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The Killer Man's Horse, update 13, sheepishly returning

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Okay. So I just found this. I'm hooked. I just looked back and realized the last chapter was posted in FEBRUARY!

OH NO! I am so into this story. I can smell the sawdust... the sweat.. the stink of the kill pens.... hear the clang of hoof on the trailer.

This is too much.

I hope that all is well with EJ......

[smiley Wavey]

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Hmmm looks like not all of this has come over from the other board! I hope the stories aren't lost!

Where's EricJohn!??!? I really really really really really really want to know what happens! Last thing I remember was the Mustang had finally been gotten into a stall at the training barn.

SIGH. [Me Cry]

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