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Rolex Roll Call for Tickets (XP)

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As discussed, Phurgus and I are going to organize a block of seats for stadium jumping (Sunday) at Rolex so that a bunch of us HC'ers can be seated together (I'm sure everyone else will LOOOOOVE THAT! [big Grin] ).

Tickets are now on sale and we would like to place our order ASAP (like Fridayish) so we can get the seats we want.

If you would like more information, please post here so that I can PM you the details. (check your stall, okay? I'm a busy gal!)

You'll be on your own ordering tickets for Friday and Saturday...but you can find us at the HOTL about 8am on Saturday. [Wink] In the PM I will give you the following:

1) ticket information ($$, seating, "the plan")

2) hotel information (where we stay--but you'll be responsible for booking your own)

Please do not post monetary questions here (against the rules)...just post if you're interested and I will send you the info and my contact info for further correspondence.

You can review dates, expense, etc by visiting the official Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event site at:

Can't wait to see you in April!!!


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