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Dressage Chit Chat Thread! Volume 17!!!

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Sorry, Boocoo! [Embarrassed] What can I say? Get me out of the hot, humid Iowa weather and my brain goes on vacation.


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Originally posted by TracyA:

Sorry, Boocoo!
What can I say? Get me out of the hot, humid Iowa weather and my brain goes on vacation.


Ha ha, no problem Tracy. If Iowa is anything like Texas is right now, all our brains are going to turn to mush!! And besides, you brought up some excellent points about Cushings!

Had a superb ride on Beau this a.m. I was riding him forward at the sitting trot, and he was totally connected. My lesson yesterday was fantastic and really attributed to this. He was so nice and up over his back. It was great. I am also feeding & cleaning at my old barn this weekend, while they went out of town for a wedding.

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OK. My attempt from Page 6!

Lauren, Cant you take Driving School online so that you still have the pay the ticket but the points dont get added to your record? Thats what Ive done in the past.

Shelly, OMG. Those show times stink! Hopefully they do get the 2nd class posted quickly and you can scratch from the last one. Im sure you guys will do great! With the way hes giving you that canter, Im sure he'll be fine for the show. Layla and I have been doing 3 loop canter serpentines, the width of the arena, so basically parts of 3 20m circles, and the more and more we do it, the better and better it gets and now she will do it without trying to switch while on the left lead. I have a few pics from yesterday (not our best ride but the counter canter was really nice) that I will put on a seperate post.

Holly, 16 hours of hauling?! No thank you! Sorry I dont have any tips. My longest trip was 3 hours. Good luck with the show! And we are taking the kittens to get spayed right after I graduate this Thursday.

Megan, sleeping in the barn? No way down here. Theres so many bugs and spiders and the humidity! LOL Thats cool though you can just chill before you have to leave. And thats so not cool that everyone forgot to tell you the farrier was moved and didnt call. I hate crap like that!

Boo, sounds like you and Beau are just coming together so well and clicking! Way to go! Get some pics some time soon. I love seeing pics of you two. Beau is so handsome. Im sorry I missed the part about your dog! [Frown] But Im glad the new guy is working out.

Tracy, I guess thats a good thing its not Cushings or the like, but an infection? Geez. I hope you get it figured out soon. I didnt get a chance to post on your pic thread, but I did look and wow. You and Fess look awesome. I havent seen pics of him in a while and you are doing a great job with him.

Holly, being the person that I am, I totally like the dark brown with blue crystals. But thats b/c I love bling and I think XC is the perfect place for it. Go for it!

As for me, 4 more days of showing up at school and Im done. Woooooop. Im studying for my final this weekend as Im taking it Monday. I cleaned The Moms teeth on Wednesday last week and then Sarah and Randy came Thursday. I felt a lot more comfortable the more and more I did that, so Ill practice a lot in the last few days.

I rode Layla yesterday. She wasnt bad but she gets in moods sometimes where shes not bracing on me but shes not soft either. Kind of like how you would ride a hunter, all stretched out, contact, but not really carrying herself. We did a LOT of canter serpentines and simple changes across the diagonal. Let me tell ya, we were both POOPED. Im going to make a seperate thread with the pics. It certainly wasnt our best ride, but the counter canter is getting so much better. I entered for a show on the 18th. Im doing Training 2 and 4 again and went ahead and paid for a qualifying score in my Training 4 class. Its the first show of the Fall series so I figured what the ****. Hoping to squeeze in one more lesson next Sunday before the show.

Have my interview with the dentist I want to work with on Tuesday at 445pm. Wish me luck! I really hope this works out b/c hes one block down from my bank right now, so its like less than 10 mins from my house. Very cool.

Thats all for now. Off to go edit my pics to try to post them.

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Krazy, best of luck with the job interview. I can't believe your done with school already. That sure went fast!!! Layla sounds like she is tired of the heat, eh?

I went and cleaned 8 stalls this a.m. and fed 11 horses!! Talk about beat!! Whew. I need to do that every day, sure would get me in better shape. Beau got the day off today. I just got done riding him 5 days in a row. Can't believe I actually got to do that without getting rained out. I do need to get some new pictures. I will have to have the hubby come out and take some soon. I am back to work full time tomorrow, yuck, so I am starting to get stressed out, thinking about how I am going to juggle work, horse, husband, son, dogs, cat, life!! [Crazy] Ah well, I know I can do it, just wish hubby would get a promotion so I could just quit work again. That year in Cal. when I didn't work was pure bliss!!

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Holly - mmm, yummy bridle! I looove the bling! I can't decide between the two bridles though [Razz]

Shantel - Good luck at the dentist, and the show!

Boocoo - eep, sounds like you've got a lot on your plate. I wish I never had to work too [Crazy]

I had a jumping lesson today with the woman who did our local PC camp - I taught some unmounted stuff, so I got a free group lesson with the others who also volunteered. It went pretty well, I really liked her teaching style - it was very much 'shut up and just do it, come back to me once you've finished'. Thats the kind of style I do really well under, so even though Hattan was being a dork (look a jump! Run, run at it! Fllllyyy over it like we're in a Grand Prix jump off!), I still had a great lesson.

I also saw the Simpsons movie today. That was fun!

I'm starting to get sort of excited for college again - still nervous, but at least not feeling like I'm going to die. Haha. I leave in 5 days!

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I'm a little busy right now so I'll update later, but my show yesterday went well, I rode T3 and T4, I got 62% on T3 and T4 was 64%, so I'm pretty happy with those scores, even though I think the judge was a little lenient. The tests could have been better but I was happy anyway for being in a new place.

As for today, it was horrible. We had a 'going away' party for me, but I didn't want it anyway. When my parents asked me what I wanted to do for a party I said I didn't want one at all, but then Dad invited everyone over anyway (thanks Dad, just what I wanted). I really have a hard time being around them just because I don't have any common interest with them and I just generally don't get along well with large groups of people, and we have a big family. Anyway, I had to avoid them like the plague today, and it didn't really work since they were here to see me, so it was really akward. Then I came in and checked my bank balance online and I'm $200 in the hole from bouncing two checks and a debit purchase [bang Head][Embarrassed] I have funds to cover it but it's still grrrr! I'm no good at budgeting...It's just been a frustrating day.

I'll post pics and update tomorrow, hope everyone else had a better weekend.

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*drumroll* I'mmmmm bacckkkk! Miss me? I wouldn't.

I finally come home (after being away for over 6 weeks) yesterday and I'm entirely pooped. The parental units are on a home improvement rampage (fun..?) which involves a lot of re-painting, re-organizing, re-doing floors, re-arranging, re-everything. Even though we just got back (we had some walls painted and the floors redone while we were gone but it means we came home to ALOT of work to do still).

But, using my amazing master skills, I managed to get myself out to the barn this morning. I got to ride Spectrum which was great. It felt so good to be back in the saddle although my legs were slipping around quite excessively. I messed up the canter but he dealt with me and has been a good boy in a very humid morning. I said hi to everyone and talked a bit and so forth. My trainer was happier to see my friend who was away for a week than me. [Razz] Ay, well, you can't win everyone over, right? Either way, I got to ride and it felt so good to even just touch an equine again.

As for Gayla, I couldn't ride her today. Apparently she overheated herself the other day. I also found out that she has been having some training issues aka rearing. I didn't hear from the trainers, but from the trainer's best friend and barn manager, so.....*shrug* We shall see. I went out to the field to say hello and she looks still healthy and she was very friendly but, I don't know, maybe I was imagining it, but something was off. It was weird.

Spectrum and one of the young hunter trainer's students went to a very low-key, local fun-hunter show while I was gone. I suspected this because he was so clean [Wink] but then inquired. It turns out that she was very nervous but Spectrum totally took care of her. I don't know how they placed as I forgot to ask.

