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Kingsport Livestock Market- is there a list of horses sold?

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I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a list or something of horses sold through the Kingsport Livestock Market in TN.

I used to own a horse who sadlly passed away last year but I'm trying to find info on her background. In some paperwork I recieved on her it said that she was sold through the Kingsport Livestock Market in Kingsport TN, probably between October and December of 2005. Her auction number was #975.

Is there such thing as a list that is accessible to the public (online or something?) that would keep track of horses sold through the auction? Anyone go to the auction between October 2005 and December 2005?

I have info that was on the coggins (name and address of former owner and vet) but I won't post it pubically.

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