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Dressage Chit Chat Thread! Volume 17!!!

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Ok folks. After 400 posts, and the 400th post award goes to Miss 3DayEventer, it was time for a new chit chat thread!!!

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Here is 3day's post from the other thread!!

QUOTE]Originally posted by 3DayEventer:

Now i'm officially home reunited with my laptop. *smooshes*

Boocoo- wow! That is pretty awesome that he gets to train with someone of that caliber! Where you able to ride all weekend? What a great hubby! I need one of those!

Megan- hehe ok! I'll go back with you over Christmas break [Wink] by then my pony will hopefully be fixed! Yes hopefully he'll be back to jumping back Winter...if not fall. But we'll see! Awh that is cute that your dad loves Vegas. Bummer about the plaid boots! I'm more of a Woof fan. [Razz]

Emily- hmmmm interesting brother. Want me to come and help er motivate him? We can secretly be like the mob. BAHAH! and ewww I saw License to Wed too and I didn't think it was worth it. Glad to hear that your trip turned out to be okay though [big Grin] OMG movieeee for HP! i'm stoked for it.

McKenzie- and it shows that you are really ready for 2nd level! haha oh i know...last year I was doing both 1st and 2nd level. You've got some great goals, girl! haha oh no the IKEA store we have one of them! my lovely bed is from that store! haha dude you should of said that to your sister [ROTFL] We all feel like that its what connects us with sibling affection. Oh no I hope Nuggest is feeling they know what's up with him??

Anyways got pics back from the Cayuga show on the paint mare. and OMG I felt horrible after I saw the pics. GROSS is all I have to say about myself. My reins are like 3 inches too long! and I just look out of whack. jeebas...I suck at riding. haha. Anyways this was the photographers 2nd time doing pictures of horses in he is still trying to figure out when to shutter to get the horse in movement. But yeh...I don't think I'm brave enough to post any of the pics...maybe one! lol


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3day, you do not look awful! You look absolutely fantastic! I just have to ask, what were you doing with your right arm? Other than that, fabulous picture. We want to see more!!! [Wink] Puleeeez!!!!

I hauled Beau over for my first lesson in a month and he was dynamite. We had a great lesson. although the humidity about killed us both. We were both absolutely drenched, but it was a good lesson. My trainer kept saying she could see how much more relaxed Beau is now. I am hauling him over to that other arena again, the one where he freaked out during the show, and schooling him on Thurs. Then we have the Michelle Gibson clinic this weekend at my trainers barn. That will be fun. We are doing a pot luck lunch on Saturday.

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3day - wow, you look great! I love the darker paints

Boocoo - ewww humidity, I am so sick of it! It feels like riding with a wet blanket on. Glad you had a nice lesson though - have fun at the clinic!

Okay, so I promised myself once a new volume started I would restart posting on the chitchat. Lets see how long this lasts!

I'm helping bring my trainer's horse Sirus back into shape after a month off for a stifle injury. Hes a neat ride, very different from crazy little Hatters. Hes very slow, very big, and very long and noodley. Getting him to use himself at all is quite the challenge, so I like it.

Hattan is becoming so darned rideable over fences, and we're doing soooo well in our flatwork - I should get pics!

I'm starting to have major panic moments about college - I don't want to stop working with Hattan (we've gotten uberly bonded, and I just feel like I know him so well at this point... gah I can't imagine giving him up, everybody says we're perfect for each other), I don't want to go 900 miles away from home, I don't want to do my first semester without a car, I don't want to deal with my crazy southern martha stewart roommate.... I don't want to do college!

Okay so maybe I do, but I never realised just how far out of my comfort zone I was going until this past week. Okay guys, I'm SCARED [Eek!]

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holy moly i'm behind... but i have a good excuse.. it goes something like this... work friday til 2 am, go to bed at 2:30, get up at 5:15, show horse...go to bed and sleep for about 12 4pm to 7:20 am, go straight home and change clothes and put horse in trailer for XC lesson, come home, nap, work on yard, then computer breaks.... so yeah... but i'm back. [smile]

so here goes! sadly i have to go back to the last volume cause... i'm that far behind!!

boocoo: i know.. i thought it was just cool that we beat the $40,000 horse! hee hee. but yeah.. i usually try to just compete against myself. but... i do have that competitive spark that sneaks in..guilty! hee hee. temper tantrums are allowed in small dosages! and it sounds like you deserved to have one! but glad you were able to laugh about it. has it stopped raining yet!? the good news is that probably no one else is able to ride either. so it's not like it's just you at the disadvantage. but you and beau will be fine! you've got this down. sounds like a productive but sweaty lesson. the humidity's a killer isn't it!? glad you guys had such a good ride.'ll be fantastic!

mckenzie: great job at your show! i'll post one on mine with pics after i catch up! ooooh, i hope nugget feels better and it's nothing bad. and hope he didn't give anyone else whatever he could have. maybe it's not something bad though. i'll send prayers his way. keep us posted.

shantel: Sounds like an awesome night! how cool! you guys always do such fun stuff. mike and i never really go "out". hmmmmm. methinks i'm planning something! Great dress! you're so pretty. i love your eyes!

lightning: hee hee. yeah, i don't have any pics of conrad and his little girl...just video, but i can't post it cause it's not me! but he's a hunky! hee hee. i bought half-chaps too when they were on sale. but i can't quite get the hang of them. cause i want to wear my spurs and then i have to take them off the tall boots and they get covered by the half-chaps... but then fleck dumped me when i wore them for like the 4th time and somehow bent the zipper threads, so i can't completely unzip one of them. it's highly annoying cause it's hard to get it on over my boot. so i just got too frustrated and gave up. argh...

lauren: thanks! I think i've come up with a plan. sit lightly! and use my upper body to help rock him back. so we'll see. i'm still figuring it out. and yeah...jumping long is never a prob for fleck. he loves the long spots! holymoly! 2 hours. that's speedy gonzales! way to go wonderwoman. i do have pics from my show. i'm about to go post another post on it! and yep, that appy is awesome. and he's got a nice tail, mane, and forelock. fleck and i are very jealous! awww crazy woman, you guys look fantastic!! way better than most people who have never ridden a particular horse and show it that day!! come on..she looks great!

megan: oooh, i can't wait for your show pics. and hee hee. man... that's a looooong time to wait for my barn to be built.. hee hee. i'm trying to decide now whether i try to move again, or just make my place better. i think we'll put in a ring atleast...even if it's a ghetto one. but then maybe a new barn. mine's not horrid.... well, yeah, it kinda is. but...they are out 24/7. and i just hooked up an extension cord so there is two fans in the stalls. but... yeah, it sorta sucks. oh well. maybe someday we'll have a fancy barn. oooh, i totally ran a red light the other day with the trailer. i was going the speed limit cause i had just checked but hte light changed in that iffy time frame. i started to break and then realized i would have to SLAM On the breaks to stop and would probably still end up in the middle, so i hit the gas. well, i totally ran the light. and.... there was a camera! Do'h! so i'm totally gonna get a ticket. i'm thinking i'll go contest it though, cause that was total crap. i'm not injuring my horse cause i hit it funny. argh... oooh, i saw those boots. they are so pretty. try smarkpak too. i think they also have them!! oh, about the shipping boots. they are great for protection, but don't provide as much support as standing wraps. I would do wraps for that long of a drive. i would do the boots for shorter drives. i even wrap after horse shows for extra support instead of my awesome new shipping boots! they are sooo cool. they are like the dover ones, but with the three fat straps. they are navy with a white/silvery stripe down the middle. sorta like the nike logo. way cool! but yeah... consider just getting some no bow quilts and track bandages for the long haul. oh noo...check out this link...

so i guess they don't have the splint boots though. find out which of your local tack stores carries that brand and see if they can order them. that's how i got my shipping boots! good luck.

emily: glad you are having fun. sorry your family is feuding. what a bummer! hope the rest of it is more fun and happyness!

kyalli: Don't panic. College is fun! you're going to georgia right?! if you panic, just email me! i'm always up late. hee hee. it's fun. you're gonna enjoy it. does hattan not get to come? that's a bummer. i told my dad i wasn't going to college without the horse. but it was great cause board at home was $450 a month and at school it was only like $200! he was thrilled. then i opted to do summer school if i could get an apartment and bring my dog up. it was great. but i was close, so it's a bit different. But... just relax. you'll be okay. can hattan come with you? i might be able to board him at my house. it might not be that close to you, but closer than 900 miles!

oh that wasn't actually soooo bad.

anyways... not much new here. i've just been trying to catch up on sleep. not so good though since it's now 2 something in the morning. oh well. i've got a dentist appt tomorrow and then work so no ride. then my trainers bday is thursday so we're doing lunch and i'm working an extra shift, so no ride. then friday i'll try to ride. but then atleast next week i get wed off too, so i'll have mon-thursday off, then sat off for the other dressage show. i'm so bummed. i thought i had to have dressage scores above 60 to submit, so i didn't submit my 59 and 56. which...they sucked, so it probably doesn't really matter. but anyways...that leaves me one score short to try to qualify for year ends with the local dcta. but i guess it doesn't matter anyways, cause i'd still have to do another 1-4 in addition to next week. which i have time, but the only schooling show i could do that's dcta is a weekend where the other vet is off. argh... so i may not make it. oh well. i doubt i'd win it would just be nice since i pay the membership fee. oh well. anwyays... i had a fun XC lesson after zero sleep on monday. fleck was great. but man... i thought our ditch issue was solved, but not really. that horse is such a good boy, but man does he make me ride every step of the way. i leaned forward a millimeter and out popped his shoulder and more forward went me and the ditch ran away.... but we fixed it. we even jumped a small jump into the water which was tricker than i thought. lots of fun. but yep, very hot!

okay, i'm gonna go do a post about my show with pics and video again [smile]

have a great night. i'm off to bed right after that!