As for being away, I had a great time. Between my CTY-CLI program and being in the Adirondack Mountains, everything was jammed pack. I'm so glad to be home though! [big Grin]

I'm trying not to think about this upcoming year---and the uncertanties that come with it. I don't know where I stand in the barn, who I will be riding, what I'll be doing or even what I want. The things that I do know I want are, at the moment, unreachable. Isn't that always the case?

Everyone please give me a little update cause I have missed so much I doubt I can catch up by reading it all!

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Kyalli, your jumping lesson sounds fun. I wish I could jump Beau, but he just gets way to stressed out over it.

Vegas, ahh, your Dad just wanted to do something nice for you before you leave. He is going to miss you so much. Congrats on your show. Those are awesome scores. Bummer on the check book. What really helps me is to check my account on line every day. That way I can see what has and has not cleared and when it comes time to reconcile, it's a lot easier.

Welcome home Dobby! [big Grin]

First full time day went well today at work and then I had an awesome ride on Beau. I know this dry weather is really helping his feet, not to mention my lesson last week was such an eye opener and I am starting to understand a whole lot of things that are helping me to ride Beau much better. Boy it sure shows. He is going so well. Well I am off to bed now. I am beat!

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Ugh... Alive after weekend of selling pictures. I'll update for sure tomorow, or tonight if I get around to it. Don't have the time now. Just letting you all know I'm alive!

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shelly: HOW'D IT GO????? or are you still sleeping [smile] that lunch thing is such a good idea. i'll have to keep that in mind. and was perfect! she's coming to help me school two places next weekend too so hopefully i'll be feeling super ready for aec's...till i get there atleast!!

boocoo: hmmm. nope, don't think i have heard of marilyn, but i'm not good with names....oooh, you got a fun showing schedule too. and then it'll be natural instinct, so sounds like a plan. can't wait for some pics of your shows. we haven't seen the handsomest boy in awhile! oh yeah... if i could just win the lottery....

shantel: yeah...ugh, it's gonna suck driving that far. hopefully though my friend will go and she'll probably do most of the driving. if i had someone with me it won't be too bad. but if she can't go, i'm not sure what i'm gonna do! i tend to get sleepy at the wheel. major badness! and yay for spays! and graduation!!!! how exciting. ahhh, yeah.. i'm just so not sure about the bridles. i'm kinda leaning towards the blue, cause it's our colors, then i lean towards the silver cause it's a little less flashy, then i realize i don't have any extra money so what does it matter!!! good luck at your show! can't wait to hear how it goes and see pics.'s been hard to get motivated to ride in this weather. luckily i just found out that i can ride at the barn that has a covered arena and lights at any point!!! so nighttime riding will be my new best friend. except my hubby isn't gonna like it. argh... if we could just get my area behind my barn graded and put in lights, it'd be set! but by then it will have cooled off. alas...oooh, good luck at your interview! i saw a dentist (i presume) with a fancy schmancy mercedes who's license plate said "DRDRILL"...way cool. i swear, i'm in the wrong business. but.... i could never work on teeth. they gross me out. you're a brave woman!

kyalli: thanks for the advice...too broke to order another bridle now anyways, so i'm not sure why i bothered. but... it's nice to pretend. sounds like a fun ride!!! good luck with school. it'll be fun!!! and ooooh, i can't wait to go see the simpons movie. i heard it was like a longer episode, but it still sounds good.

megan: awww honey. i hope your day is better. that sucks that your party was awkward but they did it out of love. congrats on your show. those are great scores!

dobby: welcome back! i missed yah! more than your friend too [Wink] hee hee. sounds like a good ride on the spectrum monster. maybe layla just doesn't like the heat. it's pretty miserable here. sounds like a fun, albeit jam packed, vacation. and yeah...home repair isn't always fun, but it can be!

so....too hot to ride today. poor fleck.....well, probably happy fleck! i haven't ridden since wed. and he was adjusted thursday. i want to ride before he gets unadjusted again! but i've got a lesson tomorrow morning. hopefully before it hits double digits! ugh.... so... i'm having major dilemma's again!!! why can't i just be happy with what i have...or win the lottery! my friend showed me this gorgeous place...40 acres, all white board fencing, a HUGE oak tree with a swing!! and a cute little apartment over a garage. all within my price range...but really far from work. really far! argh.... oh well. and my friend is looking at the property i really really really want and have been drooling over but it's too far for the hubby. though i'm not sure it actually is. argh... i need to stop being so greedy.

ooooh, i did shop a little today which helped. i found a really pretty navy whip with a thin handle...instead of my thick fatty handle. it was only $12 too! so that made me happy. i also bought a cute hat strap to go on my straw cowgirl hat. and a "oh crap" handle which will hopefully fit onto my breastplate! i'll report back tomorrow after my lesson!


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Jeez I'm further behind than I thought...

Boocoo: Oh yes, as soon as Vegas has her new shoes on her feet are instantly better. It's just that her feet tend to grow a little unevenly since the accident and she is pretty hard on her shoes super fast so I try to do them every seven weeks but it's pretty hard to get my farrier out on that schedule, so yeah. But if her feet are hurting a gram of bute does miracles until I can get them reset...WHAT?!?! Doing what your trainer tells you actually works?!?! Hahahahaha I love it when I have little moments like that!

Holly: Was that not the best book you have ever read?! I loved the ending! Once you hit chapter 25 you just can't put it down!

Shelly: Hahaha, you can be with me in though, cause right now I'm catching up on all the episodes I missed over the past few days - yay DVR and the network airing the seasons I don't own! I always keep pens in my purse, and I always have a large amalgamation of receipts in my purse (because heaven knows that once they hand them to me I never look at them again!) so I'll write things down that I need to remember , but the hard part is remembering to write them down to remember them later!...Oh yes I will for sure be in good hands, but it's still sad because I only have one more lesson with her, and we're at such a vital point in Vegas's training, where I have this 'new and improved horse' as Tracy puts it, with so much more confidence in me, but I still lack a lot of confidence in her and I ride her like she is still the untrustworthy-running-out-get-ot-of-work-any-way-possible little weasel that she was. So the biggest thing blocking our improvement is me - I am re-learning my horse. So anyway, it's just kind of an akward point to switch trainers, but we will be okay, it'll just take some adjustment, along with everything else in my life it seems...UGH!! I don't know how you do it, I hate heat, I hate humidity even more, and I hate it most of all when they are together. But I guess I'll have to get used to it since I am moving over there SATURDAY!!! I'd much rather deal with the cold...Yay for a good ride, and I hope that the show went well!

Lauren: It's not just that I am young (although that is a big part), I'm not socially or emotionally ready for it. The idea of even casual dating scares the crap out of me!...Hahaha I can totally see Scotch being like "I'll teach you to leave me! Grow hair, grow!"...Eek, don't be too sure about that, convulsions are really not that much fun. But I would still send in the ticket with SUCKAS written on it.

Kyalli: Welcome Back! When do you leave? I leave Saturday, but it's taking us a week to get over there and then I have orientation for a week and then classes start the 27th.

Holly: OMG I love those bridles!! I really want a new figure 8 bridle for XC, I guess that'll be on my christmas list! I can't tell you what one to get, I like them both!

Shantel: Hahaha!! That's why I don't live in the south! Yeah that whole farrier thing was pretty dumb, but it's okay, cause her feet are getting done tomorrow. Oooh good luck at your interview, I still don't know how people do work in the dental field, it's all just so eeeewwwww.

Dobby: Welcome back!! I've been too busy to give you a really good update, but I will say that Vegas and I are leaving for school on Saturday!

