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Middle and West Tn, please help find a farrier

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I'm also going to post this on GCC but thanks for looking and helping.

My problem is that every time I find a good farrier they seem to disappear on me. I had a good one out of Dickson Tn and he just decided to stop coming and never called. His son was doing my horses after that and he did the same thing. I used them for at least 8 yrs, never missed paying and was always there when they did the horses.

My next farrier was from Ashland City, Tn and was awesome. He came about 5 times and has dropped off the face of the earth. We have left messages on his cell, at home and paged him just about every day since July 31 when he was supposed to be out and never showed. He won't return calls and has yet to respond to a page. Same with him I paid when he was there and I was always there when he did the horses.

Now, I have to find another farrier so I need help. Does anyone have a good reliable farrier that they can recommend? I live in Hickman County which is west of Nashville. After next Friday I will have 3 horses to be done. One has shoes on all 4 and the other 2 are barefoot.

I have a few names that I got from the internet and would also like to know if anyone knows these farriers. If you do please tell me if you think they are good, bad or otherwise.

Byron Goth

Jeff Porter - Clarksville, Tn

Jeff Range

Gary Redmon

Thanks everyone!!

Edited: because I don't know my directions!

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I use Jason Dunlap. He lives just outside of Paris, TN(Henry County). I'm not sure how far it is from there to Hickman County, or if he will drive that far.

He does good work. Very friendly, answers questions and all that. You do have to call about 2 weeks in advance though-he's very busy. The best time to call is after dark b/c he shoes horses in the morning and trains horses in the evening.

I would recommend him to anyone looking for a farrier. [big Grin] Hope he comes out to ya!

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