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So the dressage horse can jump...

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I haven't been on here for a while but I thought this was entertaining. At least to me.

Well about two months ago, I made the decision to strictly concentrate on Dressage as I was more interested and Fancy (my appy/hano) seems to have no interest in picking up her feet, even over cavaletti.

However about a month ago we found a lump on Fancy's inside right hind. We watched it and called the vet and it's now healing. But Fancy had to be moved into the barn. She's usually in pasture 24/7.

Well, she wasn't a fan the first 24 hours but settled down over the next two days so my trainer thought she would be fine with putting up a stall guard and allowing a little more air in. Well it didn't take but a minute for that darn pony to figure out she can pick up her legs!

My trainer was only halfway down the barn aisle when she heard a "Tuh dunk" and turned around to see Fancy trotting over to her. Fancy was able to jump the 3'9" to 4' (don't know the exact height but came up to my ***** and i'm 5'6"). She cleared it from a standstill. I guess her 1/4 Hanoverian Jumping lines are starting to show up now.

Now it makes me want to see how my girl does in the jump chute...


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