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New stable RPG

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Jessica sits relaxed in the saddle as Boromir jumps over random loggs and boulders and such.

Sean gets out of the car and looks about, waiting for the others, and vaguely thinking about dinner.

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Ben guided Trance along the trail, the two of them managing well, but falling a bit behind Jess and Boromir.

Rebecca heard the phone ringing from the barn office, and quickly went to get it, flashing Sean an apologetic look. Rebecca's parents glanced in on each of the horses as they walked down the barn aisle. "There's more horses here than last time aren't there?" Tina observed.

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Sean looks at Tina. "Umm... Well, yeah, I guess there are. Probably one or two more."

Jessica glances back at Ben. "Just let me know when you want to stop, OK?" she shouts back at him.

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"Alright!" Ben called, not intending on giving in unless Trance needed to stop.

(*evil laughter* Megan's got a plo-ot!)

"Oh ok." Tina smiled, turning to pet Cowboy. Rebecca came out a few minutes later.


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OOC: Ooooh! Ooooh! Ooooh!!!


Jessica grins and keeps going, Boromir enjoying himself.

Sean shrugs. "What for? You doing your job?"

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"Well...when you put it that way..." Rebecca trailed, then broke into a smile, knowing Sean was right.

Ben leant forward as Trance jumped over a log. As soon as the gelding landed he felt that something was wrong. Pulling Trance to a halt, Ben swung off the horse, crouching to inspect his left fore leg, which he held slightly off the ground.

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Jessica looks back, then stops Boromir as she sees that Trance and Ben have stopped. She rides back quickly. "Is everythig ok?"

Ben shook his head. "Looks like he pulled something.." Ben frowned as he finished examining Trance's leg and straightened. "Looks like we have a long walk back." He said grimly, feeling bad for Trance as he looked to be in pain.

Jessica frowns sadly. "Do you want to ride on Boromir?" she asks. "Then we can get Trance back to the barn and call the vet."

"No that's alright, I'll walk with him." Ben said quietly. "That way I can tell if we're going too fast." he explained, rubbing Trance's neck gently.

"OK," Jessica says. She dismounts Boromir, and pets Trance comfortingly.

Ben give Jessica a slight smile, it was sweet of her to walk with them, when she didn't have to. Soon he turned his full attention to his horse again though, silently pulling the reins over Trance's head and slowly, gently asking him to turn around. As they started gingerly walking back along the trail, Ben steered Trance over the smoothest ground he could find, not wanting to bring him anymore pain than neccesary. Trance followed trustingly. Picking their way along like that, Ben looked quite serious, and concerned.

Jessica follows behind Trance and Ben, leading Boromir.

Ben sighed. He'd wanted a challenge when he picked the trail, but now he was a bit angry with himself, feeling he'd let Trance down somehow, though he couldn't think of anything he'd done to cause the missstep. It was a slow process, but finally they reached the field, Ben quite relieved. The rest of the way home would be easier.

Jessica leads Boromir up alongside Trance, and Jessica smiles at Ben a little. "Not too much longer now," she says encouragingly.

Ben nodded distractedly. He was relieved though, and Trance was actually doing better than he thought.

Jessica looks up as the barn comes into view.

Ben glanced up hopefully as well. "Jess, would you mind going ahead to call the vet?" He asked quietly, wanting Trance to be tended to as soon as possible.

Jessica nods. "Sure!" She says. She jumps back on Boromir, and canters back to the barn, calling the vet.

Ben continued walking slowly back to the barn.

"Jess what's up?" Rebeccas asked confused, as soon as Jessica was off the phone.

Jessica jumps as Rebecca speaks. "Oh! You startled me! Ben and Trance are on their way back, Trance went lame."

"Oh what happened?" Rebecca asked.

"I'm not too sure, but Ben's pretty worried." Jessica shrugs, looking concerned.

Ben walked into the barn and directly into the wash stall, turning the hose to cold and beginning to hose the injured leg.

Rebecca looked up, hearing them come in. "I'll go ask him." She said, going towards the wash stall.

Jessica untacks Boromir, looking over at Ben and Trance until she's done, then heads over to them. "Everything ok?"

"I don't know..." Ben said quietly. Rebecca was crouched to study the leg too. "Hopefully the vet will be here soon." Ben added.

