazy and a bit confusing, but the response to my seat, position, everything is crazy. I lost my right stirrup a few times (and poor Gayla absolutely hates that and skitters and tosses her head when you do) and my left while cantering. But I was able to regain them at the canter. We had a relatively nice trot, very nice walk, and some points at the canter where she felt solid and good. If it isn't too hot tomorrow, then my lesson on Gayla will still be on and I cannot wait! I would love to learn how to ride in a Dressage saddle. I last rode in a dressage saddle in September, and that was for about three times, walk and trot. I was very happy with us today! I hopped on Spectrum too today, and for 25 minutes got to work on my position, and how to adjust his trot. I can't believe that we haven't had a lesson together since mid-March.

Now for the drumrollllsss! Guess who is going EVENTING?! Okay, so its only a starter trail, and only Elementary Rider, but heck, I'm bouncing off the walls. A friend who is going and I were wistfully joking around on Wednesday about if I could event with her on June 10th. Then we realized there was trailer space thing I know, I've got permission from my trainer and sorta-permission from my mom! [big Grin] It took alot of manuvering (the mom part that is) but it is golden because this afternoon I cleared up Spectrum's behavior at horse-y off-site events for my mom, so it is a go ahead! Even better, listen to this: I was going to pay for but I reminded my mom this afternoon (er, early evening), that I never got a birthday present! It's like everything was rolling in my favor with this. I'm SUPER nervous and excited at the same time. I don't expect to go there to be super-star-compete-for-life-rider---this is my first show after all, so I'm going to learn the ropes and have fun.

*exhale* Whew. If you read that, congrats. I couldn't help it. I'm bursting at the seams!

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Ok I know I won't be able to catch up on everyone but I'll try my best.

Beckham- Glad to see you back and around

Boocoo- ooo I want to see POTC! Long I heard. And of course who could resist Orlando Bloom *melts* I hope that Beau is moving better for you. When is your show? Though I did see Spiderman 3 and Shrek 3...loved both of them!

Holly- Why are you freaking? Don't you'll do great!!! When is it? Ooo glad to hear the XC went well. I'm totally jealous! I hope Roany is doing better! [Frown] Have a great dressage lesson! awh you're like the saving animal princess. haha frog hanging out w/ you in the pool. tht's pretty funny!

McKenzie- It sounds like you've been busy! Hope the move goes well for you! You're show is coming up really soon huh?! What classes are you showing in? Riding other horses is lots of fun. That's what I did this past week.

LTS- Thanks!! I think the crossing of everything helped. It's better news than I expected. How's everything going for you??? I'll get pics probably in week or so. The baby is sooo cute!

Megan- Awh gimpy ponies. I know how that rolls. and thanks! I've done foal watching for a few years now. I've only had 2 mares actually foal while I was there. And I've also seen/pulled some calves while being born. Interesting experience let me tell you. And it was a LONG freakin exam. I was there from 8:30am to 12:30pm!! Very long and HOT! Poor Scotch was pretty hot after the exam so we got a good hosing down.

dobby- YAY for riding in dressage saddles. That's super that it put you in a better position. I used to compete at 2nd level in my XC saddle. LoL...getting my leg back for trot halfpass w/ a huge thigh block was an adventure! Then I finally bought a dressage saddle last June. You'll see such an improvement in everything overall! and that's great you had such good rides on both of the ponies! and I'm soooo excited for you and that you'll be able to event! it's wicked fun! Can't wait to hear how it goes...when is it? You'll have such a blast. and CONGRATS for the award! that's great!

Shelly-Awh Razzle! great pics! Glad to hear your clinic went so well! And that's all I can remember at this point! AHHH

Emily- awseome pis of inky. That's great that your show went rain ick!

Ok so sorry for any that i've missed.

So sort of good news!

After a very very long exam at the vet...we believed we located the problem. She blocked his front left pastern and then we lunged him and he was sound...and then I rode him and he was still sound. But he was also sore in his right hock in the very beginning...but he actually worked better on it as time went on. So it might of been just stiffness...but nothing too major. So anyways we then did an ultrasound on his pastern. She did a freeze of ligament ( I can't recall the name to save my soul but there are two on the back of the pastern.) and then measured it and did some other wacky thing. So that ligament was in the normal range of a centimeter (or maybe its a diameter...something like that!) then she ultrasound the other side and went oh...this looks a bit bigger. So she measured it and found that it was 1.5 which means its enlarged and probably enflamed. Sooooo diagnosis and prescribed...Stall rest for a MONTH! Ohhh man he's going to be so mad at me! He has to be on bute 2x a day for 7 days then 1x for a week. She's coming back in 3weeks to re-ultrasound and x-ray just in case. So bascially our summer is shot. Oh well I'm just so happy that we were able to find the problem and hopefully have this resolved. Wow. so props to ya'll if you read this through.

