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Riding after small injury

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Some of you may have read my post 6 weeks ago about me breaking my collar bone. Well, I rode my mare for the first time since my accident. It was great! I still have an expected 2 weeks before it would be safe to start doing everything as usual. I'm a little worried though.

And so it began... When my filly was a yearling she was unruly to say the least. When she hit her 2yo year, she acted as if she were a 15yo. At two and a half, I threw the saddle on for the first time and went for a ride. No problems at all! (She is 3yo today!) Well, 6 weeks ago we were ridding around one of the cotton/corn fields, nothing new. Something spooked her which is strange as she's never been the type, very calm and laid back. She started bucking etc. and what goes up, must come down! (unfortunately [Roll Eyes] ) Anyway, I was working with her two days ago and everytime my dogs would make a noise, from leaves to sneezing, she would jump. Yesterday, I rode Taffy in the pasture with all the horses and they had a ball. The all ran around with me and played, bucked etc. Lovie (3yo) hasn't acted that way in a while. She was actually starting to worry me with her running by and wanting to kick/buck. I'm afraid she's converting back to her yearling year.

I was thinking about sending her to a trainer, but I'm scared to do that. I don't like the way most of the people ride around here and I don't know of any good trainers. I also really wanted to train her myself, but....

Do I start over with her? Or am I just being paranoid about getting hurt again? Should I look into a trainer? Any advice?

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