Boocoo: Unfortunately I think it's a little more complicated than that...Dad doesn't really understand about my autism, but he does know that I have a lot of problems dealing with people. I told him several times that I didn't want to do this, but it was to no avail...Online banking is my best friend, because I very rarely balance my checkbook - very rarely...I normally stay ahead of the game because I have a pretty good idea in my head of what's going on and what is outstanding, but I got behind this time...Glad to hear that your job is working out so far. I tried a full time job once, worst day of my life [big Grin]

Holly: My day got better after they left, but it was still really annoying. Thanks! I'll post pics below.

Sooo, I reeeaaaallllyyyy have to start packing! I am going to today, after I finish my Star Trek [big Grin] and I ride. It's a pretty cool day today so I can ride anytime, and I'll prolly make it out there sometime around 4.

Our lesson yesterday was fabulous as usual. It's just so hard to get used to the new Vegas that I am the one holding her back. I need to learn to trust her and it's sooo hard to not ride her like she is going to cheat work or run out at any minute! So I just have to get used to my new baby! But it's kind of sad because I only have one more lesson with Tracy Saturday...

So here are the pictures from my show. These are all from T4 because mom made it there only in time to video the last 20 seconds of T3, and then I wanted pics of T4, so here they are. I was pretty happy with how well she did, although I still have a lot of work to do with my arms and hands!

My entering salute, I like this one


At C Track Right she spooked at who knows what, but recovered well. Mom got a good shot of it [big Grin]


Just after out transition at A Working Trot


Left lead canter circle, it's a little grainy because I cropped and zoomed in...


Just before the ten-meter half-cirle to X for our final salute


So that's all, I'm going to go make lunch and chill and watch Voyager!

ETA: I might not be able to get on much during the next week or during our travel, but I will be blogging everything and adding pictures to my blog if you want to read it, the link is in my siggy.

[ 08-07-2007, 05:35 PM: Message edited by: Vegas Sky ]

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yay megan!!! [Yay] you win the 100th post prize....i mean....congrats! no prize...sorry! anyways...great pics. such a big difference! you guys look great. the spooking one is awesome. hee hee. such a fleck moment. don't worry! college will be fun!!

so speaking of heat.....I really think i melted today! it turned into the longest day ever! i had a riding lesson at 9, which ended up being 9:30 cause i'm always late. and sorta sucked. but it was my fault. i was sorta grumpy and i hadn't really worked on dressage in a bit since i did some jumping. and since the chiro adjusted his hip, in my mind....i thought that should fix his haunches in problem. yeah...dummy me in my sleep deprived state forgot that...hello!!! he's still weak in that right hind, even if his hip is freed up now. so that combined with me reading my area 3 champ test last night...the same test i'll be riding at aec's...and realizing that i got all 7's, except for 3 6's, and one 8, until.....that darn right lead canter...i got two 5's cause of his haunches... so i was bound and determined to fix one ride.. so yeah...needless to say, i fixated on it and it got worse and worse and worse. and fleck got upset and i was upset. and then to make it worse a friend stopped by cause she saw us from the road and had to tell me how great fleck looked...meanwhile i'm trying not to cry cause i'm so frustrated. i ended up trying to steer his haunches with my hands.....and twist my seat. so luckily my coach had to go find her little kid...he sorta wandered off. so fleck and i cooled off and i realized the folly of my ways. i apologizes and then just forget about the stupid haunches...and guess what! they were back where they were supposed to be. i had to let that outside rein slide forward just a bit, sink more weight into my outside leg to keep his shoulder in, and by keeping that darn shoulder in...his haunches behaved...or atleast much better behaved. so yeah... we ended on a good note and got some good transitions. so it was sorta a wasted lesson, but it was a good thing for me to have reinforced in my brain. cause i'm not sure i would have caught on so quick had i not been embarassed in front of my coach. well was 85 or so degrees out. not horrid but very sticky. so then i put fleck in her pasture and we hang out for a bit then go to lunch. fun! then she realizes that a place about 27 miles away has hay for $5 a bale (it got upped from $4 en route, but oh well). but we had to come today and we had to load it from the field. so we think, cool we can do that. but then we have to get her trailer from the show cause she got an awning put on!!! so anyways.... my lesson was at 9:30, lunch at 12, and we finally get to this hay place in both rigs (we each got 40 bales) at like 4 pm. meanwhile it is now oscillating between 98 degrees and 101 degrees...with a heat index of 109!!!! so we finally get there...and it's out in the boonies and we went on this one lane dirt road for about 5 miles. totally the kind of place i'd love to live if the road wasn't so scary. so then we have to load the hay. luckily there were two kids helping us out. but we had to drive...load a few, drive...load a few. all made that much more difficult by the fact that we both have ramps. so i was literally soaking wet at this point. the sweat was dripping into my eyes and burning my contacts! so then we finally go home after almost taking out their fence with karen's rig. then we have to unload half of my hay into her i can put fleck in and take him home. he almost didn't fit. and he had to walk on by himself cause the escape door was blocked. bless his heart, he was soo good. so now.... i have 28 bales or so to unload by myself....i just can't do it today... but i've got a lesson tomorrow morning, so i think i'll go to bed early and do it in the am. ugh.... i'm soooooo dirty!!!

but ooooh, happy thoughts instead! i bought a new whip. it's incentive to learn how to use it! my old one is just black and has a big fat handle and is awkward...this one is shiny navy with a navy and black thin handle. it's soooo purty! i love it. so now i just have to learn how to use it.

okay...... off to shower and then go eat something! i had to just sit for a minute before i could get back up again to shower. hee hee. shhhh, i'm sitting in my bra and underwear underneath the fan and it feels sooo much better. but not as good as that shower's gonna feel!!!

sorry! TMI!!!!

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Holly, it was the worst few hours I have had in a long time until I read your post, but you cheered me up by saying that you were sitting under the fan in your bra and underwear! I just laughed and laughed picturing that because I do the same thing!! Even though I prolly just creeped you out a bit by saying that I pictured that...oh boy this is going downhill fast, so I'll stop, but it sure put a smile on my face, just like you always can...As for the ride, I think we must be on the same brain waves, because I had a terrible ride on Vegas today. IT started out okay, and it was okay. She had a lot of energy, but whatever we can deal with that. Well then after we worked on leg yield and popped over a crossrail a few times our canter-trot transition just dissapeared. So then we got in a huge fight over it and everything went wrong and I got really mad at her and bad mommy I took out my anger on her, and most of it wasn't even at her - I was just so mad and scared at then I got off after another half hour and apologized a million times and wondered why she even puts up with me, and I was crying by the time I got yeah you're not the only one who had a bad ride today, but you made me feel a lot better with your post, thanks.

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Hey, you two do not have the corner on bad rides!!! Remember, I managed to put in the ultimate BAD ride right before my show, so it happens to all of us. How would you recognize the good rides if you never had bad rides??? Now the really important thing is that you learn something from that bad ride and grow from it. Megan, you are under a HUGE amount of stress right now with your pending trip across the country to college, and your entire life about to change. If all of your rides were going like clockwork, I would be shocked. Holly, you have the stress of AEC's looming, and you purposefully set out to solve all of your issues in a single ride. You set yourself up for failure, but you already know that. Stress + riding = disaster.

At least I have one thing over both of you - I'm wearing clothes!!! [Razz]

Hope you are both having better nights than you had rides today. I'll try to catch up with all of you tomorrow.


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Arg, back to page 5!

Lauren - Procrastination=teh Roxsorz.

LST - Haha, yeah, poor Gabriel... He's totally going to "Uncle Cam" to get backed for the first time! Haha, YOU? Procrastinate?! NEVER! Haha, Lightning wants to be a gamer!