So this past week I was able to sit on at least 4-5 horses while my trainer was away. It was so nice to be able to do that again. I really missed it riding that many. Before she left she taught me on the Prelim mare. Ooo I had a blast. Did some trot halfpass counter canter work, travers, renvers, shoulder in. I haven't done the upper level lateral work since Jade! Scotch isn't quite there...I've started travers on him...but that was just an intro. Then I jumped her...oman it was pretty horrid on my behalf as I haven't jumped more than one fence in over 5 months! It took a few fences for me to actually get back into the feel of things. But it was fun! Then I might be showing one of Janet's babies at a Rec. dressage show at the end of June if this other ride doesn't pan out. Alright i'm done yipping and yapping.

Hope everyone else had a great day!!!

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Boocoo - I am in school from early September (the first week), and then get out mid-late June...we had a lot of cancelled days due to power outages amongst other problems, so that added on a few days. Plus we have breaks throughout the year, winter break, mid winte break, spring break, etc. Sounds like Beau needs some more time...seems like a good decision to just do the T-level tests, and like you said you'll have other chances throughout the summer to do your 1st level tests, which I know you'll do super with [big Grin]

Emily - Outdoors are nice, but you're right, living in Western WA you'll REALLY appreciate your indoor!! And yeah, the world IS small...I still cannot believe we were in the same row [Razz]

Megan - Riding other horses really is helpful and such a good experience. Good thing you are such a good mommy to Vegas, she obviously gets excellent care [smile] . Yesterday here in Olympia, WA our high was 87/88 degrees!

LST - Thanks! I did...even though I really enjoy riding outdoors, it was just too hot to do so!

Holly - LOL yeah, spots and plaid probably don't mesh too great, some Appys can pull it off, but on Fleck...hmmmm [Razz] . We don't go back to school until the 1st week in September. Sounds like a fun lesson, I've never jumped cross country but it looks like SO much fun!! Hope you have a fantastic dressage lesson tomorrow.

dobby - Congrats on your synagogue speech, I knew you'd do great [big Grin] . You obvioulsy did fantastic, that must've been amazing recieving such a special award, WTG!! Sounds like poor Spec did get bitten by a bee, ouch! Dressage saddles really can make a world of difference, keep us updated. I know you'll do just fine at your first show, there's a first everything, so go for it and try and relax (easier said than done, I know!!). I'm so excited for you!

Lauren - I feel really busy, this weekend is going to be crazy. I am just taking Nugget to an Open show this weekend, but we cannot compete as Juniors cannot ride Stallions [Frown] . However the experience is what we are going for, so it's fine. Next weekend, June 9th, I am taking Nugget and Teddy to a dressage schooling show. I am competing Nugget at Intro A and B, and Teddy at Second 1 and 3. Sounds like a very intensive check up, though that is good. Hoping you've found the root of the problem and after the stall rest and such I am sure he'll be raring to go!! Ohhhh fun, so glad you were able to do more upper level stuff AND jump!!

So Patty couldn't take Teddy back to her place, and I am not sure if his owner is taking him or not. I asked her to call me tonight to give me an update, so we'll see. I just went out to the barn today to groom Ted and give him a full body bath which he definitely enjoyed - he drank water out of the hose, too, lol.

[smiley Wavey]

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3day, so glad you have found the problem with Scotch. A month will go fast and then he will be back good as new.

luv, you must have missed a lot of days if you have to go all the way to the 22nd!!