Tim and Tina kinda stood off to the side watching.

"He said he was," Jessica says, "He should be here in five minutes or so."

Sean just stands there, looking like he wants to help, but not having anything to do.

"Good." Ben said, falling silent for a bit more before looking over at Jessica, smiling slightly. "Thanks."

Rebecca straightened, not really being able to tell what was wrong. She went over to Sean.

"He ok?" Sean asks Rebecca.

"Well I don't think it's anything too bad, Ben said he walked back without a terrible time." Rebecca answered. "He landed wrong after a jump, probably pulled something, what is the question, as that determines how long he'll be out."

"That's good," Sean says. "Hopefully it won't be too long."

"Yeah." Rebecca agreed. She looked up as she heard a car pull in. "That's probably the vet."

Jessica and Sean look out to see.

Rebecca decided to walk out to greet him. ben remained with Trance, unsaddling him pretty much one-handedly as he still held the hose to the gelding's leg.

"Here, let me help," Jessica walks over to Ben.

"Thanks." Ben said again, giving her another small smile.

Jessica smiles, and untacks Trance the rest of the way.

Ben watched her for a moment before turning back to Trance, rubbing his stripe lovingly.

Jessica puts Trance's stuff away, then goes back to pet Trance.

The vet comes in and Ben turns off the host so he can look at the leg, explainging what happened as he holds his gelding..

Jessica stands close enough to listen.

The vet was finished in a few minutes. "Just give him bute, keep him on stall rest for a few days, cold hose for twenty minutes twice a day, and call me if he's not better in a week." Ben nodded and thanked the vet. Pulling out his checkbook to cover the bill.

"Sea and I can help a little," Jessica offers. Sean nods in agreement from where he is.

Ben handed the vet the check, thanked him again, then turned to Sean and Jessica once the vet had left. "Thanks, although I think I can handle it alright, I'm still only working part time."

Jessica nods. "Well, if you do need any help, let us know."

"Ok." Ben agreed. He returned to Trance, to finish hosing his leg.

The phone rang again and Rebecca went to get it.

Sean looks as Rebecca answers the phone.

Rebecca got stuck talking to a potential boarder. Ben finished with Trance and put him away, making sure his stall was bedded deeply. he turned around and saw Rebeccaa's parents, as if for the first time. Smiling, Ben shook Tim's hand and gave Tina a hug. "Good to see you two again." He said. "You too." Tim replied."

Jessica smiles over at Tim and Tina and waves, smiling cheerily.

"So, how've you all been?" Tim asked, lookign around at each of them.

Jessica smiles. "Pretty well, thanks. I'm pretty excited about Classy and her foal, he or she should bring a lot of excitement.

Tim nodded. "When is she due?" Tina asked.

"In another week or so," Jessica says.

"Wow, no wonder you're excited." Tina smiled.

Jessica grins widely.

Tina smiled. "So which stall is Classy in?" She asked.

"Oh, that's her over there," Jessica smiles proudly, pointing at Classy.

Tina smiled as she went to the stall to see the mare. Tim followed.

Jessica follows Tim and Tina, smiling at Classy. "Hey girl," Jessica says, opening the stall and beckoning for Tim and/or Tina to come over.

Both came over, Tina commenting on how beautiful Classy was.

"Thank you," Jessica says happily.

"Of course Sweetie." Tina smiled.

Rebecca finally was able to escape, rolling her eyes as she came out of the office.

Sean grins at Rebecca. "What's up?"

"Did you ever talk to someone who wouldn't stop talking, yet you had to be polite because it's your job?"

Sean laughs out loud. "All the time," he says, grinning.

Rebecca sighed, shaking her head. "I think I'm going to get out of here before that phone rings. Mom, Dad, want to go for a bit of a trail ride?"

Jessica looks out of the stall as she hears Rebecca.

Tim an Tina looked up from petting Classy. "Alright." Tim said, smiling. Tina nodded. "Sean you want to come?" Rebecca offered.

"OK," Sean says, heading over to tack up Dakota.

Rebecca went to help her parents with two school horses. Once they and Cowboy were tacked up, the three of them headed outside.

