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Need Obstacle course ideas !

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Help --- I am in charge of the obstacle course at our horse show. I want to think of some really fun, different, difficult yet safe obstacles..any one have any ideas? Just tired of the same old trail class bridges and any new ideas? Please, it's got to be easy to set up and take down, also.


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I copied this from another site about a course they had just done.

This was a Pirates of the Carribean themed ride with 10 obstacles:

1. Pirate Flag Maze - pick up a little flag hanging from a tree, ride maybe 100 feet and deposit it into a bucket.

2. Walking the Plank - they had a blue tarp with a peice of plywood layed over it. The horses had to walk over the plywood and over some of the tarp.

3. Return the Gold - get a horse shoe from a tree and drop it into a garbage can.

4. Sword Play - they had circles painted on the ground with 2 barrels, a parot on one, a sword on the other. You had to pick up the parrot, stay inside the painted lines, go to the next barrel, back up a little, put the parrot down, pick up the sword and put it on the 1st barrel.

5. Treasure Chest Drag - this was one of those extreme cowboy things. A nylon bag with a long rope. Get the rope off a sword stuck in a tree, drag the bag around 2 other trees and drape the rope back over the sword.

6. Anchors Away: They had anchors made out of horse shoes. You had to pick one up from a barrel, walk between 2 corrals with horses in them, and drop the anchor in a water trough.

7. Hanging of Peg Leg - They had a scarecrow on a pully. You had to face the scare crow and pull on a rope until he was totally off the ground.

8. Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum - They actually had a bar set up. You had to ride up to the bar, pick up a pitcher of water, pour a glass, put the pitcher back down, pick up the glass and toast Peg Leg, then put your glass back down.

9. Treasure Hunt - they had a little ring set up. You had to walk around decorated barrels, then weave ficus trees, then circle a tee pee, walk ground poles and pick up a coin from a table in less than a minute.

10. Bell of the the Pearl - they had what was kind of like a tree fort. You had to ride up under the tree fort and pull a rope to ring a bell.

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I'm incharge of our trail course, my local saddle club, has during our fun shows. Although I'm still working some of these out, they have been fun.

1) a bridge

2) a series of cone to weave through

3) a barrel with a hay bag on it, to pick up

4) 2 barrels or cones for a back through

5) a ground tie

6) a square ( to circle in)

7) a small jump

8) a mail and bucket

9) a log (to walk over)

10) a side pass

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