So, back to my problem with Beau. I gave him butte yesterday when I was done riding and again today and he is still being a stinker when I ask for the transitions today. Not so bad at the trot today, but worse at the canter again. I quite sitting altogether and squeezed him into a canter finally, both ways and after that he trotted fine, came on the bit nicely and we ended with a nice stretchy trot. Since he has never done this refusal, crow hopping thing before and I know he is not sore anywhere, he's had his teeth done and his feet are on their way back, I have to wonder if he has just learned to do this? It is not violent like it was before he went to the Vet. and had his feet done. Almost like he's testing me and I just encourage him forward and to do the right thing. You absolutely can not get into a power trip with Beau. If you spank him hard he looses it. So you have to encourage him with a lot of pateince to do the right thing, which he eventually did. It was better than yesterday, but since he was on a good dose of butte, I know he was not sore and I have been treating his hooves and they don't seem as soft on the back heels now and he doesn't flinch when I push on them. After my ride today I had a serious talk with him and told him we are going to that show and we will do Training level and he will perform!!! He also appears very relaxed before and after I ride him and doesn't really tense up when he resists. Once I have the canter it is quite nice. So he has to be thinking he can do this now. Although I am not letting him get away with it and today was better than yesterday. I am going to ride him again tomorrow and see how he does. I did not give him anymore butte.

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Holly: Well, I suppose that if a dog has to lose his spleen, it's better that it happens because Dr Holly purposefully removed it and carefully placed it in the Designated Spleen Receptacle, and not because Dr Holly was mad at it because it was in the way so she just threw it across the room! [big Grin] But aww poor kitty, that's too bad...UGGHHH!!!! HEAT SUCKS!!! It was hot today, but I got my work outside done early so I got to spend the rest of my day in my air conditioned car! Wow, that's a lot of work, you're amazing. I would have quit after three days....

LST: Wow, sounds like you had a great confirmation! I remember when I did my baptism (I don't know much about your faith, but I think that would be the equivalent) and it was one of the most memorable days of my life, definitely in good ways! OOOOHHHHdressage saddle! See? Things have a way of working out when they need to! Oh you are going to love showing, it's addicting!! Good luck!

Lauren: Haha, this was my first year doing foalwatch, and I was lucky enough to see a birth - at 9:30 in the morning!! Yeah gimpy pomies are no good, but at least you know what it is, and at least it is something treatable. Yeah, he will have a month with no work, but hopefully he can go back to work with no lasting effects. IMO that't better than a horse that's navicular or ringbone, so there's nothing you can do so no need to give them time off but they will be lame for the rest of their life. Haha, Vegas was sweaty after the longeing, then we sedated her for the xrays, which was a rompin/torp cocktail, which always makes them sweat (and twitch [big Grin] ) so she was rather wet by the time we were done!

McKenzie: Excellent care for Vegas is the understatement of the year! That horse's feed is more per month than my grocery bill, not to mention supplements, tack, lessons, VET BILLS!!!!

Good grief there sure are a lot of those! But yeah, I love her, and I know her really well, so I can tell when the slightest thing is wrong, the hard part is knowing when and when to not call the vet, so I always err on the side of caution. Ugh, yeah you have our same heat wave. Olympia? My mom's sister is your neighbor then, she lives just outside the city. A very pretty place, and a lot like Oregon!

Boocoo: Hmm, sounds like maybe Beau has learned a trick to get out of work!

So, we went to see the Lippizaners tonight and they were FABULOUS!!! If you ever have a chance to go see them, DO! I got a lot of good pics, I will post them on a new thread later.

So I longed Vegas today and she looked great! I gave her bute Tuesday night, so there shouldn't have been any in her system when we longed this morning, so that's encouraging. I am taking her to my lesson tomorrow, and I am way excited to start working on dressage with Tracy! If that goes well, I will be on for the show Saturday.

I went to my favorite tack shop in Portland today and I got the medical armband for USEA since they are the only place that has them...while I was there I found KILLER deals on winter breeches for school next year! I got a pair of fleece lined Kerrits for $25, and a pair of lined and wind/waterproof Irideons for school next year. I also got a nice zip-up black sweatshirt that has embroidered on the left chest X HALT SALUTE - it's really nice. I also got a lovely stock pin for my new tie - if anyone knows how to work the pre-tied ones please impart the wisdom.

OH! Birthday presents came!!! I got what I asked for - The dressage coat and white full seats for show, plus a nice short-sleeved competition shirt and some white show gloves. All exactly what I asked for - good job parents! They also threw in another surprise for me: a set of heavy metal step-in dressage letters! Now I have letters for my arena! It is just the short set, but that is fine because my arena is not long enough for a standard arena!

So yeah, have a good night everyone, I am off to bed for chemistry in the morning!

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Boocoo - No kidding!! Sounds like Beau is being rather testy, keep us updated.