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Haha thankyou for starting this new one Boocoo! I was debating with myself as to whether I wanted to be the one to take all that responsibility that comes with starting a new one..that was at post 300, obviously that didn't happen...

I'm starting back off the old one too..

Lauren - hehe I got navy and brown, boring but servicable colours. Aw man, I was sitting here typing away, between here and IM, and what happened my mouse has a fit, jumping across the screen. Took me a moment then thought, maybe its the batteries, and it was. Oooh pretty mare! Not as pretty as Scotch though [Wink]

Boocoo - now see why do non-horsey people not understand why EVERYONE (horsey) gets excited about sales. [Yay] No more rain!!

Emily - I'm sorry your brother is being a pain in the you-know-where. Sounds like some great shows though! Look on the bright side and ignore your brother, I don't know about you, but I have had lots of practice doing just that with my brother. [Wink]

McKenzie - Aww I hope Nugget is alright, and fit as a fiddle for your show!

Megan - OH NOOOO! None left [Frown]

And on to the new one....

Boocoo - wow! sounds like a great lesson, with some nice compliments.

Lisa - welcome back! Yes pictures!!!!!!! [smile] Breathe, in and out, in and out, I can so understand the whole comfort zone thing, it'll end up being a great experience. Is Hattan going with you?? [Huggy]

Holly - man oh man, I think that's a good enough excuse not to use your half chaps. I rode in them today and waited until I got all the way up to the arena before I put them on. Lightning was standing there parked in the middle while I put them on, apparently he wanted to see what I was doing and I didn't realise. Poor boy got his nose headbutted, oh well, he'll survive. Cathc up on some sleep girly, I don't know how you do it, I'd have slipped into a non-responsive state by now.

Hmm not much new here, just continuing on. You know how it is, everything just plods along. Just 4 days left until school goes back but that's alright, I'm almost finished for good [Jump] Well for this part at least.

Oh and I made another video, posted it on GCC but nobody really takes notice of me up there, oh well, it's of Possum the rabbit, teehee.

Hope everyone has a good day/night/whatever time it is there!

ETA: Make sure your sound is on if you watch the video [big Grin]

[ 07-11-2007, 04:48 AM: Message edited by: O- -O Lightning Strikes Twice O- -O ]

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I'm looking forward to our schooling show on Saturday. Fessor and I are competing in Training level 3 & 4. We board at an all around barn, with a high concentration of hunter riders. About six of us are going to the show. As the only rider who primarily rides dressage, I'm in the most advanced tests of the day for our group. It's kind of a scary thought, but I'm learning a lot. And there are very few dressage barns in the area, none close enough for boarding and getting out on a regular basis.

Our practices lately have been going well. I'm getting better at timing our transitions, and only our trot-canter transitions still need work. In the past few weeks I have started figuring out my alignment issues, so our body position and straightness scores should be a bit better than they would have been otherwise. Now I just need to finish memorizing the tests. I got lost somewhere in the middle of T-4 yesterday. Silly me! Hopefully I can find someone to take some pictures &/or video of our tests.

In related news, last week Fessor and I went over our first jump in almost two years. Then on Sunday, we went on a "trail ride" in the grassy verge bordering the corn fields. Fessor was nice and calm about going through grass long enough to brush his belly, and didn't seem to mind the small hills and uneven ground. I LOVE my pony!


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Finally! Okay, wandering back over to volume 16 and doing light catch up on everyone. This isn't going to very in-depth for reasons I'll explain at the end of my post.

Lauren - I love my field boots, but little things with them don't fit all that well due to my long skinny yet muscular legs. Annoying, but they are super comfy! One day at a time is fair, but I have to live through you and your Jeremiah cause I can't have mine. [Razz][Wink] Ick... Stalls...

McKenzie - Haha, our poor horses and the 100+/- degree weather! And NOBODY in Washington waives coats! Oh god Champange's gonna suck if the weather keeps this up! Hope Nugget starts feeling better!

Megan - Haha, MeganxVegas OTP. RNC? I actually really liked the city despite the dirtyness, and vulgar? Hahaha, It wasn't that bad, the ball game was bad, I felt really sorry for the 4 year olds next to us. Congrats on your show! Sucks that you didn't place though. I hate when that happens! Or when you get beat out for placing because it was a tie and the other persons collectives were better? (It's worse when it's for 1st. [Razz] ). OOH! Pretty Barn!

Holly - Yeah, bifocals. And it's not really that my sight itself is horrible, I have astigmatisim, so everything's blurry... I CAN get by without 'em, but I have issues reading. Haha. They do MAKE bifocal contacts, but they're hella expensive and from what I've heard, give people headaches all the time. The horse I bet on in the first race was a gray.. Smelling Salts. -snorts- Yeaah, he lost. Congrats on your show! I read it a few days ago so I don't really remember all the details, but Congrats! [Razz]

Boocoo - Yeah, My dad and I both really love baseball. We went to the World Series a few years ago (when it was Astros/White Sox... so I think that was '05?), because he grew up in Texas and followed the Astors, so we went! It was really cool! I love the game so much, if I didn't ride horses I'd be playing Baseball/Softball. Weather sucks everything right now, sorry that you can't ride. [Frown]

McKenzie - Haha, we should go for a few hours at Champange, just sneak off and go to Emerld Downs (okay, with someone who can bet for us. [Razz] ). We can lose together!

Shantel - Aww! You look so pretty! Glad you had fun at dinner/clubbing!

LST - Haha, it only adds to the excitement when it's not ninebajillion degrees outside! Sales are amazing! ALWAYS an excuse to buy more, right?! ...right?!

Lauren - Mmm...Brad Pitt...

Boocoo - Losing weight is always good! ...Okay, maybe not ALWAYS, but it sounds like it's good? Haha

Megan - I suggest the Kensington shipping boots from SmartPak. I got 'em for INky and they didn't fit, but they fit Lipton fine (Inky has amazingy small canon bones, even for a 15.3hh horse). They're really good, and one of the cool things is that they're plastic on the outside so if they get dirty/poopy you can just hose 'em off! I wanted those boots too! but I read your post about them not having them! ARG! And they JUST came out in the catalouge! Let me know if you can get 'em anywhere else!

McKenzie - My brother is... arg... there aren't even words that can describe how embarassing he is. I know you have issues with your sister, but it doesn't sound NEARLY as bad as me and my brother... be glad for that! And if I were you, I totally would just tell her to act like an adult! Sounds like you're WAY more mature than she is anyways.

Lauren - Haha, my brothers motivation for anything is slim to none seeing as my parents get him whatever he wants whenver he asks. I at least WORK for what I get! And then he pulls the "fine, I'll get a hobby where we throw money into a black hole!", but the thing is, IS THAT I WORK FOR IT! Aww, pretty mare!

Boocoo - Glad to hear Beau's becoming more relaxed overall!

Lisa - But didn't you pick Wesleyn BECAUSE itw as 900 miles from home? I'm gonna GUESS it's too late to choose River Falls? [Razz]

Holly - Ick! I'm glad I don't have your job! You should submit the other scores if you can, just because you don't necessairly have a shot at first (which I'm sure you do!) doesn't mean you won't place period! I turned in things for Training/First/First Level FS last year, all the Jr/YR division for my local GMO, and Won Training and First FS and got 3rd in First, and my averages weren't that good... Okay, so I didn't find out till later that I was the only one in the two divisions that I won, but so!? You still have a shot! Glad to hear you had a good Cross Country lesson!

LST - ignoring a 500lb 19 year old who acts like he's 6 is rather hard... Ewww, school...

Tracy - Good luck at your show! Glad to hear Fessors doing well!

OKAY! Caught up!

So we got back to our house at like... 3:30AM, seeing as our plane was delayed by three hours due to issues at the airport. When we took off, visibility was only 1/2 mine. Ick. Oh well... Hence the light update... but I had to go back to page 26, so that's why it's so long. Nothing new with ponies... I can't ride until late tonight because it's so freaking hott. ARG! Lipton was good for Emma in the Henrik clinic though, and he really liked him, so we're good there!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix tonight at 10! WOOT!

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Kyalli, change is always a bit nervewracking. Nothing unusual about feeling nervous, just keep telling yourself everything will be ok. Once you are at college and settled in and studying you won't have time to think of being nervous. So just take a deep breathe!!

Fleck, yeah, that competitive streak is probably in all of us! [bat Eyelashes] I like to look and see how everyone has done after I ride, but never before. Don't want to worry about anybody else but me and Beau. Yes, this humidity is unreal.

Tracy, you will do great at the show. Hope you get pictures.

Lightning, what are you studying in school? Feel free to start a new chit chat thread anytime our threads get over 200 posts!! [ROTFL]

Spot, glad you had a great trip in spite of delayed planes.

I rode Beau this afternoon. I worked on really getting him to supple up on his left side, like my trainer showed me yesterday. She is so awesome, cause it worked!! He was getting a bit mad at me, cause I was making him do it, but to bad. Then he relaxed and worked very nicely. I do not have any more problems with trot to canter transitions. I do honestly believe all of that was because of how bad his feet were. He is feeling so much better now. I can simply think canter and he canters right away.

