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Little Bay

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Did you ever get the name of the fattening paste for the horses that comes from the vet? Legoman has a couple weeks til his show and needs just more...round.

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Ok - it's called "Body Enhancer"

contains (per oz)

3750 mg. of Gamma Oryzanol

800 mg. Creatine Monohydrate

600 mg. OKG (Ornithine-Alpha Keto Glutarate)

Our vet had us give 2 oz daily. He said this product worked better than the Gamma Orzanol fed alone.

The bottle lasted a couple of weeks. It cost about $46 or thereabouts. It made a big difference on the three horses in the barn that were put on it.

In case your vet doesn't carry it, the company info is (or we can get it and then ship it to you):

Vet Kare Products

1865 Pressley Rd

Chester, SC 29706

866 581 2580

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