A little sumthin sumthin for Jack Baumgartner. . . Part II. . . come join in!

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Alrighty folks. . . Welcome to the second installment of "A little sumthin sumthin". . .

I initially started this thread last year when Jack's missus was going to be gone on a trip for an extended period of time. . . I figured it'd be a great way to keep our dear friend company. ANd ya know what. . . IT WAS. . . and it has CONTINUED to do that ever since.

I think by now, most folks know that if you wanna find Jack. . . post on the "sumthin sumthin" thread. . . he'll see it! He shares some great stories with us about his horse-tradin' days. . . gives us great advice about the good old saddles. . . and wow's us with his poetry on occasion as well! The least we can all do is keep this thread hopping. . .

Jack! It's ALL FOR YOU! [big Grin][Huggy]

I'm placing a link to the first installment of the "Sumthin Sumthin" thread. . . but I do believe the Mods will be locking it. . . so please post on Part II from now on! [smiley Wavey]

Have a great day!

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This one opened fine for me, but I can't get the other one to open at all now. [Confused]

Ok, carry on. Hopefully this one doesn't give anyone any problems. [big Grin]

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Hey there Kate!! [smiley Wavey]

Jack, [Huggy]

Gosh, I've never had problems opening this thread, even on dial-up. [Confused]

Only trouble I have getting here is lack of time..........

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Ditto, RT!!!

I want more stories, gosh darnit all! [big Grin]

Hey Prairie Rose! Long time no see! How ya been?

I never had any problems either. . . but we WERE getting rather large. . . takes up alot of memory on the server, I bet. . . We still have access to the old thread. . . just can't post there anymore. . .

It's kinda FUN to have a second installment though! It means we're HERE TO STAY! [Yay]

I'm off to catch some shuteye! Long day tomorrow. . . starting with an early morning chiropractic consultation. FUN.

Have a great one, y'all! [smiley Wavey]

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Hey Jack,

Yep he sang 'If I Had a Boat' and a TON of other stuff that I LOVE!!!! I can't stop talking about the show. [big Grin] The man is impressive.

I could go see him again tomorrow.

Off to beddie-bye! [smiley Wavey]

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Hi Kate!

Time is rarely my own any more.

I guess having 3 kids and working full-time plus has much to do with it.

I accepted a promotion to assistant manager in the end of my behind even more.

Day off tomorrow! I'm taking the boys fishing in the morning, then the late afternoon and evening will be Buddy time. (as in horse, not brewski!) [big Grin]

How's work treating you??

Are you getting any horse time in???


Hello Rolling Thunder, MithrilMaid, and everyone else. [smiley Wavey]

[ 07-08-2008, 11:54 PM: Message edited by: Prairie Rose ]

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Sounds like things are busy busy for you Prairie Rose! I'm glad you'll be getting some quality time in with the boys AND with the Buddy(not the brewski)

Works goin pretty good. . . I'm the store supervisor now. . . which means MORE office work, etc. . . but that's all good. Helps the days go by fast. . . and my managers are really TOPS! Best I've ever worked with.

I HAVE been getting in some riding time. RT swapped me an Aussie saddle that I wasn't using for an all purpose English saddle that would fit me. . . So I've been splitting my time on Lando between the english saddle and my Bona Allen. . . That english saddle is sure helping to build up my core strength again! (I've lost some muscle tone and gained some fluff in the last few years!)

Anyways. . . I think Lando looks rather fetching in his english duds! (Even if I look like I'm wearing an innertube around my midsection!)





I DID get to karaoke a few weeks ago when I was visiting my friend in Milwaukee. . . I sang PROUD MARY (NOT the Tina version. . . CCR all the way!) ENJOY!!!


I sure hope you are able to get some pics of your fishin time with the boys. . . AND some horse-time pics as well. . . AND that you come back here and share them with us!!! [big Grin]

Nighty night y'all! [smiley Wavey]

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Originally posted by MithrilMaid:

Hey Jack,

Yep he sang 'If I Had a Boat' and a TON of other stuff that I LOVE!!!! I can't stop talking about the show.
[big Grin]
The man is impressive.

I could go see him again tomorrow.

Off to beddie-bye!
[smiley Wavey]

I love Lyle, especially that album ("Pontiac"?). I think I was the only one around here who totally understood the attraction when Julia Roberts married him. He rocks!