[ 07-11-2007, 08:09 PM: Message edited by: Boocoo ]

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Holly - awww, the offer means a lot. But Hattans not coming with me, under no circumstances (aside from perhaps free hauling and him being given to me) is it possible. -sigh- its so frustrating having done so much with him in just a year, and now I have to give him up. I guess thats another reason why I could never train horses for a living. And don't you just love Appies? They're so darned smart - they know when they can get away with something. At camp Ann kept telling me I needed to be riding 10 strides ahead, because Hattan was thinking at least 5. Makes life exciting though!

LST - right, I should breath. Got it. And no, the Hatters isn't coming.

Tracy - have fun at your show, and good luck! And I still cannot believe that you jumped Fessor - how unbelievably cool is that!

Emily - shut up. And I didn't like River Falls like I do Wesleyan. But at least there I would have had a contact I actually KNOW (Matt) instead of 2 contacts that I've met once (and one I've talked to on the internet)

Boocoo - thanks, I sure hope I'm not going to have time to be scared!

So today Hattan and I decided that work was boring, and we went to the outdoor jumping arena and galloped around that a couple of times, then we jumped a bounce and a gymnastic, and a single fence, and then we galloped some more, and then he was tired so we finished. Haha, what a pointless ride. I loved it.

I'm C-advising this weekend at our Region's D-rally. Its going to be mondo fun, even though at the last second they gave me a 2nd team to advise. They were going to make me do 4 teams (AH!), but thankfully our lovely DC said 'whoa, thats crazy, don't kill her!' I'll also be dabbling in horse management - wee fun!

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Emily: Oh Emily, I WISH my family could even try to make it one week! We can't even be civil for one day!! Family vacations are always a disaster so we just stopped taking them. But I don't really get along very well with my family for many very complicated reasons, so I avoid those affaires at all costs - the horses usually make a pretty good excuse: "Yeah I'd really love to stay and hear about your daughter's chicken pox Aunt Jenny, but I have to go clean my mare's lady business"...Hmm, your brother sounds a lot like my mom, wonder why I don't get along with her that well...Glad the rest of your trip went pretty well, despite the flight home.

McKenzie: Haha, that's just like me and my sister! Ever since I can remember she just wanted to get married right out of high school and have oodles of children. She did get married at 20 and she has a 19 month old daughter but she says it will be a while for the next one. Me on the other hand, Vegas is the only boyfriend/husband/daughter/son I need, it's a complicated relationship...The new barn is freaking awesome...Haha I used to have so many boots and polo wraps! But ever since I started using splint boots on a more regular basis I really have started to hate polo wraps, so I got rid of all but two sets, and those two are still in peril. I had tons of boots too but I started to get rid of all of those for the move to school. Now I only have the torn boots (but a new wet of woof boots are in the mail) and two sets for shows - XC and stadium. Haha the IKEA store! Don;t you just love that you can always see it from the freeway? The city of Portland had such a fit about that sign...BTW, I've never been there, what do they sell?

Lauren: Great...but wait, Vegas is staying there for Christmas...Hmm, this could get complicated....Aww that mare is really cute, and you don't look that bad, better than I do!

And on to the new post...400, isn't that some kind of record?

Boocoo: I was wondering how long it would take us to start a new thread, I almost thought about doing it around 300, but like Lisa I just never got around to it. Glad to hear Beau was such a good boy. Hopefully his issues with that arena are over...good luck at the show!!

Lisa: I am having major panic moments about college too, except I am moving 3,000 miles away! But I am very fortunate that Vegas gets to come with me. Like Holly I told my parents that I wasn't going to school unless my horse came too! I have a really good roommate, but I am kinda scared to start my pre-vet major because I don't know if I am smart enough to get the grades I need to get into the vet school I want! But hopefully we can both start our college experience with as little freak-out as possible...

Holly: Oh come on, it'll only another five years of undergrad (thanks to my triple major) plus four for vet school, plus a conservative two years of internship so I can specialize, so really we're only looking at what - eleven years?...Oh gosh, I just threw up a little bit realizing that I still have another eleven years of school. Vegas will be twenty two!!!! So I guess you could call it nine years since internships aren't school and you do get a stipend, but that's still a long time...Some of the pics are up the link is below...I totally know what you mean with the red light! I would fight it too if you were going the speed limit! Horse trailers should have special privleges: not only are we heavy, but we have live animals in the back - very expensive ones at that!...As for the shipping wraps, Yeah I know they give better support, but I have just barely mastered the standing wrap, and I don't want to try shipping wraps when I don't really know how to do them then have them bind up and bow a tendon or something, that's exactly what this horse doesn't need! But Vegas actually has really good legs, we weren't going to do boots at all because she was going to be shipped with a carrier and they said no wraps, but now that we are taking her ourselves and she had that little incident, we want to put them on her, but mostly just to prevent her from scraping or cutting her legs since she will be loose in the trailer. My plan is to do the boots during travel and then if she is sore coming off then I will wrap at night when we stop, but I really don't expect too many problems...thanks for the advice though, always appreciated! As for the plaid splint boots, this is what Devon Aire said: "The supplier who was making this boot for us is no longer able to fill our orders for that particular product. We are looking at new patterns for these boots for spring 2008" So I guess I just have to wait, but I have a new set of Woof boots in the mail...Man Holly I don't know how you do it, I need my sleep and I need it at night! 59 and 56 are not bad scores! I was excited when I had a 48/51 at the rec. trials! Just think of it this way: You did more than half of it correctly! That is what I tell myself on any test that I fail, especially math and chemistry, it always cheers me up! I know what you mean about thinking that you are over a problem: I will think that I am over an issue and then you stop riding defensively and they are like "haha I fooled you"! But I'm glad you figured out your issues. Was this lesson with the new trainer you are considering? Have you decided yet?

Tracy: That's so cool that you jumped Fessor and took him out on the trails! He is such an amazing horse! I do have one question though: How does a blind horse know when and how high to jump? I've seen a handful of other blind horses jump and I've always wondered that...but good luck at your show, you will do great! I know what you mean about the barn though, I used to be one of two people who even rode english at all in a barn full of barrel racers and reiners!

Emily: OTP? RNC is Republican National Convention. Both parties have these conventions during election years where they go through all this hoopla to officially declare the presidential candidate they will endorse. They used to actually serve a purpose but now they are just big publicity events where they bash on the other party and try to get voters to go their way through various dirty tactics. I used to be very politically involved but I have been so disgusted with mainstream American media lately that I can't stand it anymore. Politicians really do make me sick. And to think I used to want to be one - barf. Nope I still don't like the city, and as for it being vulgar, that's the only way I can think of describing the people and the culture there, just vulgar...I actually wasn't too bummed that I didn't place (If you knew the history of me and Vegas you would know that we are used to it) because we still had a lot of improvement from the last show, and that is what really counts. As for the shipping boots, we found a nice set at a pretty affordable price in Dover so we got those, just something to protect her legs from the other legs, and nope, those splint boots aren't available ANYWHERE!!!

SOOOOO...It has been unbelievably, unbearably, unhumanly HOT here! Tuesday it was 105!! IN SALEM!!!!! Then Yesterday it was HUMID!!!! IN SALEM!!!!! Today is going to be the same way, but I think a little less humidity and a little more heat, UGH! But luckily we got our pool set up so I can go swimming if it gets too terrible. But it will have to wait until later this evening because it is county fair week and all my little kittens are down at the fairgrounds showing their ponies. In fact, I am just getting ready to go down there myself, except I am waiting for Dana to come so I don't have to take all the 4-H by myself.

Vegas is doing well too. I have started riding in the morning to get away from the heat and it works prety well. We have had a few really good rides where she had good connection and listened well. We practiced jumping today and she liked that. I think we are ready for more new work, so hopefully Tracy will give us something more challenging when she gets back from Sweden (she is there looking to buy a horse who is the full brother to Jan Brink's Briar)

Monday we had a little excitement at my old trainer Pam's barn. I had taken Vegas over there with me when I went to go coach a 4-H ride, and as I was untacking her one of the little girls in the club was turning out all the horses in the barn. She came back up with one of Pam's arabs. She said Sara had gashed her shoulder open going through the gate because she was being a nut job and freaking out. She didn't seem too concerned about it so I finished up with Vegas and then went over to her. When I looked at Sara's shoulder there was a three or four inch gash that had gone completely through the skin, the underlying fat and fascia, and then through the muscle. It was right at that point where several muscle groups tie together so I could see open space through down almost to the scapula. It was very obvious that Sara needed dozens of stitches and the sooner the better. So I sent the little girl down to the house to get Pam. She called Dr. Gerros (we have the same vet) but she had other obligations that she had to take care of so I took Sara down to the clinic for her - I never miss an opportunity to see a large wound be stitched! Dr. Gerros put about a dozen or so sutures in the muscle, then he did a subcutaneous running matress suture, then stapled everything closed with 21 skin staples. It was pretty neat to see, but I felt sorry for poor Sara because it was pretty obvious that she was in a lot of pain before she got banamine and rompun.

So that was the most exciting part of my week. Off to shower then head down to fair!

Oh I almost forgot! Here is the link to some of my pictures for the show. These are the only ones up so far, and there aren't very many good ones, but here you go anyway. one two three four five six seven


Sorry that got so link heavy but it was the only way I could do it. If it causes other people problems let me know and I will take them down.

