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Amazing weekend!

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This weekend I went to the ASHA Youth conference in Lexington Kentucky and it was amazing!!!

Friday night was a little dinner get together for all the kids and a fashion show with some old show clothes. It was funny to see some of them [ROTFL]

Saturday was the fun stuff. There was a breakfast in the morning for academy awards. My barn won so many! We were thrilled. I won a silver medal and we had 2 gold medalists.

Then we got on buses and went to two barns. First we went to Walnut Way. Oh my GOSH! I so want to ride there!! It was amazing. We saw a girl ride and drive a horse at the same time, synchronized riding, and some more. Their lesson horses are SO pretty. They had 4 Frisians that they showed us and [Eek!][Eek!][Eek!] just SO pretty! Plus they showed us an adorable pleasure gelding that I just fell in love with. Plus he is for sale! Haha!!! If only we could afford a horse like him.

After that we went to lunch at Claudia Sanders which is like the original KFC only nicer. Awards were there and we were so thrilled with the results. We won 3 different categorizes! Membership, fund raising, but most important...................... YOUTH GROUP OF THE YEAR!!!! We were just SO happy!!! [big Grin] We didn't aspect that at all. Everyone was just... at a loss of words!

Then after that amazing news we went to a breeding barn and saw 2 very pretty stallions and babies!!

Saturday night was the ball and that was so cool. Everyone was there and it was just so cool to see all the people from the magazines. We also saw Carson Kressely and he chased my moms scarf sunday morning when it flew away! Haha.

It was such a great weekend! [smile]

ETA: Plus I rode in the elevator at the hotel with Brittany McGinnis!!!

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That is so awesome! We went to the Awards Luncheon on Friday. Man, if only I had known you were coming! I'd have invited you down to the Farm.

Did you hear at the Luncheon, a Stud Fee to Undulata's Nutcracker was sold for the benefit of Saddlebred Rescue, and went for $12,000!!!!

Do you show at any of the KY shows?

It is so great that you had an awesome weekend!

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A. Marie- No, I don't go to any of the KY shows. But my trainers and one of our equitation riders do.

Kirwan Kennedy is our eq rider

Then we have Stonecutter who shows in driving at worlds

and Dance By Design my trainer showed in a 3 year old class

I think I might be going to watch worlds this year for the first time! I hope at least!

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