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Wisconsin trauma

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Going to bed last night we expected too wake up this morning with the start of 12" of snow,but instead we got ICE!It is so bad here that Madison closed the malls on the east and west side,actually they just didnt open up.Then Im watching the news and over 300 churches canceled their services today.Right now its raining and 35 for the temp,snow is expected too start around 4pm,so that means all this rain will turn into 3" of ice ontop of 2" of ice,then sprinkle some snow..WOW!!FUN!!

We drove out too check on our horses,and I drove 20mph and I drive a Avalanche w/ 4x4,and I was still slipping,but they are ok under the hanging roof from the arena,so we drove slowly home,and we are staying home.My 11yr old is so thrilled with this weather because it means a snow day for school tomrrow!!LOL!

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