McKenzie - Why're you going to Georgia? I don't see them figuring out a way to not use the Hogsfeul arenas just because it's such a huge show. I mean, they could do the big indoor (now that they have the outdoor warmups), and then put 3 into the Sand... And then maybe use the East... It rides better than the West no matter what. At least people were riding in there this weekend! Have you had any serious inquiries on Alibi? I thought It'd be easy to sell a horse... pfft, yeah, right.

Holly - I think he said that Ray was the son or something... I've never seen it, so I dunno. If he does well wit hthe mowhawk, stay with it. IT's been Inky's look for the last 3 years! When you drive home with a migraine, do you have issues focusing? I've only driven with migraines a few times and I hate it, I'm so scared I'm gonna run off the road or something... Aww, yay for Fleck! You'll get the technical stuff eaiser the more you work on it! Sounds like he does need the bell boots! Hope he's okay!

Megan - Aww! Poor Vegas, running out of gas!

Boocoo - So... umm... does your Sister in Law want a daughter? I'm up for adoption! Aww, honey, I'm so sorry about your dog. [Frown] It's rough losing anybody/anything that you're really close to. Hope the new dog works out!

Shantel - AWWW! Cute kitties!

Boocoo - Aww! The Golden was afraid of the Beagle!? Cute! Awesome about the arena!

Lauren - Yeah! It was about the tattoo! I forget again. I guess all horses everywhere are acting weird with their hair growth! Yay that Scotchypoo is still sound! Aww! Sounds like you and Jeremy are really doing well together! Ick! Sucks about the ticket!

Shelly - OMG I KNOW! He's so big! He's such a good baby! I love him, so much. He may be a jerk at times, but I think he's gonna go far... Really, really, Far. Inky's simples are good at home, but because I was nervous about 'em he just blew me off... The issue with him is Haunches in and lateral work in general, but mainly haunches in... It's just really hard and uncomfortable for him to contort his body that way... But thats, what, 4 scores a test? MAYBE? I think we'll live. Inky's simples vary between Braced and no trot steps, or a few trot steps but supple and no bracing. The ones with neither are becoming more common though! At the shows there, do you have a computer to check out whaty ou scored before the class is over? I don't know if your shows use a Foxvillageesq program or not. And yeah... the RideTime Gods hate you. Could Raz's back been sore or something? I know with Inky he starts acting HORRIBLE and it really shows in transitions when his back is really sore... Do you do full on hock injections every 5/6 months? You use Adequan as well, right?

Holly - Haha, you should totally just run up your phone bill! Pick a few people to chat to every few hours! And CD's, lots and lots of CD's. The longest we've hauled is 4-6 hours, so I'm really not much help... You should make a mix CD of really annoying songs.. not songs you don't like, but just... annoying-stay-awake songs!

Megan - You didn't fall out?! I totally would've fallen out of a hammock... I never have been able to figure 'em out! That's so cool that you did that though!

Boocoo - NO! Doing what the trainer says?! BUT THAT MAKES SENSE! Haha, I did that at WEC Finals last year and My trainer's like "What did you do just then?! Do that all the time!" and I'm like "...What you've been telling me to do for the last 2 and a half years!" And she's like "...I can die happy now!"

Shelly - Glad to hear you got his canter back! Bribing always works! Really!

Lisa - Don't wear 'em on the plane! I managed to fit mine in my suitcase when we went to go see Lipton... any chance of that happening with yours?

Holly - Both of the bridles are pretty spiffin... I think you should get a browband from the lady I use, but that's just me. [Razz]

Shantel - Good luck in the interview! Hope everything works out!

Boocoo - A year without working?! I wish I could just not work... gah.

Megan - Good scores, congrats! Pfft... Budgeting is for squares.

Dobby - Welcome back! Where'd ya go?!

Holly - That sucks about the property being so far away from work. I'd totally jump all over it! You bought a bucking strap?

Megan - Love the salute pic, Frame it! Haha, good timing on your mom's part for the spook!

Caught up! Sorry about getting short at the end, it's late and I'm tired. I'm more-or-less falling asleep sitting here typing...

I rode Inky this morning and he was really good, hes recovering well after his faceplant. And then I lunged Epigramm and he was such a good boy that Emma had me get on him on the lunge line. We started plotting that I might show him next year, like, take him to a schooling show early in the year at Intro to see how he does, and then do a rated show or two durring the year at training level. Then I lunged Piccachu, and put her away, and then rode Lipton. It was a short/easy ride, seeing as we had a big bolt spook thing that really shook me up, but we were okay again after a few times past the spot. It was dumb, he just spooked at the horse in the paddock, but it was HUGE! It scared me so much, moreso cause I thought he was gonan run into Stehekin! Eek! I stuck it though, and got him back, and afterwords he wasl ike "...oh... well... What did I do that for?" He's special... Then we did some work with young Gabriel to help get him used to things on his hind legs... he's gotten good about his fronts, but it took him a few minutes to realise that it was okay for us to touch his hind legs. The second one was WAY easier which makes me happy cause it means he's smart! So now I'm WIPED!

On a compleatly different note, I'm ALMOST done with Harry Potter! ACK! I only have like... 200+/- pages left, ack! I wanna finish so bad! I'm going shopping with my friend, her mom, and her sister tomorow at Ikea to help pick out furniture! Riding tomorow morning and skipping work... I haven't worked in like.. .a month... ack. Good thing I work for my dad. [Razz]

Hope everyone has a Good Night/Day/Morning/Evening/Afternoon!

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Haha So I’ve been reading but never actually got a round to posting…not sure how that one happened but on with the show:

Holly – Everyone is getting tattoos they all look so good, but I’m too scared that I’ll get there and they’ll start and it’ll hurt so I won’t be able to finish or go back to finish it. Then I’ll have a half finished tattoo, and that would be odd. Hahaha, honest I don’t bite…hard. Hahaha you say shoddy too [Razz] Holy moly, that is a long way, 16 hours! I like the first bridle, but then again, Fleck is really out there in his on right, so I would probably just stick with plain. Nice shopping! LMAO, and ‘oh crap’ handle. Hahaha there’s nothing better than sitting under a fan in your smalls, you get full benefit of the breeze. Teehee I can just imagine Fleck

Megan – Yes yes, I’m starting to get what you mean, It’s kind of scary, moving out into the big wide world, when all you’ve known is the same routine for 13 years. But on the other hand it will be great to finally get out of that “high school” phase, and escape all the drama and things that go along with it. I love the idea of the college blog, I’ll be sure to check it regularly. The hammock sounds like FUN! That is really inconsiderate of them not to tell you though! Hehe love that shying picture.

Boocoo – Oh no! [Huggy] I’m so sorry to hear about your GS. I bet the Golden and the Beagle will be best buds soon enough. Hahaha but you can’t do what your trainer tells you to, that’s against the rules! Hehe that’s funny that Beau gets scared of greys. Silly boy.

Lauren – that is great that Scotch and Jeremy are going well!

Shelly – Argh frustration is so frustrating. YAY! That is so good that you were accepted, it’ll be great! Good luck with applying to be a demo rider too.

Lisa – Wow a week, which is less than that now!

Hmm soo, things that have been happening. I have no more assessment tasks EVER!! I’m stuck between being joyously happy, and sad. It’s like the end of an era, but I’m on the home straight! 2 sets of exams to go, and that is it!!!!

This is a short post but I really need to study, the trial exams start in 4 days....dum dum dummmm

I'm going to need some serious motivation to finish this it seems

Hope everyone has a good day/night/whatever time it is there!!

ETA: Alright it didn't turn out that short in the end [Razz]

[ 08-08-2007, 03:33 AM: Message edited by: O- -O Lightning Strikes Twice O- -O ]

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First off, Happy Birthday to my eldest brother!! He lives in Milwaukee WI and he turns 27 today!

Holly: Oooh, just having the 100th post is a prize to me!! It's like a sign...although I don't know for what [Question] ...