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KK~ Yep! I totally got the attraction too! My husband now hates Julia Roberts for divorcing Lyle! [Roll Eyes] But I read somewhere that they are still good friends and divorced for the reason of never being able to be around each other due to their work schedule. It must be really hard to have any type of stable family if you're famous. [Frown]

I think Pontiac is probably my favorite album. I have most of them, I think right now there are only three I don't have! ... yet. [big Grin]

Where's Jack hidin? [Question]

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I hear ya about more office work with the job. Sigh.

Hey you--both you and Lando are looking good! [smile]

That English saddle looks pretty spiffy on the boy! Glad to see you are getting out and enjoying each other!

I couldn't take pictures today. My camera battery is dead. Stopped at the local truck stop to get fishing snacks and bait--and they do not carry camera batteries. Boy--that is dumb. The place is right off the interstate and draws in tourists. I'd be having a small spinner rack display of assorted batteries right up front to pick up those sales.

The boys didn't catch any fish. Just two nibbles. We had fun anyway.

Drew rode Sweets a little while tonight while I messed with Buddy. Sweets is quite a handful--well-behaved but a tight spring just waiting for the slightest cue to move forward with speed. Drew is small, but held her in check well. Definitely wouldn't let them go out in the fields though......that horse is amazing but has too much get up and go for a kid.

I kept Buddy over here in the small field by the house when we were done. Some alone time won't hurt him a bit. He's getting too herd bound. Also, it's easier for me to grab time to work with him after work before dark when he's right by the house. Right now, he is veeeery unhappy and pretty sure he should be out in the bigger field with the others. He'll have to get over that!

I kept my mustang mare seperate for a couple of months 2 years ago. Worked out well and she got much better with her buddy sour issues. She still has her moments, but has learned she will be ok.

Have to work noon to 10 the next 2 Buddy is off until Saturday.

CCR is the best! One of my favorites is "Who'll Stop the Rain".

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Prairie Rose,

Thanks! I think Lando looks rather fetching in his english duds. . . I could argue about how "I" look. . . but that's just based on self perception. . . and we're never objective about ourselves, right??? [Wink]

That stinks that you didn't get any photos. . . but it certainly sounds like you and the boys had a fantastic time out on the water, and then working with the horses!

I really am a BIG CCR fan myself. . . I almost did "Have you Ever Seen the Rain". . . but I know Proud Mary a bit better, have more practice at that one. . . and if I'm gonna get up on stage with a microphone in my hand I'd PREFER not to make a complete and utter fool of myself! [Wink]

Sounds like you've got some long work days coming up. . . I hope you get in some good horse-time on Saturday! [smiley Wavey]

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Well HEY! I'm offline for a couple days and have to come back and dig us up off of page FIVE!!! [Eek!]

And STILL no Jack!?!?! [Confused]

Sheesh. . . I hope he turns up soon! I'm gettin kinda worried about or 'yarn-spinner'! I hope he's alright.

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I'm about ready to go up to Michigan and check on him! It seems odd that he would neglect posting for so long, AND that he wouldn't be in touch some other way. PM, email, whatever. [Confused]

Jack. . . if you're out there lurking. . . let me know things are ok. . . OK??? [Huggy]

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[Me Cry] I miss my story time!!

Jack, where are you? Everything okay?

Hope the disappearing post on the original thread hasn't made him rethink story time. [Confused]

I found EricJohn's story thread and it seems he's MIA as well! Dang it!

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Heya Mith! EricJohn certainly DOES have the knack for story telling, eh???

As far as Jack. . . [Confused] I'm at a loss. Can't figured out what's happened to him. I emailed him a few days ago and haven't even had a response to that. I sure do hope he's all right.

Maybe him and the missus took a trip or something. [Question]

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Do hope Jack returns soon, as I have read many of his stories & poems. Defintely very talented person, do know when Jack returns, he will have more stories to tell. PD

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Well, it's not Jack, but here's one for ya'll just to tide you over.

Snickers and Ned

Roland Millington - Copyright 2008, All rights reserved

For sixty-two years his life had been fears

Of things he knew not how to express.

The rent landin' due, his son gettin? threw

And a few things he?d never confess.