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I am soooooooooooooo far behind...this sucks. I actually had most of a reply typed up on the 4th, then our electricity went out and I was ticked about loosing it. Had family in from out of town till Monday. I opened all this week and had to ride late at night because it is so hot. (But now gorgeous and 77!) Tuesday I took some tack down to Shelby. She is going to stay in training for 2 weeks for a tune up till I bring her home. I am going down for a lesson on Monday. (It is an hour and a half drive.)

So big show this weekend with Winston and Beckham and I always get early ride times:( I have lessons in the morning then need to get my butt in gear to get baths, braids, and loaded. I also added a few more pics of Shelby:

I am working on transferring all of her papers, etc and entering the next much paperwork!

Oh, and the kittens are doing great...they have grown and are total monsters!

Okay, here is a QUICK catch-up:

Holly-The humidity had been sucking here too. Oh, so the one kitten that had the broken end of his tail, well the vet said it might fall off, and it did!!! So grose but looks better! Have you ever seen that???

Boocoo-Shelby is my new Oldenburg. I retired Poet and he is now living in retirement with his former groom. Winston is semi-retired...although in the past week I have had two people ask if I would sell him. Is it done raining where you are? I am glad to hear you and Beau are ready to go!!! When is your next show?

Vegas-I can only watch other people's horses be worked on, not my own...freaks me out too bad:(

Okay, if I don't move it, I will be in the barn until 11pm as usual...but I am glad I am starting to catch up with you all...sounds like everyone is busy! [big Grin]

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Quick update before heading back to the barn!

Boocoo - Yay! Having transitions is always a good thing! [Razz]

Lisa - This is the exact reason why I should go to South Wesleyn, so I'm right between you and Jay. [big Grin] And then I have TWO people within somewhat close range that I actually know! But then I'd be ditching Ally, which wouldn't be very nice, now would it? As for shuting up: Never do. [smile] And pointless rides are always the best!

Megan - I'm so embarassed by my family... and not like... normal family things... A lot of it is that my dad can't talk quietly at all, and my brother is a jerk, and everyone in my family is highly overweight. That's a lot of it right there. I'm just really embarassed to be around them. OTP is One True Pairing. [Razz] And that's what I thought you meant by RNC, but I wasn't sure. Yeah, most politicians kinda wanna make me barf too... it'd be so much better if they were at least GOOD LOOKING! [Razz] Oh man, she was calm about THAT?! What the freak?! That's cool that you got to see it stiched up! Stef got Staples in her ankle when she was pregnant with Gabe cause she coliced and gashed it open! I got to keep the stapler. [big Grin] No splint boots anywhere?! [Frown] Dang

Lipton was slow and stuck last night, so this morning we did a long/low/stretchy ride for all but the last 5 minutes or so and he was really good and really loose by the end of the ride, so we found our secret! I also walked him around for like... 10 minutes on a loose rein before we started working, that seemed to really help too.

Inky was also really really really good! I'm so proud of how far he's come, it's weird to think that when I bought him I couldn't get his head down for the life of me and now my trainers actually telling me to bring his head up! Neither of us thought she'd ever have to tell me that!

To everyone who might possibly remotely kinda sorta like Harry Potter: GO SEE OOTP! So amazing! IMO best movie yet! [big Grin] And on another media-esq note, has anybody heard the song "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's? It's kinda my new love... and I think it's cause it hella reminds me of the guy I like, oh well.

Off to pack for the show this weekend!

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Just checking in real quick...I have to tell you guys this so you think I'm really nuts

I had a dream last night. About this thread. It was pretty weird, but basically we were all sitting in a circle in the middle of a XC course chit chatting away like we would on here. Even those I've never seen before, I just kind of knew you were there and who you were, as often happens in dreams. It was like, whoa, this is weird, then everyone got up and left and then I was all alone, weird....Then I woke up and had a "feeling" that I'd forgotten to put something in my last post. It was the middle of the night so I didn't really want to get up and check, know what I forgot ...

Can you guess?

The link to the video... [Crazy]

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Just dropping in to say YO real quick. Will catch up with everyone later.

Welll I've had the week from **** to saytheleast.

Wednesday I was in a car accident...with my sister's brand new Truck...ugh. I was freaking out..I've never had a speeding ticket in my life nor ever been in an accident. Well Wednesday was just my day for things to occur. Cops came and everything. I was a complete wreck. Thankfully no one was hurt and my truck didn't have a single thing on it! But I was still shaken up as there was some damage to the other guy's car. It was actually a bit sketchy this whole ordeal. The kid was very nice to me, but was shady about his insurance...and I guess it wasn't his car too? IDK it was just weird. then not to mention I didn't have my cell phone with sister didn't have her insurance or regristartion in the truck! And I wasn't crying...until the cop called my sister and gave me the phone...and she's like tell me this a joke (insert some explict words) and I went hysterical. Ay yi yi.

But on a lighter note, I've sat on Scotch for the last 3 days and he's been very quiet under saddle. We are currently walking for

Last night Jeremy took me out...ouuu and I drank one too many mudslides. Oh but they were ever so tasty mmmm. I was drinking them like water. So now I'm up..have a headache and have to get around for work. [Crazy]

Then I shall catch up!

must say LTS- that is hilarious dream! hahah I can just see us all now sitting in that "20 meter" like circle. haha!

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Eeeek! Catch up time...

Boocoo - Glad to hear Beau was a good boy in your lesson, espeically after a month without having any, that's super!

Lisa - It's good to hear from you [smile] That is wonderful Hattan is doing well, and that you are getting to ride Sirus. It's always a learning experience to ride other horses, but it makes you a stronger rider. It is totally normal to be nervous (okay, PETRIFIED [Razz] ) about a change as large as college. You will do absolutely fine!

Holly - Thanks! I posted on your thread too, Fleck and you looked fantastic!! Nugget has a viral infection of some sort, it's not clear as to what it is. But of course the vet was out, and Nuggy is on antibiotics. Holy crap, girl, you were B U S Y!!

LST - Thanks! Nugget is doing better. What a hysterical dream, I can TOTALLY picture us sitting there yapping our heads

Tracy - Sounds like you and Fess are really doing well. That is great. I hope the schooling show goes well, good luck!

Emily - Haha I know, our poor WA ponies aren't really used to the heat!! It better be cooler for the Champagne or I will like pass out (as will Teddy [big Grin] ). Lol totally, Emerld Downs is really cool. I think Regionals were held there a few years back. You, me, Maya and Sammi should go...with the four of us, we'll probably lose tons of money, but it'd be fun! So are you leaving on Thursday for the show? I will be arriving sometime Friday, not sure when but I am guessing mid morning/early afternoon. Are you doing the Eq class again?

Megan - Yeah, I'd totally rather have a barn full of dressage horses vs. a house full of kids! Obviously there's plenty of time for me to change my mind (I'm only a Sophomore in HS) but for what I want to do (be an equine vet and competitive dressage rider, hopefully internationally) I just don't see kids fitting into that equation, lol. Splint boots are definitely quick and easy, and don't have to be washed and rolled up like polo wraps do, but I just LOVE the way polos look when they're on the horses, hehe. Yeah, the IKEA store is freakin' HUGE. It's a home/furniture store, so they sell tons of stuff, you could get a complete bedroom set to a kitchen. Gahhh I can't even explain it...

Beckham - Awww, Shelby is gorgeous!

Lauren - Ohh noooo! Car accidents are never good (way to state the obvious, huh??). Glad you are not hurt, but they are so scary/frightening. You poor thing [Huggy] Jeremy sounds like a sweetie!

That was a lame catch-up, but I am pooped. I worked, like usual, Tues/Weds/Thurs at Patty's. It was HOT (for Western WA anyways). Wednesday it got up to like 98 degrees....ick. I didn't ride Teddy because even in the early AM it was scorching. I didn't want to give either of us heatstroke. I had a lesson on Thursday which was good. We worked a lot on our canter and did some flying changes too...I just wasn't having a very good riding day, so I kinda sucked, but Teddy tried hard. We did get a couple good changes and our trot half pass was really good. The canter shoulder in used to be a huge struggle but it's really coming along as well, and the canter haunches in is pretty solid now too. We're getting there, slowly but surely!

I leave for the Champagne Classic dressage show a week from today (June 20th). It's a three day USDF/USEF rec. show so hopefully I will get my second score for the Regional Championships. I have to get a 61% or better at 2-4. I am also doing the Dressage Eq. class again, that was fun. Emily is going to this show too, so we'll get to see each other and the horses again!

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Alright I'm back to catch up...

Tracy - Good Luck!!! [Yay]

Emily - Haha sales are definately an excuse to buy more, see you save some $$ so you can buy more, because if you decide later that you want something you'll have to pay full price. So you buy everything to stop that happening... Haha sounds like my brother, he's 20 and over 6ft tall. He had a sulky tantrum the other day because one of our cars had to go to be fixed, and mum, dad and I were going out to dinner in the other car. He wanted the car that night but failed to tell anyone of this until we asked him if he wanted to come. SO then because he couldn't use it he didn't want to come to dinner, so he sat at home instead. [Roll Eyes]

Glad you are home safe and sound! Even if it was delayed. Hehe I have to catch up on the HP books and movies, I've only read the first 4 books and seen the first 2 movies.....

Good luck this weekend!!

Boocoo - I've taken Advanced English, Maths, Biology, Agricultural Science, Modern History and Business. I have a pretty full timetable [Crazy] I'm glad Beau is feeling better, and being a good boy. Is Mr. crop still visiting??

Lisa - Aww bummer that Hattan can't come too. [Frown] Sounds like a GREAT ride!