Shelly: Thank you. I felt terrible, but then I read Holly's post and your post and I feel a lot better about it. I understand why it went so wrong yesterday, although it still isn't really a good excuse for how I treated Vegas. But I did learn something: my horse is the best friend anyone could have! She forgave me about two minutes after I got off and let me know that she understands, although she did demand a few extra alfalfa cubes with dinner [big Grin] You are so right about everthing in my life changing right now. Literally EVERYTHING is changing! My family, my town, my neighborhood, my friends, my education...the list goes on. But I guess things have to change, and I know this is all for the best, but it would be nice if when I come home to visit from college that at least one thing was the same as it was when I left...Now, I have to go meet the farrier, and then I am going to have a GOOD ride!...and don't worry, I'll put on some clothes...chafe is the last thing I want to deal with right now.

Emily: Yeah, Vegas has kinda a small gas tank these days...Hahaha, nope I didn't fall out! They're a lot easier than you think, and this one is netted so the sides come up around you and kinda cocoon you in, it's really comfortable!...yeah, budgeting is for squares...until you have to start paying BILLS!!!!!!!...Yeah the spook pic is great, I'm gonna get a double frame and put it jsut under the salute pic! Sounds like you've been having some good rides, except for the spooking. Vegas does it so much that I've learned to deal with it [Roll Eyes][ROTFL][ROTFL] I so know what you mean about working for Dad!! I worked TWO days in March, and that's it!! I'm still technically employed there, there's just nothing ever there for me to do! But I still get paid every month, otherwise I really would be BROKE! READ SO WE CAN TALK!!!!!

LST: Yes, the big wide real world is scary, but unfortunately you don't get to escape from the drama. All the drama is still there, it's just over real world problems instead of stupid high school problems. Oh yes, you must be reading the blog, cause you're prolly the only one who will! The Hammock is great! My cat sleeps on me AAAAALLLLL night long! Yeah it was pretty dumb, but her feet are getting done today - at least I think they are....

Nothing new here, gonna take the ponies over to my old trainer's barn and get their feet done, say goodbye to everyone then come home and really start packing. I solemnly promise myself that I will start packing today! You guys have to hold me to that. If I get on here again before I start packing you have to kick me off... [Frown]

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Holy mother of a cow....I'm behind! Eeep no catching up.

So hi ya'll! I will someday catch up...but mental and physically I'm exhausted.

Scotch is doing well...been sound so YAY! it's been very very hot here. So I didn't ride today. Will probably go out to give his Adequan shot and to groom him. Things are going well here...boyfriend is amazing! lots of fun. Umm work is crazy...the big meeting is this coming Monday to see if we'll go BIG! AH!


Shantel- how/where did you go to take the online test to get points docked off?? [smile] I would love to know!

Megan- Awh Vegas is a cutie pie!

alright that's all I can do right now. [Razz]

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The whole G. situation is worse than I want. I'm too afraid of telling my dear friends (aka you) here in case some honest things being honestly said wind up back where I don't want to end up. Please, please, please PM me, or all my updates after this might confuse everyone.

I haven't read that much updates since I updated, but I saw Vegas's picture of the pony spooking the dressage arena! If it makes you feel better, in my first and only dressage test (at my event) Spectrum spooked at A where extra chain was coiled off to the side. I pushed him through it and he was really picking his feet up after that. I actually credit that for being the only reason I got the first and only square halt of our career! He was going and going and I was almost about to panic so I just thought "SIT! NOW!". Anyways, I'm off track. After that he was looking at every single letter and the chain inbetween. [Roll Eyes] In my dressage test the judge wrote "spooked at A" and I was like "Yeah, I know!" [Razz] but only in my inside voice.

Oopppss, that was novel! Sorry Vegas. Anyways, I didn't ride today between the awful heat/humidity and my appointments. I did, however, get a new haircut! *cheer*

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Just got done catching up and I am soooo exhausted. Work is crazy right now with students picking up schedules and new registration and keeping Beau goind. I am beat.

Thanks to all for your condolensces on our dog. The Beagle and the Golden now chase each other round and round the yard. It is sooo cute.

Vegas, my shoer told me to pu iondine on Beau's hoof soles every day to help him not get so tender. He has improved a whole lot since I started doing that. Your show pictures look great.

I am going to bed now!! G' night!

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LST - Ew... Exams... [Razz]

Megan - Happy Birthday to your Brother! (A little belated). Budgeting AND Bill Paying is for squares... Okay, yeah, so there are pluses to still being under 18. The thing with Lipton's spooks is that I'm not used to them, and he's just so big! They catch me off gaurd because he'll look but hardly ever act on it! Eep! I'm still an employee, but I have very leniant hours, and I've been having issues getting to/from work due to the lack of car since I wrecked mine. I only get paid for what I work though. 150 PAGES LEFT! Pack so you can be on! Do you have AIM/MSN?

Lauren - YAY sound ponies!

Dobby - Hope everything clears up soon!

Boocoo - Glad to hear the dogs are getting along fine. [smile]

You know, it's SO much eaiser if you just STAY up to date! So, I rode Lipton today, and we had a group lesson. There were 3 of us, Me on Lipton, Joanne on Piccachu, and then Katy eventually wound up on Inky (3rd times the charm! Wes was flipping out/not rideable, and morty was lame, so I offered her Inky). We stayed on half of the arena seeing as the neibours were clearing blackberry bushes on the property line and the horses would be able to see on that side of the arena, so we kept it safe.

So, anyways, we spent the lesson working in turns, practicing spiraling in on a circle and then leg yeilding back out. So I asked if it's supposed to be ridden more like half pass in and leg yeild out and the trainer said yes, so that's how I (attempted) to ride it. Or at least what I thought about when riding it. Lipton was uber good, but a little stuck/slow in the trot. Once we cantered his trot got better and his canter still felt pretty good overall. We did the same exercise in the canter, and there were a few times where his way of saying he didn't want to was speeding up and thinking about bolting. I was having some issues keeping my right side today, so I was having some issues keeping him round, but overall we did okay. I'm just glad I'm back to riding him like I should! Inky was good for Katy as well, so that's good. He was kinda jealous that I was on Lipton and not him, but that's nothing new.

Gabriel has been going outside like a big boy, and decided today he really was and he was giong to walk through the mud instead of behind me! I was so proud of him! And then he decided he didn't want to talk into his stall, so we picked up what used to be his figure-8 rope and he walked right in! Didn't even have to touch him with it! We didn't work with his feet yesterday but we did Tuesday, and he's proving to be a very fast learner. Tuesday, the first hind foot took 7-10 minutes to get used to having pressure on it and having it up, and the second foot took 1.5-2 minutes. Today, we did the same thing and actually picked them up instead of having a rope do it, and he was just fine--unbalanced, but fine. He's proving to be everything I've wanted!

My cousins are here for the next few weeks, so I'm not sure how much time I'll have to be on, but hope everyone has a good night!

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Megan – I’m sure you are MADLY scrambling around today trying to get packed up since you leave for school tomorrow, right??? I think I have my dates right. At any rate, in case I don’t manage to get back here and get caught up before you leave tomorrow, I just wanted to wish you a SAFE trip!!! Good luck, travel safe!!! And remember, tomorrow is the first day of a whole new grand adventure in your life!! You are going to have FUN, and we’ll be right there beside you just a click away whenever you need a little support, a shoulder to cry on, or just have some FANTASTIC news to share. You are going to do wonderfully in school, and Vegas will be there with you to enjoy every step of the process.

And speaking of Vegas – those are GREAT pictures!!! You two have made HUGE progress this summer. Dropping your other trainer, and sticking just with Tracy was a really great decision on your part. You were able to really focus in on what you needed to do with Vegas. No more confusion on either of your parts, and the results really show in those pictures. It has really come together for both of you. You should be really proud of yourself and Vegas. That is just a gorgeous entry halt – so nice and square. And that final picture is just beautiful – a nice connection, so soft and supple and reaching into the bridle. Well done, Megan!!!