But as he entered the stable where his old horse stood able

And glanced into the empty stall,

Ned Beavers breathed quiet and held hisself silent,

At Snickers' old halter on the wall.

Ned rubbed his watchfob, and fought back a ***,

And smiled in spite of hisself.

For the old bay was gone, and not much hung on

?Cept memories hung on a shelf.

He?d been a gangly little foal with no sense of whoa

And a blaze that ran like his gait

From one side of his face to the other, it?d chase

His nostrils but not go an inch straight.

Still, he took the bosal, held wild colts in corrals,

He was a double tough pony his whole life.

He chased down the cows, watched the drafts and the ploughs

And sometimes carried Ned?s wife,

As she went about checkin? Ned?s penchant for wreckin'

On the young colts he?d take on his rounds.

?You?re too old to bust broncs, or frequent honky tonks,?

Ned?s wife said as they looked 'round.

Sure as shootin? they?d find him, the colt who?d unwind him,

The one'd sent him up in the air.

It?d still never mind Ned, with not one single thread

But it?d come to Snickers right there.

Snickers got his name, and a fair ?mount of fame

For having heart and humor.

He?d seen Ned get kicked, by a cow Ned had ticked

And started laughin? or at least that?s the rumor.

But Snickers wasn?t all belly laughs and guffaws

He was gentle and kind as a dove.

He took care of Ned?s young, taught 'em to ride one-by-one

And spared the old man as many wrecks as he could?ve.

Old Snickers got rest, as he?d given up all his best,

He was now uncle to a herd of young weanlin?s.

He kept them in line, and gentled them with time,

To the touch of Ned?s hand and his feelin?.

One day Ned came callin? and brought the herd all in.

To the old bay he offered a smile.

He took the old leather halter, as if off of an altar,

From Snickers, who?d worn it his fair while.

One day late last week, by the back pasture creek,

Old Snickers was standin? up guard,

When a lion came thievin?, jes bent on relievin?

Old Snickers of one of his charge.

Snickers caught scent on the wind, and snorted out to his kin,

That there was nasty critters afoot.

And high-tailing it faster to the safe lower pasture

Went every head, ?cept one wonky little coot.

Fear flashed in colt eyes, like late lightnin? skies

Or the ****-eyed blaze on a gray face.

No matter where he ran, the big lion began

To close the distance and tighten the chase.

The colt knew he was outrun, that he was 'bout near done,

When a crash through the brush was heard.

Dirt, rock and lion collided, 'cause Snickers caught him blind-sided.

The bay knew he hadn?t saved his whole herd.

The lion got up, shook his head like a pup

That?d just been rolled by his ma.

Snickers tore dirt as he twirled, cause there was nothin' in this world

That would keep his hooves from those claws.

The fight lasted 'bout a minute and that lion was in it

For everything he had in his heart.

But when the dust finally fell it weren?t hard to tell,

It was Snickers who?d got the best part.

As the old geldin' stood huffin?, hard breaths was a puffin?,

And the colts by the gate stood and milled.

They saw their champ bleedin', his long life recedin',

As he piled up on the lion he?d killed.

Over to the old bay came the gangly little gray,

And for a moment even the switchgrass didn't wave.

A glaze covered his eyes, as his breath became sighs

He looked last upon a crooked little blaze.

Ned stared at the wall, by the old gelding?s stall

Still smelling of Snicker?s last grain.

Rubbed the watchfob in his hand, feeling each strand,

Of the tiny lock of Snickers' mane.

He thought of the gray, so much like that bay,

And recollected how he stuck to

Snickers' side as they fed, and even after he was dead.

That colt, well, he just sorta knew.

See, Snickers had saved him, had gone out on a thin limb,

When he coulda just turned tail and run.

But Ned knew differ'nt. Well, Snickers, that just weren't.

The way he ended was how he'd begun.

Then he reached to the gray, took his halter away,

And set an old leather one up on his head.

?This one will fit fine. Think you?ll like it in time??

A little snicker is all the colt said.

[ 07-15-2008, 07:13 PM: Message edited by: RollingThunder ]

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Way to go RT! That's a GOOD one! VERY impressive! [Wink]

But yeah, as a general lurker around here, I too am starting to wonder where ol Jack is. My parents live in Michigan. Maybe I can send one of them over! [Confused][Wink]

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