Megan - Ouch! poor Sara, hope she is feeling better now. I'm glad vegas is doing well!

Lauren - Oh no! I'm so glad nobody was hurt. [Huggy] How scary though. Aww yay! you're back on Scotch (that sounds weird, you're on the horse not the alcohol) How's he doing??

Well, everything is going along fine and dandy here. Lightning is being ever so good, but my gosh, our left canters are slowly sliding downhill. Left is his not so balanced way, but boy oh boy, LOL. Today we fixed that up so hopefully we wont have too much trouble next time.

All this talk of how smart appies are, well, do I have a story for you guys..

Imagine this.. You're in a paddock a large paddock with grass and other horses and everything a pony could need, in front of you is a small fenced off section, post and rail fencing, a horse can't get over or under and safe. This area is no bigger than well, it's quite small and has a reasonable amount of trees growing in there and branches that have fallen and piled there. Not very interesting and very inaccessable. Well Holly, an appy mare, decided it would be fun, to enter this uninviting place that has remained untouched by horses for the last x number of years by crawling under the fence, we presume. Crawling is her favourite trick when she gets put in her dry yard to diet. Problem 1 this area is not supposed to be entered or exited, nor used for anything as it is full of trees, sooo it has no gate. Problem 2 Miss Holly can not seem to escape on her own, nor by food bribery, back the way she came. Problem 3 instructor/property owner is at a clinic and uncontactable. Problem 4 well, she's stuck, and snoozing in the sun, in no hurry to get out on her own. [Duh]

Now this is quite funny, in a non-funny way, because for once her antics have got her in a situation she doesn't like and not beneficial in her eternal quest for food. Eventually the fence was taken down to get her out, and she was not phased in the least, but by golly, why did she go in there in the first place LOL. [Roll Eyes]

It feels like it's Sunday, but it's only Saturday. Hmm, suppose that is good because I have another day before school.

Hope everyone has a good day/night/whatever time it is there!

[ 07-14-2007, 03:16 AM: Message edited by: O- -O Lightning Strikes Twice O- -O ]

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Wow I had to dig down pretty far to ressurect the thread...

Anyway just popping in to say hi and I will update later, prolly tomorrow...I have been kinda busy with fair and working on the barn and the ever-continuing process of getting things ready to move...

But I have officially decided that my horse is a nutter: I had to walk her out today after bringing her in from pasture! [Duh] She and Logan apparently decided that they were going to run around like crazy maniacs just before dinner, so when I went to bring them in my little COPD pony was dying!! I have rarely seen her breathe that hard after anything! So I wasn't about to let her eat dinner and stand in a stall all night so we went for a walk around pasture for several minutes and let her drink a little water before we went in for the night...

This story proves the point on a shirt I bought yesterday: it's a Jared Lee cartoon of a horse standing stressedly with very very very worried and bugged out eyes, then it says: My horse has...some issues.

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acckk i am way behind...and going to stay that way [smile]

today is day 5 of the five day marathon.....this will be the third 12 hour shift of the five. so basically in the last five days, i've slept, eaten (some!), fed the animals and worked!!!

so.... i'll be back and have all next week off (well, most of it) and catch up then.

just wanted to let ya'll know i'm still alive...though the migraines are killing me!


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Emily - haha Jay you Jay should Jay go Jay to Jay South Jay Wesleyan Jay. um what? Sorry... -cough- JAY

McKenzie - Ewww, that heat sounds killer! Lots of baths are great for BOTH of you! Have fun at Champagne! (sham pag nay - ask Emily)

LST - lol! Holly sounds like quite the character. And of course she had to go exploring, she was obviously bored with the normal.

Vegas - Aww, poor pony. Goofy to run around, but still, thats sad. That shirt sounds cute, I think most of us could do with one like that!

Holly - hmmm, did I miss something? Whats this 5 day marathon thing?

Okay, so D-rally was fun, as long as I didn't look at some of my own club. They were rude, disrespectful, unhelpful to the teammates that have never rallied before, late to everything, had terrible formals, and treated their stable manager like dirt. To say the least I was livid. And I didn't C-advise, I ended up doing Horse Management. The 2 bright spots on our team was one girl who is new to pony club who has amazing character and did soooo well, and the stable manager. The riding girl won the good sportsmanship award, got no points off her formal, was the only one on her team to go double clear, and rode a 38 (eventing points) dressage test despite having no time to warm up because her 'teammates' ignored her and she was nearly late, and this being her first time in a dressage ring ever! She is the future of our club, thats for sure. The stable manager really pulled through and eventually told the members of her team that were being rude to shove it, and refused to help them (not usually what we want, but she stood up for herself because these kids were treating her as you would expect a spoiled equitation princess to treat her 'mexican', so I was beyond proud of her)

Now I just have to survive the D-1 Jamboree, which I've been coorganizing with another girl from the Regional Junior Board. It starts Tuesday, and we just had one of our instructors cancel. I'm going to beg my trainer to come help out, and if not, the other girl will have to teach (shes old enough and highly rated enough), and I'll have to fully assume admin responsibilities. Crap.

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Ok, I'm behind also.! Busy, busy weekend. I have readn everyone's posts and will catch up later.

Lightning, weird dream, but it sure would be fun if we could all sit around a circle and chat. Can you imagine? We'd be there for days! [big Grin] Oh, and no more Mr. Crop.

Fleck, hope the migraines are going away girl.

I have been riding Beau and he is back to how he used to be!! He is very forward and trying very hard to work. He still needs a tad bit of help on his left side bending, but he is getting better. Didn't get to ride yesterday. It poured down rain again! I was at my trainers barn anyway, auditing the Michelle Gibson clinic. Both my trainer and her husband rode and of course a few others. I enjoyed watching her work with a girl who has a lovely Oldenburg, trained thru PSG but having a lot of trouble with his changes. She had her doing them toward the end of her lesson. I didn't go back today, but I bet there was a lot of improvement. Then another young girl who is a pony clubber with a cantankerous black and white paing mare. Lovely mover but she sure can be a witch. She worked her through a lot of her issues and that was really neat to watch also.

I do get to ride today and I am having two lessons this week on Tues. & Wed. and I should get to ride tomorrow, then Beau will have Thurs. off, then ride, shampoo and clip on Fri. I am actually hiring the braider at the show. [Eek!] Figured it would make it a whole lot easier. Do any of you tip the braider when you pay them? Or just pay her requested fee?

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Time to catch up!

Beckham: I usually have no problem watching my own horses worked on, or even doing it myself, like all the bandage changes and proud flesh removal for Vegas's wounds after the accident. The only time I had a problem was right after the accident when the vet was poking and prodding through horrible wounds for the initial eval before she was sedated and I was still freaking out and in shock and blaming myself for what happened...I'm glad the kittens are doing well, I bet they are getting to be handfuls! Shelby is GORGEOUS!!! I bet you are way excited to start riding her...GOOD LUCK at the show!!!

Emily: I really feel your pain. The only person in my family who doesn't embarras me is my dad, but he is like the most amazing person ever for too many reasons that I can't get into right now. But my mom is very overweight as well - she is like 5'8" and over 350 lbs. She used to be close to 500, but then she had gastric bypass and lost a bunch of weight, then started her old eating habits again and has started gaining weight. She has no self control in her life at all, and acts like a child and does not take responsibility for anything around the house. But I can't get too mad at her because she is severely bipolar and has a lot of other mental problems as well (I inherited my autism from her), so basically I have to be the mom around the house and do everything, except I don't have time to do it! Not to mention I have to deal with my own problems too. Going on to the rest of my family, my sister is a very demanding wife who belittles her husband and treats him like a child even though he is six years older than her, my eldest brother has a complex that he is my parent (and he so lovingly gave this to his control freak wife who takes it on herself to be my mother and remind me every chance she has that I am a spoiled little brat with no concept of reality), my next eldest brother left our very devout religion as a teenager and has always been the 'black sheep' we love him dearly and he has come back into the family but still not into the church. His wife also thinks that I am a spoiled little brat who has no idea how to take care of herself. She also likes to tell everyone in the world how dysfunctional my family is and how it's just not fair that the youngest (me) doesn't have a chance to have good parents (despite their problems I do still love my parents and wouldn't trade them for anything) and how I am forced to give in to their demands for my yeah, I have a lot of family problems. Now you understand why I am moving to Pennsylvania!...On a brighter note, yeah Vegas and I are definitely OTP!!...Politicians are dumb, and I think by definition they can't be good looking...I don't think the little girl who brought Sara up really knew how bad the wound was, she's only like 13...OMG I say OOTP and it was soooo good! I thought they did a really good job of editing out to make time! It was just fantastic! I soooo can't wait for Saturday! I have to finish re-reading HBP first!

LST: Ugh, back to school, I really feel your pain. Where are you in your schooling right now? Haha that's an awesome dream! Oh gosh if that happened in real life it would be crazy! Cute video, you have an adventuresome bunny!

Lauren: Oh man that is crazy!! I am sooo sorry! You need a great big [Huggy] right now. Yay for getting on the Scotch pony again, but maybe not so many mudslides next time [big Grin]

McKenzie: Are you just starting your sophomore year this fall? That's an exciting time, when you are no longer a freshman! But for me my hardest year was my junior year. Totally with you there, horses are going to be my thing to, and how ironic, I want to be a vet and a top dressage/event rider too!...Yeah polos look really good on horses, but I am terrible at wrapping them except for the way I was taught for reiners when I used to do that...Oh so that's what they sell there...hmmm, I could spend billions...It's been way too hot here too so I've started riding around 8 or 9 am. Good luck at the show, is Nugget feeling better?