Now get packed up, hitch up that trailer, say your “til laters” (not goodbyes, because you will be back to visit!!!), and tomorrow your adventure begins!!! Travel safe!!!!!


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Back to page 6! Eeekkk!

Shantel - Can't believe the DOE wasn't told about the incident until two weeks later!! Glad you got it resolved though. Those are the cutest pictures, omg they are adorable (and beautiful)! So you are done with school now....congratulations!!!!!!!

Boocoo - Awww, the beagle sounds cute! Sounds like a good buddy for your Golden and the family. That's wonderful news. I know what you mean about actually doing what our trainers tell us....sometimes I try TOO hard and so mess it up, and other times I think I unintentionally ignore her [Razz]

Lauren - It was a good show, thanks! Yeah back issues = no fun. I'm not supposed to have back issues, I am 15!! Oh well, could be tons worse. Love the name Art BTW, it seems to fit him. That is FANTASTIC Scotch is back undersaddle. Wow!!! Totally cool.

Shelly - I have been doing BETTER on the walk/canter and canter/walk transitions than the canter/ lame is that?! So I have been throwing them into our schooling sessions. And I know its me, not Teddy, because his owner (she rides once a week in lessons) rides Training Level, so she only does trot/canter/trot. So no excuses for me! I know what you mean, sometimes I become so happy the test is going well I just sit there and don't actually ride every step....we'll get it eventually! Yes, the whole "I NEED my Bronze scores" or "I HAVE to get my qualifying score at this show" really got in the way for me at the Champagne Classic, and I ended up getting two 59%'s and two 60%'s....I just was so hung up on the fact that I needed to get these scores I became SO incredibly tense and obviously Teddy picked up on that. But hey, you got one of your Second Level Bronze scores, you're half way there!!

Holly - Lol....I walked into a pole before. It was in First Grade, and my friend was "leading" me around and I had my eyes closed...she didn't tell me there was a pole there and I smashed into and had like an egg shaped bump on my head for over a week [big Grin] !! Oh, so on Sunday the 12th I fly into Atlanta, and then the next day I am driving down to Jackson, MS....icckkkk. And I heard it's been SCORCHING hot down there!! You do have a busy show schedule, but you will be fine.

Lisa - My sister leaves for college this month too. I know she is really scared on one level, but so excited on another. You will do great, I'm sure of it. Its just going to be a huge adjustment that I imagine with time will seem normal.

Megan - Wonderful scores and awesome pictures, you guys look great. You will be fantastic in college, I know it. Vegas will be there for you too, and like Shelly said, us HCer's will be here as well [smile]

dobby - Good to hear from you!! I'll send you a PM.

Emily - Sounds like a good lesson. We need Gabe pics!!!

So last weekend was the "Donida Farm August Summer Dressage Show' was a USDF/USEF recognized show. I needed one score of 61% or better to qualify for Regionals. I didn't like the scheduling of the show, normally our Test of Choice classes come before the highest test of the level (since those are the Q rides for Regionals), but at this show our Q rides were first. However, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. My first ride on Friday (it was a three day show) was 2-4. It was awesome, Teddy was really obedient and listening. We got a 66%! So after my first ride I was qualified for Regionals, that felt good. My second ride was 2-3, not as smooth, okay, but not was a 59%. So pretty mediocre. On Saturday I only had one test, 2-2. I just rode bad, plain and simple. We got a deserved 58%. Then on Sunday I had 2-4 and 2-3. 2-4 was AWESOME. It felt so good. Patty (trainer) read for me so she was able to see it (she's an "r" judge too so has that extra insight). She thought for sure it would be in the mid 60's. I got a 54%!!!! I was outraged, Patty was like "I am SPEECHLESS". She was apalled. All my friends (who are riders) thought it was a great test. So that was pretty frustrating. But *I* know it was good, solid, and Teddy was obedient and thats what counts. Last was 2-3 and that was mediocre. We had to bust out of the show due to time/traffic so I still don't know my score.

So I am pretty much caught up now.....I am sure I missed people so sorry about that. Of course now I will get behind again, since on Sunday I leave for Georgia to visit relatives for a full week. Tomorrow I am riding Nugget in a dressage schooling show, we are doing T1 and T2. Patty is the judge!! [smile]

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Okkkk, I'm going to join this thread, without any prior reading beyond this page, and I apologize. I just feel like "talking" to someone who isn't my trainer, my vet, or my vet's nephew! They are really the only people I've seen in 3 weeks, as my parents and sister were out of town 1 week, then I was in Fl. with my trainer for a week while they were home, and I come back and they are all in Seattle. So, feeling a bit lonely, lol.

I've been seeing a lot of the vet because Amore got a puncture wound 3 weeks ago which kept her out of PC Nationals and a clinic with a bereiter of the Spanish Riding School (luckily, I took Riley instead, more on that later). Well, it looked good for a week, then got infected, so I had to give her 27 ccs of Naxcel twice a day IM. That's 3 shots, twice a day. It was miserable, I hate shots, and she kept turning around with pitiful eyes and trying to knock me over. Then, it looked decent, so I went to Florida for a week, and my friend wrapped it and took care of it. I come back, and it still looks the same. Still a bit open, still a bit swollen, but nothing horrible. I ice it twice a day and call the vet. He comes out today and does an exray, and the first words out of his mouth are "oh man, there it is!" I look, my my words are "Oh sheeeeeeet!" Her splint bone is shattered. Into about 6 peices, in all different areas. So she goes in for surgery next week. [Frown]

They irony of it is- she never took a lame step!

On to better news, I took a clinic with Herwig Radnetter, who is the Head of Education at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. It was ammmazing! Riley did so well. I was a bit worried, because I was origionally taking Amore, because my trainer has worked with her a lot, and that's the only reason I was approved to go. I haven't had a lesson on Riley, other than riding a test, in a year and a half. But they let me come anyway, phew.

Herwig really liked him, said he was a very attactive horse and that we made a great pair. The first day, he said I had a very nice seat 5 times, and the second day, he said I had a beautiful seat! He told me nothing I hadn't heard from my trainer before, which is good, but some different approaches to work on things, which is what I wanted.

My main things are: don't get behind the vertical, keep legs still.

Riley's: don't get behind the vertical, work on w-c-w transitions,, reinbacks, collected trot and canter, half passes.

The week before, when I kicked his butt into gear when I realized he had to go, I did my first trot half passes ever. I figured I'd do them in the clinic and I better practice now. My first one went like 3 feet over. lol. Luckily they were really good for the clinic.

Now I'm back and I'm practicing all the stuff he had me work on, and he feels amazing!!!

I'd had trouble with my collected canter forever, and I tend to hold hold hold, to collect, and he looses all the jump. He had me relax and just follow, then tap him with the whip. I was confused at first, thinking "Why a tap, won't he just go more forward?" No! He collected sooo much right after I did that that Herwig laughed, and said "Now, that is the canter you want for pirouettes!" So I learned that more impulsion = better collection!

That is all. I should have videos soon that I can put up.

It was 109 here yesterday. That was the hottest day ever recorded in out city.

