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I got my first suit!

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Finally I got a new full suit! I am so excited.

There is a show the 2nd weekend of March and we are hoping that it will be my last show in academy. We are going to try and find a 1/2 lease, then once we find one I am finally out!

It is a chocolate brown with a light blue pinstripe in it. It isn't totally finished yet; still some alterations to do finished but I love it! And I don't have a tie yet. [Razz]

There is also a just plain blue stripe shirt that is a bit more subtle.

please excuse my face! [Embarrassed][Embarrassed][Crazy]



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Try looking at

They might give you some idea, or you could buy one of their full suits!

Also I love looking through National Horseman and looking at all the different suits.

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Looking good! Somethings missing though.....oh yeah, a horse! haha, just kidding. I'm sure we'll see it.

Apparel Links-

National Bridle(good starter/otr sale suits)

Blue Ribbon Apparel |

Carl Meyers Riding Apparel |

Clement Dennis |

DeRegnaucourt, Ltd. |

Equestrian Collections |

Hartmeyer Saddlery |

Jane's Victory Pass |

Jazzy Jods |

Le Cheval, Ltd. |

Marsha DeArriga |

ModJods |

My Trainer's Closet |

R. J. Becht & Son |

Saddle Seat Connection, Ltd. |

The Good Habit |

Top Ten Riding Apparel |

Saddleseat Riders Consignment |

Victor Layne Show Attire |

What Winners Wear |

Also if you post on the Modern Saddlebred and Trot forums, you can get tips on attire. Also, if you look in the classifieds section of MS, you may find some.

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