LST: OMG what a silly little mare! I hope everything worked out in the end. Sara is doing better the last time I was over at her barn, though she is still on stall rest for at least another week.

Holly: Hang in there! You're almost done! Geez, I hope the migraines go away. Knock on wood but I haven't had one for over a month...have you tried any of the Imitrex or other medications for them? They're supposed to be really good.

Kyalli: Yeah, all horses are wierd, but my horse really does have issues, and some pretty big ones at that. She's had a rough life...But she is a good girl and I love her to pieces, even when she runs herself to death, the silly girl! But on the bright side, at least I always have plenty of things about my horse to laugh at!...Oh man I would have smacked those kids around! They were beginners once too, and they would do well to remember that. Glad things worked out in the end.

Boocoo: You live in TEXAS!!! Desert cliffs, sagebrush, tumbleweed, blowing wind, overgrown arachnids and insects, but not this much rain! If you're not careful your state will turn into Oregon! (seriously though I'll trade you the rain for this crazy heat wave we are having)...Fun clinic! Good luck at the show! And as for the braider, I can't help you there, I've never hired one, though maybe I should from the way my braids looked at the last show...

So not much new here, Vegas survived the night after her escapade last evening. She has the day off today and tomorrow we might go on a trail ride with my bestest adult friend/mentor in the whole world because she wants me to meet her long-time friend who is flying up from AZ.

Can't wait to hear all the show reports! Have a good rest of the weekend!

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Emily –I LOVE acrylic nails, but I can’t wear them because I am highly allergic to the glue the put them on with. Even the hypoallergenic kind. Sounds like you had a blast in NYC!!! What a great trip. FYI, Lisa Rinna was never the female lead any of the Law & Order Shows. I’m an avid Law & Order fan, and I’m very familiar with all of the stars of all the series, and I’ve never seen Lisa Rinna before, so you must be thinking of another show she starred in, but I’m not sure what. She is definitely a soap opera actress and married to Harry Hamelin. I’m right there with you on NOT eating at McDonald’s!!! I’d make your brother walk back to get it himself if I were you, too!!! You are making me VERY glad I am an only child!!! HA!!!

Boocoo – That’s a shame that Beau won’t let anyone else but you ride him while you are gone. Raz is like the barn “*****”!!! I could let everyone under the sun ride him, I swear. I’ve had more people on that horse than I can count, but it’s good for him. Julie uses him here and there for lessons for her Training Level students when she needs a more upper level horse, and when I go away, I know I can count on having a least half a dozen people volunteering to ride him for me!! OUCH!! Your poor ankle. Hope it is feeling better. Sure hope all that rain down your way stops. Glad to hear you are getting some good rides in in between the rains!! I’m with you, I have NO time to clean the house. I’ll cook, but not clean. We hired a woman who comes in every other week and cleans the house. Much better!!! Our house is just way too big for me to keep it anywhere near as clean as Rita keeps for me!! She’s a lifesaver, and well worth the expense. Ooohhh, Michelle Gibson!! Nice!! Bet you learned a lot auditing that clinic. I’m just like you – I never look at who I’m showing against. No point. My last show, I never even bothered to look at the class list. I knew my ride times, so why would I, right?? Hmm . . . too bad the ride times had been CHANGED!!! YIKES!! Okay, so perhaps I should at least check the class list from now on to verify MY ride times!!! HA!!! Oh man, I can’t believe it is STILL raining there!!! Everytime I watch the rain on the news down there, I think of you and my heart just sinks. It is absolutely incomprehensible how much rain you are getting. So glad to hear you finally got a lesson in, and it went so well. I hear you on that humidity being a killer. We have been getting it really bad up here. So nasty it is like breathing in soup. By the time you are done riding, you look like you rode in a down pouring rain, only it was sunny, 90 degrees, and you were in the indoor the entire time. ICK!!!!! Glad to hear you have Beau’s issues sorted out at long last. Woo-hoo!! Two lessons this week, excellent!!! Good luck at the show this weekend!!!

Holly – Sounds like a good plan to look for a house more suitable for your riding needs. Hopefully you will find something in your price range. Good grief, perhaps your visit here will have to be a month long so that you have some serious cooking lessons as well as dressage lessons!!!! Before you have another lesson with this new XC trainer, you need to sit down and have a very serious talk with her. You need to outline what you have done, what your goals are and then talk to her about how the last lesson left you feeling confidence level wise and why. Find out what her training plan is for you and what her reasons were for not challenging your and Fleck in the last lesson. Then decide if her training plan for you and Fleck works for you. The most important thing in riding, especially in XC, is your confidence. You can’t come away from a lesson and have your confidence hurt. That’s not good. Your second 1-3 in the Ride A Test was very nice. The leg yields off the rail were very good. Nice and straight. The canter change through the trot was balanced and relaxed. A really good transition. Nice test. I like your stirrups at that length. I agree with Boocoo, stop worrying with who you are competing against. Just worry about you. Your training is solid, and that’s all you have to worry about. You go there, do the best you can and have fun. That’s all you have to worry about, nothing else. Good luck getting in all the scores you need for the DCTA. Hope you manage to pull it off. Glad to hear you are surviving the 5 day marathon!!!

Tracy – Cute baby!! Glad to hear you and Fessor are making such good progress. Good luck at your show this weekend. Woo-hooo!! Jumping and trail riding!! You and Fess are making great strides!!

Shelley – SOOOOO excited to hear about Shelby!!! Sorry to hear about your parents mini. Hope he is going to be okay. It was great to catch up with you this weekend. Congrats on the great show results. Told you Beckham would be ready for Training before year’s end!!!

McKenzie – Seriously – mac ‘n cheese, frozen meals out of a box and brownies – THAT’S IT??? That’s just plain sad!!! You need some serious cooking lessons. You can’t survive on that. Cooking is an essential skill that you NEED to know how to do to survive. When I was a kid I spent summers with my grandmother, and she taught me how to really cook. Everything was made from scratch, including bread and cookies and cake. Nothing was bought from the store or made from a box. Not saying I never eat frozen meals and such, because I sure eat my fair share, but it’s nice to know that whatever I’m craving I can make it, and when the need arises, I don’t need help in the kitchen. 3-1 by August?? You’ll be fine!!! OUCH, that is quite the fever Nugget was running. Poor Nugget!!! Sounds like a nasty viral infection he has going. Hope he is better soon. Glad to hear Teddy is going well.

Megan – Sounds like you are well on the road to being packed and ready for the move to school. There is always so much stuff you need. Woo-hoooo!!! The move to the new barn has been made!!! That is a GORGEOUS barn!!!! GREAT job at the show!! Even though you didn’t place, you really did improve your overall results. I’m proud of you. Glad to hear Vegas is okay. What a good thing you left the galloping boots on. I think a pair of shipping boots for the trip to GA is definitely in order. Great pics!!!

Lisa/LST – So Percy became Percette?? HA!!! The poor budgie has a gender complex. Glad to hear the lessons are going well. Can’t say as I have seen any 'gay fitness community' ads. I think you are alone on this one. Perhaps it is unique to your side of the world!!! Oooohhhh, shopping spree!!! I wanna go on a shopping spree!!!! Weird dream!!! Cute video of Possum. Great story about the mare getting stuck in the fenced off area!!!! Too funny!! I hear you on left lead canter’s going downhill. That’s Raz’s hard direction as well, and every so often our left lead canter just takes a vacation. Glad to hear you got the issue sorted out so quickly.

Lauren – If I EVER get Raz up to Third, perhaps next Spring/Summer, you can come up and take him to a rated show and get your Bronze Medal scores on him. He is a blast a shows. Oooohhh, Jeremy came up to visit!! Fun, fun!! Sounds like that is going very well. You seriously have to be 16 and under to do FEI Pony??? Wow!! I had no idea. That’s just crazy. There are plenty of petite adults that ride ponies no problem. I can’t believe they put such a random age limit on it. Not even like it was 18 either. That is a CUTE Paint, and I think you look fine, especially considering it was a catch ride!! Oh no, so sorry to hear about your car accident. Glad to hear no one was hurt and damage was minimal. WOO-HOO!!! Back to riding Scotch, if only at the walk!! That’s fantastic.

Shantel – So sorry to hear that Layla didn’t get bred this year. How frustrating for you. Have you considered that your own frustration and stress over the breeding situation led to the bad ride with Layla?? I know that when I am under a lot of stress like that, I tend to have bad rides with Raz even though I think I have successfully left the stress behind before mounting. Just a thought. GORGEOUS dress!! Randy has some seriously good taste!!!

Lisa/Kyalii – College is a huge change, and it won’t be easy. The first month or two is going to be incredibly difficult, but eventually you will adjust. It is a necessary stepping stone to the next phase in your life. Everyone is scared facing such a huge change. It is normal. Leaving Hattan behind is NOT going to be easy, and will only make this change that much more difficult, but that’s just part of the next phase your life is throwing at you to deal with. As for your crazy martha stewart roommate, well, if that doesn’t work out so well, there are ways to get your roommate changed once you are at school, so that is the least of your concerns!!!! Glad to hear you enjoyed the D-rally despite your less that well behaved teammates. I think I would have sat them all down and given it to them GOOD!!! There is no call for behavior like that ever. Good luck with the upcoming Jamboree.