Megan - LOL! Vet bills, ick, not fun...but usually inevitable when it comes to horses!! I like Olympia, and Oregon, too. My mom wants to eventually retire there, though she still has a significant amount of time until she can, so who knows what'll happen between now and then. It is a nice area though, we go skiing in Bend every year. Glad Vegas is looking good, that's excellent! Hope you have a super lesson and are able to attend the show, that'd be fun. Jeez, you sure did get some REALLY good deals!! $25 for Kerrits breeches is like unheard of [shocked] Ohhhh, nice, good Birthday presents too, that's awesome. It'll be nice to get your letters up to I imagine for your arena. I need to get a pretied stock tie too, before my first recognized show...I SUCK at doing them myself, and would rather just have a pretied in case I can't get someone to do it for me.

I am supposed to be ready to go to school in like 7 minutes, so gotta go!

[smiley Wavey]

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Catching up.. again. I am just too busy during the week. Going to the middle of Page 5!

Shelly, Awesome pics. Even if they are just warming up. And I love the drawing! Its really good!

Spots, OMG if that is not the cutest mini Ive ever seen! I want to fold him up and put him in my pocket!

Shelly, I spoke to my friend about the farrier situation. She agrees with me. But we are going to watch their feet and see what happens over the weeks. If the cracks in Bens feet go away and are hardly there after one trim, we are def switching. I really liked what he did with Layla too. So we'll see.

Kya, the Xrays are graded on the clarity and quality of the xrays. You should have a thin black line between each tooth (area where the floss goes in) so the dentist can easily see the entire tooth and determine if there is a cavity or something more serious. Also, there are supposed to be certain teeth grouped together in each films (3 molars together, 2 premolars together, canines alone, lateral and central incisors (front teeth) together) so its also graded on your ability to properly align the teeth and center them on the film. [smile] Thats awesome you got to ride your trainers horse! When I was a working student, that was part of my perks. I got to ride the two 18hh warmbloods and omg that was SO much fun. Heres a pic of me on teh 6 y/o 18+ h Westphalian, Paradise AKA Red Horse. I actually make him look like 16h haha but he was all of 18h and probably 18.2


And I cant wait to go see Pirates 3!!! DYING!!

Megan, Happy Belated Bday!!

Tracy, awesome to hear Fessor is feeling better! Good luck at the show!

Spots, WTG at the show! Thats so great! Any pictures? Opps just saw them! You both look great!

Beck, arent kittens the best! [big Grin]

Boo, so far so good. Everything looked good when the vet was out. About another 10 days to find out if she took. Friend and I both agree we prefer new farrier so will probably just switch and if old farrier calls say it just works better in our situation with the new farrier. And the water troughs are awesome. They are the big ones too the Rubbermaid ones. So nice! And it seems the rain is FINALLY coming. Theres a big tropical depression and its moving up from South Florida so we SHOULD have rain tonight and tomorrow. PLEASEEEEEEE!!! I hear ya on the truck too. I just had to take mine in and get the ball joint replaced and the carpet replaced. Luckily they were both covered by warrenty. But I also had to get a fuel system flush/cleaner and that wasnt. I still need the breaks done.. and the rotors turned.. if theres enough to even do it. They look pretty bad.

Megan, Hope Vegas feels better soon! The Adaquan really does wonders. Layla was NQR and flexed a 2 out of 5 last fall on her RH. We did 7 shots of Adaquan and WOW. Totally different horse!

Holly, thats total BS about the XC schooling. Is your friend showing against you at the show? I would hope she wasnt trying to just get one up on you. And dont be worried. You and Fleck are AWESOME and will be fine!

luv, Mid 80s?! Welcome to spring in Florida! Hope you have fun riding Nugget!

3day, AWW to the baby! (PICS!) and Aww to poor Scotch. I hope you get this all figured out soon!

dobby, wow! What an honor to receive that award! Esp since no one has received it before! Thats quite an accomplishment! My moms boss is Jewish and we have gone to both of their childrens confirmnation and wow. I couldnt learn Hebrew! WTG!

3Day, glad to hear you were able to target the problem area. Hope he heals quickly!

Megan, I love good deals at the tack stores. I try to avoid them as much as possible though b/c Id go broke!

WHEW. Caught up again.

As for me, the dentist FINALLY came (see post for info and pics). So thats good.

