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cowboy wedding poem

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I went to a wedding last summer and they read a poem there. It talked about a young man getting married, and he couldn't afford a ring so he found a piece of baling wire and gave it to his wife. She carried it in her pocket always to remember. And he always promised that he would by her a better ring, but the money always went else where, to keep the ranch going. The ring reminded her of their great life together.

Does anyone know what it is called?

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Never mind, I found it. [smiley Wavey]

Here it is:

The Money for Her Diamond

In the heat of July,

While bringing in the hay,

He gave her a baling wire ring, And this is what he had to say...

?Someday I?ll put a diamond,

Here on your hand.

A diamond pure and perfect,

As sure as I?m your man.

But, you know, a diamond,

It won?t ever shine,

As long or as bright,

As this love of yours and mine.?

So they saved for her diamond,

By putting little bits away,

Money for the diamond,

He would buy for her one day.

But the money for her diamond,

Fixed the tractor and bought a plow,

And in the dead of winter,

Paid the vet. bill for the cow.

The money for her diamond,

Put the water to the barn,

And paid the increased taxes,

The county levied on the farm.

The money for her diamond,

Paid the doctor in town,

And when their daughters were all grown,

It bought the wedding gowns.

It paid for the new roof,

When the big wind came through.

Then it it paid off the mortgage,

Before it was due.

The money for her diamond,

Was always well spent,

She never even asked him,

Just where the money went.

The money for her diamond,

Helped them to survive,

The money for her diamond,

Kept their hopes and dreams alive.

Today it?s been sixty-three years,

And the diamond is on her hand.

But, as usual, in her pocket,

Lies her original wedding band.

A twist of baling wire,

Bent and covered up in rust,

A symbol of the greatest of loves,

His Promise and Her Trust.

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