Sean's already outside, sitting astride Dakota, wearing a cowboy hat that he grabbed off the hat rack on the side of the barn (which was his). "Ready?" he calls, waving his hat at Tim, Tina and Rebecca.

"Just a minute." Rebecca smiled, as her and her parents strapped their helmets on. rebecca waited to be sure her mom and dad mounted and were settled alright, before getting on herself.

"I believe we've just been officially ditched." Ben smirked slightly as he walked over to Jessica, in a bit better mood now that he knew Trance was going to be alright.

"Oh well, I think I'll live," Jessica says, bumping Ben with her elbow and grinning.

"Well I vote we make the best of it." Ben grinned back. "Want to go grab something to eat?"

"Sure, why not?" Jessica smiles. She spins around, heading for the lounge. "I haven't eaten in a while, I'm really hungry."

"Yeah me too." Ben agreed. "I don't think there's anything in that fridge though, I'm pretty sure Sean cleaned it out."

"Well, I dunno," Jessica says, "he probably didn't eat everything."

"Well there wasn't a whole lot in there to begin with." Ben said, though he went in the lounge to check anyway. The truth was he wanted to take Jessica out, to thank her for her help, but he was too shy to actually say it outright.

"Well, yeah, I guess you're right...." Jessica says. "Well, maybe there's stuff around here. She starts rummaging through cupboards and cabinets.

Ben watched her silently, silently prayign there'd be nothing there.

"Hey!" Jessica smiles cheerily. "I found something!"

Great." Ben said, trying to sound enthused, but it came out flatly.

Jessica grins again, bringing out a can of smoked sardines. "My favorite!" She sticks her tongue out, laughing. Sighing, she plops it on a counter. "I gues we're out of luck then..."

"Well there's always McDonalds or, even better, the Italian pizza shop (fairly nice, cozy little family restaurant)." Ben offered, finally working up his nerve.

"I was hoping you'd sugges something like that, as soon as I saw that," she points at the sardines, "I told myself, 'Jessica you will NOT eat them'."

Ben grinned, slightly impishly, before his expression turned deadpan. "Is this habit of talking to yourself a common occurence?" he asked seriously, quite shrink-like.

"Oh, a very regular occurence," Jessica says, deadpan as well. "Yeah, I know," she says quieter, turning her head to the side a little but.

Ben broke into a gentle smile. "Oh well, let's go get something to eat." He said softly, but lightly.

"OK," Jessica says, starting to walk out.'

ben walked with her happily. "Your car or mine?"

"I don't know where my car is," Jessica says, looking around for it. "I'm guessing it's yours."

"Alright." Ben smiled, heading for his truck.

Jessica smiles, hurrying after Ben.

"Oops, sorry." ben said sheepishly, slowling his stride.

"For what? Walking fast? Don't be, I'm in a hurry too."

"Alright, as long as you don't mind." ben said, picking up the pace slightly, but still not walking as fast as before. "Brit used to scold me all the time."

"Who's Brit?" Jessica asks, walking alongside Ben.

"My twin sister." Ben said. "Or, well, she was." He looked at Jessica in confusion, thinking she knew this already, but maybe he was remembering wrong.

Jessica looks a little surprised, with a kind of passing interest. "Oh! I didn't know you had a sister!"

"Yeah, I did." ben said, trying not to let his sadness show through. "Well, here's my truck, the door's unlocked." Ben said as he went around to the driver's side.

Jessica quickly lets the subject drop, and gets in Ben's truck.

Ben started the truck, quiet again, trying not to dwell on the past.

Jessica buckles her seat belt.

Ben suddenly remembered his, and fastened it before driving out of the farm. "So, pizza, or McDonalds, or someplace else?" He asked. "Ladies choice."

"Umm... I think that Italian place would be good." She nods to herself. "Yeah, I'm kind of in the mood for pasta or something. Even though it's supposed to be a fattening meal..." She grins.

Ben glanced over at Jessica for a moment. "Alright." He said. "Sounds good, and I don't think you have to worry abou getting fat."

"Who, me?" Jessica grins, patting her stomach. "Never! I could eat nothing but pasta, and still not get fat."

Ben wasn't sure if she was being sarcastic or not, so decided not to say anything to avoid making a stupid comment.