But if anyone remembers how I got that infection in my nose and then on my chin? Well I got another spot on my right upper thigh so we couldnt figure out where it came from and after the antibiotics they all healed. Well Sunday night I had a TINNNNNNNY little bump just to the inside of my bikini line. Didnt think anything of it. While riding Monday, I notice that its kinda sore. By Tuesday, a little more sore but not too bad. Wednesday, a lot more sore. I couldnt bend over to pick anything up b/c it put too much pressure on it. Wednesday night on my way to class I almost threw up b/c it was hurting so bad. By 10pm I couldnt take it anymore and went home early.

So I wake up Thursday and its hurting REALLY bad. I cant bend over and barely walk. So I get in with my Dr at 4pm. So that means I had to leave work early by 15 mins. Normally I only work until 230 on Thursday but offered to stay later since one person is on vacation. Well everyone knew how much pain I was in, but here comes my Assistant Manager and says "Well I dont know if its in the best interest of the bank for you to leave before 4. I dont think its fair to our customers to only have one teller available to the inside and drivethru." Yeh only one teller for 15 minutes! The inside closes at 4!! I couldnt believe her. I was so pissed b/c I was in SO much pain and she was making a big deal about 15 mins.

So I went yesterday and the Dr had to open it up with a big needle. But then she said it was too deep so she needed to numb it further down to try to drain it. So I get the needle shoved way down in it.. omg.. so painful.. And she drained some of it. Gave me Loratabs, Augmentin (sp) for antibiotics, and this antibiotic ointment that I have to put inside my nose every night for a month, b/c this is a Staph infection and apparently it likes to hang out in your nose and mucus membranes. Lovely. I also had to get a shot of Ruffian which is like Penicillin in the form of a shot in my hip.

So I didnt get out of the Drs until after 530 and I felt like crap so I didnt go to class. They wanted me back in there at the Drs at 815 this morning. When I woke up, I could barely MOVE! It hurt SO bad. By the time I made my way down the stairs, I was bawling from the pain. Getting into the car, sitting, leaning over to close the door.. just so freaking painful. So I go in to the Drs.. dont get seen until about 925 (she had to work me in) and the stupid thing didnt drain anymore since she did it yesterday. So its UBER painful and on top of that, I had to shave all the hair from *THAT* area and it hurt so bad b/c its so swollen.

So now she needs to numb me again even deeper and make an incision to allow it to drain. So I basically had minor surgery. OMG.. the Lidocaine going into that area.. I couldnt do anything but cry and bite my knuckles. It was the worst pain I have felt in my entire life. Then she had to get a scapule *sp* and cut it open. She got 4 4x4 gauze pads totally soaked from it. Not to gross you guys out but seriously thats how bad it was. Then I got another shot of Ruffian but this time it BURNED and my hip was hurting so badly. And I asked for something like an antiinflamitory for pain since the Loratabs make me sleepy. So she gave me a shot of Toradal which is for migraines but it burns like crazy too. So now both of my hips are tender but at least THAT area isnt in as much pain. I called into work and told them that I could NOT come in. They will have to get over it. Im contagious by contact, so like if I sneeze or rub my eyes I can pass it along. So whatever.

So that has been my saga for the last 2 days. So the thing in my nose, my chin, my leg, and now this private area are all staph infections. We dont know where it came from but we are in the process of getting rid of it. UGH. I do not wish this pain on my worst enemy. It was so painful!!

Anyways... hopefully the tropical depression will bring us lots of rain tonight and tomorrow. We'll see. And I cant even freaking ride today! Ugh.

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So since its supposed to rain tonight, I have the horses turned out now. So Im sitting here at the computer at the desk in the kitchen, and look to my left, out the dining room window, and what to my wandering eyes does appear???



Yes, thats Ben standing outside the window looking at me and my step dad. TOO FUNNY!!

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McKenzie: No kidding about the vet bills! Especially if your horse's name is Vegas! She is sooo accident prone, her file at the vet's is huge! Oooh skiing in Bend, nice! That's a really nice area, but the weather is unpredictable, and it's always windy, and I'm not much of one for the desert, but it's nice to visit then come back to the Valley where it is predictably raining! I think you might live in the only place that gets more rain than we do!! OMG, I saw those Kerrits, and I had to buy them, $25, AND they're fleece-lined!! The Irideons were $45, and they are the water/windproof outershell, so I am a happy camper! Yeah I still haven't figured out the stock tie, I am pretty retarded. There is another thread on it with a picture of the tie. If you can help, PLEASE DO!!