PHEW!!! Finally caught up. Hope I didn’t miss anyone. So vacation was totally amazing. We sat by the pool and never moved!!! Totally amazing resort. Absolutely HUGE. So big they had horse drawn carriages around the complex. Probably the nicest resort we have ever stayed in since we have been going down to the Caribbean . A real 6 star all inclusive. And the FOOD!!!!! OOOHHH!!! Almost everything you can imagine made fresh to order – fish, several different kinds, shrimp, scallops, steak, chicken, pasta, tacos, you name it. It was all laid out in front of the grills on ice. You select the piece you want, and they made it fresh for you. The pasta they actually made fresh daily, then you selected the which kind of pasta you wanted, which kind of sauce, and what you wanted in the sauce, and they prepared it fresh. And the breads and pastries, amazing I’m not the size of a whale. Honestly. They even had a hot, melted chocolate fountain with cut up fruits and pastries to drizzle under the chocolate every night – oh yeah, EVERY night. Because once a week wasn’t enough of a temptation!!!! Good grief!!! Jacuzzi big enough for two in every room. Balcony with a hammock in every room. They raked the beach every morning to get any dead seaweed, etc. off of it, then once an hour they groomed the sand to break it up and rake it perfectly smooth. It was fine as silk. The beach was miles long in both directions, and 50-100 feet wide. The pool was just enormous, or perhaps I should say poolS. It was just one huge series of smaller pools all interlaced connected with bridges going over, and you could swim under the bridges so all the pools were interconnected. Just one long series of pools. The first 6 feet into the pool, it was only a foot deep and all the lounge chairs were in the pool, then it dropped off deeper so you could just slide off your lounge chair into the pool. There were several bars all along and in the pool so you never had to leave the pool or your lounge chair to get a drink. Which is pretty much where I spent my ENTIRE vacation, parked my sorry butt smack on a lounge chair in the pool, tipped a waitress, and I was getting drinks non-stop. At any rate, really nice vacation, but I’m REALLY glad to be home. I missed my own bed, my own cooking, my computer, and RAZZLE!!!!! [big Grin] So a few pics from the vacation:

View from the room:






Horse drawn carriage:




So back to work, back to riding. Trying to sort out our issues with 2-3. We’ve got 3 weeks before our rated show to pull it all together. The woman I normally borrow a trailer from has been taking care of her sick parents and not riding since late February/early March. Well her trainer put her horse back in training right before I left for Mexico, and low and behold she was back to riding on Thursday. I guess she entered the same rated show I did – 2nd Level. [Eek!] I was a tad surprised. She and the horse have had a WAY LONG time off to be showing rated in less than month, but I guess if their trainer feels they are ready to make the leap from 1st to 2-4 in less than month, who am I to argue??? I’m just worried that the horse really hasn’t been given the time to develop the physical (or mental) strength necessary for this level. I’m not the trainer though, so I’m staying out of it. I absolutely adore this woman. She is one of my favorite boarders in the barn, and I really want to see her do well. She knew I was entering the rated show, so she asked if I wanted to go together. We are going to trailer up together, and that will be a really fun. I’m doing 2-1, 2-2, and 2-3, and she is doing 2-4 and 2nd level freestyle. So we won’t even be competing against each other. Very cool. Jack has a new hobby – he has been fishing like mad. Catching some HUGE stripped bass with great frequency, so we have been eating a lot of fish recently, and I have been getting a lot of extra free riding time. [big Grin] Works for me!!!

So that’s about all that’s going on here. Hope everyone is doing well.


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Shelly sounds like an awesome vacation and great pics. I can't believe the pool and beach are so empty of people? Where are they all? I like the animal made out of towels on the tub in the room. Good luck at your upcoming show. Mine is this weekend!

So, I rode Beau today and he is getting better and better at his left bending and I am getting better about using the whip in my left hand, which of course is helping his bend! [Razz] Lesson tomorrow. Good thing as it's raining again! Just a thunderstorm though, so might not get much rain. But I did get to ride last night and today at home.

So, for all of you who hire braiders, do you tip them or just pay their required fee?

[ 07-16-2007, 06:15 PM: Message edited by: Boocoo ]

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okay...let's see if i can do this [smile]

lightning: First and brown are NOT boring colors!!! well, atleast in my opinion! oooh, i'll go watch the video in a minute... enjoy your last few days of freedom...course at this point, you're probably back in school! wild dream! how cool would that be! we'd be out there for ages!!

tracy: awesome! i bet your show went well..actually i think i saw a post about it... i'll go check it out. but congrats ahead of time.

emily: smelling salts..that's awesome. see, i would have bet on it cause i liked the name [smile] and i can't submit those scores anymore cause it's too late. has to be within 30 days, but i think i can get another one in before the deadline. oooh, i can't wait to go see it. and for the book. i didn't get one but i'll have to check around and see who still has any. and.. i think i might have heard that song. i like it! it might be my new theme song for hollyland...that and 'welcome to the black parade!

boocoo; oooh, care to share your suppling hint? fleck's tense on his right side, as am i methinks.

kyalli: oh, i didn't realize you leased hattan. yeah, that sucks. oh well. i'm not tooooo horribly far from you, so if you get desperate call me. and don't worry. you'll make friends quick. and they may even be your bestest friends ever from now on. ahhh, i love pointless rides. but!!! they aren't pointless. they're good for the soul. just 5 days of work, three of which were 12 plus hour shifts. just worn out from that.

vegas; don't worry silly. just work hard and you'll get good grades and get into vet school. i managed to get in with a D in chem!!! course i retook it, but still.... hee hee. but yep! it's alot of school. which is really annoying when people say "did you have to go to extra schooling to be a vet"!? what!?!?! losers....course most people don't say that anymore. one nice lady today even gave me a hug. i mean yesterday. sounds like a good plan on the boots. supposedly you can get those "no bow" wraps, which is what i have, but you still have to be careful. so yeah..shipping boots are good [smile] hee hee. i like that...i knew more than half! hee hee. way to look at the glass half full! yeah..the lesson was with the lady kyalli has lessoned with. she's awesome, but is super busy. it was a great lesson though. but i'm looking to get one more with the person i wasn't so sure about just to see. but who know's when i will. awww poor pony. glad you went and checked on her. that would have been a nasty wound....good job! don't you love suturing!!! that's my favorite thing to do. i love taking a big messy mess and making it all pretty and neat! awww sweet. i like pic number 3. she looks all bat outta heck to get to that next jump. sweet! nice shirt! i like the one that has the horse on the pyschiatrists couch and says "judges just don't like me!". hee hee. so yeah.. i'm going to make an appt this week and try again to get migraine meds. and a chiro appt. that helps me soo much. not one today which is good. surpise though, it's my day off!!

beckham: eewwww, it just fell off! like a lizard! hee hee. hmmmm. i think i've always had to cut them off and sew them up, but i can see if being like that. poor stumpy boy! but they are awfully cute with their stump tails! glad he's feeling better. good luck with shelby! sounds like a blast. and congrats on the show. i did see your other post.

lauren: EEEEEk, car wrecks suck. glad you are okay. and glad your sis's truck is okay. yeah, i know how you feel. i hate being in wrecks. but hope it'll all work out. oooh, mudslides..yummy. and glad you had good rides on scotch. what a good boy!

luvs: glad nuggy is on antibiotics. although....antibiotics don't get viruses, but will get the secondary infections! hee hee. but i'm sure he'll feel better soon. oooh, good luck at your show. hee hee. that's an awesome story about holly! sounds like something an appy would do. actually i think my friends appy used to roll under the fence. i swear, they're like dogs! but anything in the quest for food..sounds typical appylike!

shelly: hee hee. ooooh, that would make mike's day if i got cooking lessons...let's just throw in some cleaning ones too...courtesy of rita! hee hee. awesome. let's do it! oooh, great idea for the lesson. i just hope i can be brave enough. i hate confrontation...but it's not really confrontation if i just tell her that i was a bit unnerved by my last lesson and am willing to work hard and all, i just want to understand things! i'm very much a brainiac type when it comes to you so well know by now! or maybe not so much a brainiac as i want to know everything...but don't yet! hee hee. that's a great idea. it's just gonna be tricky since i have to haul all the way over there and i think it might be a group lesson. but i bet i could talk to her before or after even and see what her deal is. cause if she can make fleck do awesome then that would be great, but i'm not going to work hard if she's not going to and explain stuff so i don't get all frustrated. and yeah...ain't that the truth...there's nothing like galloping up to a solid fence not having confidence...thanks! i had some good leg yields today too! more below on that. [Eek!] wow!! awesome pics from vacation!!! i'm so glad you had fun. it looks and sounds incredible! oooh, i hope your friend does okay, but that is a bit scary for her. good luck to you! i know you and raz will pull it together. take lots of pics!! oooh, i'm thinking about trying to do a first level freestyle. my trainer does a fun schooling dressage show in october...trick or trot! it's so fun. so i may want to do a freestyle for that show. but i'm sooo bad about getting it together...any thoughts on music for fleck. i'm really really wanting to use "welcome to the black parade!" hee hee. yummy! i love fishing. used to go with my dad, uncles, and grandpa all the time. i wish mike would find a fun hobby!

alright....phew! i'm caught up, although i do admit it was fairly slack! hee hee.

so... i finally got to ride today! it was awesome. we had to ride at home in the pasture, but... we had a few little bobbly trips, but no faceplants so that's always nice. it started off okay...just okay. but then i had two phonecalls. both pet emergency types. so fleck got a walk break. well, then i picked him up again and he was on fire!! he was a bit quick, but i managed to get him to slow down and we did our ten meter circles which were really good. before the phone calls we did them too and eventually got them better and even did some pretty decent leg yields off the rail. had to go back to the 10 m figure eights in between to get him back on both reins. but anyways...we got some beautiful leg yields off the rail! it was great. some really nice canter work..probably our best in awhile. then we did the canter serpentines. which...last tuesday (the last time i rode...) he kept swapping leads on the right canter. which i'm sure was me, but we were having issues. well that was up at the top of my ring with a long straightaway. so this time i did it down in my little dressage ring. and...lo and behold he did it awesomely!!! he was even straight and leading with his shoulders instead of just drifting back. it was great!!! and guess what!!! i even did 3/4 of a 25 m circle on the counter canter and he held it!!! i was so proud. so we quit with that [smile] it was just fun. so tomorrow i'll probably jump and then wed is a dressage lesson. then maybe thursday or friday i'll trail and maybe dressage the other day. cause then saturday is my show. i'm just gonna do 1-3 and 1-4, which means i gotta learn 1-4!! to go check everyone's show posts!

it's good to be back.