Jessica looks at Ben and laughs out loud. "I'm joking! It's not fair! Whenever I kid around, evryone thinks I'm being serious!" She sits there, and pretends to pout.

"I...I" Ben stuttered, then just decided to completely shut up, totally lost. Woman were so hard to understnad.

Jessca laughs again, patting Ben's arm (or leg, if patting his arm should make them crash). "Oh, don't worry, I'm still joking."

Ben chuckled slightly. 'Ok, good." He said relieved.

Jessica smiles, sitting back and keeping an eye out for the restaurant.

Ben soon saw it coming up and slowed to pull into the parking lot.

Jessica smiles and hops out once Ben parks.

Ben hopped out himself, holding the door open for Jessica as they went in.

"Thank you!" Jessica smiles, walking through.

ben smiled an acknowledgement and followed her in, waiting for a waitress to come and seat them.

Jessica looks around, wahile also waiting for the waitress

soon they were seated at a table for two by one of the windows, which looked out onto a field across the street.

"Aww! Pretty!" Jessica says, pointing out the window.

"yeah." ben smiled, he'd been looking in the same direction.

"Oooh!" Jessica says, looking through the menu.

"Find something you like?" ben asked with a smile, as he picked up his own menu.

"Absolutely!" Jessica says. "They have shrimp alfredo."

Ben grinned. "That's cool, I'm going with chicken alfredo though."

"Ah, not a seafood person?" Jessica asks, folding her menu and putting it on the side of the table.

"Nah not really." ben said.

Jessica nods. "Not everybody is." She looks around, looking for the waitress.

the waitress hurried up a minute or two later, and Ben placed his order

Jessica does the same, and orders a cream soda too.

"Oh yeah, a drink." ben smiled, havign forgotten. "I'll have a rootbeer please."

Jessica grins a bit.

the waitress left to take their orders to the kitchen. "Hey jess, thanks for helping earlier." ben smiled.

"Hey, it's no problem," Jessica says, smilling at Ben. "I was glad to help."

"Well thank you all the same." Ben smiled.

"You're welcome." Jessica smiles wider.

"So..." Ben trailed, suddenly finding himself lacking a topic of conversation.

"So..." Jessica trails, grinning at Ben and sticking her tongue out a little.

Ben raised his eyebrows, then suddenly grinned, and stuck his out right back at her.

Jessica giggles. "OK well..." She looks around for a second. "How's your day been?"

"Besides the whole thing with Trance, pretty good. This morning I tidied my house a bit so it won't be such a disaster when you guys all come over for Thanksgiving."

Jessica laughs. "Well, I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner. All the talk about all the food has been really working on my anticipation."

"Yeah, I'll be really glad to be abel to spend it with all my friends." ben said happily, thinking on the past two thanksgivings he'd had.

"Yeah," Jessica says. "The last Thanksgiving, all I can remember is that Sean accidentally spilling mashed potatoes and gravy on me."

Ben laughed. "I spent last Thanksgiving watching movies and eating a reheated turkey tv dinner." He admitted.

"Well, you didn't have to sit there and wash gravy out of your hair!" Jessica laughs

"Well, true." Ben grinned.

"It was really kind of icky..." Jessica shudders.

"I can imagine." Ben said sympathetically, before turning to thank the waitress as she brought their drinks.

Jessica smiles and thanks the waitress as she takes her drink from her.

ben turned back to Jessica once the waitress had left. "So your parents are coming, right?"

"Well, they're supposed to," Jessica nods, sipping her soda. "I haven't heard from them since they said they were coming."

"Ahh ok." ben said.

"But if they said they were coming, they're coming." Jessica says, putting her soda in the middle of the table.

Ben nodded.

Jessica sighs. "OK, now I'm kind of getting hungry..." she says softly, looking around furtively for the waitress.

"Yeah, hopefully she comes out soon." ben agreed.

Jessica fiddles with her utensils for a bit.

"Well, this is a pretty nice place," she comments.

"Yeah I like it. We used to come sometimes as a family, when I was younger." ben said.

"Oh, you used to live around here?" Jessica asks Ben.

ben nodded. "Yeah, my Dad's a natinal park ranger. he was transferred to Hopewell Furnace when I was eight, then when I was thirteen, we moved to Alaska."