Shantel: IICCCKKK!!!! That made me hurt just thinking about it! I can't even imagine...I hope you feel better soon. Haha, you are right about that picture, he doesn't look that tall! I do that to horses too. I have this one picture of Vegaa and I and it looks like she is 13 hands!

Okay so I am skipping school today to get ready for the schow tomorrow, I still have to bathe and braid (and pull first) before my lesson at five. I went to then website for the rec. horse trial in two weeks and I still need to do a couple things for my entry to be complete, but I will get that done soon. But I found out that a lot of the people from an eventing camp I went to last summer in WA are going to this trial, so that is exciting. And the horse that I sold in January is going too so I can see her and if we get another person we can compete as a team!

Oh and one more begging plead - if you know anything about stock ties please go to the other thread and look at the picture of mine and see if you can help!

[ 06-01-2007, 01:12 PM: Message edited by: Vegas Sky ]

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You guys wear me out. I can't keep track of everyone, but I read all of it, so forgive me if I don't respond to all, individually.

Beckham--love Deadliest Catch too. My dad was a commercial fisherman, had his own boat, the whole enchilada. Love that show. He got injured down in Costa Rica when I was a toddler, almost died, layed up for 5 years. He was crushed between the boat and the skiff (his boat was a purse seiner that fished warm-water fish like tuna and anchovy). He's the one who nurtured my horsey habit, while I was still being potty-trained and he was learning to walk again... [big Grin]

Boo--I KNOW Beau can pull it together and be great, I've seen it with my own two eyes [Wink] Just hang in there and ride him through those silly evasion tactics, unless you find out what may really be going on.

Speaking of evasion tactics, Jag may be trying to develop a few of his own. Last year, he came down with some kind of cruddy cold, coughed up all kinds of icky stuff, and we put him on antibiotics that took care of it. He's been coughing again lately, but not acting sick, so I'm thinking it may be allergies, but he's spitting up stuff (I won't go into the graphics of this, thank you very much) stopping to cough every other stride at the trot.

Just at the trot. Not at the walk. Not at the canter. The first time I stopped and let him cough. He did a few times, then we struck off again, he was fine. We took a short walk break, then struck off at the trot, cough-cough-cough again, only this time I rode him through it. He stopped, seemed fine.

He's due for his spring shots this month, so we'll see what the vet thinks is going on. As long as he's eating, is his usual energetic and perky self, I'm not too worried. I'm thinking about trying a breathing supplement which I used on Pokey when he got a dry cough a few years back, but I don't like to mess with stuff until I rule out legitimate illness.

The only place that sells this stuff is up here in Arcadia, near Santa Anita, at a tack store that's used by the track crowd. I don't remember the name, but I'll know it when I see it.

Otherwise life is good. I'm almost finished with school for the quarter, working on my final project before the final exam, then I get a week off [Jump] then I start up again while DH & I are in Las Vegas, me at a conference, him on the golf course.

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Shantel, sure hope you are feeling better. That sounded just awful!!!

DQ, good to see you on the board. Glad you are almost done with school and yes I believe you are right, Beau is being utterly evasive. I wonder if he and Jag have been telecommunicating?

So, what I did this a.m. was longe him lightly in my side reins, that were on very loose, then got on him and had my old barrel racing crop in my hand. Decided looking good didn't matter at this point. We started off with a very nice medium walk both directions, then I asked for the trot, he stared his resistant trip, so I gathered the reins up tight, not so tight that he couldn't move his head, nor was I pulling on him, but tight enough that I could regain control if he went into a bucking frenzy, cause I had ever intention of using that crop on him. So I asked one more time like this, he resisted, I asked again , but this time I squeezed with me legs, put my hand forward and popped his butt hard and solid with that crop and trot off he did! [Eek!] Then I did several trot/walk/trot transitions on a 20 m circle, across the diagnol and all over that arena. Then I switched directiions. He is always worse to the right, so I was once again prepared and I had to nail him and urge him foward , pop the crop on his butt and say in a very firm voice TROT! And he did after only 4 attempts not to. I refused to let him stop and kept him moving foward the entire time and then did transitions again. Now for the canter, decided to go left first and don't you know he cantered immediately, no crow hopping, just a slight shake of his neck and head and only once and we had a very nice canter. Then I did it the other way and he once again cantered off right away with no head shaking. It was a HUGE improvement. I am taking my hubby out there with me tomorrow, so I can really get after him and if he pulls something, at least someone is there. He may just suprise me though. That barrel racing crop is my friend! [big Grin]

Off to go drop off a tire for hubby that went flat!