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megan: 7 weeks! wow...fleck and roany have to get done every 5 weeks. fleck can barely hold onto his that long and they are worn pretty thin. roany has to go that often cause of her issues. yeah, i stayed up til 2 am to finish it...although i do have to say that the ending was a little bit too "fairytale happy ending"-ish. i mean i would have definately wanted a happy ending, but... i don't know. it was definately good though. don't be in any rush to grow up or date! life's way too short and too much fun. stay a kid as long as you can!! or be like me and just live in hollyland until you have to venture out into the big bad world! ackk, yeah.. i so really want one of those bridles, but i'm just not sure which one. the blue is our color, but...the silver is just fancy! but alas, i really can't afford either. though if we place at aec's, he's sooooo getting one as a reward. though i'm sure he'll prefer the treats he's gonna get too!! oh no!!! i guess you'll be leaving in a few short hours. so you might not get this. but... HAVE FUN!!! DRIVE SAFE!! relax! it'll be okay! i'll try to remember to check your blog, but i gotta be honest and say that i'm not sure quite how to use those things yet! hee hee. you make me laugh too. hee hee. that's so something i would say. my friend told me before my job interview that i uh, have a bad habit of saying things i shouldn't or stupid things.... she said it nicer, but..basically...don't stick your foot in your mouth holly!!! hee hee. awww, dont' worry about your ride. i do that exact same thing all the time. it's just so easy to take it out on them. and they take it, cause they're like 1400 lbs (well, if you're fleck, you are!). i even apologize profusely too and cry! hee hee. it's just stress. that's part of their be our 'punching bags' at times. she'll forgive you and i bet she already has! though it's hard, i always try to remind myself to stop....go to doing something easy, and then come back to it. but it's hard when you're all mad and frustrated!! hahahah....chafing...yeah, not so good! anyways...shelly is so more eloquent than me, so i'm just gonna say DITTO to her speech! we're'll be fine, and you'll have a blast! and you've got vegas, so it'll be okay. and guys really do look great in those photos. someone's been working their butts off!

emily: hmmm. yeah, i'm trying to decide what to do. part of me wants to see how he'd look all braided, but then the lazy part of me says Just MOHAWK It! it works... maybe i should take a vote. umm....not so much trouble focusing. i tend to get into a zone and if the wind is whipping in my hair, it helps. but when i stop, and there's no wind...then it gets really HARD to NOT PuKE! but i was also driving at like 2 am, so very little traffic, very little lights, etc. course it really really sucks when someone has their brights on. ugh... yep, thanks! he's almost all healed from his little nick. been trying bell boots on him. so far so good, but i know he'll rub soon enough. i need to try those no turn kind. hee hee. luckily most of my friends are with verizon, so my phone bill shouldn't be too pricey. but the cd's of annoying songs is a good idea. i should make a road trip songs cd too. stuff you can blast and sing your heart out! oh yeah... i forgot about your browband lady. hmmmm. well, fleck's gonna have to place at aec's first! yep, it's a bucking strap i guess. but more of a fake mane for me to grab, since fleck doesn't really have anything! wow, that was alot of work with the ponies. sounds like gabe is a smarty pants! yay.

lightning: hee hee. you crack me up. that's totally my thoughts on the tatoo! do you guys have "friends" the tv show over there? did you see the episode where phoebe goes to get a tatoo and wimps out after the first dot! so then she shows it off and says it's "how my mom see's me from heaven". ehee hee. nice! that'd be, it's one of fleck's spots...from a mile away.....whooo hoo. only two more exam sets! good luck with them.

lauren: whooo hooo for sound scotch! that's awesome. yeah, it's been icky hot here too. sounds like you and jeremy are having a blast! that's how it should be. though eventually, you'll have to have your first fight, but that will be followed by the first making up and all the good stuff that comes with it [Wink] presents! i mean presents....jeez, get ya'lls minds outta the gutter [Wink]

dobby: i'm sooooo confused!!! PM if you want help or anything. cause i'm just confused now. course...that's a normal state for me! awesome for a new haircut. i'm seriously debating chopping mine off. it's down to my bra strap, but the last time i cut it off i regretted it. what's a cute hairstyle that doesn't require anything but brushing...if even that! well, and obviously showering and such.. but not blowdrying!

boocoo; i bet you're busy. but hopefully things will settle down as people get into the swing of things, and then there's thanksgiving break to look forward toO! and i guess labor day first!

mckenzie: hee hee. atleast you had your eyes closed. i don't have any excues.. just a clutz! oooh, yeah... plan on bringing six buckets of ice with you to atlanta. it was 105 today according to my car. just miserably hot. but... if you're up super early, there's supposed to be a meteor shower that morning [smile] how come you're coming to my neck of the woods again? oh, huh...there it visit relatives. cool! well, if you're near loganville, call me and come visit!! awesome scores!!! atleast initially! that's great! good job. that's a bummer she was so harsh on the other test. argh....there seems to have been alot of that lately. good luck at your next show!

kissthesky: welcome! i can understand being lonely! come join the fun! aw man....what a bummer about amore! i hope her surgery goes well. wow, the clinic sounds awesome! that's great. sounds like your regular trainer is pretty sweet too. can't wait for the pics and video. man 109!!!! we hit 105, and my car did say 110 the other day for about 5 minutes. sucks doesn't it!? How on earth am i supposed to get ready for aec's in this weather?!

anyways.... i'm all irritated today. i did get to swim in my pool though, which was nice. but i'm just irritated, cause i'm such a planner, and i still don't know who's going to aec's with me... like my friend who's gonna haul and let me stay in her trailer, or do i have to haul myself and get a hotel room. arrghhh. and it's only 5 weeks away! and it's too dang hot to ride. and then with work... they had a vet quit and somehow NOW it's a emergency...even though they've known for forever and now i'm gonna have to work extra shifts just before aec's, which will further cut into my riding time. argh... and i'm all zitty... what else can i complain about! but so yeah... just grumpy. but the good news...fleck got his hocks done and so far, so good. we'll see how he feels on monday. his hock fluid was pretty watery, so i'm glad i did it. then this morning, roany had me laughing my butt off! she has this muzzle that's a halter too. softer than her "bucket" muzzle. well, this am, i walk up... she's still got the halter on with the ring of the top of the muzzle hanging down, but the basket part was totally severed off. and that's hanging on the floor near her. And the look on her face is like "TRY IT! I JUST DARE YOU TO PUT ANOTHER ONE ON ME!" hee hee. okay, you win! i feel so bad muzzling her since it's so hot, the same time. she's not much better.

anyways... guess i better get to bed. hopefully tomorrow won't be super busy since we're short a vet.

have a great weekend. happy driving and happy college to those of you heading out, safe traveling to those traveling, happy surgery for amore, and....happy showing!!!

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LTS- meh studying! AHHH! Good luck I'm sure you'll rock the boat!

Megan- and the packing starts...when is your date of arrival?

dobby- long time no see chicka! Hang can PM me if you wanted or I will. [Huggy]

Boocoo- I bet you are beat! Busy lady!

Emily- Sounds like it was a fun lesson! *drools* lessonnnn I haven't had one since oman like over a month ago. And cantering too....lets not even bringing jumping into the picture. Ohhh babies are sooo much fun to work with...have you tried the fly spray experience on him??

Shelly- I'm not quite sure what we were talking about as its a few pages behind! But YAY for you and 2nd level! ps. I'm soo coming up [Razz]

McKenzie- Don't you have both scores for the 2nd level part of your Medal? You only need a 60% or better right? B/C i'll be damned if I can get mine you and Shelly both can get yours! LOL I was totally not even ready for 2nd level when I started to show it all around (rec and unrec shows). It makes me chuckle when I think back on it and even look at some of the videos. *shudders* I started to actually work on 2nd level movements about 2 months prior to the show. And then last April Janet was like...I think you should show 2nd. And I went WHAT! So yeah and man I would die if I got over a 65% like your 66! WHEEE you go girl! bummer about the scoring of your last test. I HATE when that! good luck at your schooling show on cute lil Nugget!

KTS- welcome to our lovely thread. Ouuu soo sorry to hear about your mare's leg. That's awsome you got to ride with the head trainer! Pretty sweet and nice compliments as well!