"Oh, ok, I get it," Jessica nods in understanding. "Sean and I grew up out-of-state. We moved over here a couple years ago."

"That's cool. Where're you from?" Ben asked.

"Well, we lived in Ohio until we moved here. It's a pretty nice place, but so is here," Jessica says, stirring her drink with her straw.

"That's cool." ben said again, suddenly realizing he was repeating himself. he was relieved when the food came.

"Yay!" Jessica smiles at the waitress. "Thank you!" she says to her, smiling. "All the smells around here are really working my appetite up." She chuckles.

"Well I hope you enjoy your meal." the waitress said smiling as she set their plates down. ben thanked her before she left.

Jessica smiles, digging in hungrily.

ben also began eating almost immeditely, after bowing his head in a quick prayer.

"Aaargh!" Jessica groans to herself, putting her fork down and saying her own prayer. When she's done, she looks up sheepishly at Ben. "I hate it when I forget to do that."

Ben shrugged. "it's become such a habit I think sometimes I hardly realize I'm doing it."

Jessica tilts her head in a half-shrug. "It should, but I still forget sometimes."

"No one's perfect," ben pointed out.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Jessica says, picking up her fork again. "Eat me! Eat me!" she says in a high-pitched voice, wagging a shrimp in Ben's face and smiling.

Ben got a strange expression on his face for a split second then burst out laughing, unable to stop.

Jessica laughs. "OK, you don't have to if you don't want to." She eats her own shrimp.

Ben was still chucklign for a bit, finally managing to calm down.

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Jessica laughs, eating more of her food. For a while, she just eats, making small talk throughout. When she's about finished, she scrapes up the remainder of her noodles, and drains her glass of soda. "Well, I'll say, that certainly hits the spot."

Sean puts his cowboy hat firmly on his head. "Where to?" he asks, holding the reins firmly and making Dakota dance stylishly.

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"Let's ride the open ranges!" Tim grinned.

"Umm, Dad, your thumbs are supposed to be on top of the reins." Rebecca pointed out.

"Oh." Tim sheepishly fixed them.

"Maybe we should try the wide, grassy trail." Rebecca suggested laughingly.

Ben nodded. "Yeah that was really good." He agreed, motioning to the waitress for the check..

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Sean grins, Dakota prancing beneath him. "Well then, the majority rules." He heads for the trail.

Jessica tidies up, putting her utensils and napkins and such in a neat pile. "Then we can see if the ice cream is still in the freezer..." she says, half to herself.

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"Sounds good." Ben said grinning. Soon the waitress came and he took the check, and wrote out a check to cover it (English [Roll Eyes] ).

Rebecca's parents followed, Tim first, and Rebecca fell in behind to make sure they were managing alright.

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Jessica looks a tad miffed. "Aww, you didn't have to do that, I would have paid for my share."

Sean glances back at the others. "Which way do you guys want to go?"

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"Doesn't matter, I haven't seen any of it before." Tim shrugged.

"Well if it really makes you feel better you can pay me back." Ben said, not really caring.

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"OK," Jessica smiles. She reaches for her wallet and pulls out enough cash to cover her share of dinner. "So," she says, handing it to Ben, "where to now? Back to the farm?"

Sean shrugs, and points down a path. "What about that one?"

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"Well, there is a cool little bookstore down the road from here that's open until midnight... You want to check it out?" Jessica asks Ben, standing up.

"Hunky dory!" Sean knees Dakota forward, the paint taking off at a fast canter.

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"Sure." Ben grinned standing. "Though I'm not sure I want to stay until midnight."

Rebecca forgot about her parents for the moment, urging Cowboy on after Dakota and Sean. Tim and Tina glanced at each other, Tim smirking slightly. They both kept their horses down to a walk.

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Sean glances behind him, and sees that Tim and Tina are still back there. He turns Dakota sharply, and canters back to them. "Aren't you up for a challenge?" he asks innocently.

"Well, I didn't expect to stay there until midnight..." Jessica grins.

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Tim shook his head. "That's alright, a walk is just fine." He called. "Though don't let us old folks stop you two from having fun."

Ben grinned. "Well I didn't really think so..."

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