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Catch up time again!! Here goes:

LST - Siblings, I tell OMG, what a story about the Appy, that's scary (and bizarre)!!

Lisa - Yeah, I'm sorta wimpy when it comes to "extreme" heat. I'm a true Wa****onian!! Sham-pag-nay?? SO confused haha.

Boocoo - Clinics are awesome, both to audit and ride in. Glad you had a good time. A few years ago I went to watch the Advanced YR clinic, which I hope to eventually ride in. That would be super neat. I payed for a braider at my last show, it really does make things easier. I am doing it for my show this weekend too. I just pay the price, I did not tip. But it's up to you.

Megan - Yup, I'll be a Sophomore!! I'm excited to no longer be a freshman (but I am really short, like 5'1", so I could pass for a middeschooler easily [Frown] lol). Wow! Thats funny. I really, really want to be an Equine vet. I would love to have that knowledge just in general, especially being a horse owner. Nugget is feeling better, thanks for asking!

Shelly - It IS lame, I just cannot cook. Not that I've really put much effort into it, so there ya go. My mom is an amazing cook, as was her mom. My sister is talented in the kitchen too. I swear it's a gene you get or don't [Razz] . My mom has tried to teach me, but it just doesn't work. I am sure when I get a bit older I'll want to learn how to cook some actual meals, but for now I'll pass!! I dunno about 3rd Level...I am confident with it besides the extensions. Ha. Let's just say it does NOT come easy for Teddy!! But I am excited to to try 3rd, it should be fun. OhMyGosh. Sounds like a FANTASTIC vacation!! Gorgeous picutures, holy cow. That does sound like a surprise about the show, but glad you will be going with a friend, that'll be nice.

Holly - Thanks! I am glad Nuggy is doing better, too. Lol LST told the Appy-under-the-fence-story, not me [Razz]

I had a great lesson on Teddy today. I worked today since I leave Thursday for the show, and I normally work three days. So I am working Mon/Tues/Weds. Anyways the lesson went well, we ran through 2-4 (which I've memorized, yay!!) and it was awesome. Our simple changes have improved ten fold since last show season, and our mediums are getting better, slowly but surely.

I have also been doing more work in the double bridle, but not this past week or so since I wanted to focus on my snaffle since that is what I am showing in. I am getting more and more used to the double but need new snaffle reins because my current ones are just too wide and are killing my hands.

Sooo it is going to be a BUSY week...will be gone at the rated show (Champagne Classic) Thursday through Sunday. But I am only riding Saturday and Sunday (my trainer is riding Fri/Sat/Sun hence why we're leaving early).

[smiley Wavey]

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Fleck, my suppling hint is the whip! [ROTFL] Seriously, learning to use it in my left hand and tapping behind my leg with it when I apply leg aid for him to move over has helped tremendously. Also, not dropping my outside rein contact. Really concentrating on keeping that outside rein and suppling lightly with the inside rein while applying inside leg/whip has made all the difference in the world for Beau. He gets better and better and better every day. At the same time I get more and more coordinated with the whip in my left hand. What a difference! The other thing I make sure of is I am sitting tall, inside shoulder back, inside leg at the girth, outside leg back a tad and outside shoulder forward. Seat bones underneath me where they belong, looking up and ahead to where I am going and keeping my hands steady and quiet. When I ride like that he is so ON!!!!!!!!!! I just have to do it all the time without always telling myself to do it. It's a work in progress!! [big Grin]

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I LIVE! I don't have the energy to reply or read anything, seeing as I'm currently having to go through 40-50 unread (non-spam) emails, and it's late, and I have to get up early, but I would like to let you all know that I survived my show and haven't fallen off the face of the earth. It's not like I've been neglecting HC anymore than my computer in general, I haven't really done anything on it since... oh... THURSDAY. Okay, I'll try to update tomorow before leaving for the next show on Thursday, but no gaurentees... Hope everyone's doing well!

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Shelly: I like to *think* that I'm ahead of the game in packing, but in reality my bedroom floor is still covered in everything from pots and pans to pillows and first aid kits, and not one single article of clothing has been put in a box...Ahhh but at least I have my new barn, which is soooo nice!...Thanks, I was very happy with how well she did at the show, it was by far the best test we have ever ridden....Yeah the shipping boots (and new splint boots) came yesterday and they are going to be nice for Vegas...OMFG!!! What a place to vacation!!!! Ummm like who would move from a pool like that?! Haha I love the little towel bunny! Man I would have gained so much weight and spent sooo much money on just food!!!...Hmmm, that is a little wierd that that one lady is so gun-ho to jump right back to 2-4, but whatever, I just hope her horse is ready for it....eeewwww I hate fish, especially ones that look gross and prehistoric before they get on your plate...

Boocoo: Yay for Beau being supple...that's wierd that for you thunderstorm = little rain, because for us thunderstorm = torrential downpour with a few rumbles of's been over 8 years since we had a big thunderstorm which is good I guess but I kinda like them.

Holly: Hahaha D's get Degrees!!! Except for now it's C's get degrees...How ridiculous! If I were you I would just start telling them that no, it was really easy: all you have to do is call the number after the commercial is over, draw Bozo the Clown when the info packet arrives, complete the six-week distance course from the instructor in Bangladesh, and you too can be a board-certified veterinarian!! Some people [Roll Eyes] But yeah, it will be a lot of school. I think I will like vet school better than undergrad though...Yeah the boots came yesterday and I think they will be great. I have a set of those foamy no bows but you could still bow a tendon really easy if you don't know what you're doing...I'm totally with you! Suturing is the best! Another story on that below. Hee hee yeah in that picture she's totally like "bring it you stupid little two foot cross rail!"...Haha Vegas needs that shirt too, along with the psychiatrist...Yes you should definitely go to the dr and get meds!...Wow sounds like you are in really good shape for the show! Good luck!

McKenzie: Haha, I'm just the opposite! I was 5 foot before middle school, so everyone thought I was older than I really was - they still do, actually. People in restaurants ask me if I want drinks all the time and I'm like "hello I'm 19!" But yeah soph and senior years are the best! Yes, I am very excited to be an equine vet, but I have changed my career path over a hundred times (unfortunately that's not an exxageration) so no one is ever sure if I will stay in the path that I choose, but I'm pretty sure this is where I'll end up staying. But let me tell ya, a declaration of major is no guarantee for career either! I've changed my major three times!...That's good that nugget's feeling better. Hang in there for the week and good luck at the show!

Emily: Hello, goodbye...good luck at the show.

SOOOO....I woke up this morning and it was misty and rainy like a late November morning, I love it! If only it were about 20 degrees cooler it would have been perfect!...I am such an Oregonian! The heat we've been having lately just kills! The only bad thing was that the arena footing was really too muddy to ride so we just walked a lot and did some leg yield work and a little bit of trot. It would have been fine but I watered really deep last night thinking it would be nice today, and then it rained. Oh well, I still love the rain, and we might get some lightning later on...It's just a good weather day!

So we are having our driveway and shop area paved today and tomorrow, including the center aisle of the new barn, so I am way excited for that to be done! It will be really nice.

The trip is more or less planned now. Vegas has a place to stay in Butte MT, Chamberlain SD, Milwaukee WI, and we are working on our last stop in Wellington OH. I am pretty excited about the trip, but it is also really starting to sink in that I only have three weeks left at home [Frown]

Random and slightly akward question, and Holly may be best suited to answer this: How much poo do I take to the vet for a fecal egg count?

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So you just pay the braiders fee without tipping, eh Luv? I was going to give her an extra $5 because she said she would bang his tail for me for no extra charge. Does that sound good?

Vegas, we have had rain non-stop here in Texas since January. It is very bizarre and whacky weather. We have already had 30" of rain this year and they usually only get 13" all year long!!!

I hauled over to my trainers again today for another lesson and it poured. Good thing I went over there. Besides that, my BO is having the arena done over. The guy who did it, messed it up and took all the sand out today, is re-doing the base, then putting all new sand in. Anyway, Beau was AWESOME at my lesson today. He just keeps getting better and better every day. I asked her to help me work on getting his walk huge, especially at the free walk and she helped me to get him to stretch down and out for the stretchy trot. He was so loose and supple, she still can't get over how relaxed he is. Me either. He hasn't been like this in well over a year!!!! [Eek!] I am looking forward to my show on Sunday. We are going down on Sat. and I can ride him in both rings on Sat. afternoon after the show is over, then I will show on Sun. I am doing T2 & T4!! Then it's back to the grindstone, working on first level.

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