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Quick post before work, I'll do a complete update later:

WET GOT A KITTEN! He's gonna be a barn cat... eventually... but for now, he's gonna live in my room. He's only 6 weeks, so he's WAY too young and the rats will eat him, not the other way around. His name is Charlie, and he's Orange! He's obsessed with my sweatshirt, my comptuer, and my iPod... Oh, and my jeans, as he's chewing on them now... He's so freaking cute! I <3 him! Pic:


Oh, and he's really really flexible... but uncoordinated... Hilarious combo!

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Awww! Hes so cute! We LUCKILY dont have rats or anything so our kitties are fine staying in the barn. When we got Patches she was about 6-7 weeks and Cleo was about.. eh 8 weeks? Hes so cute!

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Shantel - OUCH!! Omg, you poor thing...that sounds absolutely awful. I sure hope you are feeling better soon [Huggy] . Awww, cute Ben pictures, it must be wonderful to have your horses at home, I'd LOVE to! Nice pic of the WB too, he's a looker.

Megan - Lol, Vegas does sound like one expensive horse!! Hehe. I like visiting Bend, but I don't think I'd want to live there. And yes, Olympia gets LOADS of rains, it's crazy. I still cannot get over the deal you got on the Kerrits breeches (and the Irideons, those are nice too). I need to get a summer schooling breech, hmm....I am sort of addicted to tack shopping [Razz] . Oh ick, I need to pull Ted's mane too. His owner got him a SoloComb, but I am not using it right...all I have figured out to do is cut the hair, not thin it...yes, I am "speical" sometimes [Wink] .

DQ - Sorry to hear about Jag's cough, hope that clears up soon. Horses and their evasions, I swear...

Boocoo - Good for you!! Sounds like Beau needed a little wake up call, hehe. Good idea to have your hubby there too.

Emily - Ohmygosh!! What an adorable kitten!! Wayyy too cute. Love the name too [smile]

I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Tomorrow I am lunging 2 horses at Patty's (a horse that just came in for training, and one of Patty's own show horses). Then I am going to Carolyn's (Nugget's owner, also where Alibi is located) and riding probably 3 horses, Nuggy, Ali and Ellie. Then I am going to help Carolyn feed/do chores, and then I am going back to Patty's to feed her horses dinner. Then going back to Carolyn's and spending the night. Sunday AM I am again going to help Carolyn w/ chores, go to Patty's and feed breakfast to her horses, lunge 2 more horses. Go back to Carolyn's AGAIN and then take Nugget to the Open show to get him used to the whole show scene. Thank God Patty and Carolyn are only about 5 minutes apart!!

[smiley Wavey] Happy Friday, all!

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Okay, Ironically I am catching up while watching Deadliest Catch again. I have worked late hours this week and I am way behind on I stay out in the barn late this time of year. I am just waiting for a new episode of Gene Simmons Family Jewels; I love that show.

Boocoo-Winston and Beau must be related:-) Winston has all kinds of nice tricks. And you NEVER get in a fight with him, you will never win. He likes to spook to get out of working sometimes and instead of getting in his mouth a little more, you have to loosen up and push forward, if you take hold, he has you where he wants a tug of war. He likes to spook at the mounting block, cats...anything. It is his thing. He has only ever bucked once with me, because I forgot about the race horse thing and I smacked on the butt and he came un-glued. He is so muscled that he can just keep fighting...then most days he does nothing, so hmmmm....

Shelly-Good luck at the show on Sunday!!! [big Grin]

Holly-Poor kitty:( Ozzy starting doing better after 3 days on the antibiotics even though the vet called and said nothing showed up in any of his tests...When is your show?? It sounds like you are plenty more prepared then you think you are!!

Vegas-I hope you got my post about the stock tie in time; good luck at your show!

Shantel-Okay, the Ben picks made me laugh out loud. Those were a complete riot. I promise I will get some pics of the kitties this weekend, if they will stay still long enough! They are a riot:-) So far their names are still Frick and Frack!

Deeque-That is weird about the coughing thing; my trainer and I were just talking about it today. Winston does it at the begining of each ride; nothing comes up, and today, Beckham really loosened up through his neck and coughed a little. She said that happens all the time when they loosen through their throat and be sure not to let Beckham make it a habit of stopping.

