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BCHC Redwood Unit's Half A$$ Flat Ride

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The 2008 Half A$$ Flat Ride is coming up, June 27-29.

We have received many complements on this ride in Capetown, CA. We lead rides along the beach and other rides climb hills, to get great views of the Pacific Ocean from atop the grassy bluffs. We have a big raffle, enjoy a tasty dinner of Tri-Tip and local oysters, and dance to a Country Western Band on Saturday night. All meals and a T-shirt included.

Friday: camp set up, dinner, and jam session.

Saturday: short, medium, and long rides, all rides meet for lunch camp, ride back to main camp, raffle, The Roadmasters (tenative at this point) will play live, and bonfire.

Sunday: short ride to the beach, and break up camp.

This is our annual fundraiser, but it is only $125 to attend! If you are interested in attending, please contact Carole or Darrel Polasek at(707) 786-9637 or!

I will try to get a link up to the sign up form ASAP!

Here's a link to our photo album from past years: Photo Album

You can also visit our website !

*edited to add more stuff & fix some too!

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I hope it's a big success for you. Sounds like a lot of fun and for a good cause too! Be sure and post some pics. Riding on the beach is another of those "to-do-before-I-die" things on my list.

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