Holly- OOO one of those days huh? I hate them especially when the pimples break out. Such as my forehead this week. eep first fight will be interesting...and the make up part mmmmm it's fun [Wink] my head is totally not in the gutter LOL! I bet it is pretty toasty down there ick! at least you have a pool. oh man works sounds a bit crazy for you too...You remind me of sister Holly as she is an organzier/planner too and will get all frusterated/irritated if things aren't going smoothly. But ya know what doing it your way and her way is certainly easier. Way better than my lets do it by the seat of my pants type of deal. ooo Roany sounds lke a character I bet that was hilarious with her muzzle like severed off. how did she manage to do that?

Lets see...OMG I actually rode a canter yesterday! No it wasn't on Scotch but I have an awesome opportunity to ride this PSG horse while his owner is away. She gave me a mini lesson on him yesterday to see how we would work together. Holyyyy if you do one thing incorrectly he'll show it to the world. WoW I had soooo much fun. Didn't do anything to extensive as he is out of shape...but Jennifer told me once he's back up to par that she'll give me a piaffe lesson on him! And maybe some lessons on him here and there. We worked on W/C/W...and am I ever rusty. I was laughing so hard b/c I'm like wow...I really suck right now. And of course I was dying at the end as I'm out of shape. The only thing Scotch and I've been able to do is walk walk walk and some trot here and there. So riding Winnipeg will be fun! Monday is my day alone on I'll be able to play around and see what I still remember.

Ohh Jeremy and I are going to a wedding today....but he has to work till 11. So I'm heading out to the barn to see Scotch and ride him and then flying back here to take a shower and get ready.

Hoep everyone has a great/safe weekend!

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Hey guys! I'll read everyone's updates later but I'm too busy snuggling with my two new kittys. They are seperated as they came from two different sides of the state and Lily, the slightly older one, just needed time. The really small spitfire one, Bellatrix (aptly named!), is bold as brass. She even tryed to take down my 95 lbs. Lab when she thought he was taking her "man" aka my dad.

Spectrum gave me a great walk and trot on Thursday! We just worked in the covered arena alone and it was great because I didn't have any reason to feel self-concious. I groomed Gayla who is calm enough to walk in with my arm draped over her neck, brushing her ears. Small steps, small steps. I didn't get to ride on Friday (mother didn't want me to...?) but I got to ride today, Saturday! Spectrum and I had an hour long ride [Eek!] but he didn't even break a sweat he had so many walk breaks. We jumped a bit and he dirty stopped the first time to these two small jumps, once realllyyyy dirty stopping at something barely eighteen inches, if that. [Roll Eyes] I had to ride him to it, then I got a nice jump. The canter was a bit better though he was lazy and the trot wasn't great.

YHT (my nickname for someone) rode Gayla today. She took nice care of some scrapes Gayla had and then walked her. She said she was calm and relaxed at the walk. Whew. Step one! This is very good news. It still hurts when I think about the how situation, so I am throwing myself into Spectrum in attempt to forget.

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Sorry I'm not responding to all of you - I'm SOOOO busy but I figured I would just check in! Why am I busy?!

IM IN GEORGIA! FOR COLLEGE! Move in was today and it was crazy - our orientation schedule is painfully packed. Well, I lied, tommorrow morning is lovely and open so more shopping for me!

I haven't been out to the barn yet, but my 'big sister' (at wesleyan the junior class acts as big sisters to the first year class to help show them around and give them a buddy) is the president of the equestrian team, so I'm sure it'll happen soon.

I'll try and keep up, promise [big Grin]

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Megan – Happy belated birthday to your brother!

As long as the drama doesn’t involve, “eeeee she’s not my friend anymore, eeeee” It’ll be fine LOL. College here you come!!! Stay safe and you’ll be fine!!

Lauren – I’m glad everything is going well in your life now, Yay for Scotch and Jeremy. Have fun riding Scotch and at the wedding! Wow, what a great opportunity to ride the PSG horse.

Dobby – Welcome back! Ooh haircuts are exciting, did you get a big change or just a little one. I hope everything clears up soon [Huggy] , PM me if you like, or it can add to my eternal confusion. Aww new kitties!!

Boocoo – Aww that is such great news that the dogs are getting along. Hehe I can only imagine the trouble they will get up to.

Emily – Yep, ew sums it up pretty good! Hehe yes it IS easier if you stay up to date, but, well, we all slip up sometimes [Razz] Sounds like a good lesson, and Gabe is such a brave boy! I’m glad he is going well, and learning quickly. Have fun with your cousins!

McKenzie – Yay, 66% is a great score, well done! Bummer about the next two, but holy moly that stinks about the 2-4 judge. At least you know in yourself it was a good ride. Good luck with Nugget and have fun in Georgia!

Kiss the Sky – Welcome! If you feel like talking you sure have come to the right place, a lot of that goes on around here [Razz] . Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear about Amore, I hope the surgery goes well! Sounds like a GREAT clinic, lucky you!

Holly – Hehe, we did have that show on, then of course it finished, I don’t remember that episode, but it was a while ago that it finished. Hehehe, it’s a great idea though. Ooh I know you could say it’s what one of Fleck’s spots looks like from Australia, now see, I could back you up and say yep that is indeed what it looks like. Mmm, I’m so jealous that you have a pool. Breathe girl, it’ll all work out in the end, and you’ll go and take the aec’s by storm (coming from she who needs a routine, and everything to happen as per the prior arrangement, hehe). Haha Way to go Roany!, the old gals still got it, lol.

Lisa – Woo hoo! You made it! Have a heap of fun settling in!

Well, no riding for me [Frown] Lightning has a cold. He’s getting over it, he’s just, icky, so I spent the greater part of the weekend carrying buckets of water to him in the sick yard, and wiping his nose [Roll Eyes] The dust is shocking at the moment, and with a snuffly nose that collects the dust, it all becomes very crumbed chicken like [Eek!] . Lots of TLC for the poor boy, and lots of rest. I think he could get used to being pampered in a yard like that though. The good grass, the peace and quiet, He'd rotate between eating, drinking and laying curled up in the sun.

Trying to study for exams, bleh, I can’t get motivated, at least not for English, which is tomorrow and Tuesday. Ick, I don’t even like the texts we have to study and write about. Oh well no use complaining, just have to get on with it……….but I don’t wanna……Ok I’m procrastinating now LOL

Hope everyone has a good day/night/whatever time it is there! [smiley Wavey]

ETA: Because I can't spell and hehe this post was my 2000th post!! [big Grin]

[ 08-12-2007, 06:47 AM: Message edited by: O- -O Lightning Strikes Twice O- -O ]

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More or less read everyone's replies, but I don't have time to update now. I'll do that when we get to my brother's in WI. We are safely on the road (yes Shelly your dates were right!) and our first day of travel was very smooth. It took Vegas a little bit to settle in - this is already the longest she has been hauled by six hours - but she did fine. We stopped in the Spokane area at my mom's parents for lunch and said some good byes to extended family. That also gave Vegas a chance to get out of the trailer so that was nice. She is settled in for the night at the local rodeo grounds here in Butte, MT. She was pretty tired by the end of the day - we left a 4 am and got here at 9:30 local time, so about 12 1/2 hours, 730 miles so far. All is well, tomorrow we go another 800 miles to Chamberlain, SD. We will be convieniently passing through Sturgis on the last day of the bike rally, so my dad the Harley-owning-dentist is really excited!

It was hard to say good-bye to everyone, especially my bestest in the whole world Dana, and my two little cats. They both have been such good friends and companions for me since I was about 13, so I will miss them dearly. But maybe next year if I get my own apartment I will be able to take them with me too!

That's all for now, I have to shower and get some sleep because I'm sure I'll be driving a few hundred miles tomorrow and we leave town in five hours!

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