So I had a lesson on Beckham today and it was hot!!! (Which is why I didn't take one on Winston too!) He was so good and he is actually getting a more balanced canter. His trot work improves daily. My trainer said she just can't get over what a sponge he is and he learns so quickly. I am still not ready to try training level yet, he is still such a baby.

Winston has sprung back great and I think I will wait until the August show since the July show entries need to be in this week and I don't know what tests he is ready for. Despite being a bratt tonight, his gates feel great again.

Well, unfortunately I have to work at 5:30 in the morning, then I am off for 2 weeks for jury duty. I just talked to a woman that had it for the past 2 weeks and said she had books, met people, was out by 1:30 each day...which I am hoping for since I show at 8:06 am next Saturday and will have a lot to do next week. [big Grin]

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DQ: Vegas has a pretty bad case of allergies too, and they are from dust and in the winter and pollen in the spring so the poor girl never gets a break. I use something called Cough Free, made by the same people who make Next Level joint fluid. It is powdered and has quite a strong odor, but once they learn to eat it it's a miracle worker. Helps with all aspects of allergies, like runny itchy eyes and what not too. Plus it's all natural, a nice benefit to know you are not pumping your horse full of drugs all the time. Lots of people carry it, it's easy to find.

Boocoo: Silly Beau Boy, sounds like he got a spanking today! Hopefully he has learned his lesson!

Emily: You guys and your kitties are killing me! I want one SOOOO bad, but I am leaving in two months so I can't get one, plus I'm living in a dorm next year, so I can't get one there either [Me Cry] But Charlie is very cute and good luck with him!

McKenzie: Yeah, she's expensive. No two ways about it. The vet just called and said that her first set of Adequan is in - there goes $300. But she's worth it; she's worth more than the whole world! I'd sell every organ in my body if it meant she would be happy...Haha yeah, we get so much rain here it's ridiculous! Pretty much from October to June it rains - that's nine months of the year! We really only have two seasons, rainy and not-quite-so-rainy-with-a-little-sunshine. But yeah, it's better than living in Bend. You're right, it's nce to visit but that's about all! Um yeah, I cannot believe the deal on those kerrits either! I am totally done breech shopping except one more pair of summer full seats, but that will be after I sell my testbooks back to the school, I spent all my money on those Kerrits and Irideons! Yeah I am just about to go braid her mane. It's thin enough as it is, I am really tempted just to trim it and inch or so...ever since I put her on the biotin for her feet her mane won't stop growing! You and I can be special together... [big Grin]

Beckham: Yes I did, thank you so much!!! You are a life saver! It was hot here too, but my lesson was in the evening, inside, so it was not so bad...but I am still glad for the reprieve of air conditioning...

So my first dressage lesson with Tracy today was nothing short of amazing! For those of you who don't remember, I was having some difficulties with a dressage trainer about a month ago; his ways were not what I would consider to be in the best interest of a neurotic worrying horse like Vegas. So I decided to try dressage with my H/J trainer. She has made the switch from hunters so she has more of an understanding of what it's like to three disciplines. Plus, her methods have made such a huge difference in Vegas in such a short amount of time, it's truly amazing. We actually worked on MY position today! We touched on that briefly with my old trainer, and never really came back to it. But the whole leson with tracy was just great! I am so happy! We never even worked on canter, just walk and trot, but it was good and we needed it! So the new lesson schedule is Thursdays are jumping with Tracy, then Fridays are dressage. Her barn is only five to ten minutes away, so it is not bad at all. They are hour long lessons each, and there are four in my jumping group and three in the dressage. No one can teach group lessons like tracy, she is the trainer to answer my prayers!

I skipped school to have a make-up day with Dad today. We normally spend the whole weekend together doing whatever he needs done or what I need done, which usually means working on the barn or other projects around the house, but last weekend we didn't get to do that because everyone was sick, so we did it today, since he doesn't work on Fridays (one of the perks of being a dentist and owning your own practice [big Grin] ) It was great! I even had time to get some stuff together for the show and bathe my pony before my lesson!

Okay off to braid the Vegas and get everything packed for the morning. My ride times are 1:14 for dressage and 3:39 for jumping, and I want a solid warm-up for dressage, so I will leave here around ten since it about an hour away...

Oooh, Vegas's Adequan came in today, so I will go pick it up tomorrow, and hopefully she will be felling better very soon!

Good night all and have fun this weekend!

[ 06-01-2007, 11:13 PM: Message edited by: Vegas Sky ]

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