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Zippity Doo Da turned 1 yesterday....

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Our little half Shetland, half Welsh Pinto turned One yesterday. He's Our other pony's 1/2 brother. Both were freebies.

Here's him when we first got him last October:


He fuzzed up a bit during winter.


Handled Brain Surgery well in March.


Happy B-Day, Zippy!


Zippy is 11.3hh tall, 366#, and 3 inches taller than his 2 1/2 yr old half brother.

He had his first bath yesterday too. He did REALLY good!


Here's the other side, kinda, clean.


We are planning on training him for a driving pony, but not 'till next fall. Another year of being a lawn mower, lol.

He's doing well with leading, ponying,(no pun, lol!) and ground driving with just halter & driving lines.

Thanks for looking [big Grin]

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