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Tornados are devistating the midwest

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I live in Iowa and yesterday we were hit 60 miles north of me by tornados. One town was almost completely leveled. Farms were hit and 2 more towns. 7 Dead at this time. I feel this is one of the worst years with tornados. Colorado rarely gets them and they were devistated in Windsor. Souther California, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, and states to the east like Kentucky, and Virginia. They are popping up every where. In local news this am a horse was just wondering looking confused. At this time we can't even get into those towns to help them as too many power lines down and gas leaks. I think for a day or longer we should just be glad we did not get hit. My prayers go to all those that were hit and they say more are coming in the next week. It has been a bad year all over the USA. All I can say is pray and hope for these people and be glad you are the fortunate one not hit. I been through 2 and they were too scary for me.

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