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Urgent! Southern Calif. volunteers needed!

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I just received this message from a Calif. horse trainer that i get training notes from. If any of you who live in southern calif. want to volunteer to help the horses in the range of the fires, please contact these people! They need volunteers to care for the horses. Thank you!

Horse fire volunteers needed.


Larry Trocha here.

There are bad, bad fires raging in southern California and many

horses need tending to.

Thought I'd forward this email asking for help.

If you live in southern California and have some extra time to feed

and water the horses, I'm sure they would appreciate it.

Here is the email that was sent to me:

Dear Horsemen,

I just received a call from our friend, Lyndsie Tanklage, who was

able to find the correct person to contact! I spoke with a woman

named Lynn Hood who is the Santa Cruz County Disaster Coordinator.

At this time, no trailers are needed to help evacuate horses/livestock

- they currently have 10 trailers stationed at the Santa Cruz County

Fairgrounds - but she will contact me if the need arises in the future.

What they desperately need right now and in the immediate future is

"Animal Care Worker Volunteers". If you are interested in helping to

care for the horses/livestock that is being stabled at the Santa Cruz

County Fairgrounds, please contact Santa Cruz County Animal Services

at (831) 454-7303 and then press # 1.

When you speak with someone it is very important that you tell them

that you would like to be a "spontaneous volunteer for animal care"

and that you have "horse experience". The other thing that they are

coordinating is supplies and feed for the animals that will be stabled.

If you are able to donate and deliver water buckets, lead ropes/halters,

blankets, manure forks/buckets, hay/feed, etc...the Santa Cruz County

Animal Services would greatly appreciate those items as well.

If you are also interested in volunteering with any of the small animals

that have been displaced by the fire (i.e.: dogs, cats, birds...),

please contact the Santa Cruz County Animal Services at the same number.

Thank you for your compassion and assistance in this makes

me proud to know such amazing people!

Sarah Filice

Past President SMCHA 2007

Take care,

Larry Trocha

Larry Trocha Training Stable

Larry Trocha Training Stable, P.O. Box

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Since it is daily volunteers that are needed you might be posting this Attention Central Califronians. I'm in Los Angeles and that trip takes about 5 hours.

Fires are always scary. Prayers for all.

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We are going to need all the help we can get... i live less than an hour from the fire and could smell it at the barn yesterday. Its burned close to 3200 acres so far and its only about 21% contained. The Santa Cruz mountains are basically up in flames....


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My friend is over there, I show horses over there but live north of Fresno.

But she has been pulling out horses left and right including hers and her daughters.

I unfortunately cannot volunteer to come over too much, but I can offer my pasture if someone needs I can probably take up to 2-3 horses max for a month, to help someone from the Santa Cruz area, I can over the week possibly come help